Chapter 708: The Red Lotus Appears

    Chapter 708: The Red Lotus Appears

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    "Why do I find you familiar?" A man in dark red robes suddenly looked at Su Rou'Er with a frown.

    Su Rou'Er's heart started to palpitate in fear. Even if this man in front of her had turned to ash, she would still recognize him. This fella was the manager of the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao Merchant House at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins - Fu Zhensong. Back then, her Senior Brother Bian and her were captured by this exact person. If Yi Lan didn't manage to obtain the help of Sect Head Mo, then she would have lost her life a long time ago.

    She had been careful this entire time; she never expected that she would be recognised by this Fu Zhensong.

    Naturally, Dou Hualong also recognised Fu Zhensong. His back was already drenched in sweat as he started to regret opening his mouth just now. Even though he knew that it was entirely out of coincidence that Fu Zhensong appeared here, he could not help but curse his luck.

    "I remember now. You're that survivor from Tian Ji Sect. I caught you back then, I didn't think that I would see you again today, hahahaha..." Fu Zhensong chuckled.

    Just at this instant, the crowd started to stir. Grand Emperor Jin Yu's speech had come to an end, and the fourth level was officially opened. At the very first instant, Su Rou'Er grabbed Dou Hualong and charged straight into the Broken World's fourth level.

    Su Rou'Er had been in hiding for all these years; when compared to Fu Zhensong, she was much better at grasping the right moment. With so many people flooding into the fourth level, even if Fu Zhensong's guts were multiplied by a million, he also wouldn't dare to take out his magic treasure and do anything here. Seeing Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong enter the Broken World, Fu Zhensong was infuriated and he sprinted in after them.

    "Senior sister, what should we do?" The moment they entered the fourth level, Dou Hualong asked anxiously.

    "Follow me." Su Rou'Er's figure flashed as she found a direction to speed towards.

    The entrance of the fourth level was filled with fog, and spiritual will was also dampened within that space. After Fu Zhensong rushed in, he found that his spiritual will had already lost track of Su Rou'Er's and Dou Hualong's trail. This left his heart pounding in anger. He definitely wasn't going to let these two people escape.

    "Senior sister, the direction that we are moving seems to be in the direction where spiritual energy is weakest. Big brother said this before, usually when a secret domain opens, places brimming with immortal spiritual energy would be the places where there are treasures." After moving for some time, Dou Hualong could not help but say.

    He felt that the direction Su Rou'Er was travelling towards was gradually diminishing in spiritual energy. The surrounding immortal herbs looked to be bleached and of low quality; even he wasn't interested in taking them.

    Su Rou'Er said seriously, "Junior Brother Hualong, we're currently being pursued by that Fu Zhensong. He is a Grand Yi Immortal. Even if the two of us joined forces, we wouldn't be a match for him. The fourth level has just opened; everyone would be heading towards the places where spiritual energy is rich. If we go in the same direction, we would easily be noticed. Hence, we should move towards the direction where spiritual energy is weakest. There would definitely be few people who would come in this direction."

    "Senior sister is right. I am too inexperienced," Dou Hualong said in admiration.

    As the two continued moving, the immortal spiritual energy in the surroundings for weaker and weaker. A few days later, the two of them couldn't even find low tiered immortal herbs. That's when Su Rou'Er slowed down. "For this short period of time, there shouldn't be anyone here. We will hide around here for a period of them. Thereafter, we will slowly move towards the places rich in immortal spiritual energy. Our abilities are limited; so we could only try to find what other's have miss out."

    Su Rou'Er also sighed. There were so many people that entered the Broken World's fourth level, but now they were aiming to pick up the treasures that others have left behind. That was simply too difficult.

    Dou Hualong clenched his fists and said hatefully, "No matter what, I must take revenge for big brother. Those shameless b*stards from Great Sword Path and Lightning Sect, they actually sent multiple Grand Emperors to attack big brother..."

    When Dou Hualong got here, he suddenly paused. Immediately, he pointed in front of him and exclaimed in shock, "Senior Sister, what's that?"

    Not far away, there was a dried up lake in front. Right at the center of the lake, there was a floating red lotus. The lotus only had 11 petals and it was especially dazzling.

    "Red Karmic Fire Lotus..." Su Rou'Er's voice quivered. She was sure that this was a Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    "Hurry, let's hurry and collect that Red Karmic Fire Lotus. If this thing ever gets revealed, the two of us wouldn't even be left with our bones." Su Rou'Er's voice was trembling heavily. She never expected that she would actually encounter the Red Karmic Fire Lotus at a place where there wasn't spiritual energy at all.

    "I know. It should be because the Red Karmic Fire Lotus has sucked away all the immortal spiritual energy in the surroundings. This is why the spiritual energy here is especially sparse." Dou Hualong was also incomparably excited.


    Mo Wuji stood on a spacious beach of shredded rocks. His eyes were filled with disappointment. He had left his spiritual will imprint here, but no matter how he tried to activate his transfer array talisman, he wasn't able to connect with the transfer array discs that he left outside.

    From the looks of it, it was only a pipedream to use the transfer array discs to leave this place.

    If he wanted to leave Sword Prison, he could only go to Sword Qi River.

    Multiple days later, Mo Wuji came back to the edge of Sword Qi River. Ever since the Vine Mountain of Safety disappeared, there didn't seem to be a single person that came to collect water.

    At this instant, the surroundings of Sword Qi River was pitch silent. A light fog floated above the surface of Sword Qi River; it looked just like an ordinary dewy lake in the morning.

