Chapter 719: The Fated Battle

    Chapter 719: The Fated Battle

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    It never came to Lei Hongji that Mo Wuji would be his match. No one in the same stage had ever been a batch for him. Even Immortal Kings had fell under his hand.

    He had also investigated Mo Wuji's escape from the Immortal Emperors clearly; Mo Wuji was only able to do so because of his Immortal Emperor level puppet. A more important reason was that the Immortal Emperors didn't want to kill Mo Wuji. Back when they attacked Mo Wuji, all of them held back. It was just that they never expected Mo Wuji's body to be so strong that he managed to draw the Immortal Emperors' attacks to tear a gap in space.

    Lei Hongji slammed out with his lightning hammer once more. The sound of rumbling thunder filled the air, and the entire area in a radius of 5 kilometers became enveloped in dancing lightning. [1]

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and slashed out with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. A wave of crashing sand filled the air, and this sand instantly transformed into halberd light which saturated the entire space within 5 kilometers.

    "Boom!" The majestic lightning bolts crashed against the boundless halberd light and exploded in mid air. Deep gorges were plowed out of the ground as a startling, boundless and majestic energy inundated the air.

    "Pff! Pff! Pff!" Ten beams of halberd light penetrated through the web of lightning and pierced through Lei Hongji's body, drawing out a few minute trails of blood.

    At the same time, Lei Hongji saw many more lightning bolts land on Mo Wuji.

    Lei Hongji smiled in disdain. He knew that these lightning bolts weren't able to heavily injure Mo Wuji, but he could continue to slowly tear Mo Wuji inch by inch using his lightning bolts.

    But at the very next instant, Lei Hongji was stunned still. Mo Wuji's halberd light managed to leave some temporary scars on his body. However, his bolts of lightning didn't even seem to cause a ripple when they landed on Mo Wuji. They didn't even cause a crease on Mo Wuji's robes.

    Lei Hongji's pupils constricted. Mo Wuji was able divert away the attack of several Grand Emperors; this meant that Mo Wuji was a powerful physique tempering expert. However, he didn't think that Mo Wuji's physique would be strong to such a degree, that his lightning web wasn't even able to leave a scratch. He was extremely clear of how powerful his lightning web was; just one of his lightning bolts was enough to tear a huge scar on an Immortal King.

    A solemn expression condensed on Lei Hongji's face; Mo Wuji was the only person at the same stage that could deal with him. Back when Mo Wuji used his whirlpool domain to counter his lightning sword domain, he still wasn't particularly surprised. But now that he saw how powerful Mo Wuji's physique was, he started to treat Mo Wuji as a true opponent.

    He lifted his lightning hammer, and even before he brought it down, a loud and deafening thunder resounded through the air. The air seemed to turn heavy; it felt as though the entire space was rumbling due to the thunder.

    Mo Wuji also turned serious. In that previous exchange, he felt that his Grand Desert actually wasn't able to gain the upper. If he was dealing with an ordinary Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal, his Grand Desert would easily have restrained the other party. Thereafter, his opponent could only get slaughtered within his domain.

    However, Lei Hongji's lightning web not only negated his Grand Desert halberd light, it was also able to counter his domaoin.

    Previously, Mo Wuji did not intentionally allow for those lightning bolts to land on him. They only managed to do so because his domain had been ripped apart by the combined forces of Lei Hongji's lightning sword domain and lightning web attack.

    If Lei Hongji's lightning web was merely a probing attack, then this current hammer which had yet to be brought down was the real killer move. That rumbling thunder was formless and indiscernible. It wasn't a sound-type attack, but it was actually able to cause a person to feel pressure and danger.

    Mo Wuji calmed down; Lei Hongji had his huge self-confidence, and likewise, he had his own pride. It could be said that ever since he found his Mortal Dao, he had never lost against someone of the stage stage.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd slowly drew an arc in midair. As this arc was being drawn, the oppressive thunder from the lightning hammer gradually weakened.

    An unending river seemed to form and cascade downwards; a long and winding river of halberd light was conjured among the rumbling thunder.

    The halberd light was powerful, like a surging silver river. With its power which seemed capable of tearing space itself, it wrapped around Lei Hongji. Even immortals that were hundreds of kilometers away could feel the intense killing intent within this halberd light. This killing intent was not concealed in any manner as it burst forth in full power.

    Lei Hongji still had a calm expression on his face. At this moment, the solemn thunder in the air had disappeared. What replaced it was a descending lightning hammer which seemed capable of disintegrating the dome of the heavens.

    The immortals that were spectating this battle from far away could also feel the immense pressure as this terrifying lightning hammer came down. Many of them instantly coughed out fresh blood and they immediately retreated. With their abilities, they did not even have the rights to watch such a terrifying battle.

    Lei Hongji didn't only have a calm expression on his face, even his eyes were as still as a pool of dead water. There was never an opponent in the same stage that could defend against his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji was just a Grand Luo Immortal. Even if Mo Wuji was an Immortal King, Mo Wuji could only die against his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    He acknowledged that this halberd river of Mo Wuji's was very terrifying. But even if it was any better, it could not compare against his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    The sky instantly dimmed and thunder filled the air once more. At the same time, the dazzling halberd light started to get increasingly bright and blinding.

    The cascading river finally crashed against this terrifying lightning hammer!

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"


    It felt as thought the entire world was exploding.

    At this instant, the Winding River had been shattered to pieces and exploded into millions of halberd light. As for the lightning hammer, it was only slowed down briefly before it continued on its descent.

