Chapter 731: Bai Yes Motive

    Chapter 731: Bai Ye's Motive

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    The person battling Feng Jian was now Jian Mingcheng and Ping Fan didn't seem to have the advantage anymore.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji finally understood why the sword dao was so proud of itself because this fella's sword dao was indeed very strong.

    Wei Zidao was an Immortal Emperor and had been roughen up in the Sword Prison for such long period of time but currently, he was still struggling with that Gui Jiancang and didn't seem to have the upperhand in the battle.

    Similarly, Jian Mingcheng, who was in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and had tempered his physique, was still unable to take advantage of Feng Jian in their battle. One must know that Feng Jian was merely an elementary Immortal Emperor only.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji still had one more intermediate Immortal Emperor Nie Chongan with him. In actual fact, it was more fortunate that Yi Minghu wasn't around because this plan to obliterate the Great Sword Path would be a joke if Yi Minghu was still in the Great Sword Path.

    Ping Fan was still lacking in information and while Mo Wuji's heart was fuming at the thought of that despicable Bai Ye, his Immortal King domain had already started expanding outwards uncontrollably. To break the balance of the fight in favour of Ping Fan, Mo Wuji knew that he had to act fast.

    After his domain was expanded outwards, Mo Wuji opened his palm to shoot out lightning webs while his halberd radiance had already exploded towards the countless of Immortal Reverents and Quasi-Emperors surrounding Nie Chongan.

    Nie Chongan was in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and it should be a simple task to kill all the Quasi-Emperors of the Great Sword Path. However, these countless of Quasi-Emperors and top grade Immortal Reverents had grouped together to form a sword formation which purpose was to trap Nie Chongan.

    The pity was that the b*stard Bai Ye had left because if he hadn't left, they would have been gathering the corpses of these puny disciples of the Great Sword Path.

    The one person holding the upper hand in their fight was Cha Rui. Cha Rui was a Quasi-Emperor and he was up against Immortal Kings and Immortal Reverents which would explain his slightly more favourable situation. Even the advanced Immortal Reverent Fei Ling and Su Zi'An were not gaining the upper hand in their fights.

    The originally difficult fights for each individual were instantly turned around when Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain got involved. As they watched countless of lightning webs descending upon them, cultivators of the Great Sword Path who were below the Immortal King Stage were basically helpless to resist or defend themselves.

    Following which, Mo Wuji drew out a mysterious spatial vestige which charged towards Feng Jian in an attempt to trap him before throwing out a fist. Initially, Feng Jian and Jian Mingcheng were evenly matched while Mo Wuji's strength was still far off Feng Jian. However, while Feng Jian and Jian Mingcheng were fighting each other, Mo Wuji suddenly attacked Feng Jian with a spatial imprisonment before his Domain Crushing Fist and Feng Jian could instantly feel the pressure on him.

    Mo Wuji's spatial imprisonment wasn't even able to restrain Feng Jian for a breath worth of time and even his fist was easily fended off by Feng Jian. However, this distraction was enough for Jian Mingcheng because while Feng Jian was defending himself from Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist, Jian Mingcheng's Nine Faced Pumpkin was finally able to tear Feng Jian's domain apart as it landed right onto Feng Jian's forehead.

    Even if Feng Jian's head was considered pretty sturdy, it was still smashed broken by the Nine Faced Pumpkin. Feng Jian's primordial spirit instantly spilled over and was ready to escape.

    Mo Wuji had already been waiting on one side as he shot out his thick lightning net which directly destroyed Feng Jian's primordial spirit.

    Even if he wasn't able to defeat an Immortal Emperor like Feng Jian, his lightning sword was the ultimate weapon against primordial spirit.

    "Mingcheng, finish off the remaining ants scrambling around and then go and help Right Defender Wei," Mo Wuji abruptly helped him win the battle, left a message and then disappeared in a flash.

    He had wasted too much time and he really didn't want to let Bai Ye get his way.

    In just a few moments, Mo Wuji landed on the periphery of the Great Sword Path's main mountain scripture library. Fortunately, the seals around the scripture library had yet to suffer any damage which meant that Bai Ye didn't come here for this.

    Mo Wuji didn't touch the scripture library immediately as he grabbed out tens of array flags to set up an additional protecting array around the library before leaving further into the depths of the sect. Usually, the scripture library of a sect would be placed in the strictest and most protected place and despite knowing that he was in the territory of the Great Sword Path, Mo Wuji wasn't willing to spare Bai Ye too much time just because Mo Wuji wanted to keep the library for himself.

    Once he reached the hall of the Great Sword Path, Mo Wuji raised his hand to draw out multiple mysterious looking veined patterns.

    A blurry shadow appeared in the space in front of him and it flashed off towards one direction.

    Mo Wuji was secretly cursing at the old fox Bai Ye to think that he would remove every trace which was left behind as he fled. If it wasn't for the fact that he controlled spatial runes, was an immortal array master and even possessed his own understanding of the heaven and earth dao, he wouldn't even be able to sense that blurry trace today.


    Mo Wuji managed to kill Feng Jian before leaving and this flipped the tide of the war around. Jian Mingcheng rushed into the sword array and the sword array instantly vanished. He fought hand in hand with Nie Chongan and in front of two intermediate Immortal Emperors without their sword array, all the remaining Quasi-Emperors and Immortal Reverents were basically not any different from ants.

