Chapter 691: Unrest In The Vine Mountain of Safety

    Chapter 691: Unrest In The Vine Mountain of Safety

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    As he looked at the disbelieving Wei Zidao, Mo Wuji simply said, "Immortal Friend Wei, we can discuss about these later on. My purpose here is to form an alliance with Immortal Friend Wei because I wouldn't be able to leave this place any time soon. My time in the Sword Prison..."

    Before Mo Wuji could complete what he wanted to say, Wei Zidao interrupted Mo Wuji's words with his trembling voice, "Sect Head Mo, are you saying that you can leave the Sword Prison in the future?"

    Mo Wuji still had no clues as to whether he could leave this place but he had plenty of methods to surprise Wei Zidao, "I have yet to form a plan to leave this place but I am not worried at all. I believe that as long as I am willing, I would make it out of this Sword Prison eventually because I entered using a method unknown to others. However, Immortal Friend Wei's soul primordial spirit has been severely wounded and if nothing was done to remedy it, I'm afraid that it might be unable to recover forever."

    "Sect Head Mo, are you saying that you can even recover the primordial spirit wounded by the sword qi here?" Even an Immortal Emperor like Wei Zidao was no longer able to conceal his own emotions.

    Presently, he was restrained by the sword talisman and his soul primordial spirit had been suffering and accumulating wounds from the sword qi. It could be said that his current strength was not even 0.001% of his strength during his prime.

    To think that such a mightily powerful Immortal Emperor would end up as pathetic as he was right now. He could even forget about this but now that his life was in danger, even his attacks were restrained and if it was any other person, they would feel just as unreconciled to their fate. The words of Mo Wuji that said he could recover the spirit soul and primordial spirit simply touched the depths of Wei Zidao's soul.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue answering Wei Zidao's question because he said what he needed to say, show off what he could show and had even boast about himself without batting an eyelid. Indeed, everything he said was real but there were indeed some parts where he exaggerated to make it seem more impressive.

    Why was he able to escape the combined attacks of four Grand Emperors? It was only because of Da Huang, who was also an Immortal Emperor himself. Da Huang exchanged its life for his safety before he made used of the power of the four Grand Emperors to tear open a gap in space as he made his escape from there. If it wasn't for all these methods and luck, even his bones would have turned into ashes.

    How could Wei Zidao not know Mo Wuji's intentions? Mo Wuji wanted him to make a decision by stating all these conditions. He could choose to work with Mo Wuji, join Mo Wuji's Ping Fan or even rent out a piece for land for Mo Wuji.

    The first decision he had to make would signify the relationship between himself and Mo Wuji.

    Wei Zidao bowed respectfully before saying, "Immortal Friend Mo, I am a unconstrained person so I am temporarily unable to join your Ping Fan. However, I am willing to collaborate with Immortal Friend Mo by forming an alliance together."

    At this instance, Wei Zidao managed to calm himself down because Mo Wuji's words didn't mean that he would give Wei Zidao an immortal pill to recover his soul and primordial spirit but to see Wei Zidao's decision before making his own decision. He longed for Mo Wuji to give him the immortal pill but the pity was that he was able to join Mo Wuji's school unconditionally.

    Mo Wuji was slightly disappointed because he was indeed trying to get Wei Zidao to join his Ping Fan. As long as Wei Zidao joined his Ping Fan, Mo Wuji was confident of turning him into a Grand Emperor in the shortest possible time once they escaped from the Sword Prison. After they leave this place, Mo Wuji would find Zhuo Pingan and he would have two Grand Emperors in his school. Once Ping Fan had these two Grand Emperors, he would definitely be able to match up with the Great Sword Path.

    He would finish off Yi Minghu before the Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School could react. No matter how vicious the Great Sword Path was, the moment Yi Minghu was killed, they would merely be an immortal school that practiced sword Dao.

    Since Wei Zidao made his decision, Mo Wuji could only stand up before saying. "Immortal Friend Zidao, I hope to find a quiet place in the Immortal Hunters so that I could help heal my senior sister. Once my senior sister recovered, I would head over to see Immortal Friend Shang Hegao."

    Mo Wuji was desperate to heal Han Qingru and besides healing her, there was an even more important matter regarding Han Qingru's immortal lattice condensed from immortal lattice stones.

    For an ordinary immortal, this would indeed be the best kind of immortal lattice. The immortal lattice stones, which contained all sorts of peak grade grand Dao spirituality, were formed by the sea of consciousness of ancient experts who had fallen.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't intrigued by it and moreover, using the immortal lattice stones to condense immortal lattice would make one vulnerable to being possessed. Mo Wuji intended to heal Han Qingru first before completely removing the hidden danger within Han Qingru's immortal lattice.

    Others might find it troublesome to resolve this but Mo Wuji didn't feel the same because of his Undying World as well as Breath of Hongmeng. If all these didn't work out, he would get Han Qingru to try cultivating using meridians.

    Since he was going to heal Han Qingru, he needed a safe and quiet place. Wei Zidao was the single chief of the Vine Mountain of Safety so forming an alliance with Wei Zidao and then finding a safe place here to reside in temporarily would be the best case scenario.

    "This is not a problem because within 200 metres radius of my place, the sword qi are much lesser than any other place. I will bring you over to search for a place for you to stay." As Mo Wuji didn't mention anything about helping him recover his soul and primordial spirit, Wei Zidao was slightly disappointed.

    Even if he felt disappointed, Wei Zidao still treated Mo Wuji enthusiastically.

    Mo Wuji took out a pill before handing it to Wei Zidao, "Immortal Friend Zidao, try this pill and see if it's effective."

