Chapter 683: Startling And Grievous News

    Chapter 683: Startling And Grievous News

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    Zuo Yixian jolted, and he subconsciously nodded, "I know of him."

    "Did he change his name to Mo Wuji?" Ji Yue asked urgently.

    "Yes. I heard that he isn't even Yan Ye. He had always been Mo Wuji," Zuo Yixian said awkwardly.

    How could he not know of Mo Wuji? This was the fella that shocked many huge sects of the seven great Immortal Domains. He had been investigated on multiple times; this fella ascended from Yong Ying Immortal Domain and he took the name of Yan Ye. With Yan Ye's name, he headed towards Sharphorn Immortal Ruins where he became a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King. Not only that, Mo Wuji suppressed many Eight and Nine Star Geniuses in the Broken World, and had become the pride of Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    However, this fella's sharpness couldn't be concealed. After he became a Honored Grade Pill King, he obtained the top few placings in the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Competition, and he offended several experts as a result.

    If it was simply that, then things would have been fine. After all, Mo Wuji was a Honored Grade Pill King of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. However, Mo Wuji actually did more terrifying things. He killed people from the Lightning Sect, Great Sword Path, and the Vast Ocean Immortal School, causing him to be wanted throughout the entire Immortal World. According to what he heard, Mo Wuji stole the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp and even got his companion to exterminate the dragon race...

    To be honest, any one of these things was enough to leave his heart palpitating in shock. He truly didn't believe that Mo Wuji was able to commit so many atrocities.

    It didn't matter whether he believed it or not. After all, many big sects had joined forces to arrest Mo Wuji. If they even went to such lengths, would such matters still be false?

    "So that's the case..." Ji Yue seemed to speak through gritted teeth. She was thinking why Yan Ye, who she had bit so tightly on, would suddenly have the guts to ignore her. It turns out he was a total different person.

    She actually wasn't even able to see through that fella's disguise. What impressive disguising skills...

    Eh, that's not right...

    When Ji Yue thought of this, she suddenly turned. She was looking for Mo Wuji. Previously, when she first laid eyes on Mo Wuji, a peculiar emotion rose on her heart. It felt like she had met an ordinary mortal with no hints of spirituality. Thereafter, she seemed to feel that again. If this went on, she would have completely lose track of that feeling in two to four hours.

    As she thought of this, she was really impressed with that fella's skills of disguise.

    "Fairy Ji Yue, do you know that the Very High Heavens will be organising a genius disciple selection in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins?" Seemingly noticing that Ji Yue's focus seemed to be all over the place, Zuo Yixian hurriedly changed the topic.

    Ji Yue casually nodded, "I heard of it, but I'm not too clear about it."

    Zuo Yixian immediately said, "Previously, after the Gods Tower closes, the Very High Heavens' venerable envoy accepted several peak geniuses to the Very High Heavens for nurturing. It's said that the Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor is approaching the limits of the Immortal Dao, and would be entering a new stage. Before the new Dao Emperor takes over, he wants to nurture more talents for the Very High Heavens. Moreover, the conditions of this selection are different from before; this time, as long as your talent is Four Stars or above, you would have the chance to enter the Very High Heavens..."

    "Really?" Ji Yue was finally interested by Zuo Yixian's words. She had always been trying to bite onto a golden tortoise dao companion. Even though her master had told her that the Very High Heavens would be accepting disciples, she didn't put it to her. After all, her talents were limited. Now that she heard that she was qualified, she would naturally be excited.

    Zuo Yixian pat his chest and said, "Of course it's true. Everyone heading towards Sharphorn Immortal Ruins are the young and stellar geniuses of our Immortal World. Junior Sister Ji Yue is able to achieve the Grand Yi Immortal Stage at such a young age; your chances of being selected is very high. If junior sister is interested in trying, we can go together."

    "Alright, let's go together," Ji Yue did not hesitate to say.

    Unfortunately for Zuo Yixian, his actions had harmed himself. Unbeknownst to him, Ji Yue had previously treated him as a reserve of a reserve. But after knowing that the Very High Heavens was even providing Four Star Geniuses with the chance of being selected, Ji Yue had completedly kicked Zuo Yixian out of the game.


    The moment he left the castellan's estate, Mo Wuji thought of leaving. He had only came here to help out. Now that he had already done that, he was naturally going to leave.

    Before Mo Wuji could even say anything, that great grandfather of Yue Yanrong walked over, "Xiaoyu, immediately bring Rong'Er to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins with Yu Qian."

    "Great grandfather, is something the matter?" Yan Yuerong urgently asked.

    "Immortal Friend Yan Tian, why are you so anxious to leave? If there's something, we can take our time to discuss." Suddenly, a voice cried out before Yue Yanrong's grandfather could reply her.

    The voice belonged to a clean-shaven fella with a relatively short figure and a flushed red face. His cultivation was actually higher than Yan Yuerong's great grandfather; it should be in the late Immortal Reverent Stage.

    Yan Tian's face sunk, "Immortal Friend Jin Ze, I've said it before. That primal water crystal wasn't taken by my family's Rong'Er. Even if you continue to look for me, I am unable to take one out for you."

    Mo Wuji soon came to an understanding: from the looks of it, many still believe that Yan Yuerong was the one that took the primal water crystal. That red-faced Immortal Reverent called Jin Ze chuckled and said nonchalantly,"I will still say what I've always said: if immortal friend is done contemplating, you can always find me, Ao Jinze. I will add on a horn of a Class 9 Uni-Horn Tiger."

