Chapter 728: Desire To Wipe Out The Great Sword Path

    Chapter 728: Desire To Wipe Out The Great Sword Path

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    Numerous days later, Mo Wuji came to a halt near the Great Desolate Sea Domain after following Jiao Chang's lead.

    "My master disappeared here and no matter what methods I used, I wasn't able find any clues of my master's whereabouts," Jiao Chang pointed to the piece of vast sea in front of him as he said worryingly.

    Mo Wuji fell silent at this familiar scene. Previously, he and Han Long met husband and wife Wu Ben here at the Great Desolate Sea Domain. When he was about to kill Gou Wuyu, Kuang Benhou shared a secret in exchange for Gou Wuyu's life and that secret was the untold path to leave the Immortal World.

    This untold path was right here within the Great Desolate Sea Domain and it was not very far from his current location. Now that Zhuo Pingan had disappeared here, it could be that he used that path to leave the Immortal World.

    In fact, even Mo Wuji had made plans to escape using this path if he had offended too many experts.

    However, Mo Wuji had too many matters in the Immortal World which he had yet to settle and too many concerns which was why he couldn't leave just like that.

    Zhuo Pingan was his friend so if it was possible, he would be willing to exhaust a large amount of energy to rescue him. The only problem was that now, he needed to leave the Immortal World to an unknown place to rescue Zhuo Pingan without the guarantee that he could return. Mo Wuji simply wasn't able to do this because he had yet to meet Cen Shuyin again and he still had no news of Yan'Er so how could he just leave the Immortal World like that?

    "Immortal Friend Jiao, I am well aware of this place. If we go further in from here, even I am not strong enough to survive now. Only when I further advanced into the next realm will I be able to search for Brother Zhuo," Mo Wuji explained honestly.

    Despite not pointing out that this was the path to leave the Immortal World, he told Jiao Chang tactfully that he was unable to help now.

    Jiao Chang's eyes turned dark because he was just trying his luck when he decided to look for Mo Wuji. The truth was that he didn't believe Mo Wuji would actually be able to rescue his master and had just done his best to maintain that glimmer of hope.

    Mo Wuji's words were right because further down would be the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain. Within the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain were the existence of peak grade immortal beasts and if one was not careful, one could be trapped by multiple immortal beasts. What he didn't know was that Mo Wuji wasn't talking about the beasts but the path to leave the Immortal World.

    "Many thanks Sect Head," Even if he knew that Mo Wuji was unable to help, Jiao Chang was still thankful that Mo Wuji made this trip.

    "If Immortal Friend Jiao doesn't mind, you can cultivate at my Ping Fan," Mo Wuji was still feeling slightly apologetic because he would come back here one day but just not now.

    Jiao Chang clasped his fists once more, "Many thanks Sect Head Mo but I am intending to wander around the Immortal World first and perhaps there would come a day where I have nowhere else to go. If that day really comes, I might seek shelter from Sect Head Mo again."

    Jiao Chang indirectly rejected Ping Fan's invitation as he left immediately after bidding goodbye to Mo Wuji.


    Six days later, Mo Wuji returned to Ping Fan Immortal School. After handing the Red Karmic Fire Lotus back to Dou Hualong, he immediately called Wei Zidao and Su Zi'An over.

    He didn't spend much time trying to find Zhuo Pingan because if Zhuo Pingan really left the Immortal World, continue finding him would simply be a waste of time.

    "Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan are not out yet?" The first thing Mo Wuji asked was about the two other Immortal Emperors when he saw Wei Zidao and Su Zi'An walking over.

    Wei Zidao had been patiently waiting for Mo Wuji to return and if it wasn't because Mo Wuji had matters to settle first, he would have went over to finish the Great Sword Path alone. Back then, the Great Sword Path killed his dao companion, snatched his dao venue and even threw him into the Sword Prison. He would never forget his deep enmity with the Great Sword Path.

