Chapter 710: Theres A Shadow In Bai Yes Heart

    Chapter 710: There's A Shadow In Bai Ye's Heart

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    "How did you manage to find me?" Bai Ye suddenly felt his hairs stand. Trying to find a person in this vast Sword Prison was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

    This difficult task was actually done by this Sect Head Mo in front of him; he subconsciously started to shiver. At this instant, he started to feel a sense of self-contempt. He had always been thinking that he wasn't going to let go of Mo Wuji; he even thought that he could Mo Wuji as long as they weren't in that killing array. But now, Mo Wuji was right in front of him, but he, Bai Ye, actually didn't dare to do anything.

    This was the second time that he had such fear towards Mo Wuji. The first time was when he personally witnessed Mo Wuji enter Sword Qi River; that scene had thoroughly and deeply shocked him. Ever since then, and even now, that scene was fleeting in his mind.

    What was scariest was the unknown; he didn't know exactly how powerful Mo Wuji was; he didn't know why Mo Wuji was able to enter Sword Qi River; and he didn't know how Mo Wuji was able to find him so easily.

    "That's not for you to know. Previously, you tried to plot against me; so I need you to offer some compensation," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    Back when Bai Ye left his killing array, Mo Wuji had used his spirit storage channel to leave behind an imprint on baiYe. He was sure that Bai Ye definitely wouldn't be able to discover that spiritual will imprint.

    If this was outside Sword Prison, it would simply be a joke if Mo Wuji tried to place a spiritual will imprint on an Immortal Emperor like Bai Ye. However, this was Sword Prison. Back then, Bai Ye's entire body had been cleaved apart by Mo Wuji; he would have to spend all his effort and energy just to hold himself together and recover. How could Bai Ye have spare energy to check whether there was any spiritual will imprint on him? Even if he did, his primordial spirit had already been badly damaged because of Sword Prison; so it might not necessarily be able to locate the imprint.

    It was exactly because of this that Mo Wuji knew that Bai Ye was approaching him when he was on the river banks of Sword Qi River. Bai Ye's killing intent came and left like the wind. Back then, Mo Wuji was at a critical point in his physique tempering and he didn't bother to chase after Bai Ye.

    If not because he needed Bai Ye's help, he would have been too lazy to even look for Bai Ye.

    "What do you want? I've been trapped in Sword Prison for many years. I don't have any thing of value." Bai Ye stood up and looked at Mo Wuji in fear.

    His most valuable object was his eight trigrams disc, but this eight trigrams disc was his core treasure, he definitely wasn't going to give it to Mo Wuji.

    "Those things on you don't even catch my eye. I only need you to help me with something. After I entered Sword Qi River, I was unable to find the way out. You are capable in the Dao of Prophecy. Help me deduce where's the strand of hope in Sword Qi River." Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Bai Ye went blank. If he hadn't personally seen Mo Wuji enter Sword Qi River, he would definitely have thought that Mo Wuji was trying to scam him to enter Sword Qi River.

    "With my current capability, I'm unable to enter Sword Qi River." When Bai Ye heard Mo Wuji's request, he lamented. With his power, he would simply be courting death if he entered Sword Qi River. If Mo Wuji still wanted to force him to enter Sword Qi River, then he could only burn all his boats and have an all-out battle with Mo Wuji.

    "What do you think is the possibility of the exit being in Sword Qi River?" Mo Wuji asked another question.

    After exchanging these few words, Bai Ye's fear towards Mo Wuji gradually toned down, "There's a 90% possibility that the exit to Sword Prison is in Sword Qi River, my divination wouldn't be wrong. Thereafter, I also performed a divination at the sword qi whirlpool. This one, however, was slightly hazy. There seemed to be a path of life, but within that path of life, there also seemed to be a path of death. Moreover, this path of death wasn't largely related to sword qi. There's also one thing that I am confused about; I seemed to feel that there was another life within the sword qi whirlpool."

    When Mo Wuji heard this last sentence of Bai Ye's, he became more sure of Bai Ye's divination. There was indeed someone within the sword qi whirlpool; he had seen it himself.

    "Bai Ye, I need you to follow me to Sword Qi River; I will use my domain to protect you. Besides you, everyone else from my sect will be following us to Sword Qi River. Of course, you would be the one to find us the way out," Mo Wuji stared at Bai Ye and said.

    Bai Ye jolted; he was going to use his divination to find a way out? Since this Sect Head Mo wasn't bringing him alone, then it meant that he wasn't lying. Did that mean that he could get out too?

    As he thought of this, Bai Ye's heart immediately started beating with fervour. He clasped his fists to Mo Wuji and said, "Sect Head Mo, there' no problem with me finding you a way out. But, I need to follow the rest of you out. And after we get out, you must not act against me."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Sure, I can promise you that. After we leave, all our favours and enmities would be struck off. Of course, if you dare to offend me once more, then don't blame me for not being courteous."

    "Alright, I will take your word for it. After we leave, we will no longer go against one another," Bai Ye did not hesitate to say. Offend Mo Wuji once more? He, Bai Ye, was no idiot. Since he was going to escape, why would he want to offend and create such a terrifying enemy?


    "Sect head found a way out?" Back in Mo Wuji's protective array, Fei Ling and co. were looking towards Mo Wuji in disbelief.

