Chapter 693: Vine Mountain Of Safety

    Chapter 693: Vine Mountain Of Safety

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    "What do you want to do? Show me whatever you've got, I, Pang Hong, am not afraid." After Pang Hong heard that Mo Wuji wanted to force him to stay, his aura instantly exploded outwards. As he cooled down a moment later, he suspected whether Mo Wuji was really the sect head of the number one sect. Somehow Mo Wuji's cultivation level didn't seem to surpass Immortal King Stage. How could a mere ant, that wasn't even an Immortal King, try to make him stay behind?

    At this point his strength had declined significantly, hence Mo Wuji's battle prowess was not something to look down on regardless of his actual cultivation level. Add Wei Zidao's strength into the picture, and Pang Hong would not dare to carry on.

    What infuriated him the most was that he didn't choose to fight his way out of this because Mo Wuji had kept him here. Although he, Pang Hong, was like a dragon trapped in sand, he hasn't dropped to the level that could be threatened by an ant.

    With a wave of his hand, Pang Hong shot out a warning signal. At the Vine Mountain of Safety, everyone avoided using spiritual will as far as possible.

    Short tens of breaths later, many figures speedily arrived, surrounding the territory of the Immortal hunters.

    However, Wei Zidao's expression did not change. He was different from Mo Wuji in the sense that he clearly knew that numbers meant nothing at the Vine Mountain of Safety. After a battle began, no one would risk their lives. The only people that had any effect were the experts at Immortal Reverent or above, while the rest were insignificant. Although his Immortal Hunters had fewer members than Devil Hand, they had a similar number of experts at Immortal Reverent Stage or stronger.

    Despite Wei Zidao not firing off any signal, the members of Immortal Hunters had arrived too.

    "Sect Head Mo, if we can avoid it, I would recommend not fighting. Even though Pang Hong had just taken a hit, in reality, he had many tricks up his sleeves. We might be able to finish him off in the end, but we'll have to pay a hefty price too. Of course, if Sect Head Mo really wants to attack, I, Wei Zidao, will be on your side." Wei Zidao sent this message secretly to Mo Wuji.

    Yet, Mo Wuji remained silent. Wei Zidao's words sent a clear message across: don't expect too much from the strength that isn't yours.

    Wei Zidao had spoken nicely, but if a battle really broke out, he would definitely hold back. If Pang Hong really put his life on the line, while Wei Zidao fought with self-preservation as a priority, which would make Mo Wuji lose out.

    Immediately, Shang Hegao could feel the tense atmosphere, and stepped forward to speak, "Brother Pang, Sect Head Mo, let me be the middleman. Previously Brother Pang did not know that woman is Sect Head Mo's senior sister, and he only spoke to her, but he did not attack her in any way. Since everyone did not lose anything, and Sect Head Mo just arrived at this location, why don't the both of you give each other some leeway?

    Brother Pang will give a piece of land on the Vine Mountain of Safety to Sect Head Mo, so that you may have a place to set up camp, and Sect Head Mo can forget about the things that happened in the past. Everyone will not bear any grudges against each other this way. In the future, we'll live according to the peaceful rules of the mountain, how about that?"

    After listening to Wei Zidao's words, Mo Wuji had already eliminated the option of fighting. Since Wei Zidao was not willing to go all out, he would definitely not be able to triumph over Pang Hong.

    The moment Sheng Hegao finished speaking, Pang Hong coldly added on, "My Devil Hand has a lot of land, but my men live on most of it. If I do give any up, I can only offer the piece that forms a 5km radius around the sword qi whirlpool, and not a single inch other than that."

    Pang Hong's tone did not reflect any hint of weakness, but his statement made it clear that he did not want to fight with Mo Wuji, and wanted to take a step back.

    All eyes were on Mo Wuji, waiting for his response. Whether a fight would occur depended on what choice he made. Now, Mo Wuji's gaze fell onto Fei Ling.

    Fei Ling could arrogantly face Shang Hegao, yet did not dare to look Pang Hong in the eyes. The shadow of being abused by Pang Hong hadn't disappeared from his heart.

    It didn't matter how afraid of Pang Hong he was, Mo Wuji still looked towards him for advice. However, he did not dare to remain quiet. Mo Wuji was his new master, so who would want a minion like him that did not dare to speak from the start?

    "Sect head, that sword qi whirlpool is very dangerous. At the Vine Mountain of Safety, that sword qi whirlpool is also called the whirlpool of death. Only death awaits those who go close to the sword qi whirlpool, because it will pull people in, and the terrifying sword qi inside will tear a person to shreds. No matter how strong you are, it's no use." Fei Ling explained,

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji frowned. Staying close to such a location didn't seem to be a safe choice.

    "However..." Fei Ling hesitated before he carried on, "As long as you don't go close to the whirlpool, nothing will happen to you."

    "How long has the whirlpool existed?" Mo Wuji probed.

    "It's rumored that the sword qi whirlpool was there since the Vine Mountain of Safety was discovered. It has been at least tens of thousands of years." This time, Fei Ling replied quickly.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head. Since tens of thousands of years had passed, the sword qi whirlpool probably didn't pose a great threat. Moreover, he wasn't planning on staying at the Vine Mountain of Safety for long.

