Chapter 690: Scaring Wei Zidao

    Chapter 690: Scaring Wei Zidao

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    "Number one sect in the Immortal World?" A man stared sharply at Fei Ling while speaking in a stern tone.

    In the early days, Gods Immortal Sect of the Gods Immortal Domain could barely be considered as the number one sect in the Immortal World. After the fall of the Gods Immortal Domain, the Immortal World no longer had a number one sect and nobody dared to claim that title.

    He recognised Fei Ling but he didn't expect Fei Ling's guts to be this huge for him to dare address this young man as the sect head of the number one sect of the Immortal World on the turf of his Immortal Hunterer. He, Wei Zidao, would love to see what kind of man would self proclaimed himself as the sect head of the number one sect of the Immortal World. If anyone were to spout rubbish in front of him, Wei Zidao, they shouldn't blame him for being ruthless.

    Even though Wei Zidao knew that he would need to pay a hefty price to attack, he would still kill this arrogant fella.

    That's right, the skinny man seated in front of Fei Ling was indeed Wei Zidao, founder of the Immortal Hunter. Among the Immortal Emperors who were held captive in the Sword Prison, Wei Zidao was the only advanced Immortal Emperor. However, after they arrived at the Sword Prison, whether or not you're an advanced Immortal Emperor or an intermediate Immortal Emperor, the strength that remained was no longer significant

    Even if Wei Zidao was that strong, he wouldn't attack casually in the Vine Mountain of Safety. By attacking in the Sword Prison, there would be several extremely pricey repercussions to suffer even if one was no longer within the Sword Prison anymore.

    Even though Wei Zidao looked exactly like an ordinary immortal, the truth was that presently, he had insufficient amount of blood, scattered primordial spirit and even his elemental energy was at the stage when it could collapse anytime.

    Just because of this reason, he would need to pay a hefty price if he chose to attack. Of course, other than Wei Zidao, Devil Hand's Pang Hong would also need to pay a hefty price if he made his decision to attack.

    Even if he needed to pay a hefty price, he wouldn't be able to swallow the fact that someone dared to claim to be the sect head of the number one sect of the Immortal World in front of him.

    A mighty spiritual will was released by him as it charged fearlessly towards Mo Wuji.

    As he waited outside while holding on to Han Qingru, Mo Wuji could feel an extremely valiant spiritual will surging towards him. On any other day, Mo Wuji would not have much of a reaction as he would need to conceal his own secret.

    However, Mo Wuji was well aware of his own predicament today and that he needed to show Wei Zidao his true strength in hope of a chance to work together with him.

    Just as that spiritual will came in contact with Mo Wuji's domain, Mo Wuji's normal spiritual will as well as his spiritual will from the spirit storage channel stomped out without holding back.

    Before Mo Wuji cultivated the Star Sea Sacred Technique, his spiritual will was already ridiculously strong and was even stronger than most Immortal Kings.

    Besides this, he was also able to expand his spiritual whirlpool. His Domain Smashing Fist brought along the spiritual will whirlpool which was capable of turning the tide of a battle in his favour easily.

    Presently, Mo Wuji's spiritual will was not affected in the Sword Prison while he had no idea if Wei Zidao even had 0.1% of his actual spiritual will left in him. Even if he had that much, Wei Zidao wouldn't be able to fully utilise it because the instance he tried to activate his spiritual will forcefully, his sea of consciousness would possibly collapse. Once his sea of consciousness collapsed, his primordial spirit would follow suit and he wouldn't be too far away from death.

    As the two spiritual will clashed against each other, Wei Zidao felt a massive hammer smashing into his sea of consciousness as it almost broke his entire sea of consciousness apart. Mo Wuji's spiritual will from his spirit storage channel was much more effective on the offensive than the spiritual will from the sea of consciousness so how Wei Zidao supposed to go against Mo Wuji?

    "Ai!" Wei Zidao spat out an arrow of blood as he could almost feel his immortal energy dispersing in the next moment.

    Wei Zidao naturally didn't dare to continue using his spiritual will to seek revenge from Mo Wuji as he withdrew it before draining the cup of water beside him in one gulp.

    "It seems like Immortal Friend Zidao don't really welcome me here?" After experiencing Wei Zidao's impoliteness and teaching him a lesson, Mo Wuji carried Han Qingru into the Immortal Hunter's simple and crude hall.

    "Sect Head Mo..." Wei Zidao stood up with a pale face before clasping his fists towards Mo Wuji, "It was a misunderstanding earlier on and I hope Sect Head Mo would not put that to heart. Sect Head Mo should know that we have been trapped within the Sword Prison and had been suffering every second which explains some of our inappropriate actions."

    In Wei Zidao's eyes, Mo Wuji's spiritual will was so impressive so he must be so much stronger than himself too. He wanted to teach Mo Wuji a lesson only because Mo Wuji loved to sprout nonsense such as his claim that he was the sect head of the number one sect of the Immortal World. Additionally, he knew that Mo Wuji was only very young so how could he stand the words of someone as ignorant as Mo Wuji?

    Having experienced Mo Wuji's mighty spiritual will attack, he didn't dare to go against Mo Wuji regardless of whether Mo Wuji was truly the sect head of the number one sect in the Immortal World.

    It was never easy to survive here in the Sword Prison and while he finally gained a foothold in the Vine Mountain of Safety, he really didn't wish to casually throw this position away.

    "I will take it that it was a misunderstanding then," Mo Wuji would naturally not want to get into a conflict with Wei Zidao.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will might be able to restrain Wei Zidao casually but if he were to get into a real fight with an Immortal Emperor like Wei Zidao, Mo Wuji might not be able to win. After all, a weakened camel would still be stronger than a horse.

