Chapter 696: Somethings Up with The Vine Mountain of Safety

    Chapter 696: Something's Up with The Vine Mountain of Safety

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    "Sect Head Mo." Once Mo Wuji came out, Wei Zidao immediately stood up and bowed respectfully while greeting him.

    With one look, Mo Wuji knew that Wei Zidao had regained a large portion of his strength after consuming the four Zhi Nature Pills. At least there was a sliver of an Immortal Emperor's aura coming from his body.

    "I've been busy with my own territory, so forgive me for neglecting Brother Zidao. Please take a seat." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully too, gesturing for Wei Zidao to sit.

    If Wei Zidao wanted to ask for more Zhi Nature Pills from him, no matter what price he offered, Mo Wuji would definitely not take any more out.

    In reality, those four Zhi Nature Pills had broken the balance on power in the Vine Mountain of Safety, making him the strongest on the mountain. If Mo Wuji continued to give Wei Zidao any more, he would be in danger.

    After roaming the Immortal World for so many years, if he didn't understand this simple fact, he wouldn't have lived till this day.

    Wei Zidao was aware of this fact too. But precisely because of this, he did not intend to go all out when Mo Wuji was about to fight Pang Hong.

    However, he did not regret his actions. It was a fair trade to give up 5km of land and help diffuse a tense situation for four Zhi Nature Pills. Even if he did use all of his strength to deal with Pang Hong, Sect Head Mo probably wouldn't be willing to give him more Zhi Nature Pills either.

    Just like Pang Hong, he could sense that Mo Wuji probably wasn't that strong, which meant that Mo Wuji wouldn't allow anyone to regain enough strength to completely control the Vine Mountain of Safety.

    Who knew if Wei Zidao would still have came over if he knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't give him any pills.

    "It's okay Brother Mo. Those four Zhi Nature Pills were extremely useful to me. I came today especially to thank you." Wei Zidao spoke while smiling.

    Mo Wuji replied with a smile of his own, "Brother Zidao, we don't have to be so formal with each other. On the Vine Mountain of Safety, if we join forces, what can Pang Hong do to us? If we don't, it would just be disadvantageous for both of us."

    "Indeed." Wei Zidao agreed, "Although I find it hard to ask this, but I'll still try my luck. Brother Mo, do you have any more of that Zhi Nature Pill? If you do, I can accommodate any request you make."

    If Mo Wuji said that another 5km of land could be traded for four Zhi Nature Pills, he would immediately give up 10km. Even if Mo Wuji wanted him to give up all of Immortal Hunter's territory, there would be room for negotiation as long as Zhi Nature Pills were concerned.

    Apologetically, Mo Wuji responded, "I don't have that many Zhi Nature Pills either, and I'll still need some as leverage on the Vine Mountain of Safety. So there's none available at the moment. If I do make more in the future, I'll approach you to make a deal first."

    Although this was the conclusion he expected, and he knew that Mo Wuji had other means to protect himself, Wei Zidao still felt rather disappointed. Thankfully Mo Wuji agreed to give him some leeway for Zhi Nature Pills in the future, but it seemed like a deal would not happen unless Mo Wuji was backed in a corner.

    "Since that's the case, then I won't force you to give me any. I'm not sure if Sect Head Mo would like to make a trip to the Sword Qi River? Recently, Pang Hong and Shang Hegao have joined forces, and they have some means to obtain large amounts of river water. If they are able to get enough of it and regain their strength, it wouldn't be good news for either of us." As an expert in advanced Immortal Emperor Stage, Wei Zidao was still rather open minded.

    Mo Wuji had already intended to take a look at the Sword Qi River, but he just didn't have the time as he was building up his territory.

    Now that Wei Zidao had invited him, he replied without hesitation, "Sure, how about we head over now?"

    "Sure." Wei Zidao stood up happily. He really admired how direct Mo Wuji was.


    If one had to choose the most terrifying place in the Sword Prison, it would be the Sword Qi River. The sword qi within the river was very frightening. An accidental touch would cause one to perish. Just going close to the river was extremely difficult, so no one even though about entering it.

    But if one had to choose one's favourite place in the Sword Prison, it would still be the Sword Qi River. Precisely because of its presence, there was peace in the Vine Mountain of Safety. At the same time, the water from the river could not only repair flesh torn by sword qi, but also heal one's primordial spirit.

    Thus, regardless whether a person liked the Sword Qi River or not, many still sneakily went there to collect whatever river water they could.

    Only Devil Hand's Pang Hong, Immortal Hunters' Wei Zidao, and Righteousness Mountain's Shang Hedao openly went to the Sword Qi River.