    "Immortal Friend Fei Ling is right. The Vine Mountain of Safety was discovered because Immortal Emperor Ding He used his own strength to destroy the restriction sword talisman of Great Sword Path, which opened up the restriction binding the mountain. Before this, not a single soul survived after entering Sword Prison." Wei Zidao spoke approvingly.

    "Immortal Emperor Ding He?" Mo Wuji never heard of this guy since he came. If he was that prominent, this shouldn't be the case.

    It was unsure whether Shang Hegao was trying to mend his relationship with Mo Wuji, but he still took the initiative to respond, Immortal Emperor Ding he perished from exhaustion after opening the concealment restriction over the Vine Mountain of Safety. We can benefit today thanks to his efforts."

    "Ok, I want this 5km radius of land." Mo Wuji directly said after understanding the situation.

    Staying on the territory of the Immortal Hunters would make him a guest, while he could only establish himself with land to call his own.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji had accepted Pang Hong's land, Wei Zidao and Shang Hegao heaved a sigh of relief. Regardless which of them it was, neither one wanted to fight a large scale battle here. After all, the Vine Mountain of Safety was where they set up camp, and battling here would destroy all of the crisscrossing vines. Who knew whether the mountain would still be able to protect them from the sword qi like before when the vines were gone?

    Pang Hong's face went sullen. Mo Wuji only said that he accepted the land offered to him, but made no mention of the grudge between them. It seemed like this grudge would not disappear just because of this small plot of land. If Pang Hong knew this in advance, he wouldn't have given it away.

    However, he could not take back his words now.

    Actually, Wei Zidao also wanted to cosy up with Mo Wuji too, hence after Mo Wuji accepted the land offered by Pang Hong, he quickly added on, "Since it's like that, my 5km radius of land near to the sword qi whirlpool is also Sect Head Mo's."

    This action stunned Shang Hegao. Since Pang Hong and Wei Zidao had given up their land, how could he not follow suit? Even if he didn't offend Mo Wuji previously, it seemed that not giving up his land now would do so.

    When he thought of this, Shang Hegao chuckled, "Since both of them gave up land of 5km radius each, I, Shang Hegao, naturally can't fall behind. I'll give up another 5km of land next to the sword qi whirlpool for Sect Head Mo."

    "If that's the case, I'll have to thank all of you." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully as he thanked everyone.

    Pang Hong didn't want to fight a battle, so he gave up 5km of land. Wei Zidao wanted the Zhe Nature Pill, so he gave up 5km of land too. Lastly, Shang Hegao couldn't act as though as he didn't know anything, hence he could only give up 5km of land too. This way, Mo Wuji's land totaled 15km in radius. To someone that just arrived at the Vine Mountain of Safety, this was an extremely ridiculous thing.

    However, Mo Wuji did not let this get to his head. These three guys gave up their land with a goal in each of their minds. His land was also surrounded by theirs too, which meant that he could only escape to the sword qi whirlpool if they decided to join forces against him.

    It was absurd to think that Wei Zidao, Pang Hong, and Shang Hegao didn't reach this conclusion too.

    Thankfully, his strength still had some significance here, as the inhabitants of the Vine Mountain of Safety probably saw him as an outsider.

    "Everyone, I'm a little tired from my journey, and still have to settle my new land, so I won't stay much longer." Mo Wuji did not fear the hidden intentions of those three, because he was a Grade 6 immortal array master, on top of being able to ignore sword qi.

    He had advanced to Grade 6 immortal array master after entering the Sword Prison too. While there were some defensive arrays in Devil Hand's, Righteousness Mountain's, and Immortal Hunter's territories, they could not hold a candle to Grade 6 immortal arrays.

    "If Sect Head Mo needs any help, please feel free to ask. We, Immortal Hunters, might not be able to bring out our Immortal Emperor, but there are still some capable hands on our side." Wei Zidao didn't forget to spite Devil Hand's Pang Hong with his words.

    This was simply because the chance to regain his strength was right in front of him, hence he did not want to create a ruckus at the Vine Mountain of Safety.

    "Thank you Immortal Friend Zidao, but I won't need any help for the moment." Mo Wuji turned around and left after finishing his sentence. In his heart, he laughed coldly to himself. What Wei Zidao meant was very clear, and to that, he only had one response: you're thinking too much.

    If Wei Zidao well all out against Pang Hong previously, he might have really given a Zhi Nature Pill to Wei Zidao. But now, Wei Zidao could only continue dreaming. The Zhi Nature Pills belonged to him, Mo Wuji, and not Wei Zidao.

    As for Wei Zidao's 5km of land, his four Zhi Nature Pills should have been sufficient compensation. Pang Hong's land was considered as payment for the threats made towards Han Qingru. Finally, for Shang Hegao, Mo Wuji didn't care about such a two-faced guy. His 5km of land was taken as atonement for his sins.

    To Mo Wuji, his top priority now was to set up shop, and a defensive array, in his land soon.

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