    The Great Sword Path was indeed strong but there would always be a limit. They simply couldn't expect an Quasi-Emperor to be able to fight against an intermediate Immortal Emperor.

    Everyone who came for revenge was once tortured inhumanely by the Great Sword Path in the form of the Sword Prison so now that they had their opportunity presented in front of them, why would any of them bother showing any mercy? After the balance had been broken in their favour, all that was left to do was to slaughter to their hearts' content.

    When all the cultivators of the Great Sword Path below the Immortal Emperor Stage had been killed, no matter how good Gui Jiancang was, he wouldn't be able to survive the encirclement of three Immortal Emperors. The Great Sword Path had already been sealed off by Mo Wuji so Kui Jiancang could forget about leaving as well.

    "Mingcheng, you and Chongan shall go and collect the Great Sword Path's scripture library and also some of the immortal herbs immediately. I will be collecting the various immortal mountains here. The remaining of Ping Fan disciples will take instructions from Zi'An to raze the entire Great Sword Path and take whatever we can bring away," Wei Zidao knew that speed was essential because once other sects heard about this, it would turn into a huge trouble for them.

    Once the Great Sword Path was brought to its knees, people might spread rumours but who would still dare to find trouble with Ping Fan?


    The Great Sword Path was so vast and after chasing for over two hours, Mo Wuji finally saw the figure of Bai Ye on an underground stone steps of the Great Sword Mountain.

    Bai Ye had been removing his traces as he escaped but what he didn't know was that Mo Wuji self created his own dao so no matter how hard he tried to erase the traces, he wouldn't be able to shake Mo Wuji off his heels. In fact, even if Mo Wuji's spiritual will from his spirit storage channel were to appear around his body, Bai Ye wouldn't even find out about it.

    The stone steps of the Great Sword Mountain was extremely long and Mo Wuji scanned through it briefly. He estimated that there were about 9000 over steps in total.

    Bai Ye seemed to have come here before as he made his way past the steps in the fastest possible way and landed in front of a massive stone gate.

    Once he reached here, Bai Ye heaved a sigh of relief and actually retrieved a key from his storage ring before inserting the key into the keyhole of the stone gate.

    The stone gate let out 'kakaka' sound as it slowly opened up.

    Two fist sized night illumination pearls shone brightly on a not very big stone hall. In the centre of the stone hall was an offering platform. There were seals all around the offering platform and the item the seals were protecting was an ordinary looking longsword. Because of the seals around it, Mo Wuji's spiritual will was unable to seep through it.

    Bai Ye turned and was about to close the stone gate before he stared shockingly with his mouth wide open at the sight of Mo Wuji standing at the stone gate. He couldn't wrap his head around how and when Mo Wuji followed him in.

    "Pa pa!" Mo Wuji clapped his hands twice before saying, "Bai Ye, you are truly the best at planning. Handing the cultivators of the Great Sword Path to member of my Ping Fan so that you can reap the good things here. We take the blow of the calamity for you so that you can get rich? Good, you're simply too good!"

    Bai Ye looked awkwardly at Mo Wuji and laughed, "Sect Head Mo must not misunderstand me. Because Sect Head Mo brought people to exterminate the Great Sword Path..."

    "So you want to thank me? And hand me that sword? But you didn't want me to know first because you're planning to give me a surprise? Is that right?" Mo Wuji maintained a smile as he said all these and also prepared himself for a fight.

    Bai Ye had yet to recover yet he risked his life and pride in search for this sword so it must definitely be not simple at all.

    "Ah..." Bai Ye murmured the 'ah' and started to be self conflicted. If it was any other item, he would have given it willingly without second thoughts but this sword was not just any other item.

    He also didn't dare to act against Mo Wuji because the shadow Mo Wuji gave him before was simply too insidious. Even if he believed that he could defeat Mo Wuji, he wouldn't dare to do so. Mo Wuji was a God Physique expert so even if his cultivation level was much higher than Mo Wuji, he wouldn't be able to finish Mo Wuji off within a short period of time.

    As long as Mo Wuji was able to hold him back, Wei Zidao and co. would arrive next and Bai Ye might end up with only his brain juice left on the floor. Moreover, he had always suspected that he wouldn't be a match for Mo Wuji.

    "Sect Head Mo, the Great Sword Path have many good places with countless of famous swords. I am just fond of this particular sword and if Sect Head Mo wants it..."

    Even before Bai Ye finished his sentence, Mo Wuji had already strolled over and ripped the seal surrounding the sword apart. With one sweep of the hand, Mo Wuji had already kept the sword left on the platform.

    Bai Ye's eyes was filled with wishful thoughts and disappointment because he had suffered so much for the sword only to lose it in the end. At the instance Mo Wuji kept the sword, Bai Ye really wanted to attack but his rational mind stopped his urge to do so.

    Bai Ye was different from the rest. Wei Zidao was thrown into the Sword Prison because the Great Sword Path fancied his dao rite. Su Zi'An and co. were sent into the Sword Prison because the Great Sword Path wanted to exterminate their sects. However, the Great Sword Path threw Bai Ye into the Sword Prison because he wanