Chapter 711: Leaving Sword Prison

    Chapter 711: Leaving Sword Prison

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    Han Qingru's had the lowest cultivation level; so she closely followed by Mo Wuji's side. The others also didn't want to lag behind. The sect head had said it before, his domain only extended up 10 meters. If they were out of those 10 meters, then they would definitely be shredded into pieces by the sword qi here.

    The line of people entered Sword Qi River with palpitating hearts. When their entire body had entered the river, they actually found that they did not feel a single beam of sword qi. They were incomparably elated and their heavy hearts lightened significantly.

    Sword Qi River wasn't very deep. After everyone entered the river, Mo Wuji swept out his immortal elemental energy, instantly blasting all the surrounding water away. At this moment, everyone landed on the firm and sturdy river bed.

    "What a good sword!" By this time, everyone already discovered the longsword that was stabbed into the river bed.

    When everyone saw this sword, they finally became clear of the reason why Sword Prison existed. It was due to this longsword. One could only imagine how powerful this sword was. If they could obtain this sword, then it would definitely be the number one magic treasure in the entire Immortal World.

    "Everyone, stop looking. Even I'm unable to obtain that sword, so there's no need to overthink it. Bai Ye, hurry and use your divination to find our way out. Our time in Sword Qi River is limited." Mo Wuji directly interrupted everyone's greedy thoughts.

    "Yes." Bai Ye also hurriedly retracted his gaze and he quickly retrieved his eight trigrams disc.

    Everyone thought that Mo Wuji was referring to his domain when he said that their time was limited. They did not know that Mo Wuji said that because he felt that it wasn't safe to continue staying within Sword Prison. As for the time that his domain could be used for, with his current sea of consciousness, his domain could be extended for several months. Moreover, he still had his spirit storage channel.

    Bai Ye sat beside the eight trigrams disc as he continuously flashed out various handseals. At the same time, he started to chant some unknown words.

    After half an incense's time, that silent eight trigrams disc suddenly glowed with a faint light. This faint light started to get brighter and brighter, and thereafter, it gradually began to condense in a particular direction.

    Mo Wuji's eyes went bright. He could see that this eight trigrams disc of Bai Ye's was really an impressive auxilary treasure.

    Indeed, after two hours, all those spots of light condensed to form an arrow. That arrow pointed towards a particular direction.

    Bai Ye stood up and kept the eight trigrams disc and said, "Sect Head Mo, we just need to follow according to this direction."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Everyone, carefully follow behind me. The sword qi in Sword Qi River is very strong. It doesn't matter whether you are an Immortal Emperor, if you get more than 10 meters away from me, then you would very likely be torn to pieces by the sword qi."

    Mo Wuji suspected that Bai Ye didn't use any sort of divination art just now; it was his eight trigrams disc which had the ability to search for a way out. Back when Bai Ye was trapped in his killing array, Bai Ye was also able to find a way to break the array in a short time. If he didn't react quickly and changed the position of the array gate, his array could have been easily broken apart by Bai Ye.

    The reason why Bai Ye was so afraid of him was exactly because of his quick trick. If Bai Ye knew that he could easily break the array, then Bai Ye probably wouldn't have behaved so well in front of him. Over these years, Bai Ye's willpower had undoubtedly been tampered. Bai Ye would definitely regain his confidence quickly the moment the he exits the Sword Prison.

    Mo Wuji moved really quickly; the others didn't dare to lag behind. Almost all of them stayed within 3 meters of Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji had said that a radius of 10 meters was a safety zone, everyone felt that it was safer to be as close as possible to Mo Wuji.


    Outside the defensive array back at the desert, two sneaky looking cultivators were continuously looking around. After some time, one of them said, "Kuang Yi, this doesn't seem right. Back when we came to investigate, we found that the immortal spiritual energy in the area was being absorbed; there should be people cultivating inside. But why does it seem so silent now? Could they all have gone?"

    The cultivator beside him was also staring at the array with wide eyes. After some time, he finally said, "What you said might be right. They might really have left."

    "Should we attack this array and take a look?"

    "Hmm! If those people haven't left and you attacked the array, aren't you courting death? Let's just return and tell master that these people might have really left."

    As the two spoke, they had already started to hastily retreat.

    Those were the two that left the Vine Mountain of Safety. Because of their self-preservation, they were chased away by Mo Wuji. At this moment, they were charging straight to the sword qi whirlpool.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would definitely have doubted his eyes. These two cultivators that had never tempered their physiques before, were actually going straight to the sword qi whirlpool without hesitation? Were they courting death?

    The two weren't courting death, nor did they end up being grinded by the sword qi whirlpool. Instead, they went to the center of the whirlpool and they were sucked away by some force. At the next instant, the two appeared in a cave.

    In that cave, there was a man that looked no different from a skeleton. By this man's side, there was another cultivator kneeling.

    "Master, that Mo Wuji has brought those people and left. There does not seem to be anyone left in that array..."

    Before that cultivator named Kuang Yi could finish his words, that skeleton's figure disappeared without a trace. In merely ten breaths of time, that skeleton man appeared outside of Mo Wuji's array and slammed down on it with his palm.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's array was shattered into pieces and vanished without a trace. However, how could they still be people left inside?

