Chapter 715: The Mighty Elementary Immortal Reverent

    Chapter 715: The Mighty Elementary Immortal Reverent

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    Mo Wuji grabbed a few pills before sending it into Su Zi'An's mouth with an unpleasant expression. To be more specific, Su Zi'An wasn't escaping back on his own but was sent back.

    It was one of the Immortal King under Zhuo Pingan. After sending Su Zi'An back, the Immortal King left immediately.

    Presently, Su Zi'An suffered grave injuries because not only was his sea of consciousness hurt, even his primordial spirit was damaged. It could be said that if not for Mo Wuji's Zhi Nature Pills, injuries like this could cause Su Zi'An's cultivation to be wasted.

    The mighty effectiveness of the Zhi Nature Pill was seen very quickly as Su Zi'An's primordial spirit started to condense. He opened his eyes and heaved a huge sigh of relief at the sight of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji instantly used his hand to indicate that he should heal first before anything else.

    Four hours later, the pale face Su Zi'An walked out of the room.

    "How are your injuries?" Mo Wuji didn't use his spiritual will to scan through Su Zi'An.

    "Many thanks Sect Head for exhausting your precious immortal pills on me. I believe that I just need to cultivate for a period of time and my injuries would disappear completely," Su Zi'An's tone was still immensely respectful.

    He knew his own injuries the best and he was well aware that if he hadn't join Ping Fan and be under Sect Head Mo, he would find it extremely difficult to recover from injuries like this. Even if he found a peak grade treasure, his injuries would not heal within one or two days. It could take tens of thousands of years or even millions of years.

    Even though he was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage, it didn't mean that he wouldn't die of old age. Perhaps his time would be up even before his injuries were completely healed.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I have burdened you greatly with this trip. You are an advanced Immortal Reverent so how did you get hurt so badly? Who did this to you?"

    Mo Wuji was certain that it wasn't Zhuo Pingan because he had a pretty decent relationship with Zhuo Pingan previously. In fact, Zhuo Pingan owed him a favour. Even if Zhuo Pingan was unwilling to leave the Cape of Peace, he wouldn't attack Su Zi'An. Moreover, if Zhuo Pingan was the one who acted against Su Zi'An, Su Zi'An wouldn't have come back with injuries. He would certainly be dead.

    Additionally, Mo Wuji would never believe that Su Zi'An would speak rudely to offend Zhuo Pingan. Among all the experts under him, Su Zi'An was the most mature and earnest so he would definitely not do anything to anger a Grand Emperor like Zhuo Pingan.

    "The Cape of Peace had been eradicated by someone and it is merely a piece of wasteland now. Just as I was intending to enter so that I can have a look at the state of the Cape of Peace, I met an elementary Immortal Reverent expert..."

    "Hold on..." Mo Wuji used his hand to stop Su Zi'An's words, "Don't tell me that you were wounded by this elementary Immortal Reverent Stage fella?"

    Su Zi'An revealed an ashamed expression before nodding his head, "I was indeed injured by him, who I was sure had only just stepped into the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage. Even though I was only considered average in the Immortal World, I had came across and know some of the stronger Immortal Reverents. However, I had never seen one like him."

    Mo Wuji had a stern look on his face because despite not knowing Su Zi'An's actual strength, he knew that Su Zi'An was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage and had been through so much tough times in the countless of years in the Sword Prison. How could a person of his calibre not be able to match an elementary Immortal Reverent? To be completely honest, Su Zi'An almost perished in the hands of this elementary Immortal Reverent so how terrifying was this person?

    "Describe the appearance of that person to me and you have to be detailed," Mo Wuji said with a serious tone.

    "Yes," Su Zi'An pondered for a while before using his finger to draw out an image of a person in space.

    This seemed to be a man who didn't look very old with an average built, yellow face and sharp eyes. He was wearing sesame coloured shoes and robe while carrying a sword without a sheath on his back.

    "So it's him," Mo Wuji suddenly had an desperate urge to charge into the Immortal King Stage. The pity was that despite being in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage and had countless of immortal pills or even a self-created legacy, his foundations were simply too weak for him to even go close to the Immortal King Stage. Otherwise, he would have advanced to become an Immortal King even before establishing Ping Fan.

    "Sect Head recognise this person?" Su Zi'An asked hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji was surprised at how quickly Huang Sha grew because for a person who had just ascended, he only took such a short period of time to become an Immortal Reverent.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "It is normal even if the few of you don't know him. His name is Huang Sha of the Great Sword Path and had only been in the Immortal World for a short period of time. Not only was he extremely bloodthirsty, he was pretty strong too."

    "Yet another Great Sword Path's member. I shall finish him off," Wei Zidao's eyes turned cold and killing intent surged to the maximum.

    Mo Wuji replied, "The destruction of the Cape of Peace could be highly related to the Great Sword Path. Huang Sha was an incredibly crafty person so even if Right Defender Wei were to go over, you might not see him and he wouldn't fight against you. When he reappears in front of you, it would mean that Right Defender Wei would have been surrounded by Immortal Emperors of the Great Sword Path. We will seek this revenge but not now."

    "Sect Head saw this person before?" Wei Zidao asked.

    Mo Wuji was way too familiar with Huang Sha because Huang Sha tried to kill him in the Gods Tower only to be stopped by Ling Lunan. Speaking of which, he still owed Ling Lunan a favour for his saving grace back then. The pity was that Ling Lunan was trapped in the Gods Tower wishing he was dead instead.

    "Yes, I killed both his master, Sa Jian and junior brother, Ni Ju. This was why this person was constantly on the lookout for the opportunity to kill me," Mo Wuji answered.

