Chapter 730: Genius Immortal Kings Duel

    Chapter 730: Genius Immortal Kings Duel

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    This protective array was indeed very strong and could almost be classified as a Grade 9 array. However, it had already suffered significant damage which made Mo Wuji confident that as long as he could strike using his halberd on the array foundation at the right time, it would instantly break apart. Even if Wei Zidao and co. were of much higher cultivation level than himself, he believed that he was the only one who could find the array foundation accurately.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm to grab his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. Bai Ye, who was standing to the side of Mo Wuji, saw the halberd and could feel the chill down his spine as he subconsciously took two steps back. Back then, his body was cleaved into two by Mo Wuji's halberd and if not for Mo Wuji's mercy, how would he have lived till today?

    As he stared hard at a deep tear on the Great Sword Dao's protective array, Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as a heaven splitting energy surrounded Mo Wuji's body. At this moment, even Grand Emperor Wei Zidao took a few steps back cautiously.

    Previously when Mo Wuju attacked Bai Ye, he was one who saw everything clearly. Presently, Mo Wuji had condensed similar kind of energy and Wei Zidao instantly knew that Mo Wuji was at least ten times stronger than before. Being powerful was one matter but more importantly, Mo Wuji's dao spirituality rose rapidly yet again. This was to the extent that even Wei Zidao was no longer able to tell what Mo Wuji's style of fight.

    At the same time, he was also aware that Mo Wuji had yet to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage or even the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    Despite so, Wei Zidao didn't believe that in a solo battle with Mo Wuji, he would be able to hold Mo Wuji back. To him, Sect Head Mo was simply way too mysterious because who would have ever thought of entering the Sword Qi River? Only Sect Head Mo could and would. Sect Head Mo was not only able to enter the Sword Qi River, he could even bring a group of people to enter it and eventually leaving the Sword Prison. Wei Zidao was certain that even if he could win Sect Head Mo, he wouldn't be able to hold him back.

    All these told Wei Zidao that Mo Wuji was terrifying only because he had yet to enter the Immortal Reverent Stage. If Mo Wuji did all these while being at the Immortal Emperor Stage, it wouldn't be that terrifying.

    If Mo Wuji was already this formidable even before stepping into the Immortal Emperor Stage, who would actually be a match for him once he advanced to become an Immortal Emperor? Wei Zidao never had his doubts as to whether a person like Mo Wuji would be able to realise his Immortal Emperor Dao.

    Without mentioning that Wei Zidao was a member of Ping Fan, he would try his best to avoid a person like Mo Wuji even if he wasn't in Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji's energy had been condensed to the pinnacle as he swung his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    A visible ripple was condensed out from space without any world-shaking explosion, aura or even heaven splitting killing intent.

    Mo Wuji simply drew out a plain and simple ripple but once everyone's spiritual will landed on that particular ripple, everyone's spiritual will was all swallowed by it.

    "Boom!" Moments later, this ripple suddenly dispersed to form a heaven splitting Halberd Radiance Heavenly Chasm.

    This Halberd Radiance Heavenly Chasm appeared like it was germinating as it grew dramatically to rip everything around it apart in a short period of time.

    "Kacha!" The Great Sword Path's protecting array was instantly lacerated and a 300 metres long halberd radiance gorge appeared in front of everyone. It extended from underneath the people's legs to within the Great Sword Path. At this moment, the Great Sword Path looked like a young lady having her clothes stripped off as she lay down in front of everyone.

    The entire scene fell silent as everyone watched the 300 metres long Halberd Radiance Remnant Chasm in shock. One side of the Remnant Chasm was the countless of Great Sword Path cultivators while the other side was the cultivators of Ping Fan who were prepared to charge in anytime they were told to.

    The Remnant Chasm really did look like it was germinating as it continued growing to rip everything apart. A few weaker cultivators of the Great Sword Path came too close to the Remnant Chasm and were instantly torn apart by the continuously expanding Halberd Radiance Remnant Chasm.

    The originally arrogant and confident disciples of the Great Sword Path were instantaneously demoralised by Mo Wuji one strike of the halberd.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath because this was the sacred art, Remnant Chasm, which he managed to enlighten when he was back in the Gods Heavenly Chasm. He had only used this sacred art once because he hadn't completed the whole enlightenment of it. After advancing to become an Immortal King, his ability to gain insights to all his sacred art increased by one more level as he finally managed to execute this sacred art successfully.

    Bai Ye shivered as he was even more fearful of Mo Wuji now. He knew that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was lower than him and even if he had one million guts now, he still wouldn't dare to act against Mo Wuji.

    "Kill!" Wei Zidao was the first person to react to the situation as his eyes left the Remnant Chasm before stepping right into the Great Sword Path's sect with billions of killing radiance readied to be shot out.

    Wei Zidao acted so everyone else from Ping Fan rushed in too.

    Even though Ping Fan was outnumbered, Ping Fan had three Immortal Emperors and if Bai Ye was included, there would be four Immortal Emperors on their side. Deputy Sect Head He Qianling was slaughtered in the first instance by Bai Ye.

    "Who dares to act so arrogant here in my Great Sword Path?" An enraged voice was heard and split second later, a white bearded elder descended. Behind the elder was a young man carrying a long sword on his back.

    "The two people who just arrived are the Great Sword Path's Supreme Elder Gui Jiancang who looked like an advanced Immortal Emperor as well as the young man called Feng Jian. Feng Jian had just advanced to become an Immortal Emperor recently and he was said to be exceptionally outstanding," Jian Mingcheng explained without wasting any time.

    Mo Wuji said on the spot, "Bai Ye, go and stop Feng Jian. Wei Zidao, you will deal with Gui Jiancang. After killing Gui Jiancang, help Bai Ye deal with Feng Jian. Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan, go ahead and slaughter every Quasi-Emperors and Immortal Reverents here."

