Chapter 707: Opening Of The Broken Worlds Fourth Level

    Chapter 707: Opening Of The Broken World's Fourth Level

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    Su Zi'An bowed once more, "Answering the sect head. The four of us are indeed from Tian Ji Sect. My name is Su Zi'An, and I was originally an elder at Tian Ji Sect."

    Thereafter, Su Zi'An pointed at the wild-looking man beside him and said, "This is Lu Ming, he was the deacon for the Enforcement Hall. The two people behind Lu Ming are two Tian Ji Sect disciples, Hai Zhenkui and Fan Wa."

    Mo Wuji was elated. Even though he abandoned the idea of establishing Tian Ji Sect by himself, he was still the Tian Ji Sect Head back in the cultivation world. He had always had feelings and emotions towards Tian Ji Sect.

    There was no need to talk about how Su Zi'An was already a late stage Immortal Reverent, even that Lu Ming was also an intermediate stage Immortal King. And even though Hai Zhenkui was a girl, her talent should be rather impressive; she was actually in the late Grand Luo Immortal Stage. Moreover, there was no difference between a late stage Grand Luo Immortal and an Immortal King. After all, he had the Draining Immortal King Pill.

    As for the youngest Fan Wa, he was in the late Xuan Immortal Srage. This Fan Wa looked thin and ill. On his back, there was a bamboo sword. Mo Wuji actually felt that this Fan Wa was the one with the greatest potential. In a place like Sword Prison, he was actually able to emit slight sword intent. Clearly, he was different from the others here. Others only managed to protect their lives, while he actually managed to gain insights towards the sword qi here.

    Mo Wuji's gaze then landed on Cha Rui. Cha Rui was a Quasi-Emperor and he had a handsome and heroic appearance. Similarly, he was also very thin. In a place like Sword Prison, it was already impressive that they were able to survive. Thinness seemed to be the common characteristic that everyone here shared.

    "Sect Head is above all. Disciple's name is Cha Rui. Because I accidentally killed a genius disciple of Great Sword Path, I was captured by an Immortal Emperor from Great Sword Path and thrown into Sword Prison with a sword talisman." WHen Cha Rui noticed that Mo Wuji's gaze had landed on himself, he hurriedly did a self-introduction.

    Together with Cha Rui, there was a late stage Immortal King and an intermediate stage Immortal Reverent. The intermediate stage Immortal Reverent was a middle-aged woman called Yu Saijun. She did not seem to be a person of many words. Finally, that Immortal King was called Dong Sha. His injuries seemed the heaviest: half of his forehead was gone, and his entire face was spotted with bloodstains.

    "From now on, we are all from the same place. That place is Ping Fan. Ping Fan's motto is that everyone is equal. Even mortals and immortals are equal. This might sound like a joke, but this is the target that we are working towards."

    Mo Wuji did not want to tell Su Zi'An that he was the sect head of Tian Ji Sect; he did not want Su Zi'An and co. to be different from the others here. Now, there was no longer a Tian Ji Sect; everyone was a person of Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji's words came down upon them like a huge rock. Even though this was Sword Prison and everyone knew that the hopes of leaving were sparse, everyone was still unable to understand Mo Wuji's words. Only Han Qingru was able to slightly understand Mo Wuji's meaning.

    Even back in Hundred Flowers Manor, Mo Wuji did not view immortals above ordinary mortals.

    Treating immortals equally. Even though this might sound absurd, at least it could still be said out loud. However, to treat immortals and mortals as equals was simply a dream.

    Mo WUji said calmly, "I know everyone might find my words unimaginable. But within Ping Fan, everyone is equal. Actually, I am not the first one to talk about equality. The Buddhist Sects of the Immortal World also have an ideology of equality. Theirs is even more absurd than mine; they are saying that all life is equal.

    Of course, many of these sects only express this in their words. They wouldn't even consider putting it in their actions. However, my Ping Fan is different. Since we talked about treating every person as equals, then there will be no demarcation between mortals and immortals."

