Chapter 709: My Tolerance Is Low

    Chapter 709: My Tolerance Is Low

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    As he immersed himself in the double pain from his body and his sea of consciousness, Mo Wuji unconsciously advanced from God Physique Level 4 to Level 5.

    When he reached God Physique Level 5, Mo Wuji didn't even need to use any healing pills for his surface injuries to gradually recover.

    The moment his injuries gradually disappeared, Mo Wuji's cultivation started to soar speedily.

    Ultimately, cultivating the Dao was about Great Perfection; there cannot be any leaks or flaws. An injured body was a flawed body. It didn't matter how much immortal spiritual energy you observed, there would still be limits to your improvement.

    The immortal spiritual energy within Sword Qi River was so dense, it seemed rather exaggerated. Moreover, all 108 of Mo Wuji's meridians were simultaneously circulating, and they had even formed a major circulation path. His current pace of absorption was borderline terrifying.

    Even so, his rate of improvement was still extremely slow. It could be said to have halted. This was because his fleshly body was injuried, which meant that it was a flawed body. Mo Wuji's reverse cultivation technique might have been a modification of the Immortal Mortal Technique, however, it was still based on the dao laws of the Heaven and Earth. If he didn't exceed these laws, then he would still be helpless and unable to allow a flawed body to advance.

    Moreover, he was different from most other cultivators; a majority of cultivators still had their primordial spirit even if their fleshly body was injured. Mo Wuji, however, was an existence without a primordial spirit.

    When Mo Wuji's physique entered God Physique Level 5 and as his body started to recover, there was a marked increase in his cultivation speed. At this instant, the rich immortal spiritual energy could truly be converted into his personal immortal elemental energy.

    Half a year passed. When Mo Wuji stepped into God Physique Level 6, his cultivation also advanced into the late Grand Luo Immortal Stage.


    Not far from where Mo Wuji was sitting in concentration, a thin man was staring at Mo Wuji with a devious expression on his face. This man was the one that was heavily injured by Mo Wuji - Bai Ye.

    During this entire time, Bai Ye only barely managed to recover half his power; he was still far from his previous condition. However, he believed that if he wanted to get rid of Mo Wuji, his current ability should suffice.

    He did not dare to go to that desert of Mo Wuji's; Mo Wuji's killing array had left an indelible impression in him. He wanted to kill Mo Wuji, but he did not dare to do it within Mo Wuji's territory. However, he had confidence that he would be able to off Mo Wuji if they were any where else in Sword Prison.

    But at this instant, he was stunned still. He saw that both of Mo Wuji's feet were actually emersed within Sword Qi River, and it had been in there the whole time.

    Bai Ye was astutely aware of how terrifying Sword Qi River was. There was no need to talk about placing both his feet into Sword Qi River for a prolonged period of time like Mo Wuji. With his abilities, even if he touched Sword Qi River and immediately backed up, he would still suffering heavy injuries.

    Could it be...

    Bai Ye inhaled a breath of cold air. He immediately understood one thing. Mo Wuji definitely had a God Physique. As for the exact level, he wasn't all too sure.

    Thereafter, Bai Ye immediately rejoiced. Mo Wuji's physique tempering technique was definitely much stronger than his. According to ancient records, the strongest physique tempering technique belonged to the witch race. Mo Wuji's cultivation shouldn't be too high, but he was actually able to attain the God Physique in such a short period of time. He must definitely be cultivating the witch race's physique tempering technique.

    If he managed to get this technique from Mo Wuji, then how great would it be? He would also be able to obtain the God Physique in a short amount of time.

    As for a nirvanic evolution treasure that could allow him to advance and attain the God Physique, what was better than Mo Wuji's body? A God Physique body was simply a gift from Heaven.

    The moment he advanced to the God Physique, he was confident that he could go and investigate that sword qi whirlpool or Sword Qi River. Mo Wuji's cultivation was weak, but he, on the other hand, was at the pinnacle of the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage.

    If he was able to find a way out, would there be anyone left in the Immortal World that he, Bai Ye, would need to fear?

    As he thought of this, Bai He almost laughed out hysterically. Mo Wuji was currently deeply immersed in his cultivation; he only needed to be stealthy and he could eliminate Mo Wuji.

    Bai Ye forcefully calmed down his racing and agitated heart, and he slowly took out his magic treasure. He needed to kill his opponent in a single blow; he definitely couldn't give Mo Wuji a single chance to retaliate.

    With every step he took, Bai He was calculating his distance from Mo Wuji, as well as the probability of success with a single sneak attack.

    In his eyes, every step he took forward would increase his chances of success by a whole fold.

    Just when Bai Ye was calculating how many more steps he should take, he suddenly paused. He even forgot to place his feet, which he had just lifted, back down.

    He stared at Mo Wuji blankly, his heart was entirely filled with fear. Mo Wuji, who was previously sitting by the river bank, was actually slowly entering Sword Qi River.

    He was sure that Mo Wuji didn't walk in because Mo Wuji spotted him and tried to retreat on fear. It was because Mo Wuji's physique had advanced, which was why he could step deeper into Sword Qi River.

    "Sh!" After a long time, Bai Ye uttered a long moan as he turned and left speedily. He knew that he no longer had the chance to eliminate Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji was out of Sword Qi River, he still wouldn't have the qualifications to kill Mo Wuji.

    A cultivator that could enter Sword Qi River. How terrifying was that? How long had he, Bai Ye, been trapped in Sword Prison? How many times had he had collected water from Sword Qi River? He was clearer than anyone else about how terrifying Mo Wuji was at this instant. Mo Wuji didn't even fear the sword qi from Sword Qi River. Would Mo Wuji fear his simple attack?


