Chapter 704: Someone Snatching The Turf

    Chapter 704: Someone Snatching The Turf

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    "Hahahaha!" A loud laughter could be heard as everyone looked towards the entrance of the defensive array which Fei Ling just opened.

    A man in grey robe landed on the plaza like a demon while grabbing another man in his hands.

    "Revered Lord Wei?" Su Zi'An instantly recognised Immortal Hunters' Wei Zidao as the man being grabbed hold of by the grey robe man. An expert in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage was actually carried by hand just like that? How strong must this fella be? One must know that back in the Vine Mountain of Safety, Wei Zidao was one of the most powerful immortal so how could he be treated like an mere ant today?

    Su Zi'An was one of the latest to arrive at the Vine Mountain of Safety so he wasn't very sure as to who the grey robe man carrying Wei Zidao was.

    Just because Su Zi'An didn't know who this man was, Fei Ling and Cha Rui recognised him and they immediately exclaimed at the sight of the grey robe man, "Bai Ye?"

    "Haha, I didn't expect that after all these years, there would still be people who recognised me. This place is decent so I shall be staying here in the future. I shall give everyone a chance so bow in front of me and you shall be under me, Bai Ye," The grey robe man laughed out loud as he said pleasingly.

    Even Nie Chongan could hear such a loud laughter so he instantly rushed out. When he saw the grey robe man, he also had the same shocked expression as he said, "Bai Ye."

    Very few people who were thrown into the Sword Prison late would recognise Bai Ye. However, the first few in the Sword Prison and especially those who shifted to the Vine Mountain of Safety, there were actually only a few who didn't know Bai Ye.

    Bai Ye, an expert in the peak of the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage, was only one step away from entering the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. After discovering the Vine Mountain of Safety, Bai Ye was just like Wei Zidao, Pang Hong and Shang Hegao as he owned a piece of territory too.

    Because Bai Ye had the wildest ambitions and was also the most guarded man, he owned the biggest territory in the Vine Mountain of Safety. Pang Hong was unhappy with that so he started a fight with Bai Ye. Eventually, it goes without saying that Pang Hong was never a match for Bai Ye. Besides this, after injuring Pang Hong, Bai Ye went on to kill seven Immortal Reverents and two Quasi Immortals under Pang Hong. He was said to be viciously ruthless when dealing with such matters.

    Just when Bai Y was about to finish Pang Hong off, Wei Zidao and Shang Hegao stood out together to stop Bai Ye and naturally, Bai Ye managed to calm himself down.

    It was also after the fight that people concluded that Bai Ye could even contend against Wei Zidao.

    What surprised everyone was that while others were managing their own territories, Bai Ye suddenly gave up on his large piece of territory and disappeared without a trace. Pang Hong had enmity with Bai Ye so the moment Bai Ye left, Pang Hong took over Bai Ye's territory which explained why Pang Hong's power was the greatest in the Vine Mountain of Safety afterwards.

    Previously, nobody knew why Bai Ye would suddenly leave the Vine Mountain of Safety but now, whether it was Fei Ling, Nie Chongan or even Wei Zidao, who was just thrown on the ground, were clear of the reason why he chose to leave. It had to be because Bai Ye had already suspected that something was amiss at the Vine Mountain of Safety which was why he didn't stay.

    "Haha, Immortal Friend Nie, not bad at all. After so many years in the Sword Prison, you are still able to maintain the stability of your primordial spirit. So this place is under your control? Not bad, you have quite pretty decent foresight," Bai Ye continued laughing to his heart's content. Nie Chongan was an Immortal Emperor and one of the first batch of people to enter the Vine Mountain of Safety so Bai Ye naturally knew who he was.

    "Congratulations Immortal Friend on the further advancement of your dao," Nie Chongan clasped his fist.

    Bai Ye nodded as he stopped smiling, "Nie Chongan, back then, I had already reckon that something is wrong with the Vine Mountain of Safety which was why I choose to leave. I have also suspected this particular desert but I wasn't very sure back then. After the catastrophe over at the Vine Mountain of Safety, I've reconsidered this place and I reckon that this place is one of the few safe place left in the Sword Prison. My intention for coming back here would be to occupy this place and since this place is under Immortal Friend Nie's control, I wonder if Immortal Friend is willing to join my sect and gain a foothold here in the Sword Prison?"

    Bai Ye was proficient in the Dao of Prophecy and simply because he predicted that the Vine Mountain of Safety was unsafe, he made the decision to leave. Now that the Vine Mountain of Safety had disappeared, the danger within it was gone with it. His latest prediction would be that this desert was the safest place in the Sword Prison.

    After hiding around the Sword Prison for so many years, he was worn out even if he had a physique tempering technique of his own. After sensing that the desert was the safest, he rushed back immediately and he definitely wasn't expecting to see a severely wounded Wei Zidao.

    If Wei Zidao was not wounded, even if wouldn't lose to Wei Zidao, Bai Ye knew that there was no chance of him winning Wei Zidao. Wei Zidao had been burning his blood and lifespan while exhausting the last bit of his energy left in him. After meeting Bai Ye, he was captured alive without even struggling.

    The only reason why he chose not to kill Wei Zidao was because he wanted Wei Zidao to fetch water from the Sword Qi River for him.

    He was speaking politely to Nie Chongan only because Nie Chongan was also an Immortal Emperor like him. Nie Chongan was different from Wei Zidao because Nie Chongan's immortal energy looked denser and even his primordial spirit was not badly injured. He suspected that Nie Chongan had a peak grade physique tempering technique with him otherwise, how could he be living so comfortably in this place?

    Another reason was also because Nie Chongan was actually able to install a Grade 6 deathtrap array here. He, Bai Ye, might not be afraid of this magic array but he really didn't wish to get hurt in the Sword Prison. He could very well get hurt if he chose to go head to head with an intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage expert and a Grade 6 deathtrap array.

