Chapter 718: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Reappears

    Chapter 718: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Reappears

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    "Hahaha, you guys really know how to hide. To actually hide in this god forsaken place for so long. If the Red Karmic Fire Lotus hadn't been revealed here, this immortal wouldn't have found you two ants..." A loud laughter caused Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong to go still.

    The red robed Fu Zhensong had already appeared in front of the two of them. Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er felt as though they had been dunked in a tub of ice as their entire bodies turned cold.

    Fu Zhensong's laughter suddenly stopped. He suddenly thought of something and his voice actually started to quiver, "You two have always been hiding here. Could it be that the two of you have found..."

    Fu Zhensong's idea shocked even himself. He gradually started to feel that his idea might actually be true.

    Now, the news, that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was likely to appear in the location where immortal spiritual energy was sparse, had been spreading throughout the entire fourth level. These two Tian Ji Sect ants had been hiding in this place the entire time. Who else but them could have taken the Red Karmic Fire Lotus?

    Thereafter, Fu Zhensong shook his head. The news that was being spread was very clear; two Grand Zhi Immortals had seen the Red Karmic Fire Lotus at the same time which resulted in a battle that caught the attention of others.

    "Go aond die then." Fu Zhensong opened his palm and a silver spade light shot towards Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong.

    Su Rou'Er furiously ignited her vital essence and she stabbed out with her blue mountain dagger. However, Su Rou'Er's blue mountain dagger was like a firefly against Fu Zhensong's powerful spade light.

    "Boom!" The light from the blue mountain dagger was directly devoured as Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong were simultaneously sent flying.

    From the start to the end, Dou Hualong didn't even have the opportunity to make a single move.

    An entire groove of blood extended from the bottom of Su Rou'Er's chin all the way past her chest. Fresh blood instantly stained Su Rou'Er's body.

    "Hualong, I can't beat this person. I will try to drag him, hurry and flee..." Su Rou'Er's face was slightly pale, her voice was filled with anxiety.

    Dou Hualong did not hesitate to say, "I definitely won't escape. Even if I have to risk my life, I will make sure that this animal..."

    "Shut up." Su Rou'Er shouted anxiously, "He's a Grand Zhi Immortal. Even if you risk your life, it would still be useless..."

    Su Rou'Er didn't continue speaking; she knew that it would be useless. Today, both Dou Hualong and her wouldn't be able to escape alive.

    Fu Zhensong had already walked over. He chuckled, "If I still allow you two ants to escape today, then I, Fu Zhensong...."

    Fu Zhensong suddenly stopped talking. He saw a youth in brown robes walking over. Even though one could be ambushed at any moment while in the fourth level, this brown robed youth was strolling in a carefree and relaxed manner. What left Fu Zhensong shjocked was that this brown robed youth was emanating a terrifying aura which seemed capable of devouring the heavens and splitting the earths. It felt as though this youth could crush him with a single finger.

    This brown robed youth's eyes landed on him. He instantly felt an intensely cold sensation; he even starrted to shiver unconsciously. He knew that the strongest cultivation that could enter the Broken World's fourth level was the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. However, the gaze from this person caused him to suspect that even Immortal Kings wouldn't be a match for this brown robed youth.

    Fortunately, this brown robed youth didn't look at him for long. It seemed as though he, Fu Zhensong, was nothing more than an ant in this youth's eyes.

    The brown robed youth then swept his eyes across Su Rou'Er. Immediately, his gaze was fixed.

    His heart started to point with an intense feeling. His eyes did not shift away from Su Rou'Er.

    Perhaps this girl wasn't the prettiest. But her gentle beauty contained an indescribable quality that engraved a mark in his heart. Even though her face was pale, it still wasn't enough to conceal this quality of hers. This was the first time his heart moved because of a woman, and this was the first woman that made his heart move.

    "What's your name?" This brown robed youth voice suddenly turned gentle.

    "Su Rou'Er." Su Rou'Er struggled to stand up and she carefully retreated. This brown robed man was very strong, but she only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

    Feeling Su Rou'Er's fragilty and fear, an intense sense of desire arose in this brown robed man's heart. He was unable to discern whether it was a desire to own, or a desire to protect, or something else all together.

    He slowly turned his head and his eyes landed on Fu Zhensong. His voice was icy cold as he said, "You were the one who injured her?"

    Fu Zhensong's voice was quivering as he hurriedly said, "Senior, I..."

    Fu Zhensong immediately felt an explosive and intense pressure. He even started to feel suffocated; this suffocating pressure seemed to force him to kneel on the ground.

    "Hurry and go." Su Rou'Er pulled Dou Hualong and they anxiously fled. Even though this brown robed man saved her and seemed to view her with favour, she still felt afraid. She could sense an intense desire in that brown robed man's eyes, and that desire caused her to be filled with fear.

    "Senior, they're going..." Fu Zhensong hurriedly said when he saw Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong flee. He hoped that this brown robed man would chase after Su Rou'Er and let him go.

    "I know. Because you harmed her, you need to pay with your life," This brown robed youth said indifferently. He didn't chase after Su Rou'Er. He knew that as long as he wanted to, he could easily find Su Rou'Er.

