Chapter 701: Change

    Chapter 701: Change

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    Indeed, after a few hours, the Undying World stopped its transformation. Even Mo Wuji was able to sense the great changes in the Undying World.

    Mo Wuji swallowed pill after pill and after swallowing a large amount of high quality pills, Mo Wuji's body started to recover rapidly.

    A day had passed and once Mo Wuji recovered completely, he extended his spiritual will outwards. Han Qingru's energy was on the rise and with the help of the Zhi Nature Pill, her primordial spirit and soul were almost completely healed too. Presently, Han Qingru was cultivating madly with large amount of immortal crystals and it seemed like it wouldn't take long for her to advance into the intermediate Golden Immortal Stage.

    The trio Fei Ling, Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng were all still recovering and despite the numerous days that had passed, they were still trying to fully utilise every bit of the medicinal value of the Zhi Nature Pill. To them, unique grade Zhi Nature Pill was not something they could obtain even if they were not trapped in the Sword Prison.

    Mo Wuji was extremely satisfied because with the powers he had with him, he wouldn't lose out in a fight against Pang Hong and co. Mo Wuji made his decision to check out the sword qi whirlpool once more because he still found this whirlpool extremely odd.

    "Sect Head, you're heading out?" The moment Mo Wuji walked out of his immortal cave, Nie Chongan noticed him and hurried to approach Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji praised Nie Chongan in his heart at how he was still an Immortal Emperor even if he hadn't regain his full strength. If it were Fei Ling, he might not even detect that Mo Wuji was leaving.

    "Yes indeed, I am preparing to walk around outside. Oh yes, I have a technique to temper your physique here so do try it with Jian Mingcheng and then go through it with Fei Ling too," Mo Wuji said while handing a jade letter to Nie Chongan.

    "Many thanks Sect Head for your care," Nie Chongan used two hands to receive the jade letter given by Mo Wuji excitedly.

    As an Immortal Emperor who was trapped in the Sword Prison for such a long period of time, Mo Wuji guessed that Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng would not have tempered their body and their fleshly body should only be in the advanced Immortal Physique Stage.

    There were very few immortals who would bother about tempering their physique. Firstly, they felt that physique tempering was embarrassing because it would only be practiced by barbarians. Immortals exude immortal energy so who would bother about physique tempering? Secondly, as long as their cultivation level increased, their fleshly body would become stronger too so what they focused on would be the cultivation of sacred art and immortal energy.

    However, things were different now that they were trapped in the Sword Prison because a physique tempering technique here was much more valuable than anything else.

    Not only could physique tempering strengthened the fleshly body, it could also effectively resist the corrosion of sword qi in this place.

    This was precisely the reason why Nie Chongan was so excited to receive the physique tempering technique because with this, his chances of survival had increased by yet another fold.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I am going to go out for a walk now and I'll be back soon. After I return, I will try removing the Great Sword Path's sword qi restriction on the few of you before finding a way out."

    "Sect Head can find a way out?" Nie Chongan was shuddering as he spoke.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I'm not certain but the heaven's dao would eventually have more than one way and the only reason why we hadn't found a way out was not because there wasn't any but because we hadn't found one. I will try and look for a way on my trip out now and if I still couldn't find it, we will brainstorm for more ideas."

    Nie Chongan's heart was trembling because how could the Sect Head think of such a simple logic yet this had never crossed his mind?

    "Sect Head, I want to follow you out," At this moment, Nie Chongan really do believed that Mo Wuji could find a way out.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "No need, the few of you just focus on cultivating here. I will go alone and I will be back very soon."

    "Roger that, Sect Head!" Nie Chongan was starting to have much more respect and admiration for Mo Wuji.This Sect Head must be really not simple because not only was he an Immortal Array Master, he was also able to casually take out a few Zhi Nature Pills and even possessed a physique tempering technique which Immortal Emperors could use. It seemed like even if he wasn't in the Sword Prison, joining Ping Fan wouldn't be a bad thing.


    Just like when he first arrived, the sword qi whirlpool was still rocketing towards the sky as it swept an overwhelming amount of sword qi with it. Even before Mo Wuji could approach closer, that terrifying sword qi was already trying to sweep Mo Wuji into the whirlpool.

    Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye and when his sight fell on that black hole like sword qi whirlpool which was rocketing towards the sky, he could see clearly everything within the black hole which his spiritual will couldn't.

    Ordinary spiritual will would not be able to get hold of the sword qi within the Sword Prison. Only when the sword qi was tearing the body apart or when it was hurting the primordial spirit or soul could one feel the sword qi.

    Now that Mo Wuji had condensed his spiritual eye, he could clearly see the faint sword qi moving freely around the black hole before being swept down rapidly.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual eye followed the path of the sword qi being swept down and after just one kilometre, he was shocked.

    He could actually see a man with an emotionless face sitting on a protruding rock and the endless amount of sword qi seemed to ease past him without bringing much harm to him.

    How was this possible? Mo Wuji's first thought was that this was too ridiculous to be true because this man was still alive and he still had some dried out skin on him. In fact, Mo Wuji could sense a faint vitality energy exuding from this man.

    If it was any other person, Mo Wuji wouldn't be surprise if they could last an incense worth of time after being swept into the sword qi whirlpool, let alone sitting within the whirlpool.

    After tens of breaths, Mo Wuji could tell that this man was actually tempering his physique. Everytime the faint sword qi skimmed past the man's body, it would evoke a faint fluctuation of immortal energy.