    "Mingcheng came out and was now in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage while Nie Chongan still requires a little while more," Wei Zidao replied swiftly.

    While Wei Zidao was speaking, Jian Mingcheng, Lu Ming and Fei Ling walked hurriedly into the meeting hall together with the newly joined Wen Hou. Jian Mingcheng's energy was exuding vibrantly as he had indeed stepped into the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage.

    "Great, Right Defender Wei, Mingcheng, Elder Cha Rui, Fei Ling and Lu Ming shall follow me to the Great Sword Path. Matters of Ping Fan shall be handed to Zi'An," Mo Wuji knew that their schedule was slightly tight so he decided to finish off the Great Sword Path now.

    Su Zi'An stood up instantly, "Sect Head, I am fine with not being involved in anything else but the Great Sword Path exterminated my Tian Ji Sect so I will always have a bump in my heart if I don't go."

    Mo Wuji knew that Su Zi'An had been brooding over the Great Sword Path exterminating Tian Ji Sect and now that Ping Fan had emerged abruptly, he wouldn't want to miss the chance to obliterate the Great Sword Path.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on Fei Ling and before Mo Wuji could speak, Fei Ling took the initiative and said, "Sect Head, I have to be involved in the oblireratation of the Great Sword Path. If I don't avenge myself, I will always have a shadow in my heart just like Senior Brother Su."

    "Since this was the case, Ping Fan shall be temporary left under the charge of Wen Hou. After we obliterate the Great Sword Path, Zi'An would take over from Wen Hou," This was Mo Wuji's only option left.

    "Yes, I, Wen Hou, would definitely not let anything happen to the immortal school," Wen Hou acknowledged his responsibility respectfully.

    Having been at Ping Fan for merely ten days, Wen Hou's heart was in a perilous situation. When he first entered Ping Fan, he was only amazed at the boundless field of immortal herbs, great density of immortal energy, immortals here and how mortals were treated equally here.

    Now that he had witnessed the strength of Ping Fan, he was truly stunned and concurrently, he understood why Mo Wuji wouldn't be fearful of Kui Fengyun. Even if Kui Fengyun had become an Immortal Emperor, he was only able to strut around Wen Hou because if he dared to visit Ping Fan, he would simply be courting death.

    Knowing how mighty Ping Fan was just increased Wen Hou's admiration and respect for Mo Wuji.

    The pity was that Mo Wuji didn't accept his wife suggestion of marrying Wen Lianxi back then. Otherwise, this Sect Head Mo would have been his son-in-law.

    "Sect Head, we must not underestimate the Great Sword Path. They have at least three Immortal Emperors and besides Grand Emperor Yi Minghu, I know of the Supreme Elder whose cultivation level should be around the intermediate or advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. There is also a youth called Feng Jian who became an Immortal Emperor just before I was thrown into the Sword Prison," Jian Mingcheng maintained rational even though he was just as desperate to obliterate the Great Sword Path.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Mingcheng is right but we don't have to worry. I know that Yi Minghu and Lei Guyun went out to chase after Zhuo Pingan so if I am not wrong, these two shouldn't return anytime soon. This meant that we would have the advantage in terms of overall strength."

    If the path at the Great Desolate Sea Domain really did appear and Zhuo Pingan fled into it, there was no reason why Yi Minghu and Lei Guyun would not follow in if they were hot on Zhuo Pingan's heels.

    "Sect Head, how could you leave me, Nie Chongan, out of the opportunity to obliterate the Great Sword Path?" Nie Chongan's pleasant voice could be heard which was followed by mighty energy swarming into the meeting hall.

    Nie Chongan had just entered the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and the dao spirituality around him had yet to be absorbed fully.

    Mo Wuji stood up pleasingly, "With the inclusion of Chongan, we would definitely win this battle. Let's go, we shall go to the Great Sword Path now."


    Great Sword Path, Luo Ling Immortal Domain's peak grade sect.

