Chapter 723: The Powerful Book Of Luo

    Chapter 723: The Powerful Book Of Luo

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    "It's indeed out of my expectations that you would advance into the Immortal King Stage in the fourth level of the Broken World. No wonder why no one caught you after you obtained the Book of Luo. I bet that you didn't even leave, but somehow managed to enter the fourth level of the Broken World." Mo Wuji's voice was very calm. If he still considered Murong Xiangyu as an old friend previously, now he only saw her as a complete stranger.

    Murong Xiangyu's expression hardened. She said coldly, "That's my business. My patience is limited. I advise you to return the two pages to be. Otherwise, don't blame me if I turn hostile." [1]

    Mo Wuji chortled, "Murong Xiangyu, do you still have shame? [1] Why can't I see it? Return the pages to you? If not for me, you wouldn't even have seen the cover of the Book of Luo. After saving you, I helped you to retain the seven pages of the Book of Luo. That was already very magnanimous of me. If it was someone else, your bones would already have rotted by now. The two pages of the Book of Luo were your repayment for my help. And if you take a look from a different perspective, it wouldn't even be too much if all seven pages were given to me. Today, you are actually asking me to return those two pages. Tell me, do you still have shame?"

    Mo Wuji wasn't bluffing. If it was someone else, that person definitely wouldn't have kept the Book of Luo. It was natural for Murong Xiangyu give the seven pages of the Book of Luo in exchange for Mo Wuji saving her life. However, Murong Xiangyu only gave two pages to Mo Wuji. That, in itself, was already too much. Now, she even wanted Mo Wuji to return the two pages to her. That was indeed very shameless. Of course, Mo Wuji didn't save Murong Xiangyu for the Book of Luo. But if Murong Xiangyu hadn't been so shameless, he wouldn't have wagged that favour right in front of her face.

    Unfortunately, Murong Xiangyu didn't have similar thoughts. She believed that it was only right for Mo Wuji to save her. After all, she believed she was the one that deserved to stand at the very peak and to be respected and revered by all. As for the two pages that she gave Mo Wuji, she only gave them away because she had been foolish back then. What's wrong with asking for them back now?

    There was no need to talk about how she met Mo Wuji here. Even if they didn't meet, she would go around searching for Mo Wuji and get him to return the Book of Luo.

    She clearer than anyone else about how amazing the Book of Luo was. If refining one page was 100 points, two pages would be 200 points, and three pages would be 400 points...

    The increase in power compounded the more pages one had. Even though she was only an early stage Immortal King, she was sure that she could battle a late stage one. The reason for this confidence was that she had already refined the five pages of the Book of Luo.

    The Book of Luo was profound and its dao insights were as deep as the sea. Only she, Murong Xiangyu, deserved to use such a treasure.

    Previously, her cultivation was not the strongest but the Book of Luo still ended up in her hands. That meant that it was only right and proper that the Book of Luo should belong to her.

    "You're courting death..." Murong Xiangyu finally ran out of patience. She lifted her hand and swept up a stretch of white, silky light. The silky light burst into thousands of ice cold shards which shot towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji swept his arm, sending Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong out of the battle area. Thereafter, he took out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    At this instant, he also flashed out his whirlpool domain. The moment his domain appeared, cracking sounds could be heard all over Murong Xiangyu's frozen space domain.

    Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had already conjured his Winding River which cascaded heavily down towards Murong Xiangyu. There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji had already treated Murong Xiangyu as a complete stranger. Even if he was facing a familiar person, he didn't have the qualifications to hold back against Murong Xiangyu's attack.

    When Murong Xiangyu felt her ice-cold domain shattering inch by inch, her heart was filled with shock. She was in the Immortal King Stage, and she possessed the unique ice-cold domain. Even if Mo Wuji was an Immortal King, he shouldn't be able to shatter her domain with his own.

    But in reality, her domain really wasn't worth mentioning in front of Mo Wuji's. It was easily shredded by Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain.

    Because she knew that Mo Wuji's cultivation technique was peculiar and made it hard to discern his cultivation, she had thought that Mo Wuji was only a Grand Yi Immortal when she attacked. Actually, she was already viewing Mo Wuji highly when she treated him as a Grand Yi Immortal.

    After all, only a few years had passed. Not everyone could be like her and possess a treasure like the Book of Luo. Within the Book of Luo, there was a world. Not only could that world superpose space, it could also superpose time. She didn't mere take a few years to reach the Immortal King Stage; she had used the lengthened time spent within the Book of Luo to reach this high cultivation.

    But from Mo Wuji's power, how could he merely be a Grand Yi Immortal? He might even be more powerful than an average Immortal King.

    Murong Xiangyu didn't dare to continue treating Mo Wuji like an ant. Both her hands formed countless of hand seals, and following which, a page of the Book of Luo appeared.

    The Book of Luo instantly transformed into a stone arch bridge. This stone bridge seemed like it wanted to completely consume Mo Wuji's domain.

    Mo Wuji felt his domain being sucked away by the arch under the bridge, and at the very next instant, his domain began to shatter inch by inch.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji furiously circulated his immortal elemental energy. His Winding River halberd light began to shine with greater intensity as it cascaded down like a raging waterfall.

    The reason why his Winding River lost to Lei Hongji's 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer wasn't because Lei Hongji's lightning-type sacred art was much stronger. It was because Lei Hongji's 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer wasn't merely a lightning-type sacred art, but also a power-type sacred art. His Winding River had not been perfected, which was why it was shredded by the power behind the 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer. Thereafter, he was able to fight against the 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer with his Domain Smashing Fist.

