Chapter 684: Great Sword Paths Sword Prison

    Chapter 684: Great Sword Path's Sword Prison

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    "Da Huang, is something the matter? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Coincidentally, Yan Yuerong turned to face Mo Wuji at this moment, and she saw his enraged expression. She immediately asked curiously.

    Mo Wuji exhaled deeply and shook his head, "After hearing you speak about that Mo Wuji, I got enraged."

    Yan Yuerong hurriedly said, "Da Huang, you are a mortal; so don't think too much about such matters. Moreover, my great grandfather has always said that Mo Wuji was very likely to have been maligned."

    "Rong'Er, don't casually discuss about such matters. You guys head back to our rooms and wait for me. I still have some matters to tend to." Yan Tian stood outside of Fixed Plains Resthouse and waited for Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu to enter. Then, he hurriedly left.

    After Yan Tian left and as the trio were heading back to their rooms, Mo Wuji asked, "Little sister, just now, you said that Great Sword Path had captured a Golden Immortal girl. What's the matter with that? From the sounds of it, that Great Sword Path sounds like a very huge sect. On the other hand, I heard that Golden Immortals are immortals that have only just entered the Immortal World. Why would such a big sect want to capture a girl that had just entered the Immortal World?"

    Yan Yuerong covered her lips as she chuckled, "Da Huang, why did you call Senior Sister Xiaoyu your little sister?"

    Xiao Xiaoyu, however, did not mind that address. Mo Wuji had given a Draining Immortal King Pill to her. She wouldn't mind even if she had to acknowledge this mortal as a bigger brother.

    Because she was filled with gratitude towards Mo Wuji, she didn't really mind Mo Wuji's question. Instead, she answered seriously, "That Mo Wuji killed people from the Great Sword Path, and he challenged the Great Sword Path's dignity. With some great difficulty, the Great Sword Path managed to trap him in a place called Da Yi Immortal City. However, their plan was foiled by a girl called Han Qingru. It's rumored that Han Qingru and Mo Wuji know each other, which was why she took the deadly risk to warn Mo Wuji, all so that he could escape Da Yi Immortal City."

    The skin on Mo Wuji's palm had already been pierced through by his finger nails. He was truly too naive. He actually tricked himself into believing that those Grand Emperors wouldn't think of Han Qingru's actual motive, and that Han Qingru would be able to escape. What's the difference between him and an ostritch hiding its head in the sand?

    If anything happened to Han Qingru, how was he going to forgive himself?

    "That Han Qingru is so loyal and true!" Yan Yuerong sighed in praise.

    "Why didn't the Great Sword path kill her?" Mo Wuji forcefully swallowed the fury in his heart, and tried to maintain a calm tone.

    Xiao Xiaoyu glanced at Mo Wuji quizically. She felt that Mo Wuji's reaction seemed to be overly emotional. However, she still asnwered, "The Great Sword Path has locked Han Qingru up in their Sword Prison. The Sword Prison is Great Sword Path's most terrifying prison. Anyone imprisoned there would constantly feel the pain of their heart being stabbed and their souls being sliced. They will continuously agonise in torture, but be unable to die... Da Huang, what's wrong with you..."

    Xiao Xiaoyu noticed that there was indeed something amiss with Mo Wuji; at this instant, not only were both of Mo Wuji's eyes red, they even seeemd to be tearing.

    Yan Yuerong also rubbed her eyes, "Don't blame Da Huang. Even my heart aches when I heard that story. That Sister Qingru is so loyal, but she was actually tortured by the Great Sword Path so cruelly."

    As cultivators, the three of them knew all too clearly how painful it was to have one's soul ripped and sliced by sword qi. There was no need to talk about how Han Qingru was continuously being subjected to that sword qi. Just a slightly damage to a soul was already enough to cause a person to die from the pain. No matter how Mo Wuji trained his physique, he would only be training his fleshly body and not his soul.