    A Zhi Nature Pill to Wei Zidao's soul and primordial spirit would be like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood; an utterly inadequate measure. However, Mo Wuji made his intentions clear by offering him this pill. As long as Wei Zidao grew interest in his Zhi Nature Pill, he would have a chance to bring this Immortal Emperor, who could only await his death meaninglessly, over to his camp.

    "Many thanks Sect Head Mo," A trace of excitement flashed across Wei Zidao's eyes as he grabbed the pill given by Mo Wuji and swallowed it without even inspecting it. He was excited not because of the pill but because he really wanted to know if his soul and primordial spirit could truly be recovered. Deep in his heart, he still had doubts over the words of Mo Wuji.

    However, Mo Wuji was aware that even though Wei Zidao swallowed the pill very quickly, his spiritual will had already scanned the pill for at least a few times in the instance he swallowed it.

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered by this act because if he was Wei Zidao, he might even inspect the pill for a while before swallowing it.

    The moment the pill entered his mouth, Wei Zidao could hear a faint humming sound coming from his sea of consciousness. Following which, his exploding soul started to calm itself down and the pain he had been feeling instantly disappeared. In fact, even his dississipating primordial spirit stabilised itself at the same moment.

    The excitement in Wei Zidao's eyes could no longer be concealed because if he still had his doubts for Mo Wuji's words previously, he now trust every word said by Mo Wuji after swallowing the Zhi Nature Pill.

    Mo Wuji gave him a unique grade Zhi Nature Pill and how many people in this Immortal World could obtain such an immortal pill? Without mentioning that he was in the Sword Prison now, even if he was in the Immortal World, he wouldn't be able to obtain such an immortal pill.

    This pill made Wei Zidao started to seriously reconsider if he should join Ping Fan. He knew that Mo Wuji would definitely not casually bring out such precious immortal pills just from his words that he would join Ping Fan. There would definitely be all sorts of terms and conditions.

    "Wei Zidao, my Devil Hand wouldn't violate or offend your Immortal Hunters normally but it didn't mean that I, Pang Hong, would be fearful of you," At this instance, a cold and sharp voice could be heard as a strong spiritual will was sent right across the hall.

    Wei Zidao's face turned ugly because he knew why Pang Hong would dare to barge in so arrogantly. Fei Ling was wanted by Pang Hong so now that Fei Ling was here, Pang Hong would evidently think that he violated the Vine Mountain of Safety's agreement and accepted Devil Hand's traitor. Additionally, the gorgeous woman that Mo Wuji was carrying in his arms was someone that Pang Hong wanted. The reason why Pang Hong didn't force her to stay was not because he didn't care but because he knew that after a while more, this woman would come looking for him again.

    Now that this woman was rescued by Mo Wuji and with Fei Ling following behind Mo Wuji too, it would be odd if Pang Hong, who just returned from the Sword Qi River, didn't act out violently.

    "Sect Head Mo, please hold on while I go check it out," Wei Zidao grunted before walking out of the door.

    Mo Wuji knew that Pang Hong was here for Han Qingru and Fei Ling so he would naturally not wait here, "Immortal Friend Zidao, since we are working together, let's face the problem together. How can I let Immortal Friend Zidao handle this alone?"

    "Alright, Sect Head Mo truly didn't disappoint. Let's go out together then," Wei Zidao chuckled.


    Mo Wuji walked out of the hall of the Immortal Hunters and he instantly saw six people at the entrance. It could be perhaps of the long period of exposure to sword qi because the aura of these six people didn't seem strong. Even so, Mo Wuji could tell that there were at least five Immortal Emperors while the last one was a Quasi Emperor.

    His heart was shocked because initially, he already found it impressive that the founders of the three powers were Immortal Emperors. Who would have expected that right now, there was a total of six Immortal Emperors, including Wei Zidao, standing in front of him?

    Very soon, Mo Wuji noticed that this six people were split into two forces. The leader on the left should be an expert in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. He had long hair, looked elegant and his eyes brought along a trace of evil within it. Mo Wuji guessed that this person could be Devil Hand's Pang Hong. Among the six people, there were at least two Immortal Emperors and one Quasi Emperor standing behind this man.

    On the other side, there was only two people and the one infront was a fair skin middle age man. He was also in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage while the person with him was in the elementary Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Wei Zidao looked slightly fearful at the sight of these six people.

    In terms of individual strength, he might be slightly stronger than Pang Hong. In terms of collective strength, he would need to work fight alongside the Righteousness Mountain to be able to go against the Devil Hand. Pang Hong's Devil Hand had a total of three Immortal Emperors, two Quasi Immortals and even more Immortal Reverents.

    The Righteousness Mountain had two Immortal Emperors. One of them was founder of Righteousness Mountain, Shang Hegao while the other was Nie Chongan, elementary Immortal Emperor. Even though Wei Zidao was an advanced Immortal Emperor, he had no Immortal Emperors or even Immortal Reverents with him.

    All these while, he had been in an alliance with the Righteousness Mountain's Shang Hegao and had barely managed to be a match for Pang Hong's Devil Hand. Today, Shang Hegao was standing beside Pang Hong against him so what on earth was happening? If the Righteousness Mountain were to combine forces with the Devil Hand, his Immortal Hunters wouldn't exist for much longer.

    "What is the meaning of these?" Wei Zidao's tone was slightly cold as he looked intently at Pang Hong and Shang Hegao.

    Pang Hong sneered, "Wei Zidao, I didn't bother you previously because we had already talk things over. Today, you took the initiative to provoke my Devil Hand by taking away my traitor as well as the woman I wanted, tsk..."

    Following Pang Hong's cold grunt, killing intent seemed to seep through from outside of the Vine Mountain of Safety.
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