Chapter 722: Emotionless Woman

    Chapter 722: Emotionless Woman

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    "Alright. My daughter Lianxi has already gone to the Broken World; whether she gets selected by the Very High Heavens depends on her own fate. I, Wen Hou, am not a sitting duck. I will go with what Brother Tan said, we will escape from Water Ying Immortal City." Wen Hou suddenly stood up; his tone was clearly tinged with agitation and anxiety.

    Under Kui Fengyun's surveillance, he really didn't dare to flee. Even though he knew that he would lose his life if he went to Yong Ying Immortal City, he still held onto that bit of hope that Kui Fengyun wouldn't kill him. If he fled, it would be difficult for an Immortal King like him to escape from Kui Fengyun's grasps. If he was caught, then he would suffer from a fate worse than death.

    It was exactly because of this that he never dared to flee this whole time.

    But now that Tan Liang had warned him, he knew that he was holding onto the wrong hope all along. If he didn't flee, his nightmare would definitely turn into reality.

    Tan Liang also stood up, "Brother Wen, since you have decided to escape, then we have to plan our route carefully. In Water Ying Immortal City, there are there late stage Immortal Kings, as well as that killing array that seals the entire city. If we alarm them and they activate the array, then even if we were Immortal Reverents, we wouldn't be able to flee. My intentions are to invite those two Immortal Kings to be our guests, then..."

    Tan Liang's voice contained a hint of viciousness. As long as they got rid of the two Immortal Kings, things would be a lot easier.


    "F*ck off!" Just as Mo Wuji brought Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong to the ruins, a cultivator urgently came and punched towards Mo Wuji, trying to blast away the obstructing Mo Wuji.

    But just as his punch approached Mo Wuji, it was caught within Mo Wuji's palms. Thereafter, Mo Wuji sent a kick outwards and this cultivator was sent flying with fresh blood spurting out of his mouth.

    No one took notice of this. Now that the array had been blasted open, everyone was charging into the ruins in a frenzy; why would they notice such trivial matters.

    Mo Wuji had felt the Book of Luo's aura a long time ago. Similarly, the others had also felt that aura.

    This ruins was in no way smaller than the one back in the third level. But because the aura of the Book of Luo was too distinct, almost everyone knew what direction to rush towards.

    Soon, the crowd gathered once more; everyone had stopped outside of a shrine. The shrine was being protected by an array, and outside of the shrine doors were the aged words - Luo God Shrine.

    The aura of the Book of Luo was seeping out from this shrine, however, one's spiritual will could not penetrate in.

    "The Book of Luo is in this shrine, and there seems to be more than one..."

    "Let's combined forces and attack it. This defensive array is far from the one outside."

    "How are we going to split the Book of Luo once we open the array?"


    As everyone discussed, more and more people gathered. However, no one went to attack the array.

    "Big brother, these people just want to be waiting fishermen. [1]" At this instant, Dou Hualong's injuries had completely healed, and with Mo Wuji by his side, he was free from all his worries.

    In his eyes, there was nothing that his big brother couldn't solve.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, a cold voice resounded, "Make way, I will attack."

    The crowd naturally split and formed a path. Since someone had volunteered to attack the shrine's array, they were busy celebrating. Who would be so foolish to block this fella's way?

    The man walking to the front of the shrine was actually a youth. This youth looked simple and honest. His long hair had been tied into a bun; his eyes were big; his brows were thick; and his figure was tall and sturdy. Everyone only needed a single look to know that he was a rogue cultivator.

    "This person is truly too foolish. He's too honest, to think that he actually volunteered to attack the array of the Luo God Shrine," Dou Hualong shook his head and said speechlessly.

    Su Rou'Er, however, said, "That might not necessarily be the case. You cannot always judge a book by its cover."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, featuring for Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er to stop talking. Since this youth dared to step forward to attack this shrine's array by himself, he definitely wasn't a fool like Dou Hualong describes him to be.

    Mo Wuji could clearly feel the thick immortal aura around this youth; he was an expert at the pinnacle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. Moreover, this youth seemed very confident that he could snatch the Book of Luo away after blasting the array open.

    Because of this confidence, he took the initiative to attack the array. He definitely wasn't an idiot.

    "Hualong, Rou'Er, the two of you retreat for now. I will also go and attack," Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say. Since a treasure like the Book of Luo was right in front of him, how could he simply let it get taken away.

    This blue robed youth seemed very confident, but he, Mo Wuji, also had the confidence that he could snatch the Book of Luo.

    This blue robed youth's magic treasure was an ancient banner. Before that ancient banner was even raised up, thunderous rumbles started to reverberate through the air.

    A few seasoned cultivators retreated. Many of them could tell that this youth was not simple.

    Similarly, Mo Wuji also saw that this youth was not simple. Just when he was also about to take out his magic treasure, he discovered that this shrine's array actually opened by itself.

    A gorgeous woman was standing in front of the Luo God Shrine. Her graceful immortal aura made her look like a fairy that could drift away with the wind at any moment.

    Mo Wuji instantly jolted; he knew this woman.

    Mo Wuji wasn't the only one, everyone else were also stunned. No one expected that a woman would appear here, and she was already in the ancient shrine. It seems like this woman had already been in this shrine even before the Broken World's fourth level opened.

    This white robed woman's gaze swept across the crowd; her gaze seemed to linger on Mo Wuji for a few breaths of time before she said slowly, "Is everyone here to snatch my Book of Luo?"

