Chapter 717: Entering The Fight For The Red Lotus

    Chapter 717: Entering The Fight For The Red Lotus

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    "Senior Brother, you are back..." Lian Yingxian's voice woke Mo Wuji from his deep thoughts as he saw a surprised Lian Yingxian walking over to him. As compared to the first time he saw her, Lian Yingxian had an additional indescribable elegance aura exuding from her.

    "Junior Sister Lianxian, congratulations on your cultivation success. How was it? Did you recall anything of the past?" Mo Wuji answered pleasingly.

    Fortunately, he didn't accept Lian Yingxian as his disciple previously because if he did, it would definitely be super awkward for him in the future. Lian Yingxian's origins was definitely not simple.

    Lian Yingxian shook her head, "After I've opened up past the 99 meridians, my cultivation started rising at an insane rate. There were instances where I advanced to the next level once every few days but more recently, my speed seemed to be slowing down."

    Mo Wuji nodded as he predicted that Lian Yingxian should be similar to him when he was close to becoming an Immortal King in a sense that she would need some fate for the right opportunity to come by too.

    "Go and call Jingfeng out because I am about to seal this place up as the two of you wouldn't need to cultivate here in the future anymore," Mo Wuji said. Other than himself, no one else would be allowed to enter this place because this would become the source of immortal energy for Ping Fan aka the most important place in Ping Fan.

    "Alright," Lian Yingxian hurried to call out for Fu Jingfeng without questioning further. Despite being at the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, there wasn't any exceptional thoughts within her subconscious mind because to her, she still felt like she was a fisher folk living by the seaside.

    "Master, you're back!" Fu Jingfeng's happiness could be seen from his tone at the sight of Mo Wuji. During his cultivation, he had came out a few times before but everytime he came out, Mo Wuji wasn't around and since Lian YIngxian was always behind closed doors, he had no choice but to continue cultivating.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Not bad, your progress is still decent. Let's go then, Ping Fan is completed so you and Yingxian wouldn't need to stay here to cultivate anymore."


    Fu Jingfeng and Lian Yingxian never had any concept of how Ping Fan was going to be built or when it will be completed but they were in complete daze when they stood on the main mountain of Ping Fan. The vast, majestic and boundless energy of Ping Fan coupled with the gorgeous looking scenery in front of them made them understood what Mo Wuji meant when he said that Ping Fan was completed.

    "Sect head!" When Su Zi'An and Cha Rui spotted Mo Wuji, they hurried over to greet him with an agitated voice. Even till now, they were still in shock from when they witnessed the immensely dense immortal energy around them.

    The first was the first time they realised how different Ping Fan was compared to the other schools or sects. In some other sects, their immortal energy might be just as strong but those were probably where the sect elders or experts go behind closed doors or lived. In Ping Fan, the density of immortal energy throughout the school was homogenous.

    Mo Wuji was also very satisfied because establishing Ping Fan was considered fulfilling one of his wishes to pass down his dao legacy.

    "When we obliterate the Great Sword Path and shift all of their immortal mountains over to Ping Fan, all of you can start choosing your own immortal mountains to live in," Mo Wuji still felt that there were too little peak grade immortal mountains in Ping Fan to display their actual strength and power.

    His spiritual will had detected that Wei Zidao and co. were all preparing to charge into the next realm. Su Zi'An and Cha Rui needed to advance to become Immortal Emperors but because they still have yet to sense that opportunity, they chose to stay put and admire everything around them.

    "Sect Head, when will we be going to obliterate the Great Sword Path?" Su Zi'An asked anxiously because the greatest enemy of everyone at Ping Fan was the Great Sword Path. Su Zi'An had great enmity with the Great Sword Path because the Tian Ji Sect of the Immortal World was exterminated by the Great Sword Path.

    Mo Wuji murmured, "When I advanced to the Immortal King Stage, I will go out to find Immortal Emperor Pingan. Regardless of whether I found him, the instance I returned would be the time to obliterate the Great Sword Path."

    Mo Wuji was already intending to find the location of that blurry map on the Tian Ji Sect's head token as his main purpose would be to find Immortal King Qi Ji. Now that he had completed establishing Ping Fan and had touched the rim of the Immortal King Stage, there was no rush for him so he decided to advance into the Immortal King before anything else.

    The reasons why he wanted to find Immortal Emperor Pingan was firstly because he needed a Grand Emperor like Zhuo Pingan. Secondly, he was worried about Zhuo Pingan's safety.

    Hearing that his sect head wished to advance to become an Immortal King, Cha Rui hurried to reply, "Sect Head, I've just obtained news from Junior Sister Saijun that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus have appeared in the fourth level of the Broken World. If Sect Head is interested in the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, you shouldn't advance into the Immortal King Stage for now. I've heard that Immortal Kings are not allowed to enter the fourth level of the Broken World."

    "The Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Mo Wuji was naturally well aware of a treasure like the Red Karmic Fire Lotus because there were legends spreading about it even back on Earth. This was a peak grade treasure and rumours described it as a Xiantian treasure.

    Cha Rui replied confidently, "Yes, Junior Sister Saijun had been outside hosting the matters of the trade union so her news were very extensive. When the Blade Scar Mountain's Tong Hui and the Revolving Soul Dao's Fei Suo both found the Red Karmic Fire Lotus at the same time, both of them had an intense fight in the fourth level of the Broken World. Eventually, both of them fled because of the appearance of a third party. Now everyone in the fourth level of the Broken World was looking for both Tong Hui and Fei Suo.

