Chapter 726: Pleading For Help

    Chapter 726: Pleading For Help

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    "Yes, the Heavenly Emperor has validated his Dao. We are here to send an invitation," Wei Xing said respectfully.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "So he's also joined the ranks of Immortal Emperors..."

    After merely saying half a sentence, Mo Wuji's halberd transformed into a half moon halberd light. The killing intent emanating from this halberd light instantly surrounded these three Immortal Kings.

    The moment Mo Wuji's killing intent emerged, these three Immortal kings felt it. They immediately tried to escape.

    If Mo Wuji was still a Grand Luo Immortal, he could only tie one of them down. But now that he had advanced to the Immortal King Stage, his power had met with a qualitative change. As the halberd light slashed outwards, Mo Wuji also used Spatial Imprisonment to seal the space around them.

    In an instant, the three Immortal Kings were confined by Mo Wuji. Even though it was only for a breath's time, this breath of enough for Mo Wuji to kill the three of them multiple times over.

    "Pff! Pff!" Two veils of bloodmist exploded; two storage rings fell in Mo Wuji's hand.

    The surviving intermediate stage Immortal King stared blankly at the two lifeless corpses. These corpses no longer had their primordial spirits. After some time, he finally reacted and he uttered in a trembling voice, "Senior..."

    He did not think that Mo Wuji was unable to kill him. He was only still alive because Mo Wuji had mercy on him.

    "Give me your storage ring," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    This intermediate stage Immortal King did not hesitate as he anxiously handed his ring over to Mo Wuji.

    After keeping all three rings, Mo Wuji said, "Do you want to know why I didn't kill you? It's because I need you to help me send a message to Kui Fengyun. I want to settle my debts with him, but I'm too lazy to go to Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Get him to find me in my territory. Remember, my territory is called Ping Fan, it's a newly established immortal school."

    "Yes, yes, junior will definitely deliver this message," This Immortal King said hurriedly; he was worried that Mo Wuji would suddenly change his mind.

    "F*ck off then." Mo Wuji lifted his hand and kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    This Immortal King didn't even dare to turn back as his figure flashed. Within the next instant, he had already disappeared from Water Ying Immortal Domain. To him, he was lucky that he was still alive.

    "Senior, many thanks for your saving grace." Seeing Mo Wuji easily kill two advanced Immortal Kings, even Wen Hou had some lingering fears. Him, Yan Qianling and Tan Liang hurriedly came forward to express their gratitude.

    Even though Wen Hou suspected that Mo Wuji had just gone through an Immortal King Lightning Calamity, he truly could not believe that one Immortal King was actually able to suppress three Immortal Kings. Moreover, that intermediate stage Immortal King that Mo Wuji let go had addressed Mo Wuji respectfully as 'Senior'.

    Mo Wuji reverted back to his original appearance, and he smiled, "Castellan Wen, Pill Master Tan, I am no senior."

    "Pill Master Mo..." Wen Hou and co. stared at Mo Wuji in aghast. They truly couldn't get it in their heads that Mo Wuji had become so powerful.

    Even though they were being trapped in Water Ying Immortal City, they still knew of the incident of Mo Wuji being surrounded and attacked by several Grand Emperors. In reality, their family's enmity with Kui Fengyun was also related to Mo Wuji. Back when Kui Fengyun's Emperor Dao Fruit was snatched away by Mo Wuji, Kui Fengyun was helpless against Mo Wuji, so he could only vent his frustrations on them.

    "Long time no see," Mo Wuji laughed and said.

    "It's really Pill Master Mo!" Tan Liang cried out in surprise. Immediately, he bowed once more, "Pill Master Mo, that's not right, I should call you Pill Emperor Mo now. I, Tan Liang, have been able to become a Tier 5 Pill King, and that's entirely because of your guidance. Today, Pill Emperor Mo has saved my life. This sort of favour can never be repaid in my Tan Liang's entire life."

    Tan Liang was actually confused when he heard that Mo Wuji had managed to escape from those Grand Emperors. But after seeing Mo Wuji easily kill two advanced Immortal Kings, he could see that Mo Wuji was truly very powerful. Why would such a powerful immortal need the help of a mere late stage Grand Luo Immortal like him?

    Even though he could concoct pills, the other party was a Pill Emperor. He could only look hold a candle in Mo Wuji's presence.

    "Senior Mo, many thanks for saving my family once again." Yan Qianling also walked over and bowed respectfully.

    Mo Wuji waved his hands and said, "Everyone doesn't need to be so polite. I'm in the same generation as Lianxi. It's better if everyone calls me by Pill Master Mo. I have just established an immortal school. If the few of you are willing, you can join my Ping Fan. Of course, even if you don't join Ping Fan, you can stay in my territory. No matter how strong Kui Fengyun is, he wouldn't dare to do anything against my immortal school."

    Mo Wuji wasn't bragging when he said this. He had several Immortal Emperors in Ping Fan. Moreover, he estimated that Wei Zidao should have already stepped into the Grand Emperor Stage. With such might, Kui Fengyun would only be sending himself to death by going over.

    "Many thanks Sect Head Mo, we are willing to join Ping Fan," Wen Hou did not hesitate to say.

    He guessed that Mo Wuji established Ping Fan to go against Great Sword Path, Lightning Sect, and the other huge sects. However, he still chose to join Ping Fan. He was an advanced Immortal King, so he believed he should be of help to Mo Wuji.