    He didn't understand about the Law of Power, nor did he have any power-type sacred art. However, his Domain Smashing Fist also carried the dao energy of power, which allowed it to have the same effects as the 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    Mo Wuji did not believe that Murong Xiangyu was like Lei Hongji, to have incomparably power or even possess a power-type sacred art.

    "Boom! Crack!" The Winding River cascaded down heavily onto Murong Xiangyu's stone arch bridge. The stone arch bridge released a cracking sound as it shattered and disappeared.

    A scar extended down Murong Xiangyu's forehead.

    Murong Xiangyu's killing intent started to rise, "I was thinking why you would act so boldly. From the looks of it, you have also become an Immortal King. From the looks of it, you have also refined the Book of Luo and made use of the temporal laws inside. Since that's the case, then die for me."

    Murong Xiangyu cried out angrily and a majestic and boundless pressure pressed down on Mo Wuji.

    Breathing became difficult. At this instant, Mo Wuji could feel as though his entire body had been enveloped by this majestic energy, and even his sea of consciousness started to slow down. This was the pressure of an ancient culture; the energy of a vast history.

    This was the innate sacred art of the Book of Luo. Mo Wuji's heart was filled with anxiety. Under this pressure, he could not help but feel small and minute.

    He definitely couldn't let this woman go on; Mo Wuji's heart surged with killing intent. So what if she was an Immortal King with five pages of the Book of Luo? He was still going to kill her.

    His spirit storage channel and elemental storage channels began to circulate rapidly. Mo Wuji's two hand slowly moved, his speed was much slower than Murong Xiangyu's.

    An energy of life and death slowly emerged from his hands. This was Mo Wuji's peak sacred art - the Wheel of Life and Death.

    The moment he used the Wheel of Life and Death, Mo Wuji had already prepared himself to die. If he let a person like Murong Xiangyu escape, then he would be bringing disaster onto Cen Shuyin. This was because one of his pages of the Book of Luo was with Cen Shuyin.

    It was exactly because of this that his killing intent began to rise sky high.

    The moment the energy from the Wheel of Life and Death seeped out, Murong Xiangyu felt it. Her body trembled slightly. She truly didn't understand it, under the pressure of her five pages, how was Mo Wuji still able to resist? Moreover, the death energy shocked her. As she felt this death energy revolving around the two of them, she knew that one of them would definitely die.

    Murong Xiangyu started to hesitate. She was very clear that she wasn't even able to display a ten thousandth of the power of the Book of Luo. If she died now, wouldn't it all go to waste?

    The Book of Luo on Mo Wuji could be retrieved at any time. She didn't believe that Mo Wuji's cultivation speed was faster than hers. When she advances to the Immortal Reverent Stage, Mo Wuji would still be an Immortal King. She would get it back from Mo Wuji then.

    As she thought of this, Murong Xiangyu waved her hand, retrieving her five pages of the Book of Luo. At the next instant, her figure flashed and she disappeared without a trace.

    Unfortunately, she didn't know that only Grand Luo Immortals and below could enter the fourth level of the Broken World, and that Mo Wuji wasn't even in the Immortal King Stage. If she knew that Mo Wuji could fight her even with a lower cultivation, she might not have left today.

    Mo Wuji sighed. Even though he really wanted to kill Murong Xiangyu, he knew clearly that he wouldn't be able to do so.

    It wasn't a matter of capability, but a matter of magic treasures. If Murong Xiangyu didn't have the five pages of the Book of Luo, he would still be able to kill her even though she was an Immortal King. However, those five pages were too strong, strong to the point where he wasn't even able to resist.

    If Murong Xiangyu didn't choose to escape, he might even be the one killed by his Wheel of Life and Death. Fortunately, he managed to learn many things from this battle. After some secluded training, he was sure he wouldn't be suppressed by the Book of Luo again.

    "Big Brother, that woman's cultivation rose really fast." Seeing Murong Xiangyu escape, Dou Hualong rushed over. He also knew of Murong Xiangyu,

    Su Rou'Er also walked over. She was much more knowledgeable than Dou Hualong; she could see that Mo Wuji would have been able to beat Murong Xiangyu easily if he had magic treasures comparable to hers.

    "Come, we will leave now. We can't stay here for long," Mo Wuji said solemnly.

    His Dao was forged by himself. However, his Dao was still far from being perfect. During this visit to the fourth level, he had met several powerful rivals.

    There was no need to talk about the heaven defying Lei Hongji, even that Meng Yinsan wasn't simple. There's still the Immortal King Murong Xiangyu that possessed the five pages of the Book of Luo.


    It was exactly as Mo Wuji predicted. When they left the fourth level, no one came to stop them. Even though there were many powerful spiritual wills that scanned them, they were only scanned briefly.

    Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er finally heaved a sigh of relief when they left Sharphorn Immortal Ruins on Mo Wuji's flying shuttle.

    "Hualong, I will be making a trip to Water Ying Immortal City. I will return the Red Karmic Fire Lotus when we return to the sect." Mo Wuji was worried that Dou Hualong wasn't able to conceal the aura of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus and that someone would notice it. If they were discovered, then it would be very troublesome.

    Before Dou Hualong could even answer, Su Rou'Er said, "Senior Brother, Hualong is still a Golden Immortal. I believe that he would need to be in the Immortal King Stage for him to even be able to use the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Why don't Senior Brother use the lotus first, in case you meet that woman again."

    Su Rou'Er did not treat Dou Hualong as an outsider. It was exactly because of that reason that she would say such words.

    [1] The author plays with words here. Turn hostile, if translated literally is flip face. On the other hand, shame is also face. Thus, when Murong Xiangyu says that she will 'flip face' with Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji questions whether she even has a face to flip in the first place.
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