    "Pff!" A sword qi, which was almost able to tear Mo Wuji's heart out of his chest, landed on Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji coughed out an entire mouthful of vital essence as his entire body fell forward. Mo Wuji, who was immersed in his physique tempering and cultivation, completely awakened.

    Mo Wuji was just about to condense his spiritual eye when he discovered, in delight, that his spiritual will was already able to extend outwards. He was currently at the riverbed of Sword Qi River, and he was completely surrounded by river water.

    He wasn't completely unaware that he had gradually walked into Sword Qi River. It was just that he was completely immersed in his rapid growth.

    "Pff!" Another powerful beam of sword qi slammed against Mo Wuji's chest; he was sent flipping once again.

    This time, Mo Wuji instantly stabilised his body. He had finally seen what had happened. He was only ten steps away from the longsword embedded in the river bed. That longsword was the source of the sword qi in Sword Qi River. He got too close to it, which was why he was maimed by the sword qi. Even though he was already at God Physique Level 6, he was still an ant-like existence in front of this sword.

    Mo Wuji tried using his spiritual will to probe that sword, but just as his spiritual will approached it, his spiritual will was sliced cleanly by the sword qi. As a portion of his spiritual will got sliced off, Mo Wuji forcefully endured the intense pain as he retreated backwards.

    He only managed to stabilise himself when he was 30 meters away from that longsword.

    On the spot, Mo Wuji adjusted his attitude. This longsword was definitely not something that he could obtain with his current abitlities. Fortunately, he wasn't a sword cultivator; so it didn't really matter to him that he wouldn't get this sword.

    After Mo Wuji continued to retreat another 30 meters, he sat down and started his cultivation.

    It was unknown where this Sword Qi River originated from, Mo Wuji felt that the immortal spiritual energy here was even richer than his immortal spiritual vein back in Extreme Glade Sea. Even the quality of the immortal spiritual energy here was slightly higher.

    Since he had already come here, how could he not make use of the immortal spiritual energy here? He was now in the late Grand Luo Immortal Stage. He wanted to cultivate to the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, then advance to the Immortal King Stage. Only then, would he consider leaving.

    After distancing himself from that longsword, Mo Wuji's cultivation started to rise rapidly. The rich immortal spiritual energy was sufficient for his cultivation, but Mo Wuji still used large amounts of Tier 6 pills to assist him.

    As a Pill Emperor, Mo Wuji knew that using so many immortal pills now would cause many repurcussions in his cultivation in the future. However, he no longer cared about anything else; raising his cultivation was his main priority.

    Fortunately, he was an expert with a God Physique Level 6 body. As long as his cultivation reached the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, he could spend some time to temper his physique and get rid of some of the residual effects of the pills.

    Another three months passed. Mo Wuji opened his eyes and punched forward.

    With this single punch, the river water around him directly blasted away. Even the sword qi was turned into dregs with this punch.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji's Grand Luo Immortal Domain extended outwards. His whielpool domain directly clashed with the Sword Qi River's sword qi.

    With his domain out, there was no longer any sword qi within a 10 meter radius around him.

    Mo Wuji turned to look at that longsword not far away. If he just had a little bit more time, perhaps just five to six years, he had confidence that he would be able to advance to God Physique Level 7. Unfortunately, he couldn't wait that long. He needed to find a way out as soon as possible.

    Sword Qi River's river bed wasn't muddy or sludgy; it was made out of sturdy rock. Thus, Mo Wuji didn't face any difficulty as he sprinted on the river bed.

    He did not retract his Grand Luo Immortal Domain; he constantly extended it.

    He could only extend his domain if his spiritual will could be extended. After continuous training under Sword Qi River, Mo Wuji's spiritual will could already extend up to 30 meters. His domain could, thus, extend outwards for up to 10 meters, sweeping away any sword qi within this area.

    If he could really find a way out in Sword Qi River, then he would definitely bring away everyone from Ping Fan. Besides him, the others would need the protection of his domain to enter Sword Qi River.

    One day later, Mo Wuji stopped running. He felt that such aimless running wasn't going to help.

    Sword Qi River was like Lifeless River; it was boundless and there was no end in sight. Moreover, his spiritual will was constrained here. If he continued to run aimlesssly, he still might not be able to find a way out even after many years.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji thought about Bai Ye. If he wanted to find a way out within Sword Qi River, then he would need Bai Ye to help.

    That fella was adroit in the deduction of heavenly fate. In Mo Wuji's eyes, Bai Ye was more suitable to be a cultivator of Tian Ji Sect. [1]

    Mo Wuji was a man of action. He did not hesitate as he charged out of Sword Qi River. He was going to catch Bai Ye and get Bai Ye to deduce where was the exit in Sword Qi River.


    Within a small stone forest in Sword Prison, Bai Ye was hiding under a sturdy rock. The expression in his eyes looked serious; it was unknown what he was thinking of. He didn't temper his physique, nor did he cultivate. Over these few months, the scene of Mo Wuji entering Sword Qi River had been continuously flashing in his mind. It had left him feeling both fear and jealousy.

    "Bai Ye, you're really quite a finder. You actually managed to find such a good place." A voice suddenly pulled Bai Ye out of his thoughts. He stood up and stared in shock as he saw Mo Wuji slowly walking over.

    "Sect Head Mo, you said that you were going to let go of me. Are you going to go back on your words?" If he hadn't seen Mo Wuji enter Sword Qi River, Bai Ye would have been delighted right now. But now, his heart was filled with shock and fear. He did not understand how Mo Wuji was able to find him.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "I had been intending to let you off. However, a few months ago, you tried to plot against me back at Sword Qi River. Don't forget that my tolerance is very low."

    Bai Ye's head started to buzz. Mo Wuji was clearly deep in his cultivation; how did Mo Wuji know of this?

    [1] Tian Ji means heavenly fate.
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