    Hearing that this brown robed man was going to kill him, Fu Zhensong cried out anxiously, "Senior, you can't kill me. I'm a disciple of the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao. I'm also the manager of the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao's merchant house in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."

    This brown robed youth sneered, "Is the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao very impressive? After you die, you can tell your Empty Mirror Immortal Dao that the person who killed you was Lei Hongji."

    Just when Fu Zhensong was wondering who Lei Hongji was, a lightning sword shot over as fast as electricity. He could clearly see this lightning sword but he was unable to dodge it.

    "Pff!" A light of blood flashed. Fu Zhensong could even smell the charred smell from his own body. His eyes were filled with despair but he was unwilling to close them. He wasn't willing to die like that.

    "Pa! Pa! Pa!" The sound of applause could be heard. Lei Hongji turned his head. A black faced monk slowly walked over. This monk even had a scar on his face.

    This person seems familiar, Lei Hongji furrowed his brows. This was an ordinary looking monk, so ordinary to the point that he looked just like a mortal. This monk didn't even seem to emit form of immortal aura.

    "Not bad. Your lightning sword is even faster than mine. I heard that you have entered Lightning Sect. Did Lei Guyun, that old fogey, teach you any lightning-type sacred arts?" That black faced monk had already walked right in front of him.

    This Lei Hongji, who filled Fu Zhensong with fear, did not seem terrifying at all in front of this black faced monk.

    "Who are you exactly?" Lei Hongji asked coldly. Even though he knew that he was definitely stronger than the other party, he had a peculiar feeling. This person definitely wasn't simple, and this person even felt rather familiar.

    "I will say who I am later. Actually, I do know this person that you're killing, he's the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao's Fu Zhensong. Those years ago, I spared his life, but I never thought that he would eventually be killed by you. Rest assured, I will definitely bring this matter to light. Facing your Lightning Sect, the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao is nothing but an ant. Oh right, when your Lightning Sect destroys the Empty Mirror Immortal Dao, don't forget to call me over. I will go over and watch the show... Oh, I forgot. You might not necessarily be able to leave here." This black faced monk rambled on as though he was chitchatting with a friend.

    Lei Hongji gasped. He had already recognised this person in front of him, "I was thinking who would be so arrogant in front of me, Lei Hongji, So it's you, Rogue Cultivator 2705."

    The black faced monk chuckled, "Lei Hongji, there are few who know that I am Rogue Cultivator 2705. But there are also few who don't know that I am Mo Wuji."

    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he wiped his face.

    The appearance of the black robed monk vanished without a trace and Mo Wuji appeared in front of Lei Hongji in his original appearance. He seemed to have grown significantly taller and his body was perfect as though it was sculpted. He also had a pair of bright eyes which seemed capable of seeing through a person. This even left Lei Hongji feeling slightly jealous. He had always thought that he was handsome. Unfortunately, his eyes were slightly long and narrow, which spoiled his overall aethestics.

    Mo Wuji clearly looked very ordinary, but Lei Hongji could not help but feel an intense pressure. He seemed to have met his final opponent. Just like Fu Zhensong, he also had felt suffocated. However, he knew that this was an illusion. It was all because of the heavy pressure that Mo Wuji had on him, as well as the deep hatred that he felt towards Mo Wuji.

    "Mo Wuji, since we've met here today, then let's settle all our grudges." Lei Hongji calmed down. His enmity with Mo Wuji was as deep as the sea; it could only be resolved when one of them was killed by the other.

    At this instant, he even felt thankful. He was grateful that those three Grand Emperors and that Quasi-Emperor weren't successful in killing Mo Wuji. Otherwise, how would he, Lei Hongji, be able to personally take his revenge?

    Lei Hongji opened his hand and a huge lightning hammer appeared in his palm. At this instant, it wasn't just Lei Hongji's body which seemed to be dancing with electricity, even his lightning hammer was brimming with lightning.

    An intense energy instantly filled this entire space. Under this lightning energy, some of the wild grass directly withered and turned into dust.

    A sharp and sword-like domain instantly expanded and swept towards Mo Wuji.

    A serious expression appeared in Mo Wuji's eyes. This was the first time he was fighting with Lei Hongji, but he was not unfamiliar with Lei Hongji. He could faintly feel that Lei Hongji's power would rise explosively every time he advances in cultivation.

    Feeling Lei Hongji's sword-like domain surge over, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to form his whirlpool domain.

    "Boom!" The lightning swords within Lei Hongji's domain exploded within Mo Wuji's domain. Trails of lightning filled the air.

    Far away, some cultivators felt this terrifying energy and they all skirted pass.

    Emotions filled Lei Hongji's eyes. This wasn't revenge, but desire. Since he stepped into the True Lake Stage, he had never met an opponent. No one knew of his secret; at every instnat, his talent was evolving. In other words, there would be a day when his talent was number one in the entire universe.

    It was exactly because of this, that he wanted to know of Mo Wuji's secret which allowed Mo Wuji to keep up with him in terms of cultivation level.
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