Chapter 697: Collecting Water From The Sword Qi River

    Chapter 697: Collecting Water From The Sword Qi River

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    "Are you really going to use a wooden bucket?" Mo Wuji chuckled at Wei Zidao.

    Wei Zidao replied: "A wooden bucket is the only way you can collect water from the Sword Qi River. Any items smelted from magical treasures would be corroded by the sword qi severely."

    His hypothesis was correct. Pang Hong and Shang Hedao had spent hours trying to fetch water from the Sword Qi River and finally found out the trick was to use a wooden bucket.

    Wei Zidao subconsciously increased his pace as the strengthened sword qi increased the rate of corrosion

    The sword qi present was no threat to Mo Wuji although it was many times stronger than usual. It had not affected his sea of consciousness, but merely injured him physically.

    His soul would remain unharmed as long as his sea of consciousness was not affected. Physical injuries caused by the sword qi were inconsequential to him as he was a practitioner of physical tampering.

    Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao was near Shang Hegao and Pang Hong when; "pfff" An arrow of blood shot out of both Shang Hegao and Pang Hong simultaneously. The pair left the river quickly after.

    The injury was no mere surface wound, the cut extended deep into the flesh, exposing bare bones. Mo Wuji could estimate the severity of the injury to their primordial spirit and soul even though he could not see them.

    Pang Hong and Shang Hegao's injuries were of no surprise to Wei Zidao. He understood the high risks involved with fetching water from the Sword Qi River. A large bucket of water from the Sword Qi River was well worth the risk in his mind.

    "It is impressive that you're able to relax in such an environment, Mo Sect Head." Pang Hong said to Mo Wuji coldly. Pang Hong paid no attention to Shang Hegao as he was sure Wei Zidao would not harm him here.

    Mo Wuji was the most relaxed and at ease although he was covered in blood just the like rest, he.

    Pang Hong could not feel Mo Wuji's fatigue was even though they were already at the edge of the Sword Qi River. This caused Pang Hong to suspect that Mo Wuji might also be an Immortal Emperor.

    Water from the Sword Qi River was extremely difficult to obtain. The level of sword qi felt was different for everyone, the higher the level of cultivation, the stronger the sword qi was. Even though that was the case, only a select few cultivators under the level of Immortal Emperor could manage to fetch water from the river. Even a high level Grand Luo Immortal could only manage to fetch a tiny cup of water each time.

    Mo Wuji ability to move near the Sword Qi River with relative ease reignited Wei Zidao's suspicion that Mo Wuji was an expert at physical tampering; but he could never get to the bottom of things as Mo Wuji would always change the topic when he inquired.

    Mo Wuji smiled and replied: "I was used to physical pain growing up in a poor family, it trained up my pain tolerance from young. It must be difficult for you have to fetched so much water at one go Immortal Pang."

    Pang Hong and Shang Hegao managed to almost fetch almost a bucket full of water.

    "Haha, Mo Sect Head should not worry about our pains." Pang Hong coldly replied. He was not fooled by the poorly crafted story from Mo Wuji.

    It was still unlikely that Mo Wuji would attempt anything devious here despite his lack of fear of the sword qi.

    Mo Wuji thought that Wei Zidao would have spoken a few words, but he remained eerily silent throughout the conversation. Mo Wuji felt uneasy about the current situation as he suspected that Wei Zidao plotted to join Pang Hong and Shang Hegao.

    It would be even more dangerous for him stay in the Vine Mountain of Safety should Wei Zidao chose to leave him. But he could not give Wei Zidao the Zhi Nature Pill to entice him to stay either.

    In his moment of panic, We Zidao chuckled and said: "Let me try fetching myself a bucket of water too." With that said, Wei Zidao walked towards the Sword Qi River.

    The Sword Qi River was enveloped by a thick layer of fog, much like a typical lake would be on a cool winter's morning.

    Mo Wuji chose to wait and observe how Wei Zidao was going to fetch the water from the Sword Qi River.

    Pang Hong and Shang Hegao stayed to watch too. He did not wish for Wei Zidao to discover the method to fetching large amounts of water. The corrosion was tolerable for the pair as long as they stayed out of the Sword Qi River.

    Wei Zida's footsteps slowed as he approached the river. Waves of sword qi cut deep into his body, streams of blood cascaded down his body, leaving bloody footprints with every step he took. However, Mo Wuji knew that the damage Wei Zidao sustained to his primordial spirit and soul was far more severe than any physical injuries he sustained.