    Concentrated sword qi sailed past Mo Wuji. Even though some landed on Mo Wuji, they did not even form a scratch on Mo Wuji's body.

    Even though Mo Wuji was only at the intermediate Grand Luo Immortal Stage, his physique had already reached God Physique Intermediate Stage. The sword qi here was indeed very strong, but it was still unable to do anything to his fleshly body.

    Mo Wuji sat by the bank of Sword Qi River. He didn't go to collect water. Instead, he sat there silently and felt the sword qi around him.

    His spiritual will was still unable to penetrate into Sword Qi River; it wasn't even able to feel the surging and raging sword qi within the river. Mo Wuji waited for himself to grow accustomed with the sword qi at the river bank. Then, he condensed his spiritual eye and looked at Sword Qi River.

    Under his spiritual eye, the dense and terrifying sword qi was no longer invisible. That boundless and concentrated sword qi condensed from the surface of Sword Qi River, then transformed into countless of sword qi beams that shot out at great speeds.

    In merely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji felt his spiritual eye experiencing bouts of pain. He hurriedly closed his spiritual eye and swallowed some pills.

    Even though the sword qi wouldn't directly strike his spiritual eye, observing the sword qi for a long time was still too much for his spiritual eye to bear. If he wasn't in a hurry to get out, Mo Wuji would wait till he was in the Immortal King Stage before he came back. Unfortunately, who knows how long he would take to reach the Immortal King Stage while in Sword Prison.

    After another two hours, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye again and observed Sword Qi River. He didn't go down into the river; the sword qi in the river would harm his spiritual eye. This caused Mo Wuji to suspect that he, himself, might not be able to endure it if he entered Sword Qi River.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't observe the process of sword qi forming from the surface of Sword Qi River. Instead, his spiritual eye penetrated through the surface and looked stiahtt into the river.

    Ten breaths later, Mo Wuji discovered, in astonishment, that there was a longsword stabbed into the riverbed. The longsword looked very ordinary, but Mo Wuji could see clearly that the boundless sword qi was emanated from this longsword.

    Mo Wuji inhaled a deep breath of cold air. Sword Qi River was indeed the source of the sword qi in Sword Prison. One longsword was actually able to fill the entire Sword Prison with sword qi. It could even tear a person's primordial spirit. How terrifying was the owner of this longsword?

    His spiritual eye started to experience waves of pain once more. Mo Wuji immediately closed his spiritual eye.

    After another two hours, Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye again. At the same time, he carefully extended an arm into the river water.

    An icy cold sensation assaulted him. Before Mo Wuji could feel this coldness, boundless sword qi enveloped his entire body.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual eye could see it clearly, the boundless sword qi had started to ravage his fleshly body. At the same time, more sword qi had charged into his violet sea of consciousness.

    "Pff!" An arrow of blood shot out. Mo Wuji's entire body looked like it was being slashed by countess of radiant blades. In an instant, he had become a blood man.

    Sword qi furiously tore at Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness and violently ripped Mo Wuji's flesh and skin. At this instant, every drop of Mo Wuji's blood, and every inch of his skin was being greedily devoured by these hungry sword qi.

    Even though his body was being ravaged beyond the point of recognition, Mo Wuji still calmly opened his spiritual eye and observed the devastation of the Sword Qi River's sword qi.

    If Mo Wuji came here to extract water, he could have already extracted more water than he would have wanted. One must know that when Pang Hong and co. came to extract water, they would immediately retreat with their buckets the moment they touch the water. Mo Wuji, on the other hand, was already in the Sword Qi River for more than ten breaths of time.

    The sword qi concentrated on him got heavier and heavier. Mo Wuji could even hear his bones emitting "Chi! Chi!" sounds due to the sword qi. The skin on his face seemed to be nonexistent.

    Mo Wuji remained calm as he allowed the raging sword qi to ravage his flesh and sea of consciousness. At this instant, not only were his 108 meridians joined in a major circulation path, he even formed circulated his physique tempering technique and his cultivation technique. Not only that, he was even circulating the Star Sea Sacred Technique.

    Only when one spent a prolonged period of time in Sword Qi River, would one know how intense the immortal spiritual energy within Sword Qi River was.

    It was because the immortal spiritual energy was so intense, that Mo Wuji decided to cultivate. After circulating his Immortal Mortal Technique, his physique tempering technique would also resonate more strongly with the Immortal spiritual energy, speeding up the tempering of his physique.

    The Star Sea Sacred Technique, on the other hand, helped to resolve any danger from the sword qi towards the large violet lake within his sea of consciousness. Circulating his Star Sea Sacred Technique was actually more than a hundred folds than under ordinary circumstances.

    Only when there's pressure, then there's motion. For his physique temperong, the Sword Qi River's boundless sword qi was the pressure. For his Star Sea Sacred Technique, the sword qi continuously stabbing into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was also a pressure.

    Feeling his sea of consciousness getting increasingly sturdy, his violet lake of energy seemed to be experiencing a qualitative change. Mo Wuji even wanted to thank Tai Shixiao. If not for Tai Shixiao, he wouldn't have the Star Sea Sacred Technique.

    Moreover, as Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness continued to be ravaged by the boundless sword qi, he started to understand some of the principles of Star Sea Sacred Technique that he didn't understand before.

    At the beginning, Mo Wuji's fleshly body was continuously wrecked as the boundless sword qi continuously wrecked him. Towards the back, Mo Wuji's physique tempering started to consume the sword qi, and his sea of consciousness training also started to form a balance with the surging sword qi. Mo Wuji completely forgot about the pain that he was feeling as he immersed himself within these constantly ravaging sword qi.
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