Chapter 694: I Want To Speak Up For Mo Wuji Too

    Chapter 694: I Want To Speak Up For Mo Wuji Too

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    The most exciting location in the seven immortal domains was definitely Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    When Mo Wuji headed to the Sword Prison, the geniuses and experts from all immortal domains headed towards Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. This was because two very significant events were about to happen there. The first was arrival of the envoy from the Very High Heavens, who planned to force open the fourth level of Broken World.

    Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's first and second levels contained many types of precious immortal herbs, immortal equipment of tier five and above as well as manuals for cultivation.

    That was why the opening of Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's third level was not attractive to many experts; the immortal herbs and materials presented little value to them.

    Experts flocked to the Sharphorn Immortal ruins upon hearing the emergence of the Book of Luo, Dao Fruit of the Draining Immortal King, Metal Element Bead and even the Red Karmic Fire Lotus from the third level of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin,.

    The emergence of these treasures prompted experts from the Very High Heavens to attempt to breach the fourth level. All experts from the Immortal Domain, let alone ones from the Very High Heavens felt that the fourth level would contain even better treasures.

    The opportunity to go to the Very High Heavens was another reason why many cultivators flocked to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. It was the place cultivators from the Immortal Emperor cultivation level to a low level cultivator yearned to go.

    It was rumored that the Very High Heavens had a complete set of rules for the Heavens and Earth and crystal clear traces of Dao. It was said that training in the Very High Heavens would allow one to train much more efficiently. It was a pity that the envoy from the Very High Heavens only recruited small numbers of disciples each time, with strict requirements. The interval between each recruitment was dreadfully long as well.

    The delightful news was that the Very High Heavens lowered their requirements from recruitment this time round. Four star geniuses could be recruited, even those who have yet to attained four star genius but have shown talent had the opportunity to go to the Very High Heavens.

    This news was almost too good to be true. Past recruitments into the Very High Heavens required potential disciples to be at least of nine star genius level, even eight star geniuses stood little chance of going to the Very High Heavens.

    This shocking news was the reason why countless geniuses flocked to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. There wasn't anyone who did not want to enter the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's Fourth level, nor was there anyone who did not want to go to the Very High Heavens.


    Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden was the most luxurious and beautiful place in Sharphorn Immortal Ruin.

    Almost all opening of the Broken World or major activities in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins happened in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's gardens. The opening of the fourth level of the Broken World in addition to the massive recruitment by the Very High Heavens in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin had caused the gardens to be packed to the brim every day.

    Countless geniuses and top disciples from many great Immortal Sects gathered in the garden.

    Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu too gathered amongst the many geniuses and experts in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's gardens.

    Yan Yuerong's great grandfather Yan Tian was an honored Immortal expert in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Yan Yuerong was also held in high regard in the domain, even the owner of High Immortal City would give her his regards.

    Yan Yuerong was however a nobody in the Sharphorn Immortal Run, any passerby was likely to have a much higher status than she did.

    Evidently, Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu knew of this, the two were merely drinking some Immortal Spiritual tea in the corners of the garden, wanting to get to know a genius or two.

    Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden was also the place immortals from all over the world competed. Genius from various Immortal Sects gathered to boast about their own Sect's status.

    Immortals from various Immortals Domains couldn't care less about the behavior of the geniuses. It was the immortals of low cultivation level and rouge disciples who dared not speak loudly. They only cared to look for opportunities to meet experts from all over the world.

    The hot topics often included the recruitment by the Very High Heavens, the emergence of which new treasures in the Broken World's third level and also what treasures might be discovered in the fourth level.

    "I heard that the Red Karnic Fire Lotus was not discovered. Many entered the third level but not could find it....."

    "No one would have told you even if the Red Karnic Fire Lotus was discovered and taken away."

    "The emergence of the Red Karnic Fire Lotus in a place like Sharphorn Immortal Ruin would bound to be publicized. Everyone knew about Mo Wuji obtaining the Metal Elemental Bead and the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit Tree. Everyone also knew about Murong Xiangyu obtaining the Book of Luo!"

    "Rightly said, but who knows where Murong Xiangyu or Mo Wuji is now?"

    "Wasn't it said that Mo Wuji was murdered? He committed many atrocities and would obtain treasures unscrupulously. Jing Xing An master and disciple were both murdered by him."

    "Even so, Mo Wuji managed to obtain many treasures. Notwithstanding the Metal Elemental Bead and the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit, he also obtained the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, treasures of the dragon race as well as treasures from the pagodas of various immortals, enough for him to reach many new levels...."

    "My dragon race was slaughtered by this man, I Ao Yulu swear to take revenge or I am not a member of the dragon race." A towering voice broke the chattering amongst the crowd.

    Everyone was merely gossiping about the recent events; but this voice was different, it was filled with emotions.