    Mo Wuji was confident that his spiritual eye wasn't wrong.

    Mo Wuji took multiple steps forward and his spiritual eye went beyond this man as it looked further down the sword qi whirlpool. The pity was that Mo Wuji soon realised that even his spiritual eye was unable to see what's further beyond and deeper down the whirlpool.

    This sword qi whirlpool was almost similar to the Sword Qi River in a sense that the closer you approached it, the more terrifying the sword qi felt. However, there were also some differences between the sword qi whirlpool and Sword Qi River. One difference would be that the disparity of sword qi from the Sword Qi River was simply too huge. Standing by the side of the Sword Qi RIver, Mo Wuji was still able to withstand the sword qi but once he came into contact with the water from the Sword Qi River, he wouldn't even last a few breaths.

    To Mo Wuji, this was indeed the most suitable place to temper his physique.

    Mo Wuji continued walking towards the position where even he couldn't resist for long period of time and he started executing his physique tempering technique. Very soon, he realised that the more he absorbed sword qi to temper his physique, the rate of absorbing immortal energy became much faster too.

    In no time, Mo Wuji was completely indulged in tempering his physique. In the past, Mo Wuji had been through all sorts of torture to his fleshly body while trying to temper his body. This sword qi might be terrifying but because he didn't have primordial spirit and even have a violet lake within his sea of consciousness, this was actually extremely suitable for him to temper his physique.

    If Mo Wuji didn't have this sword qi whirlpool within the Sword Prison, Mo Wuji guessed that it would still be a long time before he could even think about advancing into the God Physique Stage Level 2.

    Cultivation would take time and so would physique tempering. For a determined physique expert like Mo Wuji, the pain from the lacerations of the sword qi was definitely something that he could handle.

    Half a year flew by and not only did Mo Wuji stabilized his God Physique Level 1, he even advanced right to the God Physique Level 3.

    In the Immortal World, it would be extremely shocking to hear that someone managed to temper his physique to God Physique Level 3. A Grand Emperor would not usually have a God Physique let alone, a mere Grand Luo Immortal like Mo Wuji.

    Back when Mo Wuji first entered the God Physique Stage, his cultivation level was too low. Even though he was doing fine in the Sword Prison, he would still need to bear the pain of the lacerations of the sword qi on his fleshly body once in awhile.

    Presently, Mo Wuji was in the God Physique Stage Level 3 and even if he were to walk around the Sword Prison casually, his fleshly body would no longer be hurt by the sword qi. Even the stronger sword qi would only scratch out a small bloody scar on his body.

    Once Mo Wuji reached the God Physique Level 3, he threw everything out his mind as he tried to charge into God Physique Level 4.

    As a physique tempering expert, Mo Wuji was more aware than anyone else how different the God Physique Level 3 and 4 were.

    Once he managed to reach God Physique Level 4, it would even be easy for him to retrieve water from the Sword Qi River. Mo Wuji was too desperate to advance into God Physique Level 4 that he had forgotten to be cautious. Before he started his physique tempering here, he constantly reminded himself to not go to close to the sword qi whirlpool.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had already tossed his own warning out of his mind. The sword qi around the periphery of the sword qi whirlpool could no longer be beneficial for him to advance to the next level and if he truly wanted to improve, he would need to go even closer to the sword qi whirlpool.


    Concurrently at the Vine Mountain of Safety.

    The trio Pang Hong, Wei Zidao and Shang Hegao were sitting in the immortal residence of Wei Zidao's Immortal Hunters territory.

    The trio had a serious expression on their faces because even though their injuries were much better than half a year ago, their rate of recovery was still far from what they estimated.

    "Immortal Friend Zidao, please speak first," After a long period of silence, Shang Hegao was the one who started the conversation.

    Wei Zidao's face remained solemn as he said, "Did the two of you notice that the more water we used from the Sword Qi River, the less effective it was for our recovery? Also, it is getting increasingly hard for us to retrieve water from the Sword Qi River even with Brother Pang's method. Previously, Immortal Reverents and Quasi Immortals were still able to collect the water but now, other than the three of us, no one else seemed to be able to collect water from the Sword Qi River. Unless we have been collecting too much water recently that it disrupted the balance within the Sword Qi River?"

    Shang Hegao replied, "Brother Zidao is right and besides this, did Brother Zidao and Brother Pang notice that the sword qi within the Vine Mountain of Safety is getting lesser? There were even about four hours where there ain't any sword qi in most places. Now, in a day of 24 hours, there were almost 16 hours where there was completely no sword qi and even the sword qi in the remaining 8 hours were extremely weak."

    As he said this, Shang Hegao took in a deep breath, "Logically speaking, we should be happy when the sword qi around the Vine Mountain of Safety became weaker. However, I have this odd feeling and that the weaker the sword qi in the area, the more I feel disturbed. I wonder if the two of you were like me?"

    Hearing Shang Hegao's words, Pang Hong and Wei Zidao exchanged glances before nodding silently. They had also felt an increased uneasiness as they collected more water and the sword qi around the Vine Mountain of Safety decreased.

    "I think I am starting to understand why Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng would leave the Vine Mountain of Safety to find Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji possession of the Zhi Nature Pill and the distribution of Sword Qi River's water for them were only the secondary reasons and the main reason should be..."

    Wei Zidao stopped and none of them continued to speak as all of them were well aware of the common answer in their mind and that was the fact that there was something wrong with the Vine Mountain of Safety.
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