Chapter 714: The Fight Over The Red Lotus

    Chapter 714: The Fight Over The Red Lotus

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    "Senior Sister Su, I can barely pick up this red lotus but I am definitely unable to leave this place unnoticed with this on me," Within a cave where the immortal energy was extremely sparse, Dou Hualong's hand had left the red lotus in front of him with his face being extremely pale. Evidently, he had spent quite a lot of energy just to keep this red lotus.

    "It's okay because we won't be going out for the time being. Every level in the Broken World is extremely vast so as long as we are careful, nobody would be able to catch us. Keep the red lotus first, we will change location soon because we have stayed here for too long," Su Rou'Er nodded.

    Dou Hualong said apologetically, "Senior Sister Su, this red lotus should be yours but you..."

    He was indeed very apologetic because their purpose of coming in was to search for cultivation resources to advance yet Su Rou'Er had accompanied him to hide in this b*ll** place for over a year without any reward for herself. Senior Sister Su Rou'Er was definitely much stronger and of a higher cultivation level than he was yet she didn't want a treasure like the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Nobody would believe him if this were to spread out.

    Without mentioning that he and Su Rou'Er were not blood related siblings, Dou Hualong would never have met her if it wasn't for Big Brother Mo. Even so, Senior Sister Su Rou'Er made used of her experience to save Dou Hualong countless of times during their escape. This time round, she even rejected the Red Karmic Fire Lotus and offered it to him.

    Su Rou'Er smiled, "Junior Brother Hualong, if I was the one who spotted it, I would have kept it for myself already. The Red Karmic Fire Lotus was spotted by you so it would naturally belong to you. A treasure like this is very particular about fate and if one had no fate with it, keeping it by force would not do one any good."

    Su Rou'Er had seen more of the world than Dou Hualong so she would naturally be aware that a treasure like the Red Karmic Fire Lotus would only belong to one who had fate with it. Keeping it forcefully would harm others and themselves.

    She was indeed capable of keeping this Red Karmic Fire Lotus but if Sect Head Mo were to find out that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was spotted first by Dou Hualong and she was the one who kept it, he would definitely view her differently. She knew clearly that Dou Hualong was extremely loyal to Mo Wuji. In fact, even she was full of respect and admiration for Sect Head Mo.

    "En, I am planning to give this red lotus to big brother in the future. I am too weak so possessing this treasured Red Karmic Fire Lotus would only be ruining it," Since he had already kept the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, Dou Hualong didn't continue insisting that Su Rou'Er keep it.

    Su Rou'Er smiled once more, "Let's hurry then."

    She was certain that Sect Head Mo would not accept Dou Hualong's Red Karmic Fire Lotus and she believed that her judgement would not be wrong. Sect Head Mo was a person who just ascended to the Immortal World yet managed to advance to become an honoured grade Tier 8 Pill Emperor and even go up against a few Immortal Emperors. Such imposing attitude cannot be exchanged for even a hundred of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    Simply because she knew Mo Wuji which was why she would believe that Mo Wuji would be able to set up an impressive sect and not accept Dou Hualong's treasure.

    "Alright, let's go..."

    Dou Hualong had yet to finish his sentence but he saw Su Rou'Er's expression changed before executing several hand signs for ignite tens of seals.

    "Senior Sister Su..."

    "Someone is here," Su Rou'Er stopped Dou Hualong from speaking as she transmitted a message to Dou Hualong.

    She had countless of experience escaping death so she instantly noticed when someone arrived here at this cave.

    The person who arrived was the Blade Scar Mountain's Tong Hui and despite being at the peak of the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage, he wasn't exactly very talented. The truth was he had spent 99% of his life behind closed doors to achieve what he had achieved today. Occasionally, he would even ask his sister for cultivation resources. His sister, Tong Yuan, was the wife of the Blade Scar Mountain's Summit Lord, Gou Liyang. Otherwise, with Tong Hui's talent, no matter how hard he cultivate behind closed doors, he would never make it to become a Grand Zhi Immortal.

    Even though Su Rou'Er was much younger and not as strong as Tong Hui, Tong Hui was really unable to match her experience when it came to hiding and escaping.

    Therefore, when the Grand Zhi Immortal Tong Hui was spotted by Su Rou'Er, he was still casually strolling along a cave depression which was not very far away from them.

    Su Rou'Er was still extremely anxious because she knew that if Tong Hui was slightly more experienced, or slightly more meticulous, he would be able to notice the small cave which they occupied. The array that she installed had an obvious scar which resulted in them having a poor concealment.

    At this moment, Tong Hui, who initially going to enter the cave depression, stopped abruptly as he lifted his fist to smash against a massive rock beside him.

    Once the massive rock broke, a small stone about the size of a fist appeared in his hand and there was a faint outline of a seven flower flame.

    "This is the Seven Flower Fire Heartstone?" Tong Hui's heart was racing at the sight of this because he had never expected himself to find the Seven Flower Fire Heartstone. During his first year in the 4th level of the Broken World, the combined value of the items he found was not even as great as this Seven Flower Fire Heartstone alone.

    Could it be that senior from the Very High Heavens was looking for this fire heartstone? No, it can't be. This was because if he didn't use his spiritual will to scan the massive rock, he would never be able to find this fire heartstone. Regardless, him finding it first was all that mattered.

    Just as Tong Hui picked up and kept the Seven Flower Fire Heartstone, he saw a figure approaching him. In an instance, he turned and fled.

    The figure seemed to have spotted Tong Hui as it chased after Tong Hui almost the instance he started to flee.

    After Tong Hui sensed that the fella chasing after him was also in the advanced Grand Zhi Immortal Stage, he came to a halt instead. He was in the Great Circle of Grand Zhi Immortal Stage so why would he fear another Grand Zhi Immortal?

