Chapter 678: The House Beneath The Lake Of Poison

    Chapter 678: The House Beneath The Lake Of Poison

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    Once in the Lake of Poison, Mo Wuji felt a cold sensation on his skin. Even though he was of God Physique, he could sense that vitality was leaving his body rapidly.

    What impressive poison this was, no wonder Immortal Emperors couldn't enter the lake. Those cold sensations were just an illusion, when in reality it was caused by poison which would eat away at one's vitality and primordial spirit.

    Mo Wuji's detoxification channel began its major circulation, converting the poisonous substances that seeped in his body into immortal spiritual energy after one round.

    However, just as Mo Wuji absorbed the immortal spiritual energy from the first round, more poison entered his body. Now he understood that even with his detoxification channel, he couldn't stay in the Lake of Poison for very long, unless he continuously cultivated.

    Continuous cultivation was not on Mo Wuji's agenda though. He was worried that he would detoxify the entire lake while he cultivated, which would lead to countless experts rushing into the lake once there was no poison.

    The first thing he did wasn't to follow the directions on the map, instead he opened his spiritual eye. A woman like Leng Yulin couldn't be trusted.

    What made Mo Wuji heave a sigh of relief was that even though this Lake of Poison could obstruct his spiritual will, it couldn't do the same for his spiritual eye. A radius of a thousand meters around him was as clear as day with it.

    This Lake of Poison seemed to be deeper than the Extreme Glade Sea, as he took almost an incense's worth of time before seeing the bottom of the lake.

    It was pitch black, except for a few black rocks and messy piles of skeletons. These skeletons had been corrupted by the poison in the lake completely, appearing dirty and extremely frightening.

    As Mo Wuji began to go in the direction markedout on the jade slip, a large black door came into sight within half an incense's time. There was actually a building at the bottom of the lake, and this door seemed like the only way in.

    He tried to knock down the door with a punch, but to no avail. Mo Wuji was aware that with his current cultivation level, without some special means, it would be seemingly impossible for him to open the doors.

    The grade of this defensive array wasn't that high, but all attempts to break the array to enter failed. The only method left was to forcibly break in. Array flags were thrown out one by one, together with piles of immortal crystals that were sent into the array base formed by the array flags. A good four hours later, Mo Wuji had set up his own array to boost his attack.

    After setting all of this up, he still did not attack immediately. First, he set up another array to conceal all aftershocks, before drawing out a large hammer, striking blow after blow at the black door.


    At this moment, the cultivators surrounding the Lake of Poison had gradually dispersed, as it usually meant that a person was crippled after two hours in the lake. Four hours without any news meant the person was most likely dead, and Mo Wuji was in his sixth hour in the lake. If he could live, it would be highly unusual.

    Leng Yulin who was standing at one side also sighed, mumbling to herself, "Useless."

    The things she gave away weren't that cheap, so she couldn't leave that soon. One Tier 4 antidote immortal pill, a jade bottle with a transfer array, and a jade slip that could transfer items, these items were rather valuable. Hence it was quite a pity for her to throw them all away into the Lake of Poison.

    If she knew that Mo Wuji was such a useless person, she wouldn't have invested to much in him. Luckily this guy did not want to sleep with her, otherwise her losses would have been even greater.


    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's giant hammer landed on the black door, and the supportive attack array also shot a blast on energy out.

    The power of the hammer more than doubled in an instant, causing the black door to begin shaking. Seeing this, Mo Wuji attacked relentlessly, swinging the hammer time after time, landing strike after strike.

    A few hours later, a 'crack' could be heard from the black doors, which made Mo Wuji mad with joy. Then, he swung the hammer down even harder for the last few times.

    "Crack!" The doors finally broke apart from the center, revealing a giant crack where dense water type aura seeped out. With a wave of his hand, tens of array flags were thrown out, containing the aura that had leaked out, while he leapt through the doors himself.

    At the same time, a grey clothed man stared at the center of the Lake of Poison from the side of the lake without blinking. He was sure that his eyes did not play tricks on him, and the center of the lake seemed to have had some activity, with the ripples still propagating outwards.

    As the Lake of Poison was too toxic, there weren't any fishes or organisms living in it. Indeed, when a gust of wind blew past, the surface of the lake would be disturbed. However, the ripples that were produced by wind and these circular ripples were completely different.

    This sort of ripples propagate outwards from the center of the lake, which meant that someone was obviously attacking something at the bottom of the lake. Could that scarred man that entered the Lake of Poison many hours ago did not die? Instead finding the secret at the bottom of the lake, and currently was attacking it?