    If one were to choose top ten peak grade immortal sects in Luo Ling Immortal Domain, the Great Sword Path would definitely be in it. If one had to choose the top five, the Great Sword Path would still be in it.

    The sword cultivation of the Great Sword Path would allow one to easily defeat one's opponent in the same stage which was why their reputation in the Luo Ling Immortal Domain would be so great.

    This was Mo Wuji's second time here at the Great Sword Path and the first time he was here, he looked for Yi Jiangu to enter the Sword Prison intentionally.

    This time round, he came to obliterate the Great Sword Path. As he stood outside the protecting array of the Great Sword Path, Mo Wuji sighed at the sight of the myriad ambience of the great sword mountains.

    "When I first came here, I would have killed everyone here if I wasn't injured," Wei Zidao stood beside Mo Wuji and said vengefully.

    "I can't believe such a majestic immortal sect would hide so many dirty and despicable secrets," Su Zi'An clenched his fist tightly.

    The Tian Ji Sect was accused and wrongly exterminated by the Great Sword Path which was basically the reason why Su Zi'An was unable to find peace within himself.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "Regardless of whether this immortal sect had a majestic aura or not, the Great Sword Path will no longer be in existence after today."

    At the thought of how he was plotted against Yi Minghu and how Da Huang was brutally killed, the killing intent within Mo Wuji started surging intensely again.

    Back when Da Huang was killed, he swore to obliterate the Great Sword Path, Lightning Sect and the Vast Ocean Immortal School. The day he was finally able to avenge Da Huang had finally arrived.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to retrieve a jade table before taking out Da Huang's imitation equipment spirit as he placed it in the middle of the table. Following which, he used seals to protect the jade table before saying, "Da Huang, you shall personally witness how I avenge you today."

    Once he said this, Mo Wuji turned to the crowd of people with sharp killing intents forming around them as he said, "Everyone here was harmed by the Great Sword Path and are now members of Ping Fan. Before we obliterate the Great Sword Path, I shall nag slightly more. No matter which immortal sect, we have to do things with a clear conscious and not bully anyone smaller. This was also Ping Fan's objective. The Great Sword Path in front of us is a fine example of what we, Ping Fan, must never become in the future. Remember this: To achieve the Dao, we must help! Cultivation involved both sacred art and character."

    Everyone's heart was coldly obscured and even Wei Zidao and Jian Mingcheng remained speechless. Mo Wuji's words were too real because no matter how strong or egoisitic the Great Sword Path was, they were about to be obliterated by a newly established Ping Fan. Would the Great Sword Path suffer this fate if they hadn't offended so many people in the past? Who would know if there would be anyone that could exterminate Ping Fan in the future?

    Therefore, when we cultivate our dao, we have to cultivate our character too.

    "Sect Head Mo, I have been waiting so long for you and the day had finally arrived. Hahaha," A loud laughter could be heard and a skinny looking man walked over with his fists clasps towards Mo Wuji.

    "Bai Ye? Why? Are you going to stand up for the Great Sword Path?" Wei Zidao was the most unhappy with this fella because Bai Ye plotted against him when he was at his weakest condition.

    Mo Wuji shook his head to stop Wei Zidao from speaking as he looked at Bai Ye, "Immortal Friend Bai, you are proficient in prophecy so I am guessing that you came here to wait for us to join the attack against the Great Sword Path right?"

    "Sect Head Mo is indeed bright because that's right, how can I miss out on my revenge against the Great Sword Path? My only constraint was that I am weak alone so I could only wait and fortunately, Sect Head Mo truly didn't disappoint me," Bai Ye's tone was respectful because he had suffered the brute of Mo Wuji and if it wasn't for Mo Wuji's mercy, he would have been dead. Even after coming out of the Sword Prison, he could only let his injuries recover and had yet to step into the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. The truth was that he was able to step into the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage a long time ago but because of the mighty force of Mo Wuji's attacks, he could only linger around the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Therefore, he would still have lingering fears in front of Mo Wuji.
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