Chapter 692: Leaving So Easily?

    Chapter 692: Leaving So Easily?

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    Wei Zidao's eyes fell on Shang Hegao because at this moment, Shang Hegao's attitude was the most important. If Shang Hegao chose to ignore Pang Hong, he would attack instantly.

    A scum like Pang Hong should be punched in the face for being men over to the entrance of his Immortal Hunters.

    Shang Hegao used his peripheral vision to glance at Mo Wuji hugging Han Qingru before saying faintly, "Brother Zidao, the Vine Mountain of Safety is only able to become our safe haven because we respected each other and maintained the balance. Today, Brother Zidao violated the rules by bringing someone from the outside in and even kept the traitor of the Devil Hand. Therefore, I would have to stand with Brother Pang on this matter."

    Wei Zidao laughed faintly, "Shang Hegao, seems like you found yourself a good backing ah. Since this is the case, there is nothing much for us to rattle on about so let's fight if that's what you want. I, Weizidao, fear no one so come at me."

    Shang Hegao's voice turned cold, "Brother Zidao, please don't misunderstand. No matter how strong you are, you are only one person strong. I have five Immortal Emperors here so do you really want to fight this battle alone?"

    Mo Wuji raised his hand and threw a jade vase to Wei Zidao, "Immortal Friend Zidao, finish these pills before anything else."

    Wei Zidao took over the jade vase pleasingly because the instance he opened the vase, his spiritual will detected three Zhi Nature Pills inside.

    Currently, why would Wei Zidao care about Shang Hegao's words as he instantly threw all three Zhi Nature Pills into his mouth. An indescribable energy eased into his sea of consciousness and his primordial spirit rapidly recovered while even though his broken soul had yet to completely stabilised, he could still attack freely now.

    "Many thanks Sect Head Mo," Wei Zidao clasped his fist towards Mo Wuji before taking a step out towards Pang Hong.

    "Attack," Pang Hong saw Wei Zidao's action and shouted furiously as he threw a punch out too.

    In the Vine Mountain of Safety, nobody used their magic treasures or at least not till the very end. Only an extremely rare number of people would be like Mo Wuji as he started the attack by drawing out his weapon.

    By drawing any magic treasure here, as long as the weapon contained immortal energy, it would provide a state for sword qi to penetrate. In order words, using magic treasure would increase the burden on oneself.

    Everyone knew they came here for a fight so the moment Wei Zidao attacked, Pang Hong and the two Immortal Emperors beside him started attacking too. Only the Quasi Immortal was slightly slower in his movement.

    Once Shang Hegao saw the stance of Wei Zidao, he wanted to join in the attack against Wei Zidao but he only took one step forward before stopping himself forcefully.

    Pang Hong and Wei Zidao's domains clashed against each other and his heart sank. Even though he had always thought highly of Wei Zidao, only today did he realised that he wasn't even half as strong as Wei Zidao.

    Wei Zidao was like the vast ocean with a constant flow of immortal energy while the gaps in his spiritual will had almost been completely patched up. Shang Hegao started to suspect and wonder if Wei Zidao's primordial spirit was even affected in the first place.

    "Boom boom boom!" Immortal energies clashed as it covered the entire sky above them. Pang Hong appeared like he was struck in the heart as his entire body seemed to be almost falling apart. He was already numb to pain but the lacerations of his fleshly body made him spat out arrows of blood while flying backwards.

    As he was flown away, he understood something. When Wei Zidao attacked, he definitely had a method to restrain the sword qi from attacking his soul and primordial spirit. Otherwise, the difference in strength between them would certainly not be that huge.

    One must know that the real reason why Shang Hegao was standing on his side was not because Wei Zidao broke the rules but because he, Pang Hong, had found a method to obtain large amount of Sword Qi River's water. Evidently, Shang Hegao chose to follow him because he wanted some of these water. Once he had large amount of water from the Sword Qi River and his primordial spirit recovered, he would no longer need to be restrained whenever he attacked.

    This was the only reason he would go against Wei Zidao in this manner. Evidently, Wei Zidao had found a similar method to recover his soul and primordial spirit.

    Wei Zidao's main focus was Pang Hong but as he faced the other Immortal Emperors going against him, his immortal energy brought along the same kind of force. Mo Wuji's Zhi Nature Pill gave him sufficient confidence and strength. What Wei Zidao desperately wanted to see now was Pang Hong's shocked expression after he throw out another punch once his soul stabilised.

    Wei Zidao was attacking so Mo Wuji would naturally not stand idle. He directly drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and once he extended his domain, he swung his halberd.

    A spatial tearing halberd radiance Winding River descended from above as it hacked against the elementary Immortal Emperor Stage expert beside Pang Hong. The difference between Mo Wuji and the rest was that he exerted his full force without holding back.

    Halberd Radiance Winding River pierced through space towards the Immortal Emperor who was completely enveloped by Mo Wuji's domain. Mo Wuji's cultivation level was weak as he was only at the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. However, his strength at the Grand Luo Immortal Stage was already able to match against experts in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage and even some weaker Immortal Kings.

    After entering the Sword Prison, his strength didn't decrease at all.

    The few Immortal Emperors behind Pang Hong had their soul and primordial spirit torn apart by the sword qi for long period of time and were already like an arrow at the end of its flight.

    Moreover, Wei Zidao's immortal energy was still restraining that Immortal Emperor and now that Mo Wuji's Winding River was charging down at him, his domain could barely block against Mo Wuji's first halberd radiance.

