Chapter 705: I Know The Way Out

    Chapter 705: I Know The Way Out

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    "Sect Head Mo, Bai Ye was like the few of us who first arrived at the Vine Mountain of Safety to form the forces. After predicting that there was something wrong with the Vine Mountain of Safety, he suddenly left the Vine Mountain of Safety. Now that he has returned, he should have found out that the Vine Mountain of Safety was no longer around and that this place was the safest," Wei Zidao forced himself to sit up as he took the initiative to explain these to Mo Wuji.

    If one had the chance to live, who would be willing to die?

    Bai Ye was indeed very strong and even had a physique tempering technique which allowed him to survive well in the Sword Prison. However, in Wei Zidao's eyes, Bai Ye was really not worthy to be Mo Wuji's match.

    Back then, Pang Hong, Shang Hegao and himself brought three other Immortal Emperors and some other Immortal Reverent but they still didn't dare to touch Mo Wuji's residence in the Vine Mountain of Safety. Just because Bai Ye thought that he was slightly adept in array dao, he actually dare to cause such commotion on Mo Wuji's turf.

    He was certain that the instance Bai Ye attacked, Bai Ye could forget about leaving this piece of desert anymore. If Mo Wuji was unable to finish Bai Ye off, he would definitely not have the capabilities to leave the Vine Mountain of Safety easily back then.

    "Something really happened to the Vine Mountain of Safety?" Mo Wuji questioned and just like Wei Zidao's guess, Mo Wuji really didn't see Bai Ye as an opponent to worry about. Without mentioning that he had two Immortal Emperors with him, even if he was alone in the Sword Prison, he wouldn't fear Bai Ye.

    "Yes, just a while ago the vine at the Vine Mountain of Safety suddenly started absorbing everyone's blood and soul. Other than a few cultivators who managed to make it out, everything within and including the Vine Mountain of Safety completely disappeared. Pang Hong and Shang Hegao didn't make it out while I lost a leg and barely escaped. My guess was that it was a massive heart," Wei Zidao explained. To survive in the Sword Prison, Wei Zidao used the remaining blood within his body to grow out another leg but the pity was that before he could recover his elemental energy, he met Bai Ye.

    Previously, Cha Rui didn't complete his explanation so it was only now that Su Zi'An and co. understood what truly happened at the Vine Mountain of Safety. The four of them exchanged glances and started rejoicing in their heart because if they made their decision to leave slightly later, they might not even be alive anymore.

    Mo Wuji maintained silent and was also glad that he made the decision to leave. If he were to trust his luck and stayed like how he did when he first left the Heavenly Chasm City, he would have perished together with the Vine Mountain of Safety.

    Given Wei Zidao's speed, he was almost swallowed by the Vine Mountain of Safety and even if Mo Wuji's speed was faster than Wei Zidao, it might be difficult even for him to leave. This was because he would definitely want to rescue Han Qingru first and if he did that, he wouldn't have any hope of leaving alive.

    "Sect Head Mo, this is your turf?" Bai Ye noticed Wei Zidao's attitude towards Mo Wuji and knew that he had left out a crucial person. Regardless, this Sect Head Mo in front of him was not simple at all.

    "That's right," Mo Wuji really didn't like Bai Ye and felt that even the dead Pang Hong was slightly more pleasing to the eye than this Bai Ye.

    "Split your turf into two then, I only want a small portion..." Bai Ye spoke halfway and his body flashed towards Han Qingru.

    While he said that he only wanted a small portion of the turf, Bai Ye really didn't intend to stay here. He only wanted to bring Han Qingru away so that one, he would be able to force Han Qingru to share her cultivation secret and two, because he wanted to find someone to wait upon him. The reason why Bai Ye said what he said was so that he could agitate Mo Wuji and allow himself that split second to bring Han Qingru away.

    No matter how not simple Mo Wuji was, he would be helpless against him, Bai Ye, in the other areas of the Sword Prison.

    The pity was that this defensive array was installed by Mo Wuji. The second he entered this defensive array, he had already ignited the deathtrap array.

    Other people would need the array flags to ignite the deathtrap array but Mo Wuji only needed his spirit storage channel to do so.

    The instance Bai Ye charged towards Han Qingru, his entire surrounding changed and a massive halberd radiance appeared in the space around Bai Ye.

    How was this possible? When Bai Ye sensed that he was trapped within the deathtrap array, his heart turned cold in disbelief. He was certain that no matter how quick Mo Wuji was, he shouldn't be able to stop him from grabbing and leaving with the girl.

    However, the truth was the exact opposite of his prediction. The moment he moved, the grand array was ignited.

    Previously, Mo Wuji was only intending to teach Bai Ye a lesson for trying to snatch his turf but now that he wanted to grab Han Qingru, the killing intent in Mo Wuji's heart was surging.

    Once the deathtrap array trapped Bai Ye, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd was struck across.

    Bai Ye extended his arm as he drew out a eight trigrams disc and eight multicoloured light radiance were shot out to form a thin circle. Mo Wuji's halberd radiance within his deathtrap array clashed against this thin and wide multicoloured circle as it instantly flow towards a position. Within a breath time, light radiance shone extensively at the position and under the bright light, an array gate appeared within Mo Wuji's deathtrap array.

    Bai Ye sneered as his eight trigrams disc smashed towards the array gate.

    Mo Wuji was shocked because he didn't expect someone to be able to find his array gate so easily. The array gate of his deathtrap array was indeed where the lights of Bai Ye's eight trigrams disc were shining towards so as long as the eight trigrams successfully smashed on the array gate, his deathtrap array would instantly be destroyed.

    Once the deathtrap array was destroyed, Mo Wuji was certain that he wouldn't be able to contain or hold Bai Ye back.

