Chapter 713: Establishing Ping Fan

    Chapter 713: Establishing Ping Fan

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    "Sect Head, is this where our Ping Fan's Immortal School will be situated at?" Standing by the periphery of the Extreme Glade Sea, Wei Zidao asked with a slightly unpleasant expression.

    Not only Wei Zidao because the expression of Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng were also the same. Even the few Immortal Reverents and Immortal Kings were also looking doubtfully at Mo Wuji.

    Whether or not this place belonged to the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, everyone wasn't too bothered by it. Given Ping Fan's current strength, even if Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain came, he wouldn't be able to do anything to them.

    What they were concerned about was that the immortal energy here was so thin that it was almost negligible. How were they supposed to establish Ping Fan in a place like this?

    What Mo Wuji didn't mention was that this place had the densest immortal energy across all the immortal domains. Based solely on the holy land of immortal veins underneath the Extreme Glade Sea, Ping Fan would only grow to be more exuberant in the future.

    The bottom of the Extreme Glade Sea could very well be a land where the immortal energies of both the Heaven and Earth's Grand Daos gathered. Once Ping Fan was established here, there would be an unending stream of immortal energy flowing in from between the Heaven and Earth. The immortal energies of the Heaven and Earth would be reproduced again and when this formed a cycle, this place would be a treasured land which would never be short of immortal energy.

    This would be of course unless the entire Immortal World enters the Dharma-Ending Age.

    "That's right, this is where I choose to establish Ping Fan. Even though everyone had already swore a deadly oath in the Sword Prison, if there is anyone who didn't wish to stay, you are free to go as long as you don't do anything to harm Ping Fan in the future. I, Mo Wuji, would not force anyone here to stay," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    This place was the greatest holy land of immortal energy in the entire Immortal World so if there was still anyone who had doubts about joining Ping Fan, Mo Wuji really didn't wish to break a sweat to convince anyone to stay. By letting one leave on the promise that one would not do anything to harm Ping Fan, it would only be good for Ping Fan.

    Presently, everyone might think that joining Ping Fan now would be to help him and to honour the oath that they swore. Once Ping Fan had been officially established, everyone would realise how fortunate they were to be able to join Ping Fan. This wasn't a case of helping Mo Wuji but helping themselves instead.

    Wei Zidao calmed himself down because he was only a step away from becoming a Grand Immortal Emperor. After all the years of accumulations in the Sword Prison, he would be able to advance to become a Grand Immortal Emperor anywhere he was. Since Sect Head Mo had already chosen this place, he wouldn't be against it.

    Nobody chose to leave Ping Fan because firstly, everyone made a vow. As a cultivator, it was still very important that one honour one's vow. Secondly, it was Mo Wuji's true strength. Even up till now, all them still find their Sect Head slightly mysterious as to how strong he truly was.

    Besides being strong, he was capable too.

    Other than their sect head, who else would dare to enter the Sword Prison on their own accord?

    Within the Sword Prison, who else would be able to take out so many Zhi Nature Pills? Who would be able to enter the Sword Qi River? Who helped them to escape after being trapped for so many years in the Sword Prison? The answer to everything was Sect Head Mo.

    "Great, since everyone was willing to stay in Ping Fan, let me go through the plan for Ping Fan," Mo Wuji continued with a clear voice, "Even though our ultimate aim would be to become the number one existence in the Immortal World, our first plan for Ping Fan wouldn't be too huge. I've decided that the node of our Ping Fan would be right here and it would extend 4000km inland and 1000km towards the Extreme Glade Sea. For now, anywhere within 5000km of us would be the domain that we're in and this would be where we would establish out encampment. Concurrently, we would integrate everyone within 25,000km of Ping Fan's encampment into our school..."

    Honestly speaking, a school with a perimeter of 5000km would only be considered a small sect in the Immortal World. Even if Mo Wuji were to integrate everything within 25,000km into Ping Fan's territory, it would still not be comparable to a big immortal sect.

    In a true big immortal sect, the distance between two large immortal summits would already be 5000km already and within the same sect, it would be formed up by numerous summits. Mo Wuji circled out 25,000km because he was helpless and he knew that if he were to extend even further, he would basically be fighting for land with the Wind Plains Immortal City. His intention was to establish Ping Fan first before taking the initiative to discuss with the castellan of the Wind Plains Immortal City. Ping Fan of the future must cover way more than a mere few thousand kilometres.

    "Sect Head, isn't out territory slightly too small?" Fei Ling was now Mo Wuji's loyal servant so the basis of everything he said and did would be in consideration of Ping Fan and his sect head.

    As for everyone else, they stared doubtfully and blankly at Mo Wuji because their sect head's ultimate plan was to turn Ping Fan into the number one school in the Immortal World. Moreover, considering the number of Immortal Emperors and Immortal Reverents Ping Fan had now, Ping Fan would definitely be able to enter the ranks of peak grade immortal sects.

    However, with a territory of merely a few thousand kilometres, how was he going to turn his dream into a reality? It was simply a joke.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "It is indeed slightly small now but our territory would have some mortals living on it too. Other than this, we would need to convert thousands of miles of the Extreme Glade Sea to the encampment of our school which would prove to be slightly tougher. I shall be in charge of installing the school's encampment and trap arrays while Fei Ling and Nie Chongan shall go out to purchase materials to fix up the school which would include some materials for arrays. Revered Right Protector Wei shall take Cha Rui and Yu Saijun to set up the Ping Fan Trade Union. Once the trade union starts to operate, Yu Saijun shall take charge while you and Cha Rui return to help me."

    Mo Wuji took out a storage ring for Wei Zidao, "These are the immortal pills to be used for the initial auction. Once news of these immortal pills were made known, Ping Fan Trade Union would definitely become one of the greatest trade union in the Immortal World."