    "The Book of Luo is a treasure of the Heaven and Earth. Since it has appeared in front of everyone, we would naturally compete for it fairly," An early stage Grand Luo Immortal did not hesitate to step forward to say; there was a hint of desire in his voice. It didn't matter who this woman was, he had no fear. He was from a peak sect of Gods Immortal Domain. How could a strange and random woman deserve to have the Book of Luo more than him?

    So what if she was pretty? Was that enough to earn a living?

    Before this Grand Luo Immortal's words could finish, the surrounding air instantly turned cold. Everyone subconsciously retreated as they saw a white light shoot out.

    This Grand Luo Immortal immediately felt a cold and deadly energy wrap around him. He desperately tried to retreat, but it seemed like the entire space around him had been frozen solid. And at the very next instant, a white silk cloth shot through his Mind Palace. He died at that very spot.

    "That was Zuo Lan'An..." A frightened murmur sounded within the crowd.

    Following which, everyone started to subconsciously retreat; that terrified voice only said a single name, but a majority of the crowd knew what he was going to say next. Zuo Lan'An was a disciple of one of Gods Immortal Domain's most powerful sects, the God Moon Immortal School. Moreover, his personal power was also impressive. Such a powerful person didn't even survive a single move of this woman's; one could clearly see how terrifying this white robed woman was.

    At this moment, some of the weaker immortals had already started to retreat as they tried to leave.

    "Since you're here, how could you all leave so easily?" The moment this white robed woman finished speaking, she rose both of her hands. Immediately, the entire sky above all of them was covered in white.

    All the cultivators could feel the air around them freezing; every step they took was difficult.

    Sharp light shot out like stretches of shining silk, and every time one was shot out, an aggrieved cry would be heard. In this short moment, more than a hundred immortal were killed. Only a few Grand Luo Immortal's that used peak grade talismans had already escaped.

    "Boom!" This white robed woman's silk attack bad finally been stopped. The crowd instantly felt the frozen space around them go loose and everyone anxiously fled. No one was willing to stay behind for even another breath of time.

    Soon, there were only four people left.

    Mo Wuji stood there, unmoving. By his side, Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er were still there.

    "You're not bad. You're actually able to defend against my attack, and you even dispelled my frozen space." The white robed woman's gaze landed on the youth that initially volunteered to Luo God Shrine's array.

    "You're not bad too. An Immortal King was actually able to enter the Broken World's fourth level," This honest-looking youth didn't even care about how impressive this white robed woman was. His tone remained cold as he continued, "Since the Book of Luo already has an owner, then I will forget about it. Farewell."

    With that, this honest-looking youth turned and left.

    The white robed woman sneered, "You still think you can leave?"

    "HAHAHA!" This honest-looking youth chuckled loudly, "If I, Meng Yinsan, wants to leave, even an Immortal Emperor can't stop me. A mere Immortal King like you dares to stop me, Meng Yinsan? Try it if you dare."

    As he was speaking, Meng Yinsan's figure flashed and he instantly disappeared.

    Meng Yinsan? Mo Wuji never thought that he would meet Meng Yinsan here. Even though they both didn't know one another, Mo Wuji was very familiar with Meng Yinsan's name.

    This fella was caught into Half Moon Prison, but he actually managed to kill the warden and escape. Just from this point alone, Mo Wuji was sure that this Meng Yinsan wasn't a simple person. In his ring, there was still that introduction of Meng Yinsan written by the warden:

    "Meng Yinsan, Red Lightning Star earth-type cultivator. Yong Ying 845 Calendar, Year 3111, 14th day of the 6th month, ascended to the Heavenly Immortal Stage. On the same day, he entered Yong Ying's 11th Prison, Half Moon Prison Room 31.

    Honest personality; Five Star Genius. Ever since he started cultivation, he took 196 years to ascend to the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    During his time in Half Moon Prison, Meng Yinsan performed extremely well. He was well-behaved and not rebellious. On Yong Ying 845 Calendar, Year 3224, 2nd day of the 7th month, he formed a blood oath, forever willing..."

    There were no longer any words after that. Because it was at this point that the warden got murdered by Meng Yinsan.

    It was unknown whether this white robed woman believed Meng Yinsan's words, or whether she had some other concerns, she actually didn't chase after him.

    "Mo Wuji, long time no see. Life is so unpredictable; I never thought we would meet again in the Broken World. You are the only man that left me in regrets for many days. Thus, I won't kill you, or the two beside you. Just take out the two pages of the Book of Luo that I gave you," This white robed woman said calmly as she stared at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold; he didn't think that Murong Xiangyu would be so shameless. The reason why she didn't kill him was actually because he had previously left her feeling regret. As for his saving grace, this woman didn't even mention a single word about it. Clearly, it wasn't that she wasn't willing to mention it, but that matter wasn't even placed in her heart.

    The people from the emotionless sect were truly emotionless out and out. It was enough that she forgot his saving grace, but now she even wanted to take back the compensation she gave him for saving her - the two pages of the Book of Luo.

    If the previous Murong Xiangyu still had a bit of emotions, then this woman in front of him was completely ice cold.

    As for how Murong Xiangyu was able to recognise him, Mo Wuji didn't find it weird. Murong Xiangyu must have refined all her pages of the Book of Luo, and due to that, she seemed to be able to detect the aura of his page on him.

    [1] This is an adapted version of an idiom. The idiom talks about how a clam was fighting with a crane, and as they both end up injured, the fisherman was the one who benefits.
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