Chapter 706: Sword Prisons Exit

    Chapter 706: Sword Prison's Exit

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    Mo Wuji's hand stopped and his halberd light instantly retracted. This was his territory; he had no need to be afraid that Bai Ye would escape.

    At the same moment that the halberd light disappeared, Bai Ye's cleaved body instantly joined back together. Bai Ye, whose pale face was as white as a piece of paper, now stood in front of Mo Wuji. He knew that Mo Wuji didn't even need to use a trap array to kill him.

    "Say it then, where's the exit?" Mo Wuji asked coldly. If Bai Ye dared to utter a single lie, then he would not hesitate to turn Bai Ye into dust.

    "Promise not to kill me, and I will immediately tell you how to leave Sword Prison." Bai Ye's voice was slightly weak. On the surface, his body seemed to have recovered. But in reality, he was still far from total recovery.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "If you tell me how to leave Sword Prison, then I wouldn't kill you. If you are still unwilling, or if you don't believe me, then there's no need for any further words."

    The moment Bai Ye heard Mo Wuji's words, he knew that he didn't have any other choice. Ever since he started cultivating, he had experienced countless of dangers. How could he not know what he should do now? He could only bet on Mo Wuji's character, "The exit to Sword Prison is Sword Qi River; I feel that the sword qi whirlpool should also be an exit to this place. But to enter the sword qi whirlpool, you would need to be at the God Physique Late Stage at the very least, and that still wouldn't be enough to guarantee your safety. That's why I believe that the only option to leaving Sword Prison is Sword Qi River."

    Bai Ye seemed to say all these in a single breath.

    Mo Wuji said coldly, "Are you lying to me? Even Wei Zidao can't enter into Sword Qi River. If that's the case, who would be able to leave Sword Prison? And how did you get to know about this?"

    Bai Ye's tone was especially sincere as he said, ""I am adroit in the Dao of Prophecy. Those years ago, I prophesied that the Vine Mountain of Safety would meet with a disaster, which was why I left. Thereafter, I prophesied that Sword Qi River was the exit to Sword Prison. This is why I am furiously training my physical body, all so that I could attain God Physique Late Stage and enter Sword Qi River."

    "Entering Sword Qi River also requires a late stage God Physique?" Mo Wuji frowned and asked.

    He originally suspected Bai Ye's words. He had gone to Sword Qi River before; he only managed to get half a bucket of water before he almost got mangled by the sword qi. If they must enter Sword Qi River, then wouldn't they die without question?

    Bai Ye answered, "I'm not too sure of this, but I believe that you only need God Physique Level 4 to enter Sword Qi River. I only said God Physique Late Stage to be safe."

    The moment Bai Ye finished speaking, he looked at the calm Mo Wuji. He had said his piece, but it was equivalent to not saying anything at all. In Sword Prison, who was able to cultivate to God Physique Intermediate Stage, or even God Physique Late Stage? He could only hope that Mo Wuji would leave him with a thread of life.

    "Go then. I believe your words," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    When he finished that sentence, Mo Wuji didn't even move, and the surrounding array disappeared without a trace. Bai Ye reappeared on the plaza. The ten over people at the sides of plaza looked at them with shock and uncertainty.

    Bai Ye's heart jolted; what terrifying control of arrays. The strongest array he had seen would require at least array flags or spiritual will to control arrays. However, he was sure that Mo Wuji didn't even use any spiritual will, but that array was soundlessly released. If he, Bai Ye, also knew of such methods...

    "Sect Head Mo's sacred arts are vast and great. I, Bai Ye, am willing to join your school and receive your orders." Not only didn't Bai Ye escape, he bowed and spoke to Mo Wuji in an especially respectful tone.

    Mo Wuji had such methods to control arrays, and he even had methods which allowed that girl to advance in a place like this. He, Bai Ye, wasn't going to miss out on this. Moreover, he believed that Mo Wuji was easy to control. If he was the one in Mo Wuji's position, he definitely wouldn't have showed mercy. After the other party revealed the truth about the exit, he would not hesitate to kill. However, this Sect Head Mo didn't do anything thing to him. This meant that this Sect Head Mo's dao heart was not resolute. As long as he followed beside a person like this Sect Head Mo, he would eventually be able to find a way to off him.

    "F*ck off. If you don't leave in three breaths time, then there's no need for you to ever leave," Mo Wuji said coldly.

    Bai Ye's froze. He rarely made wrong judgments. He believed that Mo Wuji was a fella whose bark was worse than his bite; he didn't believe that Mo Wuji would actually do anything to him.

    Soon, he realised that if he didn't leave, then really wouldn't be able to leave. How could Bai Ye still want to analyse and prophesise on the situation now? He hurriedly retreated and charged into the Sword Prison's blur and boundless sword qi.

    Even though it was as he predicted, Wei Zidao's heart sunk when he saw this Sect Head Mo easily take care of Bai Ye. He originally wanted to join Ping Fan. But Mo Wuji didn't even accept Bai Ye, so why would Mo Wuji accept him? Moreover, he had been very nasty to Mo Wuji previously.

    He decided that he would immediately leave after he recovered some ability. If he were to be like Bai Ye, and get asked to 'F*ck off', then he would lose all his pride.

    "Su Zi'An greets Sect Head Mo."

    "Cha Rui greets Sect Head Mo."


    The moment Cha Rui left, the other cultivators left on the plaza all came to pay respects to Mo Wuji.

    "You are here to join my Ping Fan?" Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the group.

    "Yes. I plead Sect Head Mo to take us," Su Zi'An said with greater respect.

