Chapter 725: Immortal King

    Chapter 725: Immortal King

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    When this Immortal King saw Mo Wuji attack him without any reason, he was instantly infuriated. He was an esteemed man of the Heavenly Emperor Palace. No one in the entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain had the rights to attack him without even explaining.

    Even if the other party was from a first-class sect, he should have given the Heavenly Emperor Palace some face. Moreover, this Immortal King was sure that his opponent wasn't an Immortal Reverent. A mere Immortal King actually dared to behave so arrogantly in front of him. Little did he knew that Mo Wuji wasn't even an Immortal King.

    A copper mirror appeared in front of him, gathering a huge beam of light which whizzed towards Mo Wuji.

    "Boom!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd's halberd light crashed against this mirror light. All the buildings around them were directly burned to the ground. Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness started to roll and billow. In that single exchange, he knew that his immortal elemental energy couldn't compare to the other party. His opponent was at least a late stage Immortal King.

    Just as Mo Wuji thought of this, a emaciated old man charged over.

    "Wei Xing, come and help. This person is not simple, he might even be a half-step Immortal Reverent." The Immortal King that clashed with Mo Wuji discovered that Mo Wuji was far more powerful than an average Immortal King. In his eyes, Mo Wuji's attack, and even Mo Wuji's spiritual will, was stronger than his. It would be weird if Mo Wuji was anything else but a Great Circle Immortal King.

    This old man was also a late stage Immortal King. With his spiritual will, he discovered that there was also another intermediate stage Immortal King speeding over. In his hands, there were some array flags. Ostensibly, this fella was an array master and he wanted to mend this shattered array.

    Mo Wuji did not hold back as his whirlpool domain burst forth with full power. Just when this two Immortal Kings were within his domain, he shot a lightning bolt towards that intermediate stage Immortal King. At the same time, he retrieved three Draining Immortal King Pills and sent them into his mouth.

    His Immortal Mortal Technique circulated furiously as Mo Wuji prepared to charge into the Immortal King Stage.

    He was very clear that when facing three Immortal Kings, he wouldn't be their match unless he also entered the Immortal King Stage.

    "Boom!" These two Immortal Kings tore Mo Wuji's domain apart. One of them carried on to strike Mo Wuji with a spear light.

    Mo Wuji did not move, however. He continued to crazily draw in immortal spiritual energy.

    "This person wants to advance to the Immortal Reverent Stage, hurry and stop him..." When the intermediate stage Immortal King saw what Mo Wuji was doing, his heart will filled with both shock and rage.

    To think that there was a person that tried to advance to a new stage during a battle itself; this fella clearly didn't know the meaning of the word 'Death'.

    "That's not right. He isn't advancing to the Immortal Reverent Stage, but Immortal King..."

    Feeling the dao energy gathering around Mo Wuji, that Immortal King changed his words. However, he only managed to say half of his sentence before he didn't dare to continue any further. Addvance to the Immortal King Stage, how was that possible? A Grand Luo Immortal was able to defend against the attack of two Immortal Kings? That was simply a joke.

    "Pff!" The very first Immortal King's mirror light condensed into a thick beam, breaking through Mo Wuji's domain and slamming onto Mo Wuji's chest. This mirror light was able to draw some blood.

    This scene immediately left this Immortal King slightly stunned. Logically, when his light beam landed on Mo Wuji, it should have pierced through Mo Wuji's body. This would be the case even if Mo Wuji was an Immortal Reverent. Why did his light beam only manage to draw that bit of blood?

    Hurry and leave. This was the thought that ran through their minds. Since they weren't able to kill Mo Wuji in that time, they couldn't stay there any further. These two late stage Immortal Kings weren't willing to be caught up in Mo Wuji's Lightning Calamity.

    Mo Wuji's main intention was to borrow the power of the Lightning Calamity to get rid of these Immortal Kings; so how could he simply let them go? His whirlpool domain began to sweep outwards with greater intensity, enveloping the two fleeing Immortal Kings.

    "Boom! Boom! Boomboom!" Thunder exploded in the sky. Ten bolts of lightning tore through the sky and descended downwards. Previously, Mo Wuji had already reached the gates towards the Immortal King Stage, and now that he had swallowed three Draining Immortal King Pills, his body became filled with violent immortal elemental energy which seemed capable of tearing his entire body apart. The gates to the Immortal King Stage were instantly blasted open and the Lightning Calamity instantly came crashing.

    Because of Mo Wuji's attack, that intermediate stage Immortal King had also been drawn into the Lightning Calamity.

    The Lightning Calamity was a calamity for any immortal. Usually, no one dare to attack the person the person undergoing the tribulation. Because if you attacked, you would be locked on by the Lightning Calamity. It didn't matter what your cultivation was, you would be seen as provoking the Lightning Calamity.

    Likewise, no one dared to invoke the Lightning Calamity during a battle. Because no matter how strong you are, you will be at your weakest after the calamity. At that time, even if your opponent was much weaker than you, he could still easily kill you.

    "What kind of Lightning Calamity is this?" The three Immortal Kings who were swept up into this were all stunned still. Even an Immortal Reverent Lightning Calamity would not beckon ten lightning bolts at a single go. Moreover, each lightning bolt was much thicker than the lightning bolts in an Immortal Reverent Lightning Calamity.

    "Pff! Pff! Pff!" Several mists of blood got blasted by the lightning bolts. Under this Lightning Calamity, these three Immortal Kings were like leaves floating in the wind. At this time, there was no need to talk about attacking Mo Wuji. The only thing they could do was to take out their defensive treasures and block against the savage lightning bolts.

    Mo Wuji was also shocked by the power of the Lightning Calamity. Previously, he intended to attack these three fellas the moment the Lightning Calamity descended. After all, he was at God Physique Level 6, he believed that this Immortal King Lightning Calamity wouldn't be able to do anything.