    "I feel that we should not jump to hasty conclusions. Did anyone of you actually see Mo Wuji kill the Jing Xin An master and disciple or the Dragon Race? It might just be a false rumor after all." Someone said gently.

    "And who might you be? How dare you say that Mo Wuji had nothing to do with the death of my Dragon Race?" Ao Yulu turned suddenly turned and shouted at her.

    "I recognize her, she is the daughter of the owner of the Water Ying Immortal City, Wen Lianxi. Water Ying Immortal City could not have become a high grade Immortal City without the help of Mo Wuji. It was said that Kui Fengyun of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain suffered financial losses due to Mo Wuji as well, it was curious that they did not punish Water Ying Immortal City. It is no wonder she stood up for Mo Wuji. Hehehe...." An eccentric voice added.

    It was indeed Wen Lianxi that stood up for Mo Wuji. She like many others came here in hopes to go to the Very High Heavens. Mo Wuji robbing Kui Fengyun of his Immortal Emperor treasure was a well-known event, Wen Lianxi's family knew of it as well.

    Wen Lianxi's father even reconciled with the fact that his family might be killed. Unexpectedly, Kui Fengyun went into a state of closure after the alchemy competition, never to be heard from again. Miraculously, Water Ying Immortal City and Wen Lianxi's family could live peacefully again.

    Wen Lianxin still constantly felt danger lurking everywhere in the city, but the family dared not move out of the city. Wen Lianxi wanted to take advantage of the recruitment by Very High Heavens to go to the Very High Heavens. Her Wen family could finally not have to live in fear should she managed to go to the Very High Heavens.

    As a disciple of an small Immortal Domain's Immortal City's owner, Wen Lianxi dared not to speak loudly in public. But she could not stand hearing others slandering Mo Wuji as her family was in Mo Wuji's debt, so she stood out and defended Mo Wuji.

    "That is right, I am Wen Lianxi. I know Mo Wuji, he is not the person you all made him out to be. I once misunderstood him as well, but he was in fact a man with a big heart...."

    "Shut up Wen Lianxi, do you not think that I Ao Yulu dared to kill you? You and the murderer Mo Wuji are jackals of the same tribe. I will lay waste of you even if it means doing it in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden." Ao Yulu interrupted Wen Lianxi as he charged towards her.

    Although it was said that crimes cannot be committed in the garden, participants of this event couldn't care less. Each one of them was filled with energy and couldn't wait for something to happen. No one would stop Ao Yulu should he chose to murder Wen Lianxi here.

    Color flushed from Wen Lianxi's face. She was merely a Xuan Immortal and could do nothing but await death against a Grand Luo Immortal like Ao Yulu. She calmly said: "I will speak up for Mo Wuji even if you were to kill me."

    "I dare you to lay a finger on her." Another voice boomed, this was the voice of a young person.

    Ao Yulu stopped abruptly, she stared blankly at the people walking towards. She could not believe her eyes and stammered: "Ao Xia, Sang Zi, you guys, you guys..."

    "You were looking forward to our deaths, weren't you?" Ao Xia said coldly.

    "Are you guys really fine?" Ao Yulu was genuinely happy, disregarding Ao Xia's icy tone.

    Sensing that Ao Xia still wanted to continue ridiculing Ao Yulu, Ao Sangzi blocked Ao Xia. She said: "Greetings my fellow immortals, I am Ao Sangzi and this is my cousin Ao Xia. We are here with the intent to go to the Very High Heavens, but we also have to publicly announce something, or we will be remorseful our entire lives."

    The crowd quietened, many knew that Ao Sangzi and Ao Xia were geniuses of the Dragon Race which disappeared after the massacre of the Dragon Race. Everyone thought that the pair had been murdered, unexpectedly they were still alive.

    Ao Sangzi's statement meant that the secrets behind the massacre of the Dragon Race was soon to be revealed. Who would not want to know about such secrets?

    Ao Sangzi still refused to look at Ao Yulu, and said: "A few years ago, a man donning yellow and a man donning gold came to the Dragon Race of the West Moat Ocean and massacred the Dragon Race of the West Moat Ocean. We too would have been killed if we had not met Mo Wuji. He risked his life to save us, he risked it again to send out safely away. It was only then that we managed to find experts of the Dragon Race and survive."

    "Throughout the ordeal, Mo Wuji never once demanded anything from us. We initially wanted to cultivate in closure, but we could no longer stand hearing about our own race slandering Mo Wuji. I could stand it no more but to tell the truth..."

    "You siblings are still young...."

    Ao Sangzi raised her arm and interrupted Ao Yulu, she took out a crystal ball and said: "This was the crystal ball from then. Everyone will know who is young and immature once you see this!"
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