    "I will head over to the Broken World first," Mo Wuji changed his mind without hesitation.

    It was considered his fate to have seen the Red Karmic Fire Lotus once and not only did he saw it once, he heard about it once again. For a treasure like this, since he heard and knew about it, he wouldn't let it go.

    As for advancing into the Immortal King Stage, he could do it anytime he wanted.

    "Zi'An, after I leave, you shall be the temporary deputy sect head to help me manage everything in Ping Fan. Once Right Defender Wei and co. succeeded in their cultivation, help me tell them to ensure the stability of Ping Fan."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji took out yet another two array flags and a jade letter to pass it to Su Zi'An, "These two array flags would be used to ignite the defensive array, one for the day and one for the night. This jade letter contained Ping Fan's objective and rules as we move forward. Everyone, mortals or immortals must follow the rules no matter what. Also, everyone who wishes to live permanently in Ping Fan would have to go through the regulated procedure strictly."

    "Roger that!" Su Zi'An took over the array flags and jade letter respectfully as he watched upon the 'all Men are equal' sign.

    "Elder Cha, go and bring back Saijun now. Since Ping Fan had been established, the future auctions and matters shall be done here at Ping Fan."

    "Yes, Sect Head," Cha Hui bowed and acknowledged Mo Wuji's orders.

    Ever since the sect head entered the Vine Mountain of Safety, he had witnessed how his sect head got things done and how Ping Fan was built from scratch. Everytime Sect Head Mo gave an order, he would not hesitate to execute it.

    "Zi'An, this is my Junior Sister Lian Yingxian and direct disciple Fu Jingfeng. When I am not around, help me make some arrangements for them. Yingxian and Jingfeng, come over to greet your senior. Su Zi'An, Ping Fan's Deputy Sect Head. Cha Rui, Ping Fan's External Affairs Elder," Mo Wuji initially wanted to bring Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng to witness his lightning tribulation. However, now that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus had appeared, he would have to delay his lightning tribulation for a while.

    "Greetings Deputy Sect Head Su, greetings Elder Cha," Lian Yingxian and Fu Jingfeng regained their composure to show their respect.

    Hearing that Fu Jingfeng was their sect head's direct disciple and Lian Yingxian was their sect head's junior sister, both Su Zi'An and Cha Rui dared not offend them.

    "I will be leaving first," Mo Wuji was anxious so after giving his instructions, he turned and left in a jiffy.

    Su Zi'An was emotional because he didn't expect the Sect Head to task him with such important matters. He would follow everything his sect head instructed him strictly so as to not disappoint his sect head.

    At the thought of this, Su Zi'An's spiritual will landed on the jade letter which Mo Wuji handed him and his expression changed drastically.

    "What is it?" Cha Rui noticed Su Zi'An's change of expression so he hurried to ask.

    Su Zi'An said with a pale face, "Sect Head actually let want equality among everyone who stayed at Ping Fan, regardless of immortals or mortals..."

    There was one more sentence which he didn't mention and that was if an immortal kill a mortal without reason, he would have to pay with his life. Even buddhist sects who practiced equality among people wouldn't dare to set such rules and they would at most reproach them and then used the excuse of buddhist dao to forgive and not kill the offender.

    Cha Rui patted Su Zi'An's shoulder as he said, "Zi'An, let's just follow Sect Head's instruction. We might not understand Sect Head's Dao now but up till today, has he made a mistake?"

    Looking at the boundless and majestic Ping Fan in front of him, Su Zi'An nodded convincingly as he believed Mo Wuji assigned this task to himself because Mo Wuji trust that he would be able to do it without fail.


    Mo Wuji really did believe that Su Zi'An would be able to do his job well despite only being at the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage. This was because Su Zi'An did things with extreme caution and didn't display any arrogance like most immortals. One fine example was how Su Zi'An was able to bring the few Tian Ji Sect disciples out from the Sword Prison in fine fettle.

    More importantly, Su Zi'An was deeply loyal to him and Mo Wuji could feel it perhaps because he was originally the sect head of the Tian Ji Sect.

    Adding these reasons together, Mo Wuji could hand over Ping Fan to him with his heart at ease before heading towards the Broken World.


    In the fourth level of the Broken World, Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er's faces were extremely pale.

    For some unknown reasons, nobody visited this place over the past two years but there had been too many people rushing over recently which meant that the two of them could only continue hiding.

    "Senior Sister, what should we do?" Dou Hualong was very anxious because if they hadn't come first, they would have been spotted by others. Now that there were so many people surging in, spotting them would only be a matter of time.

    "These people didn't come here for us so we just need to try our best to head towards where there are denser immortal energy..."

    "But everyone coming in came from where immortal energy was denser so if we leave now, we would be meet all of them," Dou Hualong said worryingly even before Su Rou'Er could finish her words.

    Why would Su Rou'Er not know of this but Dou Hualong and herself really had nowhere else to go at this moment. These people definitely didn't come for them otherwise, they would have been stopped a long time ago.

    "Senior Sister, why don't we throw the Red Karmic Fire Lotus away," Dou Hualong had followed Su Rou'Er for such a long time so he would naturally know that it would only be a matter of time before they were caught if he continued to carry the Red Karmic Fire Lotus around.

    After all, all he did was to hide the Red Karmic Fire Lotus and hadn't refine it yet. Any leakage of energy around this place would expose them to everyone.
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