Chapter 695: Establishing a Footing

    Chapter 695: Establishing a Footing

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    A man donning a yellow robe was muttering furiously to himself near a pool of blood. Anyone could tell he was the one who massacred the dragon race of the West Moat Ocean.

    "Who is this unfamiliar face?" someone asked.

    "How could an expert of such caliber be unknown in the Immortal Realm? He must have been disfigured." Another answered.

    Au Yulu's faced flushed red with embarrassment. Over the years, she spreaded hatred of Mo Wuji wherever she went.

    Reality hit her hard, the person she had been shaming all these years turned out to be the sole benefactor of her race.

    At this moment, she felt like someone was who bite the hand that fed her.

    "Au Yulu, our race pride ourselves with repaying kindness with gratitude. You didn't even bother finding out the truth, but instead chose repay Mo Wuji's kindness towards us by ruining his reputation." Au Sangzi said coldly.

    "Even if that was so, why did he not bother explaining to me...." Au Yulu broke off halfway through her speech. She realised she had refused to listen despite Mo Wuji's attempt at explaining.

    Back then, she refused to listen to Mo Wuji when he explained that it was not him who commited the crime and that things were not what they looked like.

    The crowd understood what was going on from the look on Au Yulu's face. Au Sangzi said indifferently: "I believe that you refused to give brother Wuji a chance to explain did you? Mo Wuji was of a low cultivation level when he rescued us, he could never have stood a chance against a Grand Luo Immortal like you. Our race would forever hang our head in shame should he have died in your hands."

    "I am so sorry that i've wronged him." Au Yulu walked up to Wen Lianxi and bowed as apology. She understood what had happened then, there was no doubt why Mo Wuji was covered in blood in such a situation.

    She was honourable to have apologised upon knowing her mistakes.

    Wen Lianxi calmly said: "There is no need for your apologies, I do not have the seniority to accept your it, nor will we become friends in the future. I just believe that brother Wuji would not commit such atrocities and did not wish for him to be wronged."

    Wen Lianxi would not forgive Au Yulu no matter how many times she apologised. In her eyes, the Au Yulu was the reason why so many people were incited to kill brother Wuji.

    "Didn't I say Pill Refiner Mo would never do such things."

    "What about the time he murdered Jing Xing An master and disciple and the time he stole the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp?"

    "How could you be sure Mo Wuji stole the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp when you had not seen it with your own eyes? Didn't Au Yulu accuse Mo Wuji of massacring the dragon race? We all know what happened in the end."


    People who originally planned to crusade against Mo Wuji all had a change of heart upon hearing Au Sangzi's explanation.

    "The arrival of the envoy from the Very High Heavens!" A voice towered over the chattering crowd, silencing it at once.

    The dense crowd parted, forming a pathway. There was order again amongst the many immortals in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden.

    A man of great youth and stunning looks walked through the crowd. His minimalistic black robe exemplified his superior aura.

    The immortals in Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden stood in shock. It was common for them to have even seen the highest of all cultivation, the Immortal Emperor. The young man who donned a black robe had an aura no weaker than any Immortal Emperor. It was very possible that a man of such young age was one himself.

    A man and women stood beside the young man who donned a black robe. The man was tall, lanky, and had wide palms. His gaze could be felt even though his eyes looked to be closed. There was nothing ordinary about this ordinary looking man. His body seemingly contained an explosive force that struck fear into the hearts of others.

    The women had exceptional beauty, she was like a goddess in the morning fog, gentle and fleeting. She looked dignified yet frivolous.

    "I am Jin Yu, the envoy representing the Very High Heavens for the recruitment of disciples."

    The gentle and welcoming tone of the man diffused the heightened tension within the crowd. "There is no need for worry, the Very High Heavens aims to have a massive recruitment this time round. Even cultivators who are four star genius but possessed potential would have a chance to enter the Very High Heavens..."

    Many let out a sigh of relief upon hearing what Jin Yu said. Most present were above four star geniuses. Moreover, the envoy said that even those who were not four star geniuses had a chance of entering the Very High Heavens.

    "Additionally your sect and duration of cultivation would play no role in the selection process. As long as you can prove your worth to me here and now, you will be able to enter the Very High Heavens. Standing beside me are two great examples, we have Lei Hongjie from the Lightning Sect and Ji Yue from the Yong Ying Immortal Realm."

    All eyes fell on the pair that stood next to Jin Yu. They were envious of the pair for being selected even before the official selection process started.