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked; this fella was really rich. A Class 9 Uni-Horn Tiger's most valuable part was it's horn. Even Xu Suren wouldn't necessarily have such a peak grade smithing equipment, but this Ao Jinze actually had it. It was unknown exactly where this fella came from.

    "Rong'Er, let's go." Yan Tian couldn't even be bothered to entertain this Ao Jinze as he turned to leave.

    Ao Jinze snickered but he didn't follow them over.

    "Great grandfather, why was that person so unreasonable?" After leaving the castellan estate, Yan Yuerong finally said unhappily.

    Yan Tian sighed, "Unreasonable? Perhaps in his eyes, he is already being very reasonable. This person is an expert from Surging Dragon Golden River. We are currently at Wind Plains Immortal City and my cultivation is not much lower than his. If we weren't here, he probably wouldn't have behaved so warmly; I suspect that he would directly try to lay his hands on us. Rong'Er, I previously intended for Caretaker Yu Qian to bring you and Xiaoyu over to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. From the looks of it, I will have to make the trip myself. With such a fella laying his eyes on you, I will not be able to rest assured."

    "What are we going to do in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins?" Yan Yuerong asked.

    "I heard that the Very High Heavens are accepting some genius disciples. Their selection conditions are very broad, you only need a talent of Four Stars or above to qualify for the selection. I hope that you would be able to enter the Very High Heavens. Cultivating in the Very High Heavens is more than a hundred times better than in Yong Ying Immortal Domain." Yan Tian's voice was very low; he was clearly still thinking of something.

    "Why must I go to the Very High Heavens? Isn't it fine for me to cultivate with great grandfather?" Yan Yuerong was still very confused.

    This time, Yan Tian wasn't the one speaking. Instead, Xiao Xiaoyu explained by the side, "Little Miss, whether it is in terms of cultivation resources of heavenly laws, the Very High Heavens is vastly superior to the Immortal World. I heard that the Very High Heavens is a perfect world. It's different from the Immortal World which had been disintegrated before. Cultivating there would be much more efficient."

    Yan Tian added, "If you want to stand upon higher peaks, then you must go to the Very High Heavens. Otherwise, with your talent, my level is already the maximum that you could go."

    As he got here, Yan Tian paused briefly before continuing, "After I bring you to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, I'm going to leave for a trip. Rong'Er, there's one thing that I need to forewarn Xiaoyu you. This time, the people from the Very High Heavens should also have come to try and forcefully open the fourth level of the Broken World. Remember my words: No matter what, you guys must not enter the Broken World. Do you understand me?"

    The Broken World's fourth level was about to be open? Mo Wuji's heart started to beat eagerly. Previously when the third level opened, he managed to obtain many fortunes from within. His Draining Immortal King Dao Fruits and his Metal Elemental Bead were from the third level. Not only that, the Book of Luo that had saved him umpteenth times was also from the third level.

    Actually, what Mo Wuji cared about the most was actually the Broken Ruins within the third level. In the Broken Ruins, there was a Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Regardless of whether the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was genuine, it was definitely a peerless treasure.

    He must go to the fourth level of the Broken World. The resources in the Immortal World had always been sparse. It could be said that the majority of the peak treasures in the Immortal World had been concentrated in the Broken World. If he missed this opportunity, it would be too late for regrets.

    From the looks of it, the matter of farewells wasn't as urgent anymore. When the time comes, he could just send another message, telling Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian that there was no need to wait for him.

    He had left then with a storage ring. Within the ring, there were definitely more than enough fasting pills for the two of them.

    "Great grandfather, I heard that there are many treasures in the Broken World. Those years ago, that Mo Wuji actually obtained the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit and the seven pages of the Book of Luo from the Broken World. Why don't you want me to go?" Yan Yuerong asked in confusion.

    Yan Tian knew that his precious great granddaughter had always been living in his shelter, and was completely ignorant of the evils and complexities of the outside world. "Rong'Er, not everyone is like Mo Wuji. In a few years since he ascended into the Immortal World, he became a Honored Grade Pill King. In another few years, he became a Honored Grade Pill Emperor. His enemies are the huge juggernauts like the Lightning Sect and the Great Sword Path. There's no need to talk about you, even your great grandfather, me, doesn't have that capability. You want to compare yourself with such a person?"

    "Great grandfather, if you met him, wouldn't you be able to kill him?" Yan Yuerong was still doubtful.

    Yan Tian laughed self-deprecatingly, "Even in the encirclement of several Grand Immortal Emperors, he was still able to escape. How could a mere Immortal Reverent be able to kill him? To put things in another perspective, if I met him, I would choose to befriend him than to kill him."

    "Why? Didn't they say that this person is vicious and evil? Didn't he killed the master disciple pair from Meditation Nunnery, snatched the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, killed his benefactor, and even got his companion to exterminate the dragon race?" Yan Yuerong frowned.

    Yan Tian shook his head, "You will understand in the future. If you actually encounter that Mo Wuji in the future, you can only try to befriend him. Do not have any other intentions. As for the rumors that are being spread, it's enough got you to listen to them, there's no need to treat them as the truth."

    How could Yan Tian, this old demon that had lived for countless of years, not see through the truth behind this matter? These rumors and conspiracies were just methods used to leave that Mo Wuji with no place to run or hide. At the end of the day, these huge sects were simply eyeing the treasures on Mo Wuji.

    "In fact, if you're talking about despicability, that Great Sword Path is far more despicable. When they weren't able to catch Mo Wuji, they actually caught a girl that was merely in the Golden Immortal Stage and subjected her to hundreds of different tortures. They are simply shameless trash." Xiao Xiaoyu, who was by the side, suddenly interjected.

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, his brain started to buzz. A wave of rage surged up into his mind.
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