    Mo Wuji immediately coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood; his Winding River was actually unable to defend against his opponent's lightning hammer. Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock, but the fire in his heart began to burn with greater intensity.

    Ever since he started cultivating, he had never met an expert like Lei Hongji. Lei Hongji had the same cultivation as him, and even had such incredible means. Only battling such a person had true meaning.

    Lei Hongji forcefully swallowed his fresh blood back down his throat. He was equally filled with shock. He didn't know that Mo Wuji's Winding River was not one of Mo Wuji's most impressive sacred arts, but he was very clear that his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer was one of his.

    According to what he thought, his lightning hammer would not even slow down as it destroyed Mo Wuji's Winding River, and it would continue to descend down on Mo Wuji and smash him into pieces.

    But what did he see? His lightning hammer did manage to shatter Mo Wuji's Winding River, but it actually slowed down for a brief moment. During that moment, a gap appeared in the space sealed by his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer, and this gap was enough got Mo Wuji to escape through.

    Lei Hongji had never felt such an intense a killing intent as he did now. He definitely had to eliminate Mo Wuji today.

    An ordinary looking longsword appeared in Lei Hongji's hand. The longsword began to conjure up a beam of white light. Lei Hongji was sure that Mo Wuji would definitely retreat; as long as Mo Wuji retreated, his longsword would shred Mo Wuji into pieces.

    Tian Ji Sword? The light in Mo Wuji's eyes condensed the moment Lei Hongji took out the longsword. He could feel the aura of Tian Ji Sword.

    However, it didn't matter whether Lei Hongji would take out Tian Ji Sword or not, Mo Wuji had never intended on letting the other party go. He did not think that his Winding River was worse than his opponent, it was merely because his understandings towards Winding River were still shallow.

    As his Winding River got split and dispersed, how could Mo Wuji continue to allow Lei Hongji to feel arrogant? He did not even move as he stared straight at the descending 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer and punched at it.

    Domain Smashing Fist. The punch that had its own domain.

    Mo Wuji did not believe that his fist wasn't able to defeat his opponent's lightning hammer.

    When Lei Hongji saw that Mo Wuji didn't retreat, he instantly jolted. Thereafter, he saw that Mo Wuji had actually used a fist to deal against his lightning hammer and he started to chuckle.

    It didn't matter how impressive Mo Wuji's name was, whether he was Rogue Cultivator 2705 or Star Lord of Star King Mountain. Logically, Mo Wuji shouldn't be so stupid. But today, Mo Wuji actually did such a stupid thing. He could not help but laugh hysterically. He was sure that no matter how strong Mo Wuji's physique was, Mo Wuji still wouldn't be able to use a fist to deal with his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    Mo Wuji didn't even care about Lei Hongji's hysterical laughter. His Domain Smashing Fist contained the energy of an immortal domain, drawing in waves of immortal spiritual energy which landed on the descending lightning hammer.

    "Boom!" A violent explosion resounded through the air. Just like how the previous lightning hammer hammer shattered Mo Wuji's Winding River, the boundless lightning dancing on the lightning hammer were instantly scattered.

    The immortal spiritual energy in the 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer were also blasted away by Mo Wuji's fist, causing the lightning hammer to shrink rapidly.

    Immediately, Lei Hongji felt as though his internal organs were exploding from the inside. He was no longer able to resist the intense rebound of energy. Just like Mo Wuji, he also coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. His entire body was also sent flying backwards.

    As he was sent flying, he saw his lightning hammer being blown away by Mo Wuji's fist.

    At this instant, Lei Hongji's heart was filled with shock and astonishment; he no longer had the same incredulous feeling as before. He had never seen a person that could use a fist to break apart his 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer. How powerful was Mo Wuji's physique?

    "Bang!" Lei Hongji finally stabilised himself back on the ground. Immediately, he drew his lightning hammer back to his hand. He did not immediately attack Mo Wuji; instead, he looked at Mo Wuji in aghast. This was the first time he felt that Mo Wuji was actually no weaker than him. In fact, Mo Wuji was even slightly stronger than him.

    The area in between Mo Wuji had him had long been blasted into a huge gorge.

    Mo Wuji wiped the trail of blood at the corner of his mouth. He opened his hand and his halberd reappeared in his palm. He stated calmly at Lei Hongji as he started to swing his halberd once more.

    Lei Hongji was far too impressive. If it was possible, he really wanted to kill Lei Hongji right here. Thus, even though his internal organs were injured, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to use his Setting Sun. If his Setting Sun still wasn't able to kill Lei Hongji, he still had his final killing move, Remnant Chasm.

    His spiritual will and immortal spiritual energy had been depleted, but he still had his spirit storage channel and elemental storage channels. He did not believe that he wasn't able to eliminate Lei Hongji.

    Lei Hongji instantly felt the surrounding air turn still. It felt as though it was being extinguished as the air became filled with desolation. There clearly wasn't a sun in the sky but he could actually feel a setting sun. He even felt that his life was tied onto that setting sun, the moment that sun sets fully, then his life would end completely.

    Lei Hongji knew that this was an illusion; Mo Wuji was strong, but he wasn't strong enough to kill him. However, he didn't want to continue fighting because he knew that he was also unable to kill Mo Wuji.

    "One day, I, Lei Hongji, will personally kill you." With that, Lei Hongji's figure flashed and he vanished without a trace.

    Mo Wuji kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. He didn't chase after Lei Hongji. As long as Lei Hongji was serious in his escape, he wouldn't be able to kill Lei Hongji.
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