    His current location was a dried up lake...

    Initially, Tong Hui wanted to inspect the surrounding so that during the fight later, he would be able to make use of the terrain in his favour. When his spiritual will landed on the lake, he was completely shocked as he instantly charged down. At this instance, he had completely neglected the incoming Grand Zhi Immortal.

    He sensed a mysterious ancient Xiantian Grand Dao energy within the lake as if there was a Xiantian treasure here.

    The treasure was already taken away and there was even an extremely pure fire attribute energy looming around. Despite not having a fire attributed spirit roots, he really wanted to pry into the mysterious Grand Dao within it. This was definitely not something that his Seven Flowers Fire Heartstone could compare to...

    Red Karmic Fire Lotus, this had to be the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    Tong Hui's eyes had turned red because even an idiot had heard of the rumours about the Red Karmic Fire Lotus appearing in the 4th level of the Broken World. Just because he hadn't seen one before didn't mean he didn't know about it. He was after all a Grand Zhi Immortal so how could he not know about such an ancient Xiantian treasure?

    "Hand the item over," An icy cold voice which made Tong Hui quiver could be heard.

    Standing not too far away from him was a long hair man; the Grand Zhi Immortal who was chasing after him.

    "What item?" Tong Hui's heart sunk before calming himself down. At this moment, he had full understanding of what the Grand Immortal of the Very High Heavens was looking for in the 4th level. It had to be the Red Karmic Fire Lotus which meant that even if he obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, it wouldn't belong to him.

    The long hair man sneered, "You are pretty decent, to actually have an idea that a Red Karmic Fire Lotus might appear here where the immortal energy was so sparse. If I hadn't thought hard about this possibility, I'm afraid nobody would fight with you for it even for the next few months."

    The immortal energy here was already much denser than the time Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong were here. Now that the long hair man thought about it, after a few more months, more immortal energy would start flooding this place and this place wouldn't be very different from any other place in the Broken World.

    Tong Hui's excitement had completely died down and was in fact, slightly terrified now. It would still be alright if he really did obtain the Red Karmic Fire Lotus since it would be handed to the Grand Emperor of the Very High Heavens anyway. He had a firm belief that if he were to keep the Red Karmic Fire Lotus secretly, he would die a horrible death...

    Keep the Red Karmic Fire Lotus secretly? This wasn't impossible because if he did obtain it, he could hide in the 4th level of the Broken World to cultivate and only leave when he became much stronger. With the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, why would he worry that he wouldn't be able to advance to become a Grand Emperor too? Why should he hand over a treasure like this to the Very High Heavens?

    "Are you going to hand it over or not?" The long hair man's domain started forming up as it had already surrounded Tong Hui. Concurrently, he had already drawn out his magic treasure and if it wasn't for the fact that Tong Hui was slightly stronger than him, he would have attacked first.

    Tong Hui quivered at his own thoughts. He didn't even have the Red Karmic Fire Lotus on him.

    But will the opponent believe him? Killing intent suddenly started welling up in his heart because he would only be free only by killing his opponent. Otherwise, even if he managed to escape out, it would be disastrous for him once news spread that he obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. At that point in time, nobody would bother listening to his explanation.

    Attack, Tong Hui thought through things and the Glassy Lamp on his hand had already turned into a green light as it charged out. Simultaneously, his domain extended with all his force because he felt the need to end this as soon as he could.

    "I knew you wouldn't give in easily," This long hair man laughed nastily as he wielded his own magic treasure too.


    Ping Fan had already started its construction as Mo Wuji had also been working on refining the various magic arrays around Ping Fan. Despite not being able to forge out Grade 7 immortal equipments, his method of refining array flags was already considered to be very decent. Coupled with the array rune technique which he had just enlightened, he was certain that with sufficient amount of time, he would be able to forge out a Grade 7 defensive array around Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji was in charge of the installment of arrays at the Extreme Glade Sea. The installation of such arrays on land was handed completely to Lu Ming.

    Wei Zidao, who had finished the initial steps of setting up the trade union, had been following Mo Wuji to help him out as he handed the remaining tasks of the trade union to Cha Rui and Yu Saijun. Mo Wuji's array dao standard might be decent but his cultivation was still too low. If he wished to turn the Extreme Glade Sea into the encampment of Ping Fan, he would need the assistance of an Immortal Emperor.

    The good thing was that because the Ping Fan Trade Union managed to bring out large amount of rare immortal herbs which Mo Wuji provided, it was able to gather massive piles of immortal materials which were quickly sent back to the temporary encampment on the periphery of the Extreme Glade Sea for Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao to use.

    To an ordinary mortal, it might be a fantasy story to turn a thousand kilometres wide sea domain into the encampment of a sect. However, in Mo Wuji and and Wei Zidao's eyes, this wasn't a complicated matter if they collected abundant amount of resources.

    Large summits were formed up by Wei Zidao while Mo Wuji's array dao techniques combined all the land within thousands of kilometres in the periphery of the Extreme Glade Sea into one.

    The embryonic form of the magnificent and imposing school was starting to become clearer as days passed by. In just a couple of months, Wei Zidao was started to grow fonder of this place. Sect Head Mo's outline for the school was simply too precise and beautiful which made him certain that once Ping Fan is officially done, it would be the most beautiful school in the entire Immortal World. The only pity was that the immortal energy here was still sparse.

    On one fine day while Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao were putting one of the immortal summit in order, Dong Sha, who was guarding the periphery, started hurrying over anxiously, "Sect Head, there's trouble. Su Zi'An, who went out to the Cape of Peace, is escaping back with severe injuries..."
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