    These three men had underlings who would take turns going to and fro from the riverside to collect water. This was why Fei Bing betrayed Devil Hand. If he didn't run away, he would eventually die from continuously going near the river.

    The Vine Mountain of Safety was completely covered in criss crossing vines. No matter where you went on the mountain, there would be various vines overlapping one another.

    These vines seemed to be built like a completely irregular tent, and no one knew where these vines originated from or where they led to. All they knew was that the vines grew out from underground, and were about the same as trees.

    "After exiting the Vine Mountain of Safety, it'll be just a few kilometers ahead." Wei Zidao explained as they wove in and out of the vines.

    A short moment later, both of them had exited the mountain.

    Once they took the first step outside, the density of sword qi increased tremendously. Wei Zidao also shut up. Although he was strong enough to withstand this level of sword qi, but withstanding it was all he could do, hence it wasn't a good time to lose focus by talking. Remaining silent would help him conserve spiritual will and immortal elemental energy.

    Suddenly, Mo Wuji paused, as he stared at the Vine Mountain of Safety behind him while frowning.

    "What's the matter Sect Head Mo?" Seeing Mo Wuji's actions, Wei Zidao asked out of curiosity despite not intending to speak.

    "Brother Zidao, wait for a moment." After finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji entered the Vine Mountain of Safety, and came out once again.

    A look of confusion appeared on Mo Wuji face, and Wei Zidao stopped when he saw that.

    "It's nothing, let's continue heading towards Sword Qi River." Mo Wuji waved it off as he smiled.

    He didn't know whether it was just paranoia, but the instant he left the mountain, it felt like a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

    This feeling was a little too unusual. The Vine Mountain of Safety was supposed to be the safe area, while anywhere outside it was where dangerous sword qi resided. So how could he have felt more relaxed after coming out of the mountain?

    Due to this weird sensation, Mo Wuji went into the mountain again. But the feeling of relief disappeared when he exited for the second time.

    "Did Sect Head Mo discover anything?" Wei Zidao did not completely believe what Mo Wuji had just said.

    With a chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "I must be too high strung. After all, I was being hunted down by a few guys not long ago. So I probably developed a habit of being on guard, which made me a little paranoid..."

    At this moment, Mo Wuji paused again.

    Could his instincts really have been wrong? Back when he entered Heavenly Chasm City after exiting Gods Tower, he had sensed danger in a manner not too different from what he just experienced. He didn't care about it then, and almost got killed by a few old fogies at Da Yi Immortal City. In the end, he also lost Da Huang while escaping, while Han Qingru was thrown into the Sword Prison and almost died.

    This meant the feeling he just got was an indication that the Vine Mountain of Safety was a dangerous area.

    Taking in a deep breath, Mo Wuji told himself that he would not fall like this a second time. No matter what, he would have to look for some way to leave the mountain after returning from the river.

    There was definitely something weird about this place. He probably couldn't sense it the second time as he had gotten used to it.

    Naturally, Wei Zidao could sense that something was on Mo Wuji's mind. But since Mo Wuji didn't say anything, he didn't probe either. Everyone had their own secrets, and that was a fact.

    Just as expected, every two steps they took, the stronger the sword qi became.

    As Wei Zidao was a resident of Sword Prison for many years, and also at advanced Immortal Emperor Stage, he had his own means to defend himself from the sword qi. While he did so, he continued to observe Mo Wuji from the side.

    All this while, he had questioned what Mo Wuji's actual level of strength was. Based on the spirituality Mo Wuji had, it seemed like Mo Wuji had a very low cultivation level, possibly even below Heavenly Immortal Stage. It wouldn't even be absurd to call him a mortal. But when Mo Wuji attacked, he felt that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was rather high, possibly at a level up to Immortal King Stage.

    Moreover, the sacred art of Mo Wuji greatly exceeded what an ordinary Immortal King could unleash. With that many things unusual about Mo Wuji, it made him feel that this guy was very mysterious.

    What was an expert like him most afraid of? Mysterious men or things.

    "Sect Head Mo, could you be a physique tempering expert?" A few kilometres later, Wei Zidao finally thought of what made Mo Wuji different.

    When the dense sword qi landed on Mo Wuji's body, they looked like they slid away. Even the sword qi that made it into his body didn't seem to cause much damage.

    Laughing, Mo Wuji did not reply Wei Zidao's question, instead pointing at a location nearby, "Brother Zidao, it looks like Pang Hong and Shang Hegao have indeed found some method to obtain large amounts of the Sword Qi River's water."

    Only then did Wei Zidao notice Pang Hong and Shang Hegao in the distance. Both of them were carrying a wooden bucket together. That bucket was rather large, and a large volume of Sword Qi River water would fit in a mere one third of it.

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