    "Sect Head Mo, please take a seat!" Wei Zidao saw that Mo Wuji was no longer harping over it so he heaved a huge sigh of relief before pointing out a seat for Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded and sat without feeling restrained.

    Wei Zidao took out a cup before pouring Mo Wuji some water, "Sect Head Mo, please enjoy the water."

    "Could this be the water of the Sword Qi River?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Wei Zidao said proudly, "Yes, this is the water of the Sword Qi River and it is getting increasingly rare."

    "Yes, Sect Head. This cup of water requires an Immortal Reverent to spend a few days to acquire it," Fei Ling whispered to Mo Wuji after Wei Zidao finished his sentence

    Mo Wuji nodded before taking a sip of the water. It was clearly water but after it entered Mo Wuji's mouth, it turned into an odd kind of energy. This energy quickly spread into the other parts of Mo Wuji's body and a faint sword intent was felt by Mo Wuji.

    There were almost no sword qi within Wei Zidao's hall and because the sword qi outside this place would not affect Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji only felt a faint sword intent and nothing else after drinking this cup of water.

    As for its ability to counter the sword qi, Mo Wuji wasn't even affected by the sword qi outside so what was the water supposed to counter against?

    "How was it?" Wei Zidao looked excitedly at Mo Wuji because after witnessing Mo Wuji's strength, he decided to be on the good side of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded yet again, "It is pretty decent as there was even a faint sword intent within it. I am not used to this kind of water so Fei Ling, why don't you drink it?"

    If not for the fact that it would appear rude, Mo Wuji was intending to return this cup of water back to Wei Zidao.

    Wei Zidao was momentarily shocked because why would there still be a person like Mo Wuji? Does he have any idea how precious the Sword Qi River's water was? He offered it to someone else?

    "Yes, many thanks Sect Head," Fei Ling couldn't wait as he grabbed the cup and gulped the water down impatiently. After swallowing the water, he even shut his eyes to ponder upon the feeling of the water in his mouth.

    All the cultivators in the hall looked enviously at Fei Ling because everyone knew what a rare opportunity it was to drink a cup of this water.

    After Fei Ling finished the cup of water, Wei Zidao sighed, "Sect Head Mo is indeed not ordinary and I have yet to ask for the name of Sect Head Mo."

    Previously, Fei Ling only mentioned that he was Sect Head Mo of the number one sect in the Immortal World so Wei Zidao still had no idea what was Mo Wuji's name.

    "My name is Mo Wuji and I am here today to befriend Immortal Friend Wei," Mo Wuji replied faintly.

    In a place like this, he came over with the same status as Wei Zidao so Mo Wuji knew that he mustn't disrespect Wei Zidao's position and status.

    "Sect Head Mo, I hear from Immortal Friend Fei Ling that you're the sect head of the number one sect in the Immortal World, Ping Fan Sect?" Wei Zidao spoke cautiously.

    Mo Wuji said convincingly, "Other than some small details, Fei Ling is right. Ping Fan is not exactly Ping Fan Sect but the number one school in the Immortal World. Within the Ping Fan School, there would be various branch sects.Ping Fan is an existence far more superior than a sect which is why it is the number one in the Immortal World."

    "Wouldn't that be an immortal domain?" Wei Zidao was even more shocked. The seven great domains in the Immortal World had already been divided well and the eighth domain would be an underworld domain, extremely unattractive to immortals.

    If anyone dared to disrupt the balance of the seven immortal domains here by setting up an individual domain, it would definitely bring about the combined attacks of many experts in the existing immortal domains.

    What abilities did Mo Wuji have? To think he dare call his own sect an immortal domain?

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Immortal Friend Wei misunderstood me because even though my Ping Fan is the number one school in the Immortal World, it is not an immortal domain. Any sects can join Ping Fan and once they joined Ping Fan, they would have to follow the rules of Ping Fan in terms of how they run their sect. In other words, Ping Fan's domain would practice a set of rules and might would not necessarily make right."

    "I understand now," Wei Zidao took in a deep breath of cold air because the words of this Sect Head Mo was simply too shocking.

    "I was wondering how Sect Head Mo entered the Sword Prison?" Wei Zidao had this query in his heart because if Mo Wuji was as strong as what he said he was, why would he be thrown into the Sword Prison?

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "I was surrounded by Great Sword Path's Yi Minghu, Lightning Sect's Lei Guyun, Vast Ocean Immortal School's Jin Yusheng and Guang Xing of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. As expected, I was not a match for them so I escaped with severe injuries. Who knew that the Great Sword Path would be so despicable to capture my senior sister before throwing her here. I am only here in the Sword Prison to rescue my senior sister."

    Wei Zidao was instantly dumbfounded because others couldn't even avoid the Sword Prison no matter how hard they tried but this man actually took the initiative to enter it. This wasn't the main point because the main point was that Wei Zidao recognised all four people Mo Wuji mentioned. Back in his days in the Immortal World, he would need to bow and make way at the sight of any one of the four experts mentioned.

    Other than Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Guang Xing, the other three were all Grand Emperors and any one of them would be able to finish Wei Zidao off in seconds. This was especially so for the Great Sword Path's Yi Minghu because this man was not only extremely strong, he was even more crafty. Wei Zidao was injured because of Yi Minghu and eventually thrown into the Sword Prison. This Sect Head Mo actually managed to escape alive after being surrounded by the four of them. How could this not be shocking?
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