    "Wuji, I believe that absolute equality is hard to achieve." Han Qingru, who was by the side, said worriedly.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Senior Sister Qingru is right. Whether it was among mortals, or among immortals, it is impossible to attain absolute equality. Take our Ping Fan, for example, we have the sect head and we have the elders. In terms of status, it is already unequal. Then let's take the example of a criminal; he would no longer have the rights to be treated as equals with others. And if we compare the power and mind state between immortals and mortals, they are also not equal."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji's eyes slowly swept across the group, "The equality that I am talking about is referring equality in the measure of dao and moral ideologies. From today onwards, immortals of Ping Fan cannot slaughter mortals without reason. And when immortals trade with mortals, they must trade on equal standings."

    Being able to stand here, which one of them had not undergone countless of situations and dangers? Everyone naturally understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. Even though none of them saw Mo Wuji's idea favourably, no one stepped out to disagree with it.

    They did not know that Mo Wuji himself was a mortal without spiritual roots. Thus, they found it very hard to understand why Mo Wuji would suggest treating mortals and immortals as equals.

    "This is Great Sword Path's Sword Prison. The Great Sword Path is the first immortal sect that I will destroy after I establish Ping Fan. So, there's one thing that we must do immediately, to leave Sword Prison. This place is also the first foothold for out Ping Fan." At this point, Mo Wuji suddenly called out, "Wei Zidao."

    "Wei Zidao is here." Wei Zidao was very clear that Mo Wuji needed to establish absolute control over Ping Fan now. Otherwise, Mo Wuji's unrealistic goals would simply die young.

    "You are the Revered Right Protector. You will take charge when I am not around." Mo Wuji fetched two jade vases, "These are Immortal Copious Pills and Zhi Nature Pills. Recover your powers as soon as possible. Get ready to leave Sword Prison at any moment."

    "Yes, sect head." Wei Zidao's voice was filled with such emotion that it was trembling slightly. He was very clear how useful Zhi Nature Pills were to him.

    He could also understand why Mo Wuji didn't give him these Zhi Nature Pills previously. It was because he hadn't sworn an oath to join Ping Fan yet. If it was him, he also wouldn't have given the pills.

    "Jian Mingcheng. You are Ping Fan's Revered Lord of Legacy. You are in charge of recruitment of Ping Fan disciples when we get out."

    "Nie Chongan. You are Ping Fan's Revered Lord of Internal Affairs. You are in charge of the building of Ping Fan when we get out."

    "Cha Rui will be Ping Fan's First Elder, Su Zi'An will be Ping Fan's Second Elder, Fei Ling will be Ping Fan's Third Elder, and Yu Saijun will be Ping Fan's Fourth Elder. The exact allocation of duties will be done when we get out."

    "Dong Sha, Lu Ming..."

    Even though they haven't left Sword Prison, Mo Wuji had already started delegating roles for Ping Fan. To him, it was a great fortune to find so many experts that were willing to join Ping Fan. He, alone, wasn't enough to establish Ping Fan; he needed a group of like-minded people.

    He, himself, was only in the intermediate Grand Luo Stage. Even though his physique was already at God Physique Level 4, to establish and insert order into Ping Fan by himself would require more than a million years.

    A million years. Even his food would turn cold during that time. He wasn't going to wait for that long.

    In merely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji delegated everyone's roles. At the same time, he gave out a total of twenty vases of Immortal Copious Pills and ten vases of Zhi Nature Pills for everyone to recover.

    Even before they established the sect, they had already obtained healing pills. This was the first time they were filled with hope and spirit ever since they entered Sword Prison.

    Wei Zidao, especially, was filled with shock. It was within reason that Mo Wuji could take out one to two vases of Zhi Nature Pills. However, to take out ten vases of Zhi Nature Pills at a single go, and unique grade ones at that, was simply like a fantasy. There was only one explanation, Mo Wuji, himself, was a Pill Emperor that could concoct unique grade Zhi Nature Pills.