    At almost the same instance Bai Ye's eight trigrams disc was charging out, Mo Wuji threw out multiple array flags. He didn't bother about that slashing halberd radiance as he simply threw out a punch.

    "Boom!" An explosive tremble could be felt and everyone outside the deathtrap array even thought that this place was going to be flipped upside down. Even so, everyone outside the deathtrap array could only see a blurry place and not Mo Wuji or Bai Ye. They could only feel that within those blurs, the entire place was in havoc and filled with explosions of immortal energy and killing intent.

    When he realised that his eight trigrams had smashed against Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, Bai Ye revealed a slight sneer. He couldn't believe that Mo Wuji thought a mere Grade 6 deathtrap array was able to hold him back.

    Bai Ye's smile instantly disappeared because when his eight trigrams disc smashed against Mo Wuji's deathtrap array's gate, it actually didn't release this array and in fact, his immortal energy rebounded and almost made him spat out a mouthful of blood.

    All these happened in an instance and at the same time, Mo Wuji's halberd Winding River had already landed.

    How could Bai Ye still bother about anything else because if he failed to defend against this Winding River sacred art, this date next year would be his death anniversary. Even if Bai Ye suspected that the array gate of the deathtrap array was right beside the position which he just smashed, he could only retract his eight trigrams disc as it attempted to defend against Mo Wuji's Winding River.

    "Kacha!" The halberd radiance clashed against the eight trigrams disc and the multicolours of the eight trigrams disc started to disperse as if Mo Wuji had just destroyed a rainbow. The rainbow dispersed and the halberd radiance within the deathtrap array formed up once more as it went full force on Bai Ye.

    Bai Ye's years of physique tempering might have been successful but he was only slightly beyond the Great Circle of Immortal Physique and half a step into the God Physique Stage. It wasn't because he couldn't advance beyond the God Physique but because he had insufficient preparations. Before being thrown into the Sword Prison, he didn't prepare any treasures like the Undying Holy Bamboo or Void Nirvana Root.

    Moreover, he only started tempering his body after being thrown into the Sword Prison. Before that, even though he had a physique tempering technique, he didn't bother cultivating it.

    The halberd radiance crashed onto Bai Ye's body endlessly as it formed a fog of blood. As for Bai Ye's clothing, it was swept away by the halberd radiance. With the sudden resistance from Bai Ye, Mo Wuji's Winding River sacred art was only able to cause superficial injuries on Bai Ye's body.

    "Stop..." Bai Ye only managed to utter these two words and Mo Wuji's domain smashing fist was already on its way.

    Bai Ye's domain had originally been restrained by Mo Wuji's deathtrap array as well as whirlpool domain and now that it had to suffer the force of the domain smashing fist, Bai Ye's domain was instantly scattered and disintegrated.

    In the Sword Prison, Bai Ye's strength was only equivalent to his strength in the Immortal King Stage outside. Now that he was trapped by an unwounded Mo Wuji, a person who had yet to reach the Immortal King Stage, how could Bai Ye feel good? In the instance Bai Ye's domain was disintegrated, Mo Wuji's fist landed directly on his heart.

    "Ai!" Bai Ye spat out blood and felt as though his heart was struck by ten thousand steel hammers.

    Throughout his many years of physique tempering, Bai Ye had felt all sorts of pain before. However, a heart-crushing pain caused by steel hammers was something he would never forget in his life.

    Presently, he realised that if this Sect Head Mo didn't stop, it would be really hard for him to leave this place alive.

    His eight trigrams disc was indeed able to locate the array gate of the deathtrap array in the shortest possible time but the most terrifying thing was that his opponent could casually alter the position of the array gate. If he tried to destroy this deathtrap array forcefully, Mo Wuji could have killed him over a thousand times.

    "I admit defeat..." After being crushed by Mo Wuji's fist within his own domain, Bai Ye knew that he had no other choice except to admit defeat.

    In a simple exchange of blows, Bai Ye estimated that Mo Wuji was at most an Immortal King or might be even lower than that. If Mo Wuji was an Immortal Emperor like him, Bai Ye would have died under such circumstances.

    He was extremely reluctant to admit defeat because the reason for his defeat was not because he was not strong enough but because his opponent made use of the sword qi within the Sword Prison coupled with the halberd radiance within his deathtrap array which made him completely helpless.

    "Great!" Mo Wuji answered simply.

    Bai Ye heaved a sigh of relief and he swore to get back at what happened today in the future. He didn't need to leave the Sword Prison to do so because he was confident that as long as he was outside this small deathtrap array, he would be able to kill this man with the surname 'Mo' easily.

    Just as Bai Ye heaved a sigh of relief, a long extended halberd radiance was flying towards him. The space within the defensive array suddenly condensed and his movement became significantly slower. This was the first time Bai Ye felt an impending death aura looming around him as he saw his pitch black future.

    This sacred art was definitely much more terrifying than the previous Winding River. Because of the condensation of space around him, he was unable to avoid it.

    Bai Ye shouted furiously, "Man with the surname 'Mo', how could you go back on your word..."

    He sensed Mo Wuji's resolute to kill him and even though he knew that he would be killed regardless if he admitted defeat, his heart was still full of anger.

    "I can only say that you've been thinking too much, I only said that it's great that you admit defeat. Since when did I say I would let you go..."

    After hearing that, a blood fog exploded in the space and with the aid of the deathtrap array, Mo Wuji's halberd managed to split Bai Ye into two.

    Mo Wuji's heart finally heaved a sigh of relief because ever since Bai Ye set his eyes on Han Qingru, Mo Wuji never intended to let him leave alive.

    "I know the way out..." Even though Bai Ye was split into two, his primordial spirit was actually in one piece.
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