    "Alright," Wei Zidao took over the storage ring and was momentarily stunned as he casually used his spiritual will to scan through it

    He had never seen this many peak grade immortal pills and even the Draining Immortal King Pills came in vases. Once these rare peak grade immortal pills were out, he would simply be took incapable if he couldn't turn Ping Fan Trade Union into a peak grade trade union in the Immortal World.

    "Su Zi'An, bring this jade letter to hand it over to Zhuo Pingan of the Cape of Peace. If he didn't leave any message, you can come back immediately," Mo Wuji took out a jade letter and handed it to Su Zi'An.

    Wei Zidao would become a Grand Emperor very soon but it wasn't enough for Ping Fan to simply rely on just one Grand Emperor Wei Zidao. If Zhuo Pingan was willing to join Ping Fan, it would of course be great. But if Zhuo Pingan didn't wish to do so, there was no point even if Mo Wuji made a trip down himself.

    "Lu Ming, you shall be in charge of recruiting people to help establish Ping Fan. If we were the only few people working on it, it would simply take too long before Ping Fan could be established officially. We musn't be stingy to any cultivator who are willing to join the establishment of Ping Fan. Remember, the construction of the surrounding must be according to my intentions," Mo Wuji knew how tough it could be for low level cultivators of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain to survive in a place with such sparse immortal energy and resources. It would be easy to perish in nasty environment in search for cultivation resources but without nasty environment, it would be tough to improve. Mo Wuji was certain that many cultivators would be willing to accept jobs like helping to build a school.

    After instructing Lu Ming, Mo Wuji handed him a jade letter containing the outline of the construction of Ping Fan.

    "Jian Mingcheng, Han Qingru and Hai Zhenkui shall be responsible for accepting disciples. It doesn't matter whether Ping Fan recruits immortals or mortals but the pre-condition to become Ping Fan's disciple would be to devote wholly to Ping Fan and must definitely not be evil, vicious or deceitful."

    "Dong Sha, you shall bring Fan Wa to watch after this place and prevent any mortals from entering the sea. Get them to help with the constructions of the periphery of the mortal cities and double their remunerations."

    After all these tasks had been issued by Mo Wuji and accepted by the various individuals, Mo Wuji took out two vases of Dry Wimple Pill before saying, "Everyone take one Dry Wimple Pill each."

    Everyone standing here would have some sort of enmity with the Great Sword Path. The instance the Great Sword Path found out that the people in the Sword Prison managed to escape, it wouldn't do them any good. To Mo Wuji, what he lacked most was time. Once he managed to establish Ping Fan and finish up with the grand arrays, who would dare to find trouble with disciples of Ping Fan?


    After everyone left to complete their task, Mo Wuji entered the Extreme Glade Sea swiftly. He had left for two years and even though he left behind enough Inedia Pills, he was still worried about Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian. After all, the two of them were merely ordinary mortals when he left them.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji entered the concealed array which he installed and the extremely dense immortal energy surged towards him. In front of him were still the closely packed immortal veins and immortal essence crystals.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned much lighter because both Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian were still in the midst of their cultivation.

    Fu Jingfeng had already opened up 93 meridians and was already in the Transcending Mortality Stage Level 9. It gives Mo Wuji the greatest satisfaction to see someone being able to cultivate successfully with the technique he created.

    Fu Jingfeng was still slightly lacking when compared to Mo Wuji back in the days but given his current cultivation speed, Mo Wuji suspected that even a Nine Star Genius might not be able to match it. Mo Wuji was well aware that Fu Jingfeng could cultivate so quickly not just because of his pointers but also because he was in the Immortal World.

    This was not just the Immortal World but a holy land where immortal energy was the densest. Under such circumstances, if Fu Jingfeng was still unable to cultivate quickly, he wouldn't achieve much on his path of cultivation dao.

    Mo Wuji didn't interrupt Fu Jingfeng's cultivation as his spiritual will landed on Lian Yingxian instead. What made Mo Wuji extremely surprised was that Lian Yingxian had already opened 102 meridians and was even in the elementary Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    Lian Yingxian's technique dao spirituality was slightly odd because it contained both his immortal mortal technique dao spirituality and an unknown technique dao spirituality. Mo Wuji was certain that the technique Lian Yingxian was cultivating was incredibly impressive.

    This time, Lian Yingxian was legitimately in the elementary Grand Luo Immortal Stage and the mighty energy of the crystal point within her mind palace was already starting to overflow slowly.

    Mo Wuji knew that no matter how great his immortal mortal technique was, how terrifyingly dense the immortal energy here was or even how talented Lian Yingxian was, Lian Yingxian shouldn't be able to advance to the Grand Luo Immortal Stage in a mere two years. She was only able to do so because the cultivation which was in her mind palace had started to be awaken. This cultivation was exceptionally frightening to be able to combine with his immortal mortal technique to increase Lian Yingxian's cultivation rapidly.

    It could be said that Lian Yingxian's strength was a combination of accumulated immortal energy from cultivating and the releasing of immortal energy from her mind palace. With such a combination, it would be tough even if she didn't wish to improve that swiftly.

    After understanding this logic, Mo Wuji started feeling shadowy because he didn't know if this method would be beneficial or detrimental to Lian Yingxian. The instance the immortal energy from cultivating his immortal mortal technique was unable to strike a balance with the immortal energy released by her mind palace, she wouldn't survive even if she had 100 lives.

    Mo Wuji sighed because he was truly incapable of solving such problems. It wasn't just him because he believed that no one in the entire Immortal World could have a solution to this.

    Mo Wuji touched the star locket on his chest and he decided to hang this star locket around Lian Yingxian's neck once she is done with her cultivation.

    This star locket was immensely extraordinary and it could very likely save Lian Yingxian's life.
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