    "Big Brother Nie, Big Brother Fei, what's happening?" Bai Ye's arrival even startled Han Qingru as she walked out.

    At the sight of Han Qingru, Bai Ye's eyes lit up because he noticed that Han Qingru had just advanced into the advanced Golden Immortal Stage.

    Even if sword qi was the thinnest here, it was simply unbelievable that someone could cultivate and even advance here. If it was possible to advance, he, Bai Ye, would have already stepped into the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage during all these free time he had over he years. Evidently, Han Qingru must have some secrets on her.

    What made him even more elated was that Han Qingru was extremely gorgeous and was very feminine too. He was obsessed with women ever since he was born and before he was thrown into the Sword Prison, he had over hundreds of imperial concubines. After being thrown here, he was too occupied with survival so he didn't think much about women. Now that a strikingly attractive woman had appeared in front of him, his entire life would have been in vain if he let her go.

    He completely neglected the fact that Han Qingru could be Nie Chongan's woman. It was true that he needed Nie Chongan's support here but what he was lacking now was not Nie Chongan's support but a beauty like Han Qingru. As he thought about the future which he had to spend in this desert, how could he let Han Qingru slip out of his grasp?

    "Immortal Friend Bai, our Sect Head is not in currently. If Immortal Friend Bai wishes to stay here, you would need to wait for our Sect Head to return to approve," Nie Chongan clasped his fist and replied politely.

    Bai Ye's face turned solemn before sneering, "Nie Chongan, I am telling you that I'm going to stay here, not asking for your opinion. I'm giving you 10 breaths time to release this array completely otherwise, don't blame me, Bai Ye, for turning nasty."

    When Nie Chongan said that, Bai Ye was certain that Nie Chongan was lying to him. Given Nie Chongan's Immortal Emperor strength, it was possible that he could join a force but it was impossible for him to join a sect. Moreover, Nie Chongan's primordial spirit was stable which meant that he was recovering well. Given his level of recovery, how could he achieve this while being a disciple of a sect?

    Han Qingru had been wandering on her hand throughout the years so she was no longer the gentle and naive woman she used to be. From Bai Ye's eyes, she could tell that he was interested in her as well as this entire place that they were in.

    Presently, Bai Ye was threatening Nie Chongan and because she was worried that Nie Chongan might give in, she hurried to step out and said, "This is the territory of Ping Fan. Disciples of Ping Fan and cultivators who wish to join Ping Fan please step over to my side."

    Before Mo Wuji left, he handed all the array flags which could ignite the few deathtrap arrays here to her. Now that someone was trying to snatch Ping Fan's turf, how could she let it be?

    Fei Ling was the first person who walked over to Han Qingru's side. Nie Chongan was already standing beside Han Qingru so he didn't budge and even drew out his own magic treasure. Ever since he made he decision to Ping Fan, he never intended to turn his back on Ping Fan which was why he would be willing to swear upon the deadly oath. Other than Sect Head Mo, who else would be able to hand him a Zhi Nature Pill in the Sword Prison? Moreover, he didn't believe that Sect Head Mo would not return when Han Qingru ignite the deathtrap arrays.

    What surprised Fei Ling was that even Su Zi'An and the four men behind him walked over to Han Qingru.

    He knew clearly that Su Zi'An was one who would do anything to protect himself and even though Bai Ye was only one person here, he was the strongest one around.

    After Su Zi'An and co. walked over in a hurry, Cha Rui hesitated for a moment before scurrying over too. Following Cha Rui's choice, two more cultivators hurried over too. Only three cultivators who were with Cha Rui initially chose to stay put as they seemed to think highly of Bai Ye.

    As for Wei Zidao, he was evidently unable to move his body.

    Bai Ye was slightly shocked because a lot of people lnew his origins and how strong he was. It could be said that if they were to get into a fight, he was 90% confident of winning.

    He knew that as long he kill Nie Chongan, the fight would be in his favour because every other cultivators below the Immortal Emperor Stage were basically like ants to him.

    Something is wrong. The person who was taking charge was not Nie Chongan but that puny Golden Immortal girl. Bai Ye looked doubtfully at Han Qingru because even on his deathbed, he would never believe that Han Qingru was the leader here.

    "Who are you?" Bai Ye didn't act immediately because he wasn't anxious. They were in the Sword Prison so there shouldn't be any reinforcements against his side.

    "Why does it concern you?" While Bai Ye was confident no one else would appear, someone arrived behind him and even answered his question.

    Bai He turned behind and he saw two people walking towards him.

    The man walking in front was a youth who looked extremely ordinary. However, his black hair and bright eyes were extremely eye catching and his body was perfectly shaped. He was certain that this youth was an physique tempering expert and a pretty decent one.

    However, the person walking beside Mo Wuji was even more ordinary with an average height and had only nine fingers. He noticed that Mo Wuji was nearly in the Immortal King Stage but this skinny man with nine fingers was already in the elementary Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Bai Ye's face turned serious because even though he wouldn't be afraid of two elementary Immortal Emperor Stage experts, the tide of the fight would be beyond his control. Jian Mingcheng was one of the later one to enter the Vine Mountain of Safety so Bai Ye would naturally not recognise him.

    The two people who returned were indeed Mo Wuji and Jian Mingcheng. Mo Wuji had already stepped into the God Physique Level 4 and on his way back, he met Jian Mingcheng and decided to come back together. Just when they arrived at the entrance, they met Bai Ye who was trying to take over his turf.

    "I'm Immortal Emperor Bai Ye," Bai Ye's voice was slightly soft as he was calculating the odds of him getting rid of the two Immortal Emperors by surprising them with a sudden execution of a grand sacred art.
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