Chapter 716: All Men Are Equal

    Chapter 716: All Men Are Equal

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    With all these experts working together for a common purpose coupled with Mo Wuji's skills as a peak grade array master, the construction of Ping Fan was successfully completed within a year.

    This was actually because a portion of Ping Fan was built on the sea domain which would require slightly more effort than usual. Otherwise, they would have completed it within five months.

    Presently, Ping Fan occupied an area with a radius of 5000km and anywhere within 25000km of Ping Fan was also circled out. Even though the Wind Plains Immortal City was unhappy about this sudden emergence of Ping Fan claiming territory right to it's backyard, they didn't dare to do anything. Firstly, it was because their castellan was still in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins and had yet to return and secondly, almost every person who walked out of Ping Fan was at least in the Immortal Reverent Stage. These two reasons would be why the Wind Plains Immortal City chose to keep their dissatisfaction to themselves for the time being while waiting for their castellan, Dong Shanglie to return.

    Mo Wuji had actually installed a Grade 7 immortal array around the periphery of Ping Fan called the Grand Seven Transformations Ping Fan Array.

    Mo Wuji was the one who came up with the name because this grand array was the combination of his understandings towards the different types of arrays coupled with the insights he gained of the spatial array runes from the bottom of the Sword Qi River. This grand array was a combination of trap array, killing array, defensive array, illusionary array, concealment array and restriction array. The only missing one was the energy gathering array.

    Underneath Ping Fan was a grand energy gathering array which had gathered the daos of Heaven and Earth so Mo Wuji didn't need to install any energy gathering array. All he needed to do would be to guide the natural immortal energy over and this Grand Seven Transformations Ping Fan Array would be set.

    On the outside of Ping Fan was a wide bluestone path which was about 5000km long. Two rows of peak grade Immortal Camphor Wood was already growing on both sides of the path.

    The Immortal Camphor Wood was a peak grade immortal wood grown by many sects of the Immortal World. Not only was the body of this immortal wood perfectly straight, it had a wide treetop and even released clear energy which could gladden the heart.

    Besides the bluestone path and Immortal Camphor Wood, there was also a wide sect protecting river. This river was not meant to ensure the safety of the sect but to set off the scenery of the sect. On the periphery of this river was the large fertile land for agriculture established by Ping Fan.

    This fertile land was meant for mortals living within Ping Fan to grow crops because fishermen of the Extreme Glade Sea had been moved into the territory of Ping Fan.

    Within Ping Fan itself, there were a few huge districts namely the Mortal District, Immortal District, Mortal Transaction District, Immortal Transaction District and Immortal-Mortal Transaction District.

    There were no restrictions to these districts and anyone would be able to visit any of the district. For example, mortals can enter the immortals district and vice versa.

    Everyone who wished to enter Ping Fan could only enter from the main entrance and other possible ways of entering near the Extreme Glade Sea had already been sealed off by arrays. Even though Ping Fan had only covered 25000km of land, Ping Fan had actually circled out an area of 500,000km radius nearer to the Extreme Glade Sea. In fact, the Extreme Glade Sea had been renamed as the Ping Fan Extreme Glade Sea which would be limited to the personal use of Ping Fan. As long as one was in the Extreme Glade Sea, one would be in the turf of Ping Fan.

    At the entrance of Ping Fan was a massive stone tablet which was inscribed with the words, "One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal"

    Suspending above it were two huge words: Ping Fan.


    In the temporary main mountain, Wei Zidao, Nie Chongan, Jian Mingcheng, Cha Rui, Su Zi'An, Fei Ling and co. were standing on the humongous plaza. Behind them was a majestic Ping Fan Hall and in front of them was the vast and boundless sea which would please the heart at the sight of it. Having built this gorgeous looking school from scratch all by themselves, everyone was exceptionally satisfied with it.

    Previously, this place was filled with either the sea or desert and now it is filled with huge mountains, greenlands, rivers and etc. As huge mountains were slowly erected, they were now the holy land of each immortal clans here.

    Even though immortal beasts were not released here yet, everyone could imagine the gorgeous scenery here in the future.

    "Sect Head is indeed incredible to actually think of turning the Extreme Glade Sea into a portion of our sect and then building up such a magnificently beautiful school. In the future when we shift even more beautiful looking immortal mountains in, Ping Fan would only look increasingly alluring," Cha Rui said pleasingly.

    He was one who truly admired Mo Wuji as the sect head from the bottom of his heart because in his eyes, the sect head was nothing but incredibly capable.

    Nie Chongan sighed, "There is only one bad point, moreover..."

    Hearing Nie Chongan's words, everyone fell silent because everyone knew what Nie Chongan was talking about. The immortal energy here was simply too sparse so no matter how beautiful this school looked, it would simply be a tourist attraction without immortal energy here. The density of immortal energy was the true key to whether a sect would be able to gain a foothold in the Immortal World.

    Wei Zidao sighed once more because all the places in the Immortal World with good immortal veins producing immortal energy had long been taken by the other sects. Why would there be any good spare spot left for Ping Fan to establish?

    The sect head's choice to establish Ping Fan here was also because he had no other choice.


    Mo Wuji's heart was desperate because Ping Fan looked complete on the surface but he knew that he was only one more step away from completing it.

    That was guiding the immortal energy into Ping Fan itself. The instance he could guide the immortal energy into the defensive arrays and various sects within Ping Fan, he would have completed the construction of Ping Fan. Only at the point in time would he be able to leave Ping Fan.