    "Sect Head, just now when Bai Ye came, Junior Sister Qingru asked those that wish to join Ping Fan to go to her side. Three people didn't go over. They should have believed that Bai Ye was going to win. Unfortunately for them, sect head was the one who emerged victorious," Fei Ling said when he saw that everyone seemed to want to join Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji rushed over to Sword Prison just to save Han Qingru. He, Fei Ling, naturally knew Han Qingru's position in Ping Fan. If not because of the fact that his cultivation and his power was vastly superior to Han Qingru, he would have even addressed Han Qingru as 'Senior Sister'. But doing so would make his bootlicking a little too obvious.

    The reason why he said these words was because he was worried that Han Qingru was overly kind and wouldn't be willing to reveal that matter. However, he did not know that Han Qingru would have mentioned it, even if he didn't.

    Perhaps the Han Qingru back in the Corner of Yong Ying wouldn't have said it. But after experiencing so many things, Han Qingru was very clear what should be said, and what shouldn't.

    "Yes, Wuji, there were indeed three people that weren't willing to join Ping Fan just now." Han Qingru also walked over.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the group and he said indifferently, "The three people that weren't willing to join Ping Fan, please take your leave. We don't need the few of you here."

    Three cultivators that were covered in injuries walked out with their heads lowered. They didn't say anything; they only clasped their fists towards Mo Wuji, then turned and left swiftly. The three of them knew that they managed to get out of the Vine Mountain of Safety after much difficulty, but they were probably going to perish within the sword qi of Sword Prison.

    Mo Wuji didn't show any sympathy. Why would he want disciples that only came when the sect was doing well, and not when the sect needed them the most? Did they treat the sect as their own thing?

    "Many thanks to Sect Head Mo for your help." Wei Zidao had already recovered some of his power. He stood up, clasped his fists, and prepared to walk out of the defensive array.

    Mo Wuji suddenly uttered, "Brother Zidao, if you are willing to join my Ping Fan, you can stay. Of course, if you join my Ping Fan, then you must swear not to do anything detrimental to Ping Fan."

    In reality, among Pang Hong, Wei Zidao, and Shang Hegao, Wei Zidao was the person that Mo Wuji was most willing to befriend.

    People are inherently selfish. There was nothing wrong with Wei Zidao's actions if you looked at it from his perspective. According to Wei Zidao's belief, if he didn't take back the 5 kilometers of land, then Pang Hong and Shang Hegao wouldn't cooperate with him. On the other hand, if he took back the 5 kilometers of land, he would be able to obtain large amounts of Sword Qi River river water, large enough to point of recovery. Thus, it wasn't a hard decision to choose to offend someone he just got to know.

    "Sect Head Mo." Wei Zidao looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji didn't say a word, he only waited for Wei Zidao to make his decision. There were several reasons why he wanted to take in Wei Zidao. For one, Wei Zidao's character was not bad. Secondly, Wei ZIdao was a late stage Immortal Emperor; just one more step and he would be a Grand Emperor. If they managed to leave, his Ping Fan would need Grand Emperors, and multiple Grand Emperors at that.

    "Wei Zidao is willing to join Ping Fan. From today onwards, Wei Zidao swears to not do anything which may be harmful to Ping Fan, nor to treat Sect Head Mo as an enemy. If I violate these oath, then inner demons would enter my body, and I would be struck to death by lightning." Wei Zidao immediately reacted and he did not hesitate to swear an oath.

    After being trapped in Sword Prison for so many years, how could not know what to choose at this point? If they couldn't escape, then what's the difference if he swore or not? But if swearing was able to get him out, then he wouldn't mind even if he had to swear to worse terms.

    Moreover, he had never intended to go against his words. This sort of oath was of no influence to him at all.

    Mo Wuji said contentedly, "From today onwards, Brother Zidao will be the Revered Right Protector of my Ping Fan. If we manage to get out of here, I will definitely find some ways to help Brother Zidao to advance and become a Grand Emperor."

    It was extremely meaningful to Mo Wuji that Wei Zidao joined Ping Fan. Wei Zidao was already so powerful within a place like Sword Prison. If he were to leave Sword Prison, then an average late stage Immortal Emperor definitely wouldn't be able to contest against him. Moreover, Wei Zidao was very sincere with his oath; he also swore that he wouldn't treat Mo Wuji as an enemy.

    "Yes, sect head." Wei Zidao had already weighed the costs and benefits and he had firmed his decision. Since he entered Ping Fan, he was going to be a man of Ping Fan. Before entering Sword Prison, he was a rogue cultivator. Previously, he didn't join a sect because he was afraid of the constraints and restrictions of a sect.

    Fortunately, he was the Revered Right Protector. Above him, there was only the sect head. He would still be able to maintain a high degree of freedom. Even if there was a Left Protector, that Left Protector would only be on the same level as him.

    Mo Wuji's eyes then turned to the other people, "My Ping Fan still isn't established. But the moment we leave Sword Prison, Ping Fan will be the number school in the entire Immortal World. Those that are willing to join Ping Fan, express your intentions. If you are unwilling, you can still stay here in this plaza. Even though it cannot be compared to the Vine Mountain of Safety, it's still a thousand better than the rest of Sword Prison.

    Joining Ping Fan was the only good option. Excluding Su Zi'An, the remaining six people all didn't show any dissent. All six of them swore to never betray Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji nodded. These people had been staying in Sword Prison for a long time. By now, they already know how terrifying Sword Prison was. If he was the one tortured in Sword Prison for millennia, he would have the same thoughts.

    "Sect head, four of us are actually from Tian Ji Sect. It's just that Tian Ji Sect has been exterminated, and we were thrown into Sword Prison. This was also why we didn't dare to reveal our origins. But now that sect head is our leader, Su Zi'An would no longer continue hiding this truth." After Su Zi'An brought the other three people to join Ping Fan, he directly revealed the truth about his origins.

    "You all are from Tian Ji Sect?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.
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