Chapter 679: Sister

    Chapter 679: Sister

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    Mo Wuji drew out his spiritual eye once again, looking through the Lake of Poison. Perhaps he had dwelled in the lake for too long, as the crowd of cultivators had dispersed. Even Leng Yulin was no longer present, probably thinking that he had died.

    After throwing the jade slip and the Cleansing Pill into the lake, Mo Wuji prepared to go ashore.

    As he was in the Lake of Poison, his eyes might not have covered every corner of the shore. All these years, who knew how many dangerous situations Mo Wuji had went through, the last one even costing him Da Huang and almost his life.

    Thus, even though Mo Wuji knew that there was no one on shore, he still teleported away instantly, disappearing from the edge of the Lake of Poison.

    The grey clothed man that lay in ambush was worried that Mo Wuji would jump into the lake again, so he did not dare to go too close, preparing to act after Mo Wuji left the Lake of Poison. However, to his dismay, before he could make a move, Mo Wuji disappeared from the spot.

    What a sly fellow, the grey clothed man thought to himself, and immediately chased in the direction that Mo Wuji escaped in. But moments later, he knew that this was a fruitless venture. He couldn't even catch a glimpse of Mo Wuji's shadow, much less catch up with Mo Wuji.

    He hated himself for being too careless, at the same time confirming that Mo Wuji had obtained some treasure from the Lake of Poison. No matter what, he had to catch Mo Wuji. How was a mere Grand Zhi Immortal qualified to possess the treasure of the Lake of Poison. Those treasures should belong to him.


    A good hour of escaping later, Mo Wuji finally found a location to start detoxifying himself.

    The process of turning all of the poison in his body to immortal spiritual energy took two more hours, and 10 droplets of poison was forced out of his body to be kept in a jade bottle.

    The Lake of Poison was extremely notorious for its toxicity which could even poison Immortal Emperors. However, this poison also had a unique characteristic, which was that it couldn't leave the lake. Once it did, it would lose its toxicity very quickly.

    The reason Mo Wuji kept a portion of the poison was to check if he could preserve the poison forced out through his detoxification channel.

    Although his top priority was to research into the Water Elemental Bead in his possession, he did not dare to take it out here. The Water Elemental Bead was kept in his Undying World together with the few Primal Water Crystals, then he altered his appearance to the initial look he had when going to Extreme Glade City with Fu Jingfeng, before walking out.

    "Whoosh!" Right as Mo Wuji walked out, a spatial ripple came his way.

    At first, he wanted to attack, but after seeing the figure that landed, he gave up on that idea. This person was someone he knew, that young woman. He was still with her during the day, so who would have known that she would appear here suddenly?

    However, Mo Wuji quickly realised the situation she was in. She probably got severely injured by someone and fled here using a talisman.

    "Eh, it's you? Why are you here?" The young woman was a little shocked after seeing Mo Wuji. How could an ordinary mortal like him run this deep into the wilderness?

    "Sister, you're hurt?" Mo Wuji stuttered as he asked.

    With messed up hair, and bloodstains all over her check, you could see that this young woman was injured straight away. When she heard Mo Wuji's words, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    As a mortal, Mo Wuji actually called her, a person at the Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal, 'Sister'. He was simply courting death. Luckily she did not like to kill, thus the thought of doing so never crossed her mind.

    She only reached out and grabbed Mo Wuji before swiftly leaving their current position.

    An incense's time later, she finally stopped, throwing Mo Wuji onto the ground. She then spoke, "Don't tell anyone that you saw me... That's right, you haven't answered the question i asked just now. How did you end up here?"

    This location wasn't that far from Extreme Glade City to her, a Grand Luo Immortal. But for an ordinary mortal like Mo Wuji, there was an extremely great distance between both places.

    Mo Wuji quickly explained, "Old Man Yu Sheng's grandson joined an immortal sect, and they're all not in Divergent Immortal Village anymore. I felt a little lonely living there, so I wanted to try my luck in the outside world. Who knew I would get lost on the way, and eventually end up here?"

    When she heard this, the young woman nodded her head. Over a month's time was indeed enough for someone to reach this place by taking carriages and walking.

    "Since you have nothing to do, follow me." The young woman suddenly recalled something as she was about to leave, and told Mo Wuji.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji thought to himself, who would have the time to leave with you? He had just obtained a Water Elemental bead and was preparing to upgrade his Undying World. Leave with her? Stop dreaming.

    In response, Mo Wuji rejected the offer, "I'm not going. I have to return to prepare for building a house. This project is rather large, and concerns whether I can pass on my skills in the future. So I cannot leave with you."

    If she wasn't seriously injured, the young woman wanted to burst out in laughter. An ordinary fisherman actually said that his skills would not be inherited.

    Thinking back to her present situation, and Yuerong's situation, she could no longer laugh, instead saying, "Lady Yuerong is injured, and I'm about to go save Uncle Qian, so I need you to help take care of her for me. She's very innocent and naive, hence I'm afraid that she will panic. All you have to do is to keep her occupied with conversations."

    Mo Wuji stared suspiciously at this woman, "Who is Yuerong? Who is Uncle Qian?"

    "Did you forget? The girl that saved you from the prison underneath Seaside Trade Union is our Young Lady, and her name is Yan Yuerong. Back then both Uncle Qian and I were by her side. My name is Xiao xiaoyu, and Uncle Qian is Yu Qian. Think about it, if it weren't for Yuerong, the few of you would probably have died. Since she saved you guys, would it be too much to ask for you to take care of her for a short while?" Xiao Xiaoyu explained.

    That young lady is injured? Mo Wuji was shocked. He remembered that when he entered the Lake of Poison, she was still ok, even reminding him to be careful of the poison in the lake.

    This put Mo Wuji in a difficult position. Although nothing would have happened to him even if Yan Yuerong did not go to Seaside Trade Union, but that girl really left a deep impression in Mo Wuji. She was kind-hearted, otherwise she wouldn't have lent a helping hand when passing by him.

    Looking at Xiao Xiaoyu, he felt a little unhappy. A Grand Luo Immortal bodyguard like her was still not good enough in terms of cultivation level, despite being at the Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal.

    There weren't many kind-hearted girls like Yan Yuerong in the Immortal World, so after rubbing his forehead, Mo Wuji decided that since he had encountered her, then he would just go over to help her out.

    "So are you going or not. Say something. I don't have all the time in the world to wait for you." Xiao Xiaoyu got a little irritated. After all she was at the Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal, but actually still faced such difficulties when asking a mortal to do something.

    Impatiently, Mo Wuji replied, "Ok then, I will go over to help you take care of Sister Yuerong."

    Xiao Xiaoyu's eyes bulged out as she stared at Mo Wuji, "Be careful with your words. Yuerong is our Young Lady. Even if you were an immortal, you still can't call her 'Sister'. You must refer to her as 'Lady', understand?"

    "Sure." Mo Wuji sighed.

    "Come with me." After speaking, Xiao Xiaoyu reached to grab Mo Wuji again.

    But before she could do so, Mo Wuji quickly remarked, "That's right, I found a dead immortal at the roadside a few days ago, and he was holding a jade bottle like this in his hands. Can you see if this thing is meant for immortals to consume?"

    After speaking, he handed a jade bottle over to Xiao Xiaoyu.

    Puzzled, Xiao Xiaoyu gazed at Mo Wuji and received the jade bottle, at the same time opening its cover. The next moment, she covered her mouth in shock, with her hands trembling as well.

    A Draining Immortal King Pill. This was actually a Draining Immortal King Pill, and a unique grade one at that.
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