Chapter 712: Finally Know Where The Red Lotus Is

    Chapter 712: Finally Know Where The Red Lotus Is

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    Mo Wuji was the last to leave Sword Qi River. The transfer runes that he drew were basically learnt and drawn on the spot; so it was extremely weak. Not long after Mo Wuji left, that transfer rune disappeared without a trace, together with that transfer array gate.


    The moment Mo Wuji's feet touched the ground, he felt that something was amiss. His heart sunk; could he have transferred back to Sword Prison? He could still feel sword qi in the surroundings.

    No, this sword qi wasn't as terrifying as the sword qi back in Sword Qi Prison. The sword intent within this sword qi was also more distinct.

    "Sect head!"

    The moment Mo Wuji emerged, everyone from Ping Fan came to him.

    "We seem to still be in Sword Prison. We are still surrounded by sword qi," Nie Chongan said solemnly.

    "Why haven't you left?" Mo Wuji did not respond to Nie Chongan's words. Instead, his gaze landed on Bai Ye.

    Bai Ye clasped his fists, "Sect Head Mo, I'm afraid this is still Sword Prison. It's just that the sword qi here is relatively weaker, its damage is even lower than back at the Vine Mountain of Peace."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already swept outwards. There were still limits to his spiritual will here. However, it was different from Sword Prison; the restrictions on the spiritual will here were relatively weak.

    "Sect head, I believe that we are no longer in Sword Prison." Just at this moment, Wei Zidao suddenly said, "If we are in Sword Prison, I would still be unable to remove the sword talisman. But in reality, the moment I came here, I was able to get rid of the sword talisman."

    "Me too." Jian Mingcheng said hurriedly.

    Nie Chongan said embarrassedly, "I just got rid of it."

    Bai Ye's face changed. Back then, he had been injured too heavily by Mo Wuji; his primordial spirit had not recovered to the same degree as Wei Zidao and co. Until now, he was actually still unable to remove his sword talisman.

    But upon hearing that Wei Zidao and co. were able to remove their sword talismans, he hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Many thanks Sect Head Mo for you help. I will take my leave first."

    With that, Bai Ye's figure flashed and he swiftly disappeared.

    Mo Wuji didn't chase after Bai Ye. After all, he didn't have any huge enmity with Bai Ye. They were merely acting on mutual benefits; since things had ended, they would naturally disband after the task was done.

    "Right Protector Wei is right. This indeed isn't Sword Prison. If I'm not wrong, this should be a training facility of Great Sword Path. Everyone, follow me," Mo Wuji said.

    The reason why he was so sure was because he could feel the transfer array discs that he had installed around Great Sword Path.

    "We're in Great Sword Path?" Wei Zidao suddenly burst forth with killing intent. He had been caught and tortured in Sword Prison because of Great Sword Path. If not for Mo Wuji, he would have died within Sword Prison itself. How could he not take hold back on this enmity?

    It wasn't just Wei Zidao. Everyone else was also releasing sharp killing intent. Clearly, they had the same intentions as Wei Zidao: as long as the sect head allows it, they would immediately charge out from this place and kill for themselves a river a blood.

    When Mo Wuji felt the intense killing intent, he knew what everyone was feeling. In reality, he too had a deep hatred towards Great Sword Path. However, he also knew that this wasn't the time to take revenge.

    He waved his hands and said, "Revenge will definitely come. But now is not the time. Everyone had tempered yourselves within Sword Prison for so long. I am sure that as long as we find a place rich in immortal spiritual energy, you would all be able to advance quickly. After everyone's abilities reach a certain level, and when our Ping Fan is established, we can come back and take our revenge."

    He was very clear that with that with their current level of abilities, they might be able to cause a huge damage to Great Sword Path, but they would definitely be unable to thoroughly destroy Great Sword Path. Moreover, if news of him were to be revealed, then the Lightning Sect, Vast Ocean Immortal School, and even that Unfettered Emperor Palace would join forces to end them.

    He had gone through great difficulties to gather this ensemble of power. Naturally, he wasn't going to casually waste it. With his speed, he didn't know how many more years he would take to actually advance to become a Grand Emperor. But now, he had three Immortal Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor by his side. This power was going to be the foundation for Ping Fan.

    Moreover, the revenge that Mo Wuji wanted wasn't to simply kill the experts of Great Sword Path. He wanted to end Great Sword Path and its legacy thoroughly. Since he was going to take revenge, he was going to be vicious. They would face the pressure from other immortal sects.

    if they weren't strong enough.

    According to the ideas of Wei Zidao and co., they wanted to kill to their heart's content, then flee. However, Mo Wuji wasn't willing to act now.

    "We will go along with what the sect head says." Even though Wei Zidao was a Grand Emperor and his power was the strongest here, he was not arrogant.

    "Since that's the case, everyone follow me."

    Mo Wuji's guess was not wrong. This was indeed a training facility in Great Sword Path. Many disciples would come here to gain insights on sword qi.

    However, the sword qi here wasn't as innocuous and harmless as Mo Wuji and co. thought. In reality, even an Immortal King might die here if he wasn't careful.

    However, Mo Wuji and co. had been in the terrifying Sword Prison for so long, which one hadn't experienced the rampaging sword qi there? Thus, when they came to a place like this, they naturally felt that the sword qi here wasn't dangerous at all.