    Jin Yu smiled and said: "Lei Hongjie had managed to reach the peak of the intermediate stage of the Grand Luo Immortal with less than a hundred years of cultivation. This was why he was selected. Ji Yue was a rouge disciple. She did not have stable resources nor the support of her family. Nonetheless she was able to reach the stage of the Grand Yi Immortal as a mere four star genius. This was why she too was selected to enter the Very High Heavens."

    Jin Yu's words changed the crowds opinions of the pair.

    Lei Hongjie must have possessed immense aptitude for cultivation to be able to reach the intermediate stage of the Grand Luo Immortal in less than a hundred years. Even the Nine Star Geniuses that was selected from the previous recruitment could not hold a candle against Lei Hongjie.

    Although Ji Yue was not as good as Lei Hongjie, it was remarkable that she was able to advance to the level of Grand Yi Immortal in such a short time as only a four star genius.

    Jin Yu sensed the admiration the crowd had for the pair, and continued: "There is no need for anyone to envy Lei Hongjie or Ji Yue. The opening of the Fourth Level of the Broken world presents new opportunities for everyone. One can obtain new resources in the Fourth Level to aid in their qualification for the Very High Heavens...."

    The geniuses in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruin's garden all hardened their resolve to obtain enough resources in the Fourth Level of the Broken World to fight for a place in the Very High Heavens.

    "I've heard about the abilities of a newbie called Mo Wuji. Does anyone know his whereabouts?" His scanned through the crowd and he spoke, looking for a response.

    The crowd grew solem as no dared speak.


    Mo Wuji had only focused on defending his territory with arrays in the nine days since he obtained it. He had also set-up deathtrap arrays and monitoring arrays on top of his defensive arrays, to alert him of any intruders.

    Fei Ling was the only help Mo Wuji had. Fei Ling had set up a network of immortal caves as instructed in the days that Mo Wuji took to set-up the various arrays.

    Mo Wuji resided in the central immortal cave with Han Qingru while Fei Ling had set-up his immortal cave to the right of Mo Wuji's.

    Han Qingru has managed to make a full physical recovery in mere nine days with the help of Mo Wuji's healing pills and the Undying Holy Bamboo. It only a matter of time before her primordial spirit and soul made a full recovery. Even Fei Ling's body was almost fully recovered by consuming many types of immortal pills Mo Wuji possessed as an eighth grade pill emperor.

    "I will be imparting to you techniques of physical tampering. My techniques are effective in both resisting sword qi as well as tampering your physical body." Mo Wuji had always planned to impart Han Qingru techniques of physical tampering once the defensive arrays for the immortal cave was completed. He also planned to change Han Qingru's techniques.

    Mo Wuji did not have plans to go to the Undying World. What type of people lay await in the Undying World he thought. He had managed to frighten a few experts in his time here, allowing him to stay here undisturbed. However, those Immortals Emperors would tear him to shreds when they find out that he was a mere Grand Luo Immortal and that he owned the Undying World.

    The interaction between Mo Wuji over the past few days was very awkward for Han Qingru. She was slightly disappointed that Mo Wuji had not made any advances on her despite her confession to him. It was impossible for her to confess a second time. She managed to pick up the courage to confess to Mo Wuji when she was on the verge of death.

    There were still an onslaught of sword qi in the surroundings despite them being in the Vine Mountain of Safety. She had to resist the sword qi by herself in the days that Mo Wuji was setting by the arrays. Luckily for her, the presence of an immense amount of immortal pills meant that the sword qi was not very damaging to her.

    Han Qingru was captivated by Mo Wuji's techniques of physical tampering as she realised that the techniques Mo Wuji imparted her allowed her to easily neutralize the sword qi. She could then use the sword qi to strengthen her physical body. She wanted to try the new technique out of Vine Mountain of Safety where the sword qi was stronger, but was dissuaded by Mo Wuji who urged her to keep the technique a secret.

    Mo Wuji not only imparted Han Qingru with his personal physical tempering techniques, but also imparted Han Qingru the Star Sea Scared Technique. He was unable to change Han Qingru's technique as she was not suitable for his style of techniques. He could only search for another technique suitable for Han Qingru, albeit not as good as his own technique, was still many times better than Han Qingru's current techniques.

    As Mo Wuji was explaining the technique to Han Qingru, Fei Ling voice echoed: "Sect Head, Revered Lord Wei from the Immortal Hunters wishes to see you."

    "I got it, I will be there shortly. Please make him feel at home." Mo Wuji was impressed with Wei Zidao. Mo Wuji had expected Wei Zidao to visit him after five days. Unexpectedly, Wei Zidao had waited for nearly half a month before visiting him. Such patience is commendable.

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