    Wei Zidao's footsteps grew slow and heavy, his body trembling ever so slightly as the approached the river.

    Mo Wuji was unsure of what to make of the situation, Shang Hegao and Pang Hong on the other hand knew exactly what was going on. They knew that Wei Zidao must be stronger than they were as he was moving much faster than they did. Their bodies would not have been able to withstand the corrosion should they have moved at that speed.

    The pair slowly backed away from the river as they watched Wei Zidao. The corrosion of the sword qi weakened as they moved away from the river.

    Mo Wuji stood motionless watching Wei Zidao as he circulated his physical tampering techniques. Wei Zidao was enveloped in Mo Wuji's spiritual will projected from his spirit storage channel. Mo Wuji could even feel the vehemence of the sword qi through his spirit storage channel.

    Wei Zidao took the time of half a joss stick to finally reach the edge of the river. He bent down and took out a relatively small bucket.

    A fountain of blood shot out of Wei Zidao's mouth the moment his bucket touched the water surface. His body was covered in a fine mist a blood as he attempted to fetch the water. Wei Zidao could take it no more, he took the bucket out of the water the moment it touched the surface.

    Mo Wuji saw that the bucket was merely a quarter way full. This was bad news, it meant that it was be likely for Wei Zidao to join Pang Hong and Shang Hegao to find out their secret to fetching water from the Sword Qi River.

    Wei Zidao retreated rapidly and did not bother to attempt fetching more water. He retreated out of the river's edge and said: "I am heading back to tend to my injuries now, I am too heavily injured Mo Sect Head."

    Wei Zidao left without waiting for Mo Wuji's response. His injuries were far more severe than that of Pang Hong or Shang Hegao.

    Mo Wuji was worried. He was invited by Wei Zidao to attempt to fetch water together, but Wei Zidao went ahead and did it himself. Mo Wuji understood the reasons behind Wei Zidao's actions. Wei Zidao wanted to show Shang Hegao and Pang hong that he did not have an exceptional relationship with Mo Wuji, he also wanted test if it was easier to fetch water from the spot Shang Hegao and Pang Hong used.

    Wei Zidao realised that Shang Hegao and Pang Hong mastered the technique of fetching water from the river of qi as he found out that the sword qi was just as vicious there. With those conclusions drawn, he decided to form an alliance with them, ditching Mo Wuji instead.

    He thought to himself, forming an alliance with Pang Hong and Shang Hegao would guarantee him a large amount of water from the Sword Qi River. An alliance with Mo Wuji on the other hand would not even guarantee him another Zhi Nature pill. This decision was a no brainer for him.

    Pang Hong and Shang Hegao were no slouge. They picked up Wei Zidao's intentions to form an alliance with them. It would only be a matter of time before they could chase Mo Wuji away should the alliance be formed.

    Pang Hong and Shang Hegao too left hastily when they saw Wei Zidao leaving.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji understood that he must produce the Zhi Nature Pill should he want Wei Zidao to form an alliance with him. He was unwilling to do so as he understood that it would only keep Wei Zidao in an alliance with him temporarily.

    Mo Wuji took out a jade bucket and walked towards the river as the three left. He wanted to test for himself just how difficult it was to fetch water from the river.

    Sword qi thickened as he approached the river, it ripped his flesh to shreds, exposing the white bone underneath.

    Mo Wuji could not withstand the sword qi here even with his God Physic and his physical tampering techniques.

    In reality, the years Pang Hong, Wei Zidao and Shang Hegao spent in the sword prison has strengthened their bodies significantly even without and physical tampering. Mo Wuji's God Physic only gave him a small advantage over the other three.

    His sole advantage was his lack of primordial spirit and inhibition by the sword talisman. These had allowed him to roam more freely in the sword prison. Additionally, the presence of the violet lake helped him to contain the sword qi. These gave him the confidence staying in the sword prison.

    Mo Wuji made it to the river's edge after half a joss stick time. He attempted to use his spiritual will from his sea of consciousness and the his spiritual will from his spirit storage channels to move the bucket, but to no avail.

    He could only bent down and send the bucket into the water like everyone else did.

    Mo Wuji felt never ending waves of sword qi swell up into his body from the river as his bucket touched the surface.

    In this moment, Mo Wuji felt that even this furious rotation of this physical tampering techniques could not ease the pain of his body getting torn to shreds.

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