    When he thought of this, the grey clothed man grew excited. If that was the case, then he would have struck the jackpot. While this situation was unlikely, it was not impossible. What if that scarred man had some means to block out the poison?

    Taking in a deep breath, the grey clothed man went to sit on a rock in a secluded area, and began monitoring the center of the lake. But what disappointed him was that after this, those ripples seemed to vanish completely.

    Just like that, but the grey clothed man did not intend to leave. If his judgement wasn't wrong, there was another opportunity for him: when the scarred man sneaked out of the lake.

    He had seen the scarred man's cultivation level before: a mere Grand Zhi Immortal. As a Grand Luo Immortal, it would be as easy as squishing an ant to kill a Grand Luo Immortal.


    After entering the house, Mo Wuji kept his spiritual eye away. There was obviously some array in place, as the water of the Lake of Poison could not get in. Without the lake water, he could see everything in the house clearly with his spiritual will, no longer requiring his spiritual eye. The house was not that big, possibly around 10 square meters large. In the center of the house was a table, and a skeleton sat in the corner of the house. The skeleton had been preserved very well, and had a ring on its finger.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the ring, he immediately felt that something was up. Based on his research into various kinds of restrictions, he could detect that the restriction on the ring had been touched recently.

    This meant that the skeleton was still alive, Mo Wuji thought to himself. Cold sweat dripped down his back, while a look of happiness appeared in his eyes. He was about to jump at the ring, but at this moment, something on the table caught his eye, and caused him to stop to walk towards it.

    There were five Primal Water Crystals on the table, which Mo Wuji grabbed, feeling disappointed.

    What he wanted were not Primal Water Crystals, but a Water Elemental Bead. Even if there were a hundred Primal Water Crystals, he wouldn't care.

    "What a pity, these Primal Water Crystals are useless to me. I heard that Primal Water Crystals were located close to Water Elemental Beads, but I guess that I had assumed too much. Sigh..." Shaking his head, Mo Wuji took out a Primal Fire Crystal, mumbling to himself, "First Primal Fire Crystals, then Primal Water Crystals, where are the Water Elemental Beads!"

    While he was speaking, Mo Wuji spirit storage channel's spiritual will had seeped into the ground beneath him. At this moment, his back was faced at the skeleton, but as long as there was any movement, he would be alerted immediately.

    After mumbling to himself for a long while, Mo Wuji kept the Primal Fire and Water Crystals into his ring, before throwing the table to one side.

    Perhaps it was because of his desperation to find a Water Elemental Bead, he had forgotten about the ring on the skeleton's hand, but once Mo Wuji flipped the table, he was stunned.

    Initially, his plan was to leave after flipping the table away. Who knew that the table was would be a concealment array base. Once it was thrown to one side, the concealed items were revealed.

    He saw a fountain with the densest water type aura gushing out of it. One bead around the size of two fists was floating above the fountain.

    Water Elemental Bead?

    Mo Wuji excitedly grabbed the Water Elemental Bead, and this moment he finally understood what was going on. This fountain did not form out of nowhere, but it was due to the presence of the Water Elemental Bead. Over time, it created a fountain. As for the Primal Water Crystals on the table, they were placed there intentionally by someone.

    The first person that came to mind was the skeleton in the corner. There was a 90% chance that the skeleton did it. As for why the Water Elemental Bead was beneath the table, while the table was converted into a concealment array base, Mo Wuji could not figure it out. He did not have to either. All that mattered was that he had the Water Elemental Bead.

    The bead was kept into a jade box with lightning speed, and sent into a storage ring. After completing these actions, Mo Wuji couldn't help but burst out laughing.

    If there was someone else here, he would think that Mo Wuji's next line of action was to take the ring. But without even turning back, Mo Wuji left the house.

    In the instant that Mo Wuji left, a terrifying aura filled up the house. A wild, unrestrained rage emerged, that Mo Wuji would be able to sense even when enveloped by the black water.

    As he left, Mo Wuji clenched his fists out of fear. All of his actions in the house was just an act. He was very afraid that the primordial spirit within the skeleton would act against him, even though he had an extremely large sea of consciousness, and the Scholar's Heart that could go inside it. However, his cultivation level was simply too low, being only at elementary Grand Luo Immortal Stage. If he met with an expert from the ancient times, this wouldn't be enough.

    Luckily he did not touch that ring, and thankfully his guess that the primordial spirit probably couldn't leave the house was right. If he did touch the ring, it would very likely have been him that wouldn't be able to leave instead.
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