Chapter 686: Entering Sword Prison

    Chapter 686: Entering Sword Prison

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    The Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit was a Tier 8 immortal fruit. One could only dream of a treasure like this. The Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit's greatest use was in the concoction of the Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill. What kind of thing was the Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill? It was a treasure that could heal the spirit channels of Immortal Kings, and even Immortal Reverents.

    Today, he had actually seen a Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit today.

    "This fruit can be exchanged for a Sword Qi Bone Flower of what forming time?" Mo Wuji's voice was urgent, he was clearly uncertain. After asking that, he immediately closed the jade box and held it tightly in his hands.

    "This immortal friend, wait for a moment." The moment this attendant finished speaking, he immediately sent a message.

    In just a short amount of time, a Grand Yi Immortal wearing a low crown and brown robes hastily ran over.

    Before that Grand Yi Immortal could say anything, that attendant pointed at Mo Wuji and signaled.

    This Grand Yi Immortal then clasped his fists to Mo Wuji and said, "You intend to exchange your immortal herb for what kind of Sword Qi Bone Flower?"

    "I intend to exchange it for a Hundred Year Sword Qi Bone Flower..." Mo Wuji hesitated before he said with uncertainty. When he finished speaking, he opened his jade box once more, allowing this Grand Yi Immortal to take a look.

    Mo Wuji had a longsword on his back, he was ostensibly a sword immortal. It was a very common occurrence for a sword immortal to come here with intentions to exchange for a Hundred Year Sword Qi Bone Flower.

    In terms of value, the Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit in Mo Wuji's hand was far more valuable than a Hundred Year Sword Qi Bone Flower. But the Great Sword Path typically only transacts Sword Qi Bone Flowers of Fifty Years and below. Those that had a forming time that exceeded fifty years were usually reserved for the use of Great Sword Path's disciples.

    "I'm truly sorry. Immortal friend, your fruit can only be exchanged for a Fifty Year Sword Qi Bone Flower at the very most..."

    "Oh... then forget about it." A hint of disappointment fleeted across Mo Wuji's eyes, and he promptly turned to leave.

    "Wait..." This Grand Yi Immortal called out to Mo Wuji, "Can you lend me see your immortal fruit?"

    "What do you want to do?" Mo Wuji stared warily at this Grand Yi Immortal. At the same time, he anxiously retreated out of Sword Exchange House.

    That Grand Yi Immortal hurriedly said, "There's no need for you to worry. I just want to take a look and verify the authencity of the immortal fruit in your hands."

    An expression of complete disbelief hung on Mo Wuji's face. He stared straight at this Grand Yi Immortal as he hastily retreated.

    When this Grand Yi Immortal saw that Mo Wuji was retreating in the direction where the Sword Qi Bone Flower were growing, his mouth went agape. However, he seemed to recall something and he hurriedly said, "Stand still, you can't move randomly run away here."

    Mo Wuji continued to have an expression of aghast on his face as he sped up his retreat.

    "Stop. You have already entered within 30 meters of the Sword Qi Bone Flower growing zone. You are simply courting death..." That Grand Yi Immortal scolded harshly.

    Mo Wuji instantly revealed an expression of fear. He hurriedly stopped as he turned to look at the Sword Qi Bone Flowers growing not far behind him. His voice was slightly trembling as he said, "I, I didn't mean to..."

    "It doesn't matter whether it was intentional, you have trespassed into the Great Sword Path's prohibited area..." A cold voice resounded. Thereafter, a hand of immortal elemental energy grabbed over.

    Mo Wuji stared blankly as this hand enveloped him. He seemed to completely unable to move.

    This immortal elemental hand instantly sealed Mo Wuji. Thereafter, this Grand Yi Immortal hurried over. He grabbed Mo Wuji's jade box, as well as Mo Wuji's storage ring, then he said, "Senior Brother, this person has been captured and his items confiscated."

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will had already formed an imprint on this Grand Yi Immortal. Even though the things in his storage ring did not even have a value of 100 immortal crystals, anyone that dared to steal his items must pay.

    "Hmm!" A late stage Grand Luo Immortal walked out. He glanced at Mo Wuji indifferently and said, "A mere Golden Immortal actually dares to trespass in our Sword Qi Bone Flowers growing zone. I'm not gonna waste my sword talisman on you. Get in there!" As this Grand Luo Immortal was speaking, he slashed downwards with a jade talisman. In the middle of where the Sword Qi Bone Flowers were growing, a black murky spatial fracture appeared. That Grand Luo Immortal couldn't even be bothered to place a sword talisman on Mo Wuji as he directly threw Mo Wuji into that fracture.

    At almost the same instant, Mo Wuji threw out a concealed transfer array disc.