    Since Wei Zidao was able to deduce it, Nie Chongan, Jian Mingcheng, and co. could also faintly guess that Mo Wuji was a Pill Emperor.

    After guessing that Mo Wuji was a Pill Emperor, these few Immortal Emperors were especially enlivened. In the Immortal World, the people that were most revered weren't Immortal Emperors, but Pill Emperors and Dao Emperors. Besides these two, there were also supreme array masters.

    Mo Wuji called Shuai Guo out. After introducing Shuai Guo to everyone, he threw Shuai Guo into his array, allowing Shuai Guo to cultivate and temper his physique. This environment was great; so he was naturally going to let Shuai Guo temper itself here.

    The reason why he took out so many Zhi Nature Pills and Immortal Copious Pills was to hasten everyone's recovery. The moment they left, it was very likely that there would be a huge battle. He did not want his disciples of Ping Fan to be entirely annihilated even before Ping Fan was established.

    After waiting for everyone to enter his defensive array to begin their recovery, Mo Wuji left this stretch of desert.

    There was no longer any meaning in staying here to cultivate. Now that he had reached God Physique Level 4, there were few places in Sword Prison, besides that sword qi whirlpool, that could harm him.

    While Mo Wuji wanted to search for a way out, he also wanted to continue tempering himself and his abilities.

    There were also two places that he wanted to go. The first was the spot that he landed on when he was first transferred here. He had left a spiritual will imprint there, and he wanted to check whether he could resonate with his transfer array discs that he left outside of that spot.

    If he still couldn't feel his way out, then he would have to go to Sword Qi River. Actually, he shared similar thoughts with Bai Ye; he also believed that it was very likely that Sword Qi River was the way out.


    The fringes of Broken World's third level.

    There were at least hundreds of thousands of immortals squeezed here. Their cultivations ranged from the Heavenly Immortal Stage to the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    Originally, only Grand Yi Immortals and below could enter the Broken World's fourth level when it first opened. This time, the experts from the Very High Heavens used magic treasures which exceeded immortal equipments to forcefully open the fourth level, destroying some of the rules that govern that level. As a result, even Grand Luo Immortals were able to enter.

    A young man had already opened the entrance to Broken World's fourth level. Even though there were countless of people squeezed crowded outside the entrance and all that stood in their way was this young man, none of them dared to charge in.

    Anyone that could come here knew clearly who this young man was. He was Very High Heavens' Jin Yu, a Grand Emperor expert.

    Jin Yu's gaze swept across the crowd and he said slowly, "This Broken World's fourth level was opened at the expense of a treasure from the Very High Heavens. Thus, everyone that enters the Broken World must offer half of everything you find to the Very High Heavens. We will also use the rewards you obtain from the Very High Heavens to select the genius disciples to enter the Very High Heavens."

    No one expressed any disagreement; everyone already knew of this.

    Jin Yu nodded slightly and continued, "In the Broken World's third level, there was a treasure called the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. However, it disappeared soon after it appeared. We guess that this treasure is likely to reappear in the fourth level. Anyone who obtains the Red Karmic Fire Lotus will have hand it over to the Very High Heavens. Of course, he would receive greater remunerations, and would be the core of our nurturing in the Very High Heavens..."

    "Senior Sister Su..."

    At one corner of the crowd, a thin man was just about to speak when he was instantly glared at by the girl beside him. Thereafter, that girl transmitted, "Junior Brother Hualong, if you have anything to say, say it inside. Don't continue to utter any nonsense here."

    These two were exactly Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong who escaped from Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pill Court. They had always been hiding in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. However, after knowing that Mo Wuji was likely to have perished after being encircled by several Immortal Emperors, they took the risk to come to the Broken World with the hope of raising their cultivation.
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