Chapter 700: Integration Of The Water Elemental Bead

    Chapter 700: Integration Of The Water Elemental Bead

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    The sword Qi whirlpool was simply too terrifying and even if Mo Wuji really wanted to find out more, he wouldn't do it now. The five of them bypassed the sword Qi whirlpool cautiously and after another 10 miles, a dark grey coloured desert appeared right in front of their eyes.

    As they stood on this piece of desert, Mo Wuji could clearly feel that the sword Qi in the surrounding was much weaker than before. Even though it was still not as safe as the Peaceful Vine Mountain, this place could be considered a heaven when compared to the other places in the Sword Prison.

    This piece of desert had a perimeter of about three miles; just like how Fei Ling described it previously.

    "Out of all the known places in the Sword Prison with the exception of the Peaceful Vine Mountain, this place contained the least amount of sword Qi. This place was slightly unusual because I've heard that a few people have been dragged into the sword Qi whirlpool unknowingly after arriving here," Nie Chongan added as he noticed how Mo Wuji was observing the place.

    Mo Wuji didn't start installing the grand defensive array immediately as he stopped to observe the desert. Following which, he looked towards Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng before saying, "Since the two of you are able to cultivate to become an Immortal Emperor, you must not be ordinary at all so I shall speak my mind in front of the two of you. This desert does not belong to me alone so if the two of you wish to stay here, we can simply split this place evenly..."

    Even before Mo Wuji could finish what he wanted to say, both Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng bowed at the same time, "Sect Head Mo, the reason why we left the Peaceful Vine Mountain was so that we could join Ping Fan and we do wish Sect Head Mo would accept us."

    In the Immortal World outside of the Sword Prison, if any Immortal Emperor wishes to join a sect, the entire sect would desperately lift a chair to carry the Immortal Emperor into their sect.

    As much as Mo Wuji needed to strengthen Ping Fan, he wouldn't want to have time bombs beside him, "Then I shall be honest with the two of you. Ping Fan had yet to be established and it would only become number one in the future."

    Mo Wuji realised that up till this point, both Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng's expressions remained calm as they didn't reveal any signs of surprise or shock.

    Evidently, it didn't matter much to them whether or not Mo Wuji's Ping Fan was the number one sect or school. Perhaps, they would have already guessed that it wasn't the case.

    "Secondly, if you want to join Ping Fan Immortal School, you have to swear upon a deadly oath and it has to be from the bottom of your heart. Otherwise, may I invite the two Immortal Emperors to return wherever you came from..."

    Mo Wuji said this and noticed that Jian Mingcheng wanted to speak so he raised his hand to stop him, "The swearing can wait. Thirdly, the two of you have to tell me the truth as to why you want to leave the Peaceful Vine Mountain and follow a newbie like me, who just entered the Sword Prison. Of course, there's no need to tell me why if you are unwilling to swear upon the deadly oath."

    Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan exchanged a single glance and Jian Mingcheng spoke, "Let me start. The first time I entered the Peaceful Vine Mountain and left, my entire body felt relaxed mysteriously. At that point in time, I found it odd but what made me even more doubtful was that the second time I entered and left the Peaceful Vine Mountain, that feeling disappeared without a trace as if I am used to the Peaceful Vine Mountain already.

    From then on, I've always wanted to leave the Peaceful Vine Mountain. However, I didn't know where to go and even though the Peaceful Vine Mountain made me feel uncomfortable, at least I could still survive there. Everyone living at the Peaceful Vine Mountain were well aware that the amount of sword Qi around the Peaceful Vine Mountain was getting lesser by the year.

    Mo Wuji nodded because he finally confirmed that he wasn't the only one who felt this way.

    "Since this was the case, why didn't you come here earlier?" Mo Wuji asked calmly.

    Jian Mingcheng shook his head, "I dare not come over because there was an Immortal Emperor who came over before. This Immortal Emperor was even in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and after arriving here, he was mysteriously swept into the sword Qi whirlpool. The reason why I chose to follow Sect Head Mo was because Sect Head Mo was even an Immortal Array Grand Master. As long as Sect Head Mo is able to install a Grade 6 protective array here, I would be protected from being swept unknowingly into the sword Qi whirlpool."

    Nie Chongan followed suit, "Other than feeling uncomfortable at the Peaceful Vine Mountain, there was one more reason. The method Pang Hong found out to fetch the Sword Qi River's water would hurt lesser for those with higher cultivation level. Those below the Immortal Emperor Stage would basically not be able to fetch water from the river. Beside Immortal Friend Shang, I am the only Immortal Emperor in the Righteousness Mountain. I believe that if I didn't leave, I would end up like how Immortal Friend Fei Ling ended up very soon; as soon as I am incapable of fetching more water, that would be my doomsday."

    There was one more thing that Nie Chongan didn't mention and that was how he was second in terms of status in the Righteousness Mountain behind Shang Hegao. This meant that the amount of Sword Qi River's water he received would only be one fifth of what Shang Hegao received. For him to risk in life in exchange for a minority share of the Sword Qi River's water, Nie Chongan really didn't want to continue doing so.

    "You know Pang Hong's method of fetching water?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Nie Chongan shook his head, "I don't know but I am able to guess so. If I knew, I wouldn't be able to leave the Righteousness Mountain."

    "Alright, I trust the both of you. I have already told you about my Ping Fan so if the both of you are still willing to join me, please swear upon the deadly oath," Mo Wuji said.

