Chapter 681: Meeting A Past Acquaintance

    Chapter 681: Meeting A Past Acquaintance

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    As Yan Yuerong thought back to the few times she was hunted down, she quieted down, and her belief in the upright character of immortals slowly disintegrated.

    Sensing Yan Yuerong's unhappiness, Xiao Xiaoyu pass a jade bottle to the middle aged man and said, "Revered Leader, this is a Draining Immortal King Pill that Da Huang obtained. I planned to give it to Yuerong..."

    Mo Wuji turned around with a shocked expression. Although Xiaoyu herself needed this immortal pill urgently, she could still suggest giving it to Yan Yuerong. If it were any other person at the peak of Grand Luo Immortal, it would be very difficult for him/her to make that decision.

    "Draining Immortal King Pill?" The middle aged man reached out to open the jade bottle, after which he was pleasantly surprised, "It's actually a unique grade Draining Immortal King Pill, Xiaoyu, how do you have such a valuable immortal pill?"

    Since the Draining Immortal King Fruit Tree of the Immortal World had withered, Draining Immortal King Pills became increasingly expensive. On top of that, this was a unique grade Draining Immortal King Pill, which was something that only Tier 8 Pill Emperors could make.

    Xiao Xiaoyu quickly pointed at Mo Wuji, "Da Huang found this pill..."

    Following which she narrated the story that Mo Wuji told her.

    Picked it up? The middle aged man's spiritual will immediately enveloped Mo Wuji. He did not believe that Draining Immortal King Pills could be picked up randomly.

    In his heart Mo Wuji was laughing to himself. So what if this was an Immortal Reverent? Could one discover his meridians? Stop dreaming. Draining Immortal King Pills indeed could not be randomly found, and similarly, an Immortal Reverent could not find out his cultivation level.

    A good while later, the middle aged man withdrew his spiritual will, sighing, "What a opportunity this man stumbled upon. It's a pity that he is a mortal and only has mortal spiritual roots."

    The proposal made by yan Yuerong about finding some martial arts techniques for Mo Wuji was simply a proposal. Even if she could find a top grade martial arts technique, how many people would successfully train with it? The path of martial arts was even tougher than that of immortal dao, and there were much stricter requirements for one's innate talent.

    At this point, he could only believe that Mo Wuji was an extremely lucky guy, to be able to pick up a Draining Immortal King Pill. After all, while the possibility of such an event occurring was very low, but it wasn't zero. Conversely, it was impossible for a mortal like Mo Wuji to obtain a unique grade Draining Immortal King Pill on his own.

    The middle aged man passed the jade bottle back to Xiao Xiaoyu, "It's your good fortune to have obtained this. After the immortal meeting tonight, I will stand guard for you while you prepare to undergo heavenly tribulation to advance to Immortal King. As for Yuerong, once she reaches the Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal, she'll naturally have her own opportunity."

    "Roger, thank you Revered Leader." Xiao Xiaoyu quickly bowed respectfully to thank him. She had indeed desired to advance to Immortal King for a long time.

    Upon hearing this, Yan Yuerong happily walked over to Mo Wuji, thanking him, "Thank you Da Huang. Come with us tonight to take a look at the immortal sect meeting, who knows, you might pursue dao with martial arts in the future."

    After speaking, she pleadingly gazed at the middle aged man, "Grandpa, let me bring Da Huang to the immortal sect meeting please. Since he will be following me in the future, it'll be good for him to be exposed to more things."

    Perhaps it was because Mo Wuji had brought back a Draining Immortal King Pill, as the middle aged man agreed after sighing for a moment, "Sure. Because this meeting involves a Water Elemental Bead, no matter what you hear regarding the five elemental beads, just remember them and don't say to much."

    Actually, Mo Wuji really did not want to attend such a immortal sect meeting, and intended to leave after finding out that Yan Yuerong was fine. However, her great grandfather's last sentence made him stop in his tracks. Information about the five elemental beads was exactly what he was looking for too.


    Wind Plains Immortal City was a small immortal city, and its largest location was the meeting hall in the castellan's estate.

    The issue of a Water Elemental Bead and multiple Primal Water Crystals appearing in the Lake of Poison caused a great commotion throughout the entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Who could bear having a mere Grand Zhi Immortal in possession of this treasure?

    Hence, even though it was a last minute immortal sect meeting, the number of experts from various sects that came was still rather large. Everyone only had one goal in mind: The Primal Water Crystals and Water Elemental Bead.

    Mo Wuji followed closely behind Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu. As a 'mortal' he did not want to be denied entry.

    Thankfully, no one checked if he was a mortal or not, hence it was rather easy for him to arrive at the meeting hall.

    At this moment, the castellan estate's meeting hall had transformed in to a posh event location, and Mo Wuji could even spot a few familiar faces in the crowd.

    Supreme Dao Sect's Qin Yihe, the master of Murong Xiangyu. As he did not see Murong Xiangyu, he didn't know whether she returned to Supreme Dao Sect after coming out from Broken World's Third Level. There was also One Sword Sect's Tu Bei, and expert in intermediate Immortal Reverent.

    Yan Yuerong's great grandfather's cultivation level of Immortal Reverent did not seem outstanding amongst these people.

    Now Mo Wuji was observing Qin Yihe, as she had interacted with him while he was Yan Ye. Eventually he relied on Murong Xianyu to arrive at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, before using his own strength to reach the Broken World. In Broken World, he saved Murong Xiangyu and helped her to secure the seven pages of the Book of Luo. In the end, Murong Xiangyu gave him two pages as thanks, out of which one was with him, while the other was passed to Lin Gu to give to Cen Shuyin.