    There might be a lot of innocent parties here but since they were born in the Great Sword Path, Mo Wuji wouldn't show any mercy.

    Chopping the grass without eliminating the root was not something Mo Wuji would do. Returning good for evil was something Mo Wuji could never comprehend. At the thought of how Da Huang was destroyed and how Han Qingru was only left with bones in the Sword Prison, there was an unknown fury growing exponentially inside him. As for his encirclement by the Immortal Emperors back then was in fact, something of less importance to him.

    "You are Mo Wuji? Even if my Great Sword Path was exterminated today, I will kill you first," Gong Liangye was also astonished at Mo Wuji's halberd strike but Mo Wuji's age made him certain that Mo Wuji was definitely not an Immortal Reverent.

    As long as Mo Wuji was not an Immortal Reverent, he wouldn't mean much in Gong Liangye's eyes. Gong Liangye noticed that the Great Sword Path's likelihood of winning this war wasn't as high as his ambition because the Great Sword Path only had two Immortal Emperors around while the opponent had four.

    "Screw off," Why would Mo Wuji have the time to bother about Gong Liangye because his mind was preoccupied with getting hold of the Great Sword Path's scriptures library and vast amount of resources.

    Years ago, the Great Sword Path destroyed Da Huang and almost killed Han Qingru and himself so if Mo Wuji merely destroyed the sect and not collect interest, even Mo Wuji would feel that he had let himself down.

    Who was Gong Liangye? Mo Wuji didn't even put him to heart because he simply wouldn't bother about anyone below the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd casually swung out a halberd shadow as Mo Wuji followed it with a punch. The halberd shadow looked terrifying but it wasn't Mo Wuji's killer move because his killer move was the Domain Crushing Fist that followed closely behind that halberd shadow. To Mo Wuji, this fist would be able to injure the opponent and when he tried to leave, the halberd radiance would return to take away Gong Liangye's small life.

    Gong Liangye was the same as he didn't regard Mo Wuji at all. In his eyes, any Immortal Kings were basically ants and even though he was also in the Immortal King Stage, he believed that his Immortal King Stage was evidently different from others.

    The iron sword was drawn as it produced a pitch black sword radiance.

    In the entire Great Sword Path, only Gong Liangye's sword radiance was black. It wasn't because of a different technique which Gong Liangye used but because of his iron sword.

    "Ka!" The black sword radiance clashed against the halberd radiance as it exploded midair.

    The chilly sharp halberd radiance's killing intent penetrated Gong Liangye's domain which created fear in his heart. He knew that he had belittle Mo Wuji. According to his experience from his consistent killing method, his iron sword would shoot out black coloured sword qi towards Mo Wuji any time now.

    However, at this moment, he didn't dare to do so. He retracted his iron sword as it transformed into circles and circles of sword qi barrier.

    "Boom!" The Domain Crushing Fist landed on the iron sword barrier and it was instantly dispersed. Gong Liangye spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot as he hurried to take a few steps back.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks because he anticipated Gong Liangye to be utterly defeated and then he could finish him off easily. However, this did not happen.

    "I can't believe that in the Great Sword Path, there was still an Immortal King like Huang Sha. You are pretty decent and since this is the case, swallow one more strike of my halberd!" This time round, Mo Wuji didn't hold back as his whirlpool domain surged out insanely as his halberd turned into the Winding River descending upon Gong Liangye.

    He used a sacred art because Mo Wuji didn't wish to waste any more time against a strong and mighty Immortal King like Gong Liangye.

    Gong Liangye's heart froze because he truly believed that there was no more Immortal King in the entire Immortal World who could be his match. Today, he met an Immortal King who could crush him so easily.

    Could he have been the frog in a well all these time? Experts outside were all this strong?

    Even before Gong Liangye could regain his composure, Mo Wuji's halberd swept up yet again as it turned into a Winding River.

    Gong Liangye controlled his immortal energy forcefully and just as he wanted to release his black sword, he could feel himself being drawn into a whirlpool quagmire.

    Gong Liangye instantly understood that his opponent was strong not just because of his sacred art but also because of this frightening whirlpool domain. One could imagine that if he couldn't set himself free of this whirlpool domain, he would be cleaved into two by that descending Winding River.

    Gong Liangye burned his immortal energy frantically as his sword qi tried to overpower the whirlpool domain by turning into circles and circles of sword qi domain around his body.

    "Boom!" The two domains exploded against each other and Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain was finally blocked.

    Gong Liangye didn't manage to catch a breath as his iron sword produced a cracking sound. The sword screen which his iron sword transformed to be had been torn apart by Mo Wuji's Winding River as the Winding River continued descending right onto Gong Liangye's head.

    Darkness rushed forth towards him and Gong Liangye's heart suddenly grew sorrowful. He had actually lost to an Immortal King and even died in his hands.

    "You are half a step into the Immortal Reverent Stage right?" Gong Liangye couldn't help but to ask as he laid down with one side of his body.

    "No, I have only just advanced to become an Immortal King about less than a month ago..." Mo Wuji saw that Gong Liangye was about to die so he answered honestly.

    Gong Liangye's eyes turned dark very quickly as he died with much regrets. Right before his death, he understood that he was simply not strong enough and that it wasn't because there was too huge a gap between Mo Wuji and himself. It was because he lacked the experience of fighting with immortals. Massacring in his secret realm didn't mean as much as he would have expected.

    Mo Wuji reached out his hand to retrieved Gong Liangye's storage ring and iron sword. He used his spiritual will to scan the surrounding subconsciously only to realise surprisingly that Bai Ye had disappeared during this short period of time.
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