    Wen Hou didn't even bother thinking about the implications of joining the sect. Without Mo Wuji, his Wen Family would have already been rotting in their graves. So what was there to hesitate about?

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Alright, let's head back to Ping Fan."


    When they heard Mo Wuji say that Ping Fan was in Yong Ying Immortal Domain, Wen Hou and co. sighed. Indeed, there were fewer available spaces left in the Immortal World. Besides Yong Ying Immortal Domain, where else could one establish a sect? Unfortunately, Yong Ying Immortal Domain had the space, but not the immortal spiritual energy. Among the seven Immortal Domains, Yong Ying Immortal Domain's immortal spiritual energy was the thinnest.

    When Wen Hou and co. arrived outside of Ping Fan and saw the boundless agricultural land, they were dumbfounded.

    Was this an immortal sect, or a farming village?

    That's not right, the immortal spiritual energy here seems even richer than Water Ying Immortal City, and those crops do not seem like ordinary crops...

    Unexpectedly, there were huge stretches of Thousand Fusing Rice. Oh, there was still more?

    Immortal Elemental Grass, True Bright Grass, Silver Ring Flower... and there was even the Tier 4 Immortal Cedar.

    "This place..." Tan Liang muttered to himself; he suspected that they weren't in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. If this was Yong Ying Immortal Domain, how could there be such a holyland filled with endless fields of immortal herbs? And why would it be left unclaimed for Mo Wuji to occupy?

    "Good words..." Wen Hou stared, transfixed, at the two words floating in the sky: Ping Fan. He felt that these two words contained some profound dao energy; it seemed to be the dao energy of all the ordinary things in the universe, but it also seems to contain the dao energy of something greater.

    At the very least, he wasn't able to comprehend the dao from within these words.

    Mo Wuji smiled and he casually formed ten hand seals. The two floating words began to change. Not only that, the nine words in front of the sect also started to change.

    "One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal." Wen Hou silently reflected on these changing words. A sense of insignificance Ross in his heart. One must know that he didn't even feel this insignificant in front of an Immortal Emperor. This meant that the Dao within these words had exceeded that of an Immortal Emperor's.

    "This is Ping Fan. Everyone, let's go in." Mo Wuji courteously extended his hands.

    Wen Hou's reflection was not wrong. Only Mo Wuji knew that following his increase in cultivation, the dao aura within those eleven words continued to change. Now, he still needed to insert his insights of the Immortal Mortal Technique into these words, but that would have to wait till his capabilities take another step forward. That way, he didn't need to return to the sect for these words to continuously change along with his increase in cultivation.

    If his Dao transcended this part of the world one day, then these words would also exceed this part of the world.

    In the Immortal World, there were countless of people stronger than Mo Wuji. However, the number of people who could encompass their own Dao into these words like Mo Wuji were few, or even zero.

    This was because he was the one who forged his own Dao. These eleven words were his legacy.

    "What rich immortal spiritual energy." Yan Qianling looked at Mo Wuji curiously. She had basically explored the entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and the Extreme Glade Sea had one of the thinnest immortal spiritual energy. Where did this rich immortal spiritual energy come from? The immortal spiritual energy was still within their reason, but the sheer richness of the immortal spiritual energy within the sect itself was simply beyond imagination.

    "Sect Head!" Su Zi'An had immediately come to welcome Mo Wuji.

    By Su Zi'An's side, there was a young man. This young man only had an intermediate Immortal King Stage cultivation.

    "Jiao Chang greets Sect Head Mo." Seeing Mo Wuji, this young man took the initiative to bow towards Mo Wuji.

    Before Mo Wuji could ask anything, Su Zi'An hurriedly explained, "Sect Head, this is Jiao Chang. Back when I went to the Cape of Peace, he was the one who saved me."

    Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding. Back then, Su Zi'An had been attacked by an expert when he went to the Cape of Peace, and he almost lost his life. He heard that an Immortal King was the one who sent him back. However, as Mo Wuji heard that the Immortal King left after sending Su Zi'An back, he didn't expect the Immortal King to return back to Ping Fan.

    "I know you. Many thanks for sending Elder Su back. Do you know where Brother Zhuo is?" Mo Wuji hurriedly returned the courtesy.

    "Jiao Chang earnestly pleads Sect Head Mo to help my master," Jiao Chang bowed and said when he heard Mo Wuji's question. His tone contained a hint of expectation.

    "You're Brother Zhuo's disciple?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Jiao Chang hurriedly said, "Master looks down on my stupidity; so he only accepted me as a named disciple."

    "Sect Head, Jiao Chang has been here for many days. He brought a message from Senior Zhuo," Su Zi'An hurriedly explained.

    Mo Wuji didn't immediately ask Jiao Chang about the message. He knew that such matters shouldn't be discussed here. Thus, he first introduced Wen Hou and co., then he continued to introduce Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong.

    "Su Rou'Er greets Senior Uncle Su. My master often talks about you..." When she saw Tian Ji Sect's Su Zi'An, Su Rou'Er's eyes turned red. Tears almost seemed to burst out from her eyes.

    "I know you. You are Yu Jie's disciple. I didn't think that you were still alive, ah..." When Su Zi'An got reminded of his destroyed Tian Ji Sect, his heart felt waves of pain.
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