    "Ah..." Su Zi'An was momentarily shocked before bowing respectfully to Mo Wuji, "Many thanks Sect Head Mo for avenging the Tian Ji Sect."

    Su Zi'An naturally knew who was the one who destroyed Tian Ji Sect and if it wasn't because of Sa Jian, who requested the assistance of a Quasi-Emperor of the Great Sword Path, how would he be thrown into the Sword Prison?

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Elder Su need not be so polite with me. Back in the Cultivation World, I was the sect head of the Tian Ji Sect. After arriving in the Immortal World, I've decided to establish Ping Fan which would include Tian Ji Sect naturally."

    Su Zi'An was shocked yet again before bowing pleasingly towards Mo Wuji, "Zi'An greets the sect head and ask that sect head would seek justice for Tian Ji Sect."

    Initially, Su Zi'An dared not talk too much about the matters of Tian Ji Sect but now that he knew Mo Wuji was the sect head of the Tian Ji Sect, he would naturally not have any more considerations. In his heart, he was the most desperate to rebuild Tian Ji Sect and not a Tian Ji Sect within Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "Elder Zi'An, I understand your intention. Initially, I really wanted to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect in the Immortal World. However, after stepping into a new realm, there were changes to my thoughts as I wanted to build something even greater than sects..."

    "Sect Head, you can rebuild Tian Ji Sect to become greater than any other sect too," Su Zi'An hurried to comment.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand to indicate to Su Zi'An to stop commenting first as he continued, "Previously, I didn't want to rebuild Tian Ji Sect because of my urgent desire to establish a school which contained my legacy from the start till the end. At that point in time, I wasn't completely enlightened but you must know that once I decide on something, I would never waver. The only exception was with the establishment of this school. Previously, I believe that I was the cause of why i wavered but after that nirvanic evolution which I've been through, I am finally starting to understand the meaning within."

    "What is it?" Su Zi'An asked subconsciously.

    "After I was severely injured, almost died and then came back to perfect my own dao, I started to understand why Tian Ji Sect is not suitable to become an immortal sect. Because we had yet to surpass the Heaven and Earth, we would still gain insights the rules of dao within the Heaven and Earth here. All these could also be considered to be a type of heavenly fate [1]. It would simply be a joke if someone mentioned about reestablishing the Tian Ji Sect. This meant that as long as we had yet to surpass this Heaven and Earth, and still gaining insights of the rules within it, the Tian Ji Sect would be destined to fail."

    Mo Wuji's tone became solemn as he too, was starting to understand this logic. Initially, he really wanted to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect but after his dao was starting to perfect, he was against the rebuilding of Tian Ji Sect and had even found countless of reasons to support it. Up till now, when he was about to enter the Immortal King Stage, he was beginning to understand the hidden grand dao meaning within it.

    Why did the Tian Ji Sect of the Cultivation World get poorer and poorer each year and was eventually obliterated. After reaching the Immortal World, the Tian Ji Sect here was also getting worse by the day and eventually exterminated too. In the unseen world of spirits, there seemed to a tint of dao spirituality which was constantly against the survival of the Tian Ji Sect.

    "But, the first sect head, Senior Yuan Yi found the Tian Ji Token..."

    Even without waiting for Su Zi'An to finish speaking, Mo Wuji said, "Perhaps the token was not meant for Sect Head Yuan Yi to rebuild the sect as it might contain other meanings within it."

    Su Zi'An fell silent because he knew how true the words of Sect Head Mo were. Ever since the Tian Ji Sect was established, it was directed towards it's fall. In the end, even Sect Head Yuan Yi was unable to crack the secret of the Tian Ji Sect.

    "After Ping Fan had been established, Tian Ji Sect would occupy a mountain in Ping Fan and it will be named as Heavenly Summit," Mo Wuji said as he could sense Su Zi'An's disappointment.

    Without wasting anymore time trying to convince Su Zi'An, Mo Wuji said, "I shall complete the installations of the defensive arrays outside of Ping Fan as soon as possible before heading out. Right Defender Wei would be left in charge or whatever is left undone here. Once Elder Zi'An recovered fully, he shall assist Right Defender Wei and Lu Ming to establish Ping Fan."

    "Since Sect Head is intending to head out, why don't you let Jian Mingcheng follow you?" Wei Zidao guessed that Mo Wuji would be heading out so as to find treasures to advance to become an Immortal King. He wanted Jian Mingcheng to follow Mo Wuji so that he could act as a protector in his place.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "I will be looking for opportunities to advance into the Immortal King Stage. Mingcheng is too busy so he mustn't delay projects solely because of me."

    Mo Wuji had a faint sensing that establishing Ping Fan here was extremely meaningful for him. As to the specific meaning and purpose, even he wouldn't be able to say it out.

    "Sect Head, since you're trying to advance to become an Immortal King, I have something for you," Su Zi'An hurried to take out a jade letter to draw on it.

    Half an incense later, Su Zi'An handed Mo Wuji a jade letter, "Sect Head, you are right and that Tian Ji Sect should be gone with the past. There is only one Ping Fan now."

    Mo Wuji nodded as he received the jade letter while looking pleasingly at Su Zi'An. His spiritual will scanned through the jade letter and was instantly stunned as he stared shockingly at Su Zi'An.

    "How did you know?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully because Su Zi'An actually drew out a map. This map depicted the area which was on the sect head's blurry white token. (Refer to chapter 540 if you forgot about this)

    "This was left behind by our ancestors back then and only a few people in the Tian Ji Sect knew about it. It was passed down every generation and would usually be kept among only three people in one generation," Su Zi'An explained.

    Mo Wuji finally understood how Su Zi'An's strength in the Tian Ji Sect was one of the top few so it would be normal for a personnel like him to obtain such news.
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