    Mo Wuji had left for an entire year, and the moment he returned, he claimed that he found a way out. Why did this sound so unrealistic? One must know that many Immortal Emperors, including Wei Zidao, did not mannage to find an exit even after countless of years.

    Mo Wuji could see that during this time he had been gone, everyone's primordial spirits had largely stabilised, and no injuries could be seen on their bodies anymore. He was rather contented. From the looks of it, his Zhi Nature Pill had been effective. Such an immortal pill was a treasure anywhere in the world. Moreover, he gave out ten vases of it at a single go.

    "That's right, I have indeed found a way out. It wasn't that you guys are unable to find it, but it was because you guys don't have the ability to enter Sword Qi River." Mo Wuji answered.

    "Sect head, the exit is in Sword Qi River?" Wei Zidao was slightly shocked. In reality, many of them had already guessed that the exit was either in Sword Qi River or the sword qi whirlpool. However, neither of these places were places they could approach. There was no need to talk about finding an exit, just approaching these places could cause them to lose their lives.

    Mo Wuji explained, "I'm also not too sure about the exact location. We can enter the river first. The exact location would be provided with Bai Ye's divination. I believe that Bai Ye would be able to achieve that. Also, everyone doesn't need to worry about the sword qi from Sword Qi River. My domain would act as a safety zone. After we enter the river, everyone just needs to keep within 10 meters from me, then there wouldn't be a problem."

    Hearing that Bai Ye would be providing a divination, even Wei Zidao believed that it wouldn't be wrong. Everyone knew of Bai Ye's abilty; back then, Bai Ye had prophecised that there would be danger to the Vine Mountain of Safety, which was why he wasn't willing to stay there.

    "Sect head, should we find the exit first before we enter?" Jian Mingcheng suggested. He was worried that Bai Ye's divination might take too long, and Mo Wuji's domain might not be able to take it.

    "There's no need," Mo Wuji said prompty, "we'll enter Sword Qi River now. As for the sword talismans on all of you, we would have to wait till we exit Sword Prison before we deal with them. I believe that with everyone's capabilities, you all could easily remove the sword talismans that Great Sword Path placed on you once we leave this Sword Prison."

    Mo Wuji didn't have the abilty of divination, but he could faintly feel that this desert wasn't a place that they could stay for long. It wasn't that there was a problem with the desert, it was just that he didn't trust Sword Prison.

    A calamity had even befell the Vine Mountain of Safety; that would always be a prick in Mo Wuji's heart. If the Vine Mountain of Safety was really a heart, then that fella concealed in Sword Prison was truly too scary. If that fella recovers, then none of them could escape.

    Except for incident with Vine Mountain of Safety, that corpse within the sword qi whirlpool was also a threat. Mo Wuji wasn't able to deal with any of these things.

    Previously, he didn't have any means of leaving, which was why he brought his disciples of Ping Fan to hide in this desert. Now that he had the abilty, he was going to use his fastest speed possible to leave Sword Prison.

    "Sect head, rest assured. As long as we leave Sword Prison, Great Sword Path's sword talisman would merely be an itch," Fei Ling said with great confidence.

    He wasn't bragging. After spending so much time in Sword Prison, all of them already knew clearly how the sword talisman works. The reason why they didn't remove them was because they truly didn't have the capabilty to do so here in Sword Prison. The sword qi here was too impressive; it could damage their primordial spirits and their souls. If that's the case, then how could they remove the seals from the sword talismans?

    Bow that Mo Wuji had given them so many Zhi Nature Pills, and they had spent so much time recuperating on this desert, they would soon be able to remove the sword talisman even if they didn't leave Sword Prison.


    Mo Wuji brought his Ping Fan out; Bai Ye was already waiting for them outside. He clasped his hands awkwardly towards Wei Zidao, "Immortal Friend Zidao, I seek your forgiveness over the previously."

    Wei Zidao said indifferently, "It's nothing. After all, I was placed in a disadvantageous situation."

    Bai Ye raged in his heart; so what if this Wei Zidao was a late stage Immortal Emperor? If not for Mo Wuji, even if he, Bai Ye, wasn't able to injure Wei Zidao, he still wouldn't have any need to fear him. This fella was actually scolding him now? However, now that Mo Wuji was here, he didn't say anything.

    As long as he could leave Sword Prison, he would have plenty more opportunities to discipline Wei Zidao. He did not dare to go against Mo Wuji, but that didn't mean that he, Bai Ye, was afraid of Wei Zidao.

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything. Wei Zidao was a late stage Immortal Emperor, but he was still bullied by Bai Ye. It would be weird if he accepted it willingly. After these two leave, they would definitely have another battle, but he, Mo Wuji, wasn't going to care about such matters.

    The line of people soon came to the edge of Sword Qi River. As they felt the boundless and sharp sword qi, everyone felt uncertain even though they knew that they would have the protection of Mo Wujis domain.

    Which one of them didn't know how terrifying Sword Qi River was? There was no need to talk about entering Sword Qi River, just dipping a finger into Sword Qi River could kill them.

    "Enter the river." Mo Wuji did not hesitate. The moment they reached the edge of the river, he immediately entered.

    When they saw Mo Wuji enter the river, everyone, excluding Bai Ye, was filled with incomparably shock. This was the same for Wei Zidao. Ever since he came to Sword Prison, he had never thought that a person could actually enter Sword Qi River.
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