    When Mo Wuji entered the Extreme Glade Sea, he found out with huge surprise that Fu Jingfeng was already in the Spirit Building Stage Level 4 while Lian Yingxian's speed seemed to have slowed down. Even so, Lian Yingxian was already in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    Mo Wuji was still satisfied at their progress and estimated that these two should be ending their closed doors cultivation very soon because the Inedia Pills he gave Fu Jingfeng was almost completely exhausted. Since this was the case, he decided to wait for these two to finish their cultivation before finding the opportunity to advance into the Immortal King Stage.

    After setting up the defensive array for Ping Fan, Mo Wuji's array dao had advanced to yet another level. Despite not entering the ranks of a Grade 8 Array Master, his understanding of void runes became even more thorough than before.

    Void runes was a brand new concept and even in the Immortal World, most immortal array masters required array flags to install arrays. Mo Wuji's void runes had replaced the traditional array flags and drawing of array foundation. Nobody in the Immortal World had actually understood such a concept yet.

    It could be said that there wouldn't be many immortal array masters who could break open the Grand Seven Transformations Ping Fan Array which he installed. This was of course, unless it was destroyed forcefully.

    However, it was simply a joke if someone could forcefully destroy the Grand Seven Transformations Ping Fan Array. There was sufficient immortal energy beneath the Extreme Glade Sea and Ping Fan had many Immortal Reverents and even Immortal Emperors. Under the protections offered by these experts of Ping Fan, Mo Wuji would simply be too useless if someone could still forcefully destroy his array.

    This was unless there were more than 10 Immortal Emperors attacking his Grand Seven Transformations Ping Fan Array at one time. However, Mo Wuji guessed that even the combined number of the Immortal Emperors from the Great Sword Path, Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School wouldn't even add up to 10. Moreover, he would obliterate one of these sect even before all of them could realise what was going on.


    Back at the main mountain, Wei Zidao, who was about to comfort the rest of them, started experiencing a tremble as he looked shockingly at the surrounding.

    It wasn't just Wei Zidao because everyone else started looking astonishingly at the surrounding too.

    At this moment, dense immortal energy started flowing in and everyone was certain that even the peak grade immortal sects wouldn't have such dense immortal energy flowing in their surrounding. Furthermore, the area covered by this immortal energy was continually expanding and soon, the entire Ping Fan Immortal School was shrouded by dense immortal energy.

    "I understand now..." Wei Zidao finally woke up to his senses. He was right that how could a figure like Mo Wuji choose such an ordinary piece of land to establish Ping Fan?

    It seemed like that most pleasing point about Ping Fan was not it's gorgeous scenery or architecture but the great density of immortal energy here. He had no idea how Sect Head Mo did it but he wouldn't want to know too. All he knew was that he was the Revered Right Protector of Ping Fan now.

    "Hahaha, this is indeed the number one school," Even the usually quiet Jian Mingcheng laughed out loud as he commented. He would naturally not go back on what he promised but at the thought of having the need to cultivate outside his Ping Fan while being a member of Ping Fan still felt like it wasn't the most appropriate.

    Now that his Sect Head had brought in such dense immortal energy coupled with the great number of experts here in Ping Fan, it would definitely be a matter of time before Ping Fan truly became the number one school in the Immortal World.

    "I am sensing a great Dao opportunity so I shall make my move first," Nie Chongan said excitedly as he charged out instantly. He had charged straight to his own temporary mountain because he wanted to enter the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage there.

    At almost the same moment Nie Chongan left, Wei Zidao and co. started parting ways too. It wasn't just Nie Chongan who felt the opportunity because even Wei Zidao felt the urgent need to go behind closed doors. Jian Mingcheng sensed the calling of the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage while Fei Ling was also desperate to charge into the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage.

    The truth was that after coming out of the Sword Prison, many of them had already accumulated enough experience to breakthrough to the next level. The only reason why they didn't do so was because of the lack of immortal energy here. Now that Mo Wuji had brought in such dense immortal energy, breakthrough would come naturally.


    Mo Wuji had just guided the immortal energy out and before he could seal the immortal vein here, a clear and thorough enlightenment surged up to his mind.

    He saw a Grand Dao which was broader than Heaven and Earth, sense a vast and boundless energy of the Heaven and Earth and started to enlighten a path of Grand Dao which belonged solely to him.

    Mo Wuji's body shivered and he could almost let out a loud cry into the air.

    All along, whether he used the immortal energy to cultivate or use his dao revelation channel, he wasn't never able to sense the Immortal King's barrier.

    Today, after completing the installations of Ping Fan and guiding of the immortal energy, he was finally able to sense the barrier of the Immortal King Realm.

    What he was lacking now would be the necessary tribulation. With the cultivation level Mo Wuji had achieved thus far together with his God Physique Level 6's body, going through tribulation would be as easy as breathing to him.

    "So this is how it is," Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as he finally understood why he was previously unable to sense the Immortal King Realm. This was because his dao words had yet to be completed. Ever since he started cultivating as a mortal without spiritual roots, this was his own path of legacy.

    During this period of time, he had also sensed that he should pass down his legacy. A formless promise like this had already became his dao node.

    The legacy of a Grand Dao can never be completed by one person because no matter how strong or incredible Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be able to single handedly maintain his legacy forever. Only after he established Ping Fan and created a true legacy which belonged to him, he would then be able to further undergo nirvanic evolution.

    Today, he did it and also understood that true dao was one that could be passed down to the next generation.
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