    After an hour, Mo Wuji brought his group and left the training facility openly. They easily killed the two disciples guarding the facility, then they took out an ordinary looking flying ship and easily left the Great Sword Path


    Outside Broken World's fourth level.

    Including the Very High Heaven's Jin Yu, there were many Grand Emperors here. There were also many merchant houses waiting outside the entrance. Because the Broken World had been forcefully opened, Immortal Kings and above still weren't able to enter even though a year had already passed.

    It was what everyone had expected. Over this past year, there were many treasures found in the fourth level. Not only did they discover a page of the Book of Luo, they found a True Fill World, and it was even rumoured that someone obtained a Fire Elemental Bead.

    Hearing such news, Jin Yu could not help but be elated. However, he still had a frown on his face. According to the deduction by the experts from the Very High Heavens, the treasures in the golden house back in the third level's Broken Ruins were all real. Thereafter, many experts had gone to the Broken Ruins, but that golden house had disappeared.

    Those treasures should have been transported to the fourth level, and the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was among them. The Red Karmic Fire Lotus was an absolute and supreme treasure. As long as it appeared in the fourth level, it should have been immediately discovered. But why hadn't it been discovered yet?

    What kind of natural phenomena would occur the moment the Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared? At where such treasures appear, there would definitely be immortal spiritual energy...

    I understand now! Jin Yu suddenly thought of something: if the Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared, it would definitely furiously absorb the immortal spiritual energy in the surroundings.

    When that happens, the immortal spiritual energy in the surroundings would naturally be very weak. Even some of the energy within the high tiered immortal herbs might be sucked out by the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, causing the herbs to wither.

    The moment the fourth level opened, everyone would definitely have the same thought: to head towards where immortal spiritual energy was richest.

    Whoever goes towards the place with the weakest immortal spiritual energy would be the one to find the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    Jin Yu took in a deep breath and cried out, "Call a person who came out from the fourth level to come over. I have to speak with him."

    Jin Yu was a Grand Emperor from the Very High Heavens. Moreover, he was the one in charge of opening the fourth level, and he was even the envoy that was selecting the disciples accepted by the Very High Heavens. The moment he uttered that sentence, a healthy looking man was quickly brought in front of him.

    This was a Grand Zhi Immortal that had just came out from the Broken World's fourth level. Because he obtained a relatively amazing immortal fruit, he wanted to charge to the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. This was why he, reluctantly, left the fourth level.

    "What's your name and what sect do you come from?" The moment this Grand Zhi Immortal arrived, Jin Yu immediately asked these questions.

    Who didn't know who Jin Yu was? The moment this Grand Zhi Immortal heard this envoy's questions, he lowered his head and answered respectfully, "Junior is Tong Hui, I am a disciple from Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Blade Scar Mountain."

    Jin Yu nodded, "Very good. When you entered the fourth level, did you feel that there was a direction where the spiritual energy is particularly weak?"

    Tong Hui jolted; who would know that? After he entered, he would naturally choose the direction where immortal spiritual energy was richest. Who would bother checking the direction where the spiritual energy was weak?

    The moment Jin Yu saw Tong Hui's expression, he knew that Tong Hui definitely didn't know. At this moment, he really wanted to step and crush this useless fool. As an immortal, one shouldn't immediately rush to snatch for treasures once he enters a secret domain. Instead, one should first observe the surroundings. To not even be able to do that, this fella definitely didn't have a bright future.

    "Then did you notice the direction that least people went to?" Jin Yu could only ask another question.

    "I know this. It's the left side. Practically no one went in that direction," Tong Hui hurriedly said. As he finished speaking, his thoughts seemed to organise themselves, "That's right. It's the left side. The spiritual energy there is relatively weaker."

    "Good." Jin Yu patted Tong Hui's shoulder. "You will now go to the left side where the immortal spiritual energy is relatively weak and help me find a particular thing. As long as you find it, I will bring you to the Very High Heavens."

    "Ah..." When Tong Hui heard that promise, he almost went blank. Thereafter, he was filled with mad glee. The Very High Heavens, that was the place that he could only dream of going.

    When he first came to the Broken World's fourth level, he was entirely here to try his luck. After all, when it was in terms of talent or anything else, he definitely wouldn't be chosen to enter the Very High Heavens. But now, the envoy from the Very High Heavens, Elder Jin Yu, directly told him that he could be chosen to enter the Very High Heavens. He would be an idiot to let this opportunity go.

    "Senior, what's that thing?" Tong Hui asked urgently.

    Jin Yu waved his hand, "There's no need to ask. As long as you enter the Broken World's fourth level and go towards where immortal spiritual energy is weak, you will naturally know."

    "Yes, junior will enter straight away." Tong Hui anxiously bowed, then he turned and hastily charged back into the Broken World's fourth level.

    He did not know that Jin Yu had already left a spiritual will imprint on him. The moment he sees the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, Jin Yu would know of it.

    Seeing Tong Hui disappear into the fourth level, Jin Yu sighed. Unfortunately, his abilities were limited and he couldn't place an imprint on everyone that entered the fourth level. If he could, why would he need to go through so much trouble?
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