    Just at this moment, a wave of fragrance wafted from behind him. Since Mo Wuji had come with Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu, he was sure that it wasn't either of them behind him.

    Originally, he wanted to get out of the way quickly, but upon realising that he was just a mortal now, he decided to act as though he didn't know anything, continuing to observe the situation.

    "What is your name?" A familiar voice rang out. This gave him a rather great shock, and he quickly turned his head around.

    So it was really a familiar face, Ji Yue.

    Ji Yue was extremely beautiful the last time they met, and after all these years, she had become even more alluring.

    "Da Huang..." Mo Wuji stuttered. He did not understand why Ji Yue wanted to look for him. It would be near impossible for her to recognise that he was Yan Ye.

    "I don't know why, but I feel like I know you." Ji Yue smiled at Mo Wuji, "Anyway, you look like you have some backbone."

    At this point, cold sweat was dripping down Mo Wuji's back. This woman was simply too scary. His greatest worry was meeting such a person that relied heavily on his/her instincts.

    Not only was this woman's instincts frighteningly sharp, her way of doing things was brutal too. Her cultivation level had increased from advanced Xuan Immortal Stage to the current intermediate Grand Yi Immortal Stage, while she appeared to be rather well nourished. It seemed like she had escaped from becoming a sacrificial bride ofr the Ji Clan.

    "Da Huang, who is she?" Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu, who was bidding goodbye to Yuerong's great grandfather, returned and asked when they saw the ravishing Ji Yue.

    With a chuckle, Ji Yue replied, "I'm just a passerby, I'll be leaving now."

    After speaking, she turned and left without any hesitation.

    Mo Wuji shook his head quizzically, "I don't know either, she just came to say that I have some backbone, and flashed that beautiful smile of hers at me. It looked like the kind of smile that the ladies in my village used to seduce men, so I'm not sure if she was trying to seduce me..."

    "Pfft!" Even Xiao Xiaoyu, who usually did not laugh, was amused by Mo Wuji's words. Would a beautiful woman at Grand Yi Immortal Stage seduce a fisherman?

    Ji Yue almost fell over when she heard this a distance away.

    Just at this moment, a voice brought her out of embarrassment, "Fellow immortal friends, this immortal sect meeting was convened in a rush because things are rather urgent. Many immortal friends here today have greater reputations and cultivation levels than me, but because of the last minute nature of this immortal sect meeting, I, Wind Plains Immortal City's Castellan, will be hosting the event. Now may I invite all immortal friends to take a seat."

    The man who was speaking had a beard, and was at elementary Immortal Reverent Stage. One could not determine his age just by his appearance, as he appeared to be younger than Yan Yuerong's great grandfather.

    The trio of Yan Yuerong, Xiao Xiaoyu, and Mo Wuji sat down too. As their statuses were rather low, so their seats were quite far back.

    "Sister Xiaoyu, is this Wind Plains Immortal City's Castellan, Dong Shanglie?" Yan Yuerong asked softly.

    After quickly setting up a sound isolation restriction, Xiao Xiaoyu replied, "Little Miss, you can't speak freely here. No matter how quietly we speak, at our current cultivation levels, it will still be heard by others."

    Nodding her head, Yan Yuerong did not dare to ask any more questions.

    However, Mo Wuji already knew that Yan Yuerong's conversation was definitely heard by Dong Shanglie. It would be weird if an Immortal Reverent could not hear someone report his name at such a close distance.

    Thankfully, this guy wasn't some guy with an eccentric temperament, so he didn't care about low leveled immortals saying his name.

    "I won't beat around the bush. The main aim of this meeting is to discuss the Water Elemental Bead and 10 Primal Water Crystals from the Lake of Poison..."

    Although everyone knew that this was the reason for convening this meeting, there was still a large commotion after Dong Shanglie spoke.

    Slightly pausing for a moment, Dong Shanglie continued, "Based on eyewitness accounts, the cultivator that took away the Primal Water Crystals and Water Elemental Bead is a Grand Zhi Immortal with a scar on his face."

    After speaking, Dong Shanglie waved his hand, and the image of Mo Wuji disappeared, "This person could not only protect himself from the poisonous waters of the lake, but also had means of teleportation. Hence his appearance had probably been altered."

    "Castellan Dong, this person left once he came out of the lake. How do you know that he obtained 10 Primal Water Crystals and a Water Elemental Bead?" A tall advanced Immortal Reverent expert suddenly questioned.

    Bowing respectfully, Dong Shanglie replied, "Immortal Friend Huang's question makes sense. After that person left, there were others that entered the Lake of Poison immediately, and found the house that he took the Primal Water Crystals and Water Elemental Bead away from. Although everything was taken from the house, but a jade slip was left behind.

    "So where is this cultivator that took the jade slip?" The tall Immortal Reverent asked.

    Depressingly, Dong Shanglie said, "He was severely poisoned, and we're not sure if he'll last through the night."

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji's heart sank. He was sure that there was no jade slip in the house beneath the lake. So as for the cultivator that was poisoned after entering the lake, he was extremely sure that that person had been possessed. This meant that the expert from the lake had come out. Luckily he had the Undying World, otherwise, who knew if that guy could sense the aura of the Water Elemental Bead.

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