    "What a cunning kid. These mere prey dare to escape in front of me? Stop dreaming." That skeleton man waved his hand, and all the sword qi in the area, which could cause even Immortal Emperors to quiver in fear, started to form an invisible sword qi circle within this man's palm.

    At the next instant, that skeleton stared at Sword Qi River in shock. He muttered to himself in disbelief, "To think that someone could enter the river? And to bring to many people in with him? That's an amazing physique tempering technique..."

    That skeleton man hastily sped to the side of Sword Qi River, and without hesitation, he jumped right in.

    This Sword Qi River which could tear one's flesh and soul did not seem to be able to do anything to this skeleton man.

    Even though he knew that Mo Wuji and company would not be able to leave from Sword Qi River, his heart was still filled with rage. The Vine Mountain of Safety was that old monster's; so he did not dare to touch it. But now, the ants that he had been rearing in that desert had actually escaped. If this went on, when would he be able to leave?

    Because he knew how vast Sword Qi River was, he knew that he would not be able to find Mo Wuji. If he knew that it would end up like this, he would not have allowed them to slowly grow, but directly grabbed them into his sword qi whirlpool.


    Six hours later, Mo Wuji stopped. The directional light from Bai Ye's eight trigrams disc had disappeared.

    "Bai Ye, what's going on?" Mo Wuji frowned and said.

    This place clearly wasn't the exit because it was no different from the other parts of Sword Qi River. They were still standing on hard and firm rock, and they were still being surrounded by river water.

    Bai Ye was also dumbfounded. When he heard Mo Wuji's question, he hurriedly said, "Sect head Mo, let me try again."

    Bai Ye sat down and activated his eight trigrams disc once more. After two more hours, his eight trigrams disc still was not able to condense another arrow. No matter how many dots of light came out from the disc, they would quickly vanish.

    Everyone turned to look at Bai Ye with suspicious gazes. Bai Ye acted as though he did not notice the gazes as he extended one of his hand and placed it on the eight trigrams disc while his other hand continuously formed hand seals.

    Mo Wuji stared closely at Bai Ye's hand seals. He was sure that Bai Ye was no longer borrowing the power of the eight trigrams disc to determine the direction. Instead, Bai Ye was truly performing his divination. Bai Ye's hand seals were profound and enigmatic. Even Mo Wuji, this progenitor of the meridian cultivation technique, was unable to see through the meaning behind Bai Ye's hand seals. He could only feel that each hand seal of Bai Ye contained the Great Dao of the Heaven and Earth, and each movement of each tremor contained some indescribable dao aura.

    Another four hours passed. By this time, Bai Ye's face was already as pale as a piece of white paper. He finally stopped his hand seals and he opened his eyes and said, "Sect head Mo, this is really the exit."

    "Everyone, stand behind me. I will go in and take a look." Mo Wuji could tell that Bai Ye wasn't lying.

    After the group all came close to him, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye.

    A faint void transfer rune appeared in front of Mo Wuji. This transfer rune was enigmatic and complex. It seemed to encompass a boundless dao aura of the Array Dao.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with glee. So it was true. There was no need to talk about how this was the exit. Just the dao aura contained within this transfer rune was enough for him to make a huge improvement in his Array Dao.

    Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel started to circulate furiously as it continuously tried to gain insights from this enigmatic transfer rune.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's figure shifting continuously, and feeling the dao aura in the surroundings forming powerful ripples, no one dared to do anything. Even Bai Ye didn't dare to make a single move.

    Multiple days passed, Mo Wuji finally released a long groan. Thereafter, he started to draw runes in mid air.

    This was the first time Mo Wuji used rune drawing to form a transfer array. He was sure that this method would be pivotal and meaningful towards his future in the Array Dao.

    Multiple days passed and Mo Wuji finally drew the final rune.

    A faint exit appeared in front of everyone. Everyone was so emotional that their eyes started to turn red. After being trapped in Sword Prison for so long, they had finally found the exit.

    Even the Immortal Emperors found their hearts racing. They had already gotten used to the torture and suffering here in Sword Prison, they had already gotten used to the fact that there might not be a chance to leave. But now that the chance had presented itself in front of them, how could they not be emotional?

    However, no one dared to move, because Mo Wuji still hadn't said a word.

    Mo Wuji's eyes were still tightly closed, and he didn't utter a single word. After drawing the runes to this void transfer array, he felt that his understanding towards the Array Dao had made a huge improvement. This was his first step in officially joining the ranks of Grade 7 formation masters.

    At this instant, he was organising his understandings and insights towards the void array runes.

    After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji finally opened his eyes. He turned and spoke to the group, "This should be the transfer array out. Wei Zidao will leave first. Then, it will be Nie Chongan, Cha Rui, Su Zi'An, Fei Ling, Yu Junsai, Dong Sha, Lu Ming, Hai Zhenkui, Fan Wa, Bai Ye, Jian Mingcheng, Han Qingru, then I will be last."

    When he heard that he could also leave, Bai Ye's heart was filled with emotions. He knew that Mo Wuji definitely had a meaning behind this arrangement. However, he didn't intend to look for trouble, so he would just leave the moment they exited. He had really grown to fear Mo Wuji. If not for this mysterious Sect Head Mo, there was no need to talk about entering Sword Qi River. Even if he managed to find this place, he wouldn't be able to open this transfer array gate.
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