    If he was an Immortal Emperor, he wouldn't need Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng to swear but because he was only a Grand Luo Immortal, this vows would be absolutely necessary and treated seriously.

    The mentally prepared Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan swore without any shreds of hesitation because nothing was more important than staying alive in the Sword Prison. Therefore, when both of them vowed upon their life, it was from the bottom of their heart without any intention to cheat Mo Wuji.

    When these two Immortal Emperors swore, even if they were within the Sword Prison, echos of thunders could be heard.


    Very High Heavens' Venerable Envoy Jin Yu had already left the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Garden quite some time ago. The enthusiasm among the geniuses in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Garden didn't die down because of his departure. On the contrary, everyone was more enthusiastic than ever as they started discussing about the opening of the 4th level of the Broken World as well as the genius selection to enter the Very High Heavens.

    "Sister Xiaoyu, I feel that there's a major loophole in this method. For example, isn't it unfair if everyone who entered the 4th level of the Broken World had to pass what they obtained to a single person?" After Jin Yu left, Yan Yuerong whispered beside Xiao Xiaoyu's ear.

    Xiao Xiaoyu smiled faintly, "Little miss, do you think others didn't think of this? I believe that at that point in time, the Very High Heavens would have a better way to differentiate this. Moreover, if you really obtain a treasure like the Book of Luo, would you exchange it for a slot to enter the Very High Heavens?"

    "I would definitely do so. Even though I am already a disciple of the Very High Heavens, I am still extremely earnest and sincere towards the Very High Heavens. As long as it's something the Very High Heavens need, I would hand it over willingly. From the way you two speak, it seems like you are not very respectful towards the Very High Heavens," A crisp and clear voice could be heard.

    "Xiao Xiaoyu and Yan Yuerong greets Fairy Ji Yue. We were simply talking nonsense earlier on so we would seek Fairy Ji Yue's forgiveness," Xiao Xiaoyu saw the woman who walked over so she hurried to grab Yan Yuerong before bowing respectfully.

    This woman was indeed the most scheming person Xiao Xiaoyu had ever seen. Not too long ago, she acknowledged 's castellan, Dong Shanglie, as her master before using his status to publicly announced that she was looking for a Dao companion. In a blink of an eye, she became the disciple of the Very High Heavens. Xiao Xiaoyu was an experienced person so unless she had no choice, she wouldn't want to have any sort of interaction with Ji Yue.

    Ji Yue walked over chuckling, "I recall seeing a man called Da Huang walking with you previously. Where did he go to?"

    "Ah..." Yan Yuerong was shocked because Da Huang was only a mortal so she wouldn't expect that a person like Ji Yue would be looking for him. Very soon, she reacted and replied, "Da Huang said he wants to walk on his own and didn't wish to follow us anymore."

    "Where is he staying at?"

    "A small village near the Extreme Glade Sea called the Divergent Immortal Village. We also met him incidentally at the city."

    "Many thanks, young sister," Ji Yue smiled at Yan Yuerong before leaving.


    Mo Wuji spent yet another five days as he finished surrounding this entire desert with several massive arrays. Han Qingru had already started cultivating and tempering her physique in her residence while Fei Ling started recovering his own primordial spirit and fleshly body after building up the other immortal caves.

    It was the two new members of Ping Fan, Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng, who were the happiest. They just received two Zhi Nature Pills and three Immortal Copious Pills each from Mo Wuji.

    As compared to the Sword Qi River's water, the Zhi Nature Pill was much more effective in healing the primordial spirit as well as soul. After Mo Wuji took out the Zhi Nature Pill, both Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan were rejoicing in their hearts at the correct decision they made to leave the Vine Mountain of Safety.

    In the first few days, Mo Wuji was still worried that Pang Hong and Shang Hegao might find trouble with him. After his defensive arrays had been set up and Pang Hong and co. were still not here, Mo Wuji knew that Pang Hong and co. shouldn't be coming anymore. Those three people should be desperately trying to collect the Sword Qi River's water.

    After setting up multiple seals on his own immortal cave, Mo Wuji entered his Undying World.

    Ever since he obtained the Water Elemental Bead, Mo Wuji had not been into his Undying World. Previously, it was because he didn't have enough time but after he reached the Vine Mountain of Safety, he constantly unsafe so he didn't dare to enter. After leaving the Vine Mountain of Safety, the first thing Mo Wuji thought about was to integrate the Water Elemental Bead into his Undying World.

    Shuai Guo knew that he was simply too weak so it had been constantly cultivating madly in the Undying World. Presently, it had reached the Great Circle of Class 9.

    Shuai Guo had already chosen the immortal crystals it wanted to consume in the Immortal World. He started consuming these immortal crystals without even looking at them so how could the progress of a demonic beast without immortal lattice be slow if it constantly swallowed large amount of immortal crystals to cultivate?

    Mo Wuji took out that Water Elemental Bead in his Undying World and it instantly turned into a vast and boundless water attribute energy. This energy slowly expanded outwards while the vitality in his body was being extracted vigorously. The entire Undying World was transforming and the originally dry world seemed started becoming clear and fresh.

    Shuai Guo noticed something was amiss so he immediately flew out and stared shockingly at the ever changing Undying World.

    Not only was the Undying World expanding limitlessly, it was constantly filled with water energy everywhere.

    Mo Wuji fell seated on the ground because he had already been used to how the Five Elemental Beads would extract his vitality while integrating it with the Undying World. As long as he could hold on, this whole process wouldn't last very long.
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