    Mo Wuji landed on hard ground. However, he wasn't able to see anything clearly, even with his spiritual will.

    Before he could leave a spiritual will imprint on this spot, a sword qi shot over. Even though Mo Wuji had a God Physique, this sword qi still managed to slice a small trail of blood on his skin.

    Besides that, he felt no other discomfort.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He felt some invisible sword qi piercing straight into his sea of consciousness. It was just that he didn't even have a primordial spirit, and these sword qi were directly swallowed within his sea of consciousness.

    Indeed, the sword qi here was helpless against him. From the looks of it, a God Physique was his prerequisite for surviving the rampant sword qi.

    "Pff! Pff!" Another few beams of sword qi flew over; another additional lines of blood formed on Mo Wuji's body.

    Mo Wuji stopped in shock. He lowered his head and noticed that these sword qi actually didn't cause a single tear on clothes. It merely caused some cuts on his skin.

    Mo Wuji directly closed his eyes and allowed the sword qi to come at him. Mo Wuji had come in without a sword talisman. Without a control, each beam of sword qi seemed to be aiming to take his life.

    Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji finally understood what was going on.

    These sword qi were indeed evil; they seemed to be able to distinguish and discern life force. His clothes and magic treasure didn't have any life force. On the other hand, his fleshly body and his sea of consciousness was brimming with life force. This was why these sword qi would directly stab through his sea of consciousness and his body, but his clothes were left completely undamaged.

    In other words, even if one had a supreme defensive treasure, it still wouldn't protect him from these sword qi. This was unless you possessed a pocket dimension that was at a higher grade than this world. If you entered that world, these sword qi would be unable to detect your existence. This was how you could avoid the sword qi.

    Some fear lingered in Mo Wuji's heart. Fortunately, he didn't have a primordial spirit. No matter how much sword qi came at him, it would directly be swallowed by his violet sea of consciousness. If he did have a primordial spirit, he would probably be wishing for death right now.

    An incense's time later, Mo Wuji had gradually became accustomed to the sword qi here. He could feel that the intensity of the sword qi in this space wasn't constantly the same. Some times, there would be sword qi that was more than a fold stronger than average sword qi.

    The moment Mo Wuji became used to the sword qi here, even the stronger sword qi could only serve to temper his physique.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji's physique had was already tempered to an unbelievable degree. In the Immortal World, it was truly difficult to find a place that could train a God Physique any further.

    No longer influenced by the sword qi, Mo Wuji slowly extended his spiritual will outwards. His spiritual will wasn't able to extend very far, a radius of 5 kilometers was his limit. Mo Wuji also discovered a strange phenomenon. The visibility within this place seemed to fluctuate vastly. At some places, he couldn't even see his fingers. At others, it was a grey and hazy blur. There were also places that were as bright as day with great visibility. He even encountered a red blurry space. There, it seemed like the entire area had been covered in a red veil, turning the entire space red.

    The surrounding terrain was also very weird. It wasn't a flat plain, nor was it elevated hills.

    Mo Wuji placed Han Qingru's communication bead on his wrist. He had gotten this back when he was in the Corner of Yong Ying; so its sensitivity was rather low. Even though Mo Wuji was already a Grand Luo Immortal, his sensitivity radius didn't exceed 50 kilometers.

    Even though he had managed to enter Sword Prison, Mo Wuji wasn't the least but happy. He could feel that the domain within Sword Prison was vast and boundless. Moreover, his spiritual will had been severely limited. He might not be able to find Han Qingru even after hundreds of years.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji could only hope that Han Qingru was also wearing her communication bead in her hand. That way, he would have an additional strand of hope.

    Just when Mo Wuji was still deciding on what direction he should go, a figure flashed by. This was a person? Mo Wuji soon determined that this was indeed a cultivator. In just a few breaths time, this cultivator reached Mo Wuji.

    Even though Mo Wuji had seen many scary sh*t, he still subconsciously retreated. The thing that charged towards him shouldn't be considered a person, but a moving corpse.

    There did not seem to be any whole piece of flesh on his face, and even his bones seemed to have scars formed from sword qi. His clothes had already been drenched purple, and it looked like a thick piece of tree bark. Not only that, it seemed like a knife was constantly digging at his internal organs as his entire, broken eyes looked like they were completely filled with pain and agony.

    Mo Wuji was very clear, however, that the pain this person was suffering definitely exceeded that of a knife digging at his organs. This was because this person was experiencing the constant pain of his primordial spirit being torn. Looking at this person's aggrieved appearance, Mo Wuji's inner fire began to burn with greater intensity. He needed to find Han Qingru as soon as possible.

    This person was intending to charge past Mo Wuji. But when he saw that Mo Wuji appeared completely fine, he immediately stopped and stared at Mo Wuji.
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