    However, reality had left him speechless. Under his Lightning Calamity, even these three Immortal Kings could only barely defend themselves. Moreover, one must know that this was only the first round of lightning; the lightning would only continue to get more powerful.


    Yan Qianling could feel a change in the atmosphere. Coupled with the deafening sounds of thunder, she asked doubtfully, "Wen Hou, why does it sound like someone is undergoing tribulation?"

    "Let's go out and take a look. Perhaps this might be the only chance we have to escape," Wen Hou did not hesitate to say.

    The castellan mansion's defensive array had been opened and the three hurriedly sped out.

    Water Ying Immortal City's defensive array had already been split open by Mo Wuji. Thus, the moment Wen Hou and co. left the mansion, the three of them noticed the four people facing the Lightning Calamity through their spiritual will.

    Wen Hou celebrated, "Brother Tan, Qianling, this is truly a golden opportunity bestowed by the heavens. The killing array around Water Ying Immortal City had been broken, and those three Immortal Kings are being trapped by a Lightning Calamity. Let's use this opportunity to escape."

    As he was speaking, Wen Hou had already taken out his flying treasure.

    Now that the defensive array had been broken, there was no longer any restrictions to flying treasures in the city. They could directly use the flying treasure to charge out of Water Ying Immortal City.

    Yan Qianling frowned and said, "Wen Hou, that person might have come to save us. If we use this opportunity to escape, aren't we being too despicable?"

    Tan Liang had been observing the Lightning Calamity this whole time. At this moment, he said, "I understand. That person that came to save us should be an Immortal King. However, he might not have been a match for these three Immortal Kings, which is why he called on his Immortal Reverent Lightning Calamity and used it to trap the three people..."

    "This does not seem like an Immortal Reverent Lightning Calamity..." When Wen Hou saw the wild and never-ending slew of lightning bolts, he muttered in doubt.

    He had been through the Immortal King Lightning Calamity before; he could feel that the dao aura of this Lightning Calamity was similar to an Immortal King Lightning Calamity? But how could an Immortal King Lightning Calamity be so terrifying? If it was, then he would have died all those years ago. There was no need to talk about him. Perhaps only a few Grand Luo Immortals in the entire Immortal World could survive such an Immortal King Lightning Calamity.

    "The four are defending themselves against the Lightning Calamity. The person that came to help us does not seem to be in danger." Wen Hou did not know that Mo Wuji wasn't actually defending against the Lightning Calamity. Instead, he was absorbing the lightning essence to stabilise his foundations of the Immortal King Stage, and at the same time, gain insights on his own Dao.

    This Lightning Calamity wasn't even enough to help temper his physique sufficiently; so why would he need to defend against it? The people that were really defending against the Lightning Calamity were the three Immortal Kings that Mo Wuji drew in.

    "Then we will wait here. After this Lightning Calamity ends, we will help him," Yan Qianling said resolutely.

    "I am enough. Qianling, leave with Brother Liang."

    "Since you're staying, then everyone will stay." Before Wen Hou could even finish, Tan Liang did not hesitate to reject Wen Hou's suggestion.


    Mo Wuji did not attack the three Immortal Kings. Instead, he sat among the lightning bolts with his eyes closed, attuning himself to the dao energy around him. At this instant, his cultivation was also rising constantly.

    At this instant, one sacred art after another began to appear in his mind and they started to perfect themselves. Ever since Mo Wuji forged his own path of meridian cultivation, he had never had such an experience like he was now; to have such a clear understanding of his own sacred arts and Dao.

    Many dao insights which were previously hazy also started to clear up at this instant.

    He felt his mind open up as a grand and majestic power condensed on his body. His rapidly expanding immortal elemental energy and spiritual will made it clear to him that his power was entering a whole new level. He slowly opened his eyes; his eyes were calm.

    As his cultivation grew, and as his insights deepened, Mo Wuji realised that he was so insignificant. The Lightning Calamity gradually dispersed, but Mo Wuji was clear that on this endless path of the Great Dao, he had only taken an additional step forward.

    "Who are you exactly?" After the Lightning Calamity ended, the three Immortal Kings, who seemed to have lost half their lives, stared at Mo Wuji in shock. The one that asked the question was the first late stage Immortal King that blocked him.

    "This Immortal Friend, we are from Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Palace. I'm sure we all wish to simply mind our own business. How about we forget about our previous misunderstandings and each go our own way." The one speaking now was Wei Xing. He was also a late stage Immortal King and he was the second one that arrived. He had merely attacked Mo Wuji once and he was caught into the Lightning Calamity.

    The last Immortal King that had been dragged into the Lightning Calamity by Mo Wuji didn't say anything. He only took out a few healing pills and placed them in his mouth.

    The three of them looked incomparably haggard. They had charred burns all over their bodies. After all, that Lightning Calamity was truly too terrifying.

    The three of them didn't flee; it wasn't because they didn't want to, but they didn't dare to. After that horrifying Lightning Calamity, the three of them seemed to have lost half of their lives. On the other hand, the person that incited the Lightning Calamity, Mo Wuji, looked perfectly fine without even a single injury on his body.

    Moreover, this was just a surface level reason. What left them even more fearful was that Mo Wuji was already very powerful before the tribulation. Now that the tribulation had ended, Mo Wuji had advanced by a whole level. In front of such an expert, the three of them truly didn't dare to leave.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the three of them. He knew that the reason why they were still fine was because of him. To stabilize his cultivation, he had absorbed most of the lightning essence. This caused the threat of the Lightning Calamity to fall significantly.

    "Since Kui Fengyun sent the three of you here, he should be advancing to the Immortal Emperor Stage soon? Or did he already advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.
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