    The second attack instantly destroyed his domain and coupled with Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain, this Immortal Emperor could no longer be bothered about the penetration of the sword qi as he drew out a saber.

    "Dang!" The saber continued clashing with the Winding River.

    The saber radiance wielded by this particular Immortal Emperor was directly ulcerated by Mo Wuji's halberd radiance and he was swallowed by the Winding River afterwards.

    "Kacha!" The already weak bones of the Immortal Emperor continued to break apart under Mo Wuji's all out attack.

    At the sight of this Winding River almost crushing him to death, a long whip swept across and brought this Immortal Emperor away. The Winding River crashed against the ground as it created a 100 feet deep moat.

    The entire place fell silent at the deathly sight.

    Mo Wuji grabbed his Half Moon Weighted Halberd tightly while staring coldly at Shang Hegao and Panghong as he stopped attacking. The Immortal Emperor who was supposed to die at his hands was rescued by Shang Hegao's long whip.

    Mo Wuji was clear that the reason why he was almost able to kill an Immortal Emperor who had less than 0.001% of his actual strength was not because of Mo Wuji's own strength but also because of Wei Zidao's restriction.

    Now that Wei Zidao wasn't attacking, he would naturally not take the initiative to attack.

    After Shang Hegao rescued Pang Hong's man, he didn't do anything except to look at Mo Wuji intently before clasping his fist and asked, "May I know how do I address this Immortal Friend here?"

    Not only was Shang Hegao's tone serious, his attitude was respectful too. At this moment, even Pang Hong didn't continue rattling on. In fact, even Wei Zidao, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, looked fearfully at Mo Wuji.

    Without mentioning Mo Wuji's cultivation for the time being, everyone couldn't believe how Mo Wuji was actually able to exert all his strength in using his magic treasure to attack his weapon was even a halberd, which was known for absorbing sword qi. He was currently in the Vine Mountain of Safety and if he were to be outside of the Vine Mountain of Safety and still be able to display such strength fearlessly, he would be in an invincible position. To make things more impressive, Mo Wuji was still carrying a person when he attacked.

    Even though Shang Hegao saved the Immortal Emperor he was about to kill, Shang Hegao wasn't Mo Wuji's main enemy as it was Pang Hong.

    Therefore, when Shang Hegao asked for his name, Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Ping Fan's Mo Wuji."

    Ping Fan's Mo Wuji? While Shang Hegao was still in confusion, Fei Ling had already stepped out and shouted, "Senior Mo is the sect head of the Immortal World's number one; Ping Fan."

    Shang Hegao's expression changed instantly and even Pang Hong's expression changed too. Their primordial spirit had been severely injured. Even though the water from the Sword Qi River could recover the primordial spirit and fleshly body, the recovery rate was extremely slow and large amount of water would be needed. He had only obtain so little water previously so after the clash against Wei Zidao, he finally started to feel the effects.

    Now that he heard that Mo Wuji was the sect head of the number one sect in the Immortal World, his expression turned even uglier. Whether this was true or false, ain't this title a little too frightening?

    Mo Wuji continued speaking, "Immortal Friend Shang, we don't know each other, had yet to form any feud and I had no intentions to form any kind of hatred between us. In fact, I just told Immortal Friend Wei that I had the intention to pay you a visit. But if you think that it is right for someone to bully and abuse my senior sister, come right at me. I, Mo Wuji, had faced the combined attack of Yi Minghu, Lei Guyun and Jin Yusheng so why would I be concerned over one more Shang Hegao?

    Now that Mo Wuji had said this, both Shang Hegao and Pang Hong's heart started shivering in fear like how Wei Zidao did previously.

    The combined attacks of Yi Minghu, Lei Guyun and Jin Yusheng? Who in this world would be able to escape from the combined attacks of these three people?

    This Mo Wuji in front of them was actually capable of doing so? This man could very well be the sect head of the number one sect of the Immortal World. Through the many years in the Sword Prison, there had been countless of change in the Immortal World so nothing was impossible.

    "Brother Shang, let me just tell you the truth. My Sect Head wasn't captured and thrown into the Sword Prison as he came in voluntarily to rescue someone," Fei Ling instantly promoted himself to be a member of Ping Fan.

    As for how he addressed Shang Hegao, he couldn't be bothered any more. If he was outside without Mo Wuji, why would he dare to address an Immortal Emperor as a brother? He would only bow his head and address him as senior.

    Shang Hegao took in a deep breath before clasping his fist towards Mo Wuji, "Sect Head Mo's words are too serious. My Righteousness Mountain would only stand on a neutral position and is not here to go against Sect Head Mo. Naturally, my Righteousness Mountain would not help Sect Head Mo if he chose to deal with anyone else. My Righteousness Mountain shall remain neutral here in the Vine Mountain of Safety."

    After saying this, Shang Hegao took a few steps backwards and the few Immortal Emperors with him followed suit. His current action made it appear like whatever he said when he first arrived and how he rescued an Immortal Emperor of the Devil Handno longer had anything to do with him.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly because he despised people like Shang Hegao the most. He had just arrived at the Vine Mountain of Safety and was considered an outsider so he would naturally not take the initiative to form a feud with Shang Hegao now.

    "Let's go," Pang Hong stared coldly at Mo Wuji before turning in his attempt to leave.

    "Pang Hong, are you leaving so easily?" Mo Wuji's cold voice could be heard because to Mo Wuji, Shang Hegao might be considered as a passerby but the fact that Pang Hong actually dare to think of violating Han Qingru made his blood boil.
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