    Xiao Xiaoyu was much more experienced that Yan Yuerong; she still felt that Mo Wuji's emotions were different from Yan Yuerong's. Even if Mo Wuji pitied Han Qingru, he shouldn't have gotten so agitated.

    Mo Wuji took a deep breath and struggled to calm himself down. "I have a bigger sister who's also called Qingru. If not for Qingru, I would have long been dead. So when I heard about the suffering of that Han Qingru, I was reminded of what happened in the past and I felt a little upset."

    So that's the case. Both Xiao Xiaoyu and Yan Yuerong could sympathise with Mo Wuji's feelings.

    "Ai, I don't know whether that Mo Wuji would go to save Han Qingru. She's truly too pitiable," Yan Yuerong sighed.

    "He probably wouldn't. The Great Sword Path is one of the number one immortal schools in the entire Immortal World. Moreover, the Great Sword Path's sect head, Yi Minghu, was the one that imprisoned Han Qingru. This person is a Grand Emperor with profound strength. In our entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain, we probably wouldn't be able to find a person that could atch him evenly." Xiao Xiaoyu shook her head.

    "Senior Sister Xiaoyu, since he is a Grand Emperor from the Great Sword Path, why would he let that Mo Wuji escape? Could a Grand Emperor be unable to catch one Mo Wuji? How powerful is that Mo Wuji? Could it be that he's also a Grand Emperor?" Yan Yuerong asked curiously.

    "No, it's said that Mo Wuji is only a Grand Yi Immortal. When Mo Wuji was being surrounded, Yi Minghu wasn't the only grand Emperor there. Besides him, there was Lightning Sect's number one expert, Lei Guyun, as well as Vast Ocean Immortal School's Elder Jin Yusheng. There was even the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Quasi-Emperor Guang Xing. Mo Wuji escaped while being surrounded by these four people."

    When she heard Xiao Xiaoyu's words, Yan Yuerong exhaled a breath of cold air. After some time, she muttered, "How impressive."

    It was unknown whether she was talking about Mo Wuji, or the people that surrounded him.

    The three went silent. After some time, Yan Yuerong seemed to recall something and she suddenly said, "Senior Sister Xiaoyu, do you think that the Great Sword Path's sect head would go for the opening Broken World's fourth level?"

    Xiao Xiaoyu nodded, "He should be. There were already far too many precious treasures in the third level. Even the Book of Luo appeared. I guess it's because of the treasures in the third level were so shocking, which galvanised the people from the Very High Heavens to attempt to forcefully open the fourth level. Even a Grand Emperor wouldn't want to miss such an opportunity."

    "Do you think that Mo Wuji would take that opportunity to head to the Great Sword Path's Sword Prison to save his friend?" Yue Yanrong seemed to be pleasantly surprised at this 'good' idea of hers.

    Xiao Xiaoyu looked at Yan Yuerong speechlessly, "Little miss, do you think that the Great Sword Path's sect head wouldn't have considered that? Even if he wasn't present in the Great Sword Path, the Sword Prison would still be protected with dense defences."

    "Little sister, exactly what kind of place is that Sword Prison?" Mo Wuji suddenly interjected.

    Xiao Xiaoyu turned serious, "It's rumoured that it is a dmain. Within that domain, there would constantly be boundless sword qi running rampant. Everyone caught and thrown into the Sword Prison would be protected by the Great Sword Path's sword talisman..."

    "Senior Sister Xiaoyu? Since the Great Sword Path has caught those people and thrown them to prison, why are they still protecting these prisoners with their sword talisman?" Yan Yuerong was still confused.

    Xiao Xiaoyu sighed, "Do you think that the Great Sword Path would simply let their prisoners die? That sword talisman isn't really protecting them. It allows the sword qi to continuously ravage the prisoners' flesh and soul, but it prevents them from dying. This sword talisman also has different grades. The lowest grade one would allow a person to die after 49 days of torture. On the other hand, the highest grade one would only allow a person to die after being continuously tortured for 9,999 years. Think about it, as sword qi tears your soul inch by inch, and slices off your flesh bit by bit, you wouldn't be thirsting for survival, but death..."

