Chapter 724: Cleaving Water Ying Immortal City

    Chapter 724: Cleaving Water Ying Immortal City

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    "Right, right, Big Brother, my cultivation is so low, the Red Karmic Fire Lotus isn't very useful for now. Big Brother can take it," Dou Hualong said hurriedly.

    In his eyes, he, Dou Hualong, would probably already be a decomposing corpse in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins if not for Mo Wuji. Moreover, he had originally intended to give the Red Karmic Fire Lotus to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "These are two different matters. Hualong, you should have recognised Murong Xiangyu."

    "I naturally recognised her. That woman must be blind, to repay kindness with revenge. She's simply trash." Dou Hualong had some understanding towards the relationship between Murong Xiangyu and Mo Wuji. It didn't matter to him who Murong Xiangyu was, anyone that dared to attack his Big Brother Mo Wuji was his enemy.

    Mo Wuji said speechlessly, "Hualong, I'm not talking about her character. I am talking about how that woman got to be so powerful. This woman's talent actually isn't that high. From what I know, she's merely a Six Star Genius. There are countless of geniuses with greater talent than hers; I'm sure that Lei Hongji's talent is more than ten folds better than hers.

    And when it comes to cultivation technique, her Supreme Dao Sect's technique is simply a trash among trash in my eyes. I have never seen a technique that could reach the Heavens by abandoning humanity. A few years ago, this woman's cultivation was only at the Xuan Immortal Stage. But now, she is actually an Immortal King. Junior Sister Rou'Er's talent is not bad, but she is only a Xuan Immortal. Tell me, why do you think Murong Xiangyu could get so powerful?"

    Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong both went silent. This was especially so for Dou Hualong; when he knew that Murong Xiangyu was an Immortal King, his jaws dropped in astonishment. Previously, Murong Xiangyu was merely a woman that could only bootlick the other geniuses. Her cultivation was not much higher than use back than. But in a short span of years, she actually advanced into the Immortal King Stage.

    "Is Big Brother saying that she had never left the Broken World? Could she have found a supreme treasure? Or perhaps a cultivation holyland?" Dou Hualong asked curiously.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "With Murong Xiangyu's talent, even if she found the best cultivation holyland, she wouldn't be able to step into the Immortal King Stage in just a few years."

    "Then could she have been possessed?" Su Rou'Er was also very curious. She had the same thoughts as Dou Hualong; she thought that Murong Xiangyu had found some incredible treasures.

    Mo Wuji paused briefly before he said, "No, she definitely isn't possessed. I suspect that she had already completely refined all five pages of the Book of Luo. It's said that the Book of Luo contains a spatial world of its own. Since there's space, I believe that there would also be time. When I gained enlightenment on the sacred art of Spatial Imprisonment, I also gained some understanding towards the Laws of Time. I suspect that the time within the Book of Luo might be faster; that means to say that the time she spent cultivating might even be ten times more than us.

    The reason why Murong Xiangyu was able to achieve all that was because she had been completely immersed within the Book of Luo; she had formed a profound understanding towards the laws within the Book of Luo. Hualong, every Xiantian treasure is not simple. The Red Karmic Fire Lotus is no less than the Book of Luo. Perhaps you might not be able to use it now, but if you slowly spend time researching on it, it would be much better for you to have it."


    Seeing that Dou Hualong still wanted to speak, Mo Wuji stopped him, "My Dao is forged by myself. My sacred arts are also formed based on my various understandings towards the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. But up till now, my arts are all very scattered and cannot be connected together. But when I advance to the Immortal King Stage, my various sacred arts would harmonise and my own Dao would reach a whole new level. By that time, even if Murong Xiangyu is even more powerful than she is now, she still wouldn't be able to use the Book of Luo to suppress me. This is unless she obtains all the pages, but that's basically impossible."

    Mo Wuji was very clear of his own Dao. The moment he stepped into the Immortal King Stage, his sacred arts would meet a harmonisation process. By that time, his power definitely wouldn't be as simple as a mere Immortal King. It was also because of this that he wasn't afraid of Murong Xiangyu.

    And to him, he could step into the Immortal King Stage at any moment. If not for Murong Xiangyu suppressing him with the five pages of the Book of Luo, he might have even tried breaking into the Immortal King Stage at the fourth level of the Broken World.

    The reason why Mo Wuji said all this was to tell Dou Hualong that he didn't need the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    If he was the one that personally obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, then he would definitely use it. However, Dou Hualong was the one who found the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Moreover, he also didn't want to depend too much on the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    "Yes, Big Brother, I understand." Dou Hualong understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words.


    One day later, the flying shuttle approached Water Ying Immortal City.

    "When the two of you left Water Ying Immortal City, did anything happen?" As they were approaching Water Ying Immortal City, Mo Wuji slowed his flying shuttle down.

    At this instant in Mo Wuji's spiritual will, Water Ying Immortal City's killing array had been completely activated and there were immortal elemental energy ripples in the city. Clearly, there was a battle within the city.

    "We only learnt that the castellan mansion was being surveilled. Nothing else," Su Rou'Er promptly replied.