    "How cruel..." Yan Yuerong shivered.

    "So the Great Sword Path's Sword Prison is the most terrifying prison in the entire Immortal World. There is no doubt about that," Xiao Xiaoyu said indifferently.

    The more he heard her words, the more anxious and enraged he got. Mo Wuji forcefully maintained his calm, "Little sister, then can the people locked in the Sword Prison be taken out?"

    "Once they enter the Sword Prison, it would be akin to losing their lives. There is no way out. No one that was locked in the Sword Prison has ever come out," Xiao Xiaoyu answered.

    "Then the people from the Great Sword Path aren't worried that someone might escape from Sword Prison?" Mo Wuji stabilised himself.

    Xiao Xiaoyu glanced at Mo Wuji speechlessly, "I've said it before. The Sword Prison is hell itself. As long as you enter, you can only wait for death. There is no exception. So after you enter Sword Prison, no one would even care about you because you are already a dead man."

    "Xiaoyu, I really have to thank you this time. If you hadn't helped to lure those fellas away, these old bones of mine wouldn't have been able to endure till Lord Reverent arrived." As they were speaking Yu Qian walked in.

    "Uncle Qian, your injuries have healed?" Xiao Xiaoyu was rather elated.

    Mo Wuji couldn't bear waiting any further. He interupted, "Little Sister Rong'Er, Little Sister Xiaoyu, Uncle Qian, I will be leaving now. You guys take care of yourselves."

    "Ah..." Yan Yuerong stared at Mo Wuji in shock, "Da Huang, where's a mortal like you going to go? Didn't you say that you would follow us?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I have always intended to go on a trip by myself. You are all immortals, I would only be a burden by following you. That would also lose the meaning behind my trip."

    "No no no," Yan Yuerong shook her head like a rattle. "A mortal like you would only get yourself killed by running around by yourself."

    When Yu Qian heard the way Mo Wuji called his little miss and Xiao Xiaoyu, he was inwardly shocked. However, the little miss and Xiao Xiaoyu did not seem to find it out of the ordinary; so he didn't say a word.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "The Extreme Glade Sea is where I should go. I intend to establish my own territory in the Extreme Glade Sea. If you are willing, you could visit me at the Extreme Glade Sea in the future. I will leave now."

    As he finished speaking, Mo Wuji turned to leave. He did not hesitate a single moment. It didn't matter how many precious treasures there were in the fourth level of the Broken World; they wouldn't obstruct him from saving Qingru.

    Yan Yuerong wanted to pull Mo Wuji back, but she was stopped by Xiao Xiaoyu, "Little Miss, everyone has their own dreams and ideals. Perhaps we might really be able to see Da Huang if we go to the Extreme Glade Sea in the future. Why don't you let him go for his own journey? This might make him happier."

    "But..." After muttering that single word, Yan Yuerong still placed her hand down. Then, she walked to the door to see Mo Wuji's gradually disappearing figure.

    "Da Huang, you take care of yourself too." When Mo Wuji's figure finally disappeared, Yan Yuerong mumbled to herself.


    The moment Mo Wuji left Wind Plains Immortal City, he took out his flying treasure and headed to Yuan Yan Immortal City with the fastest speed possible.

    There was a transfer array to Luo Ling Immortal Domain at Yuan Yan Immortal City. When he got wind of the news that Han Qingru had been imprisoned in Great Sword Path's Sword Prison, he could not wait to just charge to Great Sword Path's door.

    It didn't matter whether Yi Minghu had intentionally caught Han Qingru as bait. It didn't matter whether Yi Minghu was at Great Sword Path itself. It didn't matter whether it was all a trap. Mo Wuji did not hesitate; he was going straight to Great Sword Path.

    He would rather himself be the one to have his soul tortured instead of Han Qingru.
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