    Mo Wuji stopped the flying shuttle and said solemnly, "There's a battle within Water Ying Immortal City right now. It seems like someone is being trpped inside. I suspect that Wen Hou had tried to escape and the people monitoring him found out. The two of you wait for me outside. If anything urgent happens, immediately contact me with the communication bead. I will go into Water Ying Immortal City alone."

    "Big Brother, you have to be careful. Senior Sister Rou'Er said that the people surveilling Water Ying Immortal City were Immortal King experts." Dou Hualong was very confident in Mo Wuji, but he also knew that this big brother of his had yet to advance to the Immortal King Stage.

    "There's no need to worry." With that, Mo Wuji passed the flying shuttle to Su Rou'Er. With a flash, his figure had already appeared outside of Water Ying Immortal City's gate.

    He did not believe that every Immortal King had the same heaven defying luck like Murong Xiangyu.

    During his battle with Murong Xiangyu, he lost the initiative and he got suppressed by the Book of Luo. If he didn't, he could have incited his Lightning Calamity. Thus, even if anyone here had the same luck as Murong Xiangyu, he could call forth his Lightning Calamity. He was sure that no ordinary Immortal King could handle his Immortal King Lightning Calamity.

    This was Mo Wuji's first time coming to Water Ying Immortal City. In this first visit, he was already blocked by the city's defensive and killing array.

    Water Ying Immortal City's array was merely a Grade 5 immortal array. To Mo Wuji, this really wasn't enough to daunt him.

    With his Half Moon Weighted Halberd out, he slashed down towards Water Ying Immortal City's array.

    He could open this array within ten over breaths of time. However, directly breaking it was a much faster option.

    "Boom!" His halberd light descended with a force like lightning. With merely one strike, Water Ying Immortal City's array had been cleaved in half. As the halberd light dispersed, Water Ying Immortal City's array also shattered into pieces and disintegrated.


    Water Ying Immortal City's Castellan Mansion.

    Wen Hou was drenched in blood. There was a deep cut right at the center of his head. Just a bit more and his entire head would have been hacked in two.

    By his side, Tan Liang was already missing an arm. He sat on the ground, pale faced and paralysed. Wen Hou's wife, Yan Qianling was also heavily injured. She had overexpanded her immortal elemental energy to the point where her hands were trembling.

    "Sorry, Wen Hou. My plan failed." Tan Liang's voice was filled with melancholy. He had advanced to the Tier 5 Pill King level not long ago. Before he could aim for higher levels, he was going to perish here.

    Wen Hou's eyes were filled with despair. If not for his protective arrays in his castellan mansion, they would already be taken in as lowly prisoners. Even so, how long more could they endure?

    "You can't be blamed. Even I didn't know that there was also another intermediate stage Immortal King besides the two late stage Immortal Kings." Just as Wen Hou swallowed a few healing pills, another blast could be heard against his mansion's protective array.

    The protective array started emit 'Ka! Ka!" sounds. One could clearly see that the castellan mansion's array wouldn't last much longer. The moment the array breaks, only the most terrible fate would befall them.

    "Wen Hou, I will take my leave first." Yan Qianling's eyes were also filed with despair. She knew better than anyone else about how horrible her fate would be if she was caught and brought to Yong Ying Immortal City.

    Wen Hou was just about to speak when he heard a loud explosion. At this instant, it seemed like the entire Water Ying Immortal City was trembling.

    The three glanced at one another. This was clearly an attack on Water Ying Immortal City's array. Besides Kui Fengyun's men, who would dare to attack Water Ying Immortal City's protective array?

    Yan Qianling, who was originally going to commit suicide, charged towards the door. Wen Hou hurriedly grabbed her, "Are you trying to kill yourself!?"

    She could remain safe within their array. But if she left the mansion, she would merely be like a sheep offering itself to a tiger.

    "It must be Lianxi. I need to get her to leave." Yan Qianling cried out frantically. It was enough that she was going to die. However, Lianxi was their last hope. If Lianxi died too, then she, Yan Qianling, wouldn't be able to rest in her grave.

    "It's not Lianxi." Tan Liang struggled to stand up. "Lianxi definitely isn't that powerful."

    Water Ying Immortal City's protective array was a Grade 5 immortal array. Morever, Kui Fengyun had also sent an expert to install a Grade 5 killing array. Facing this sort of arrays, Wen Lianxi wouldn't even be able to cause them to tremble even after attacking them consecutively for an entire day.

    Yan Qianling also slowly calmed down. She also knew that Wen Lianxi wouldn't be able to shake this array.,

    She heaved a sigh of relief, but then she asked doubtfully, "Then who would be here to save us?"

    Wen Hou sighed, "That person might not necessarily be here to save us. But regardless, this is good. The moment the Immortal Kings that are trapping us leave, we can escape."

    "Who are you? Why did you attack my Water Ying Immortal City's protective array?" The moment Mo Wuji's halberd destroyed the array, a short-haired Immortal King landed in front of him.

    Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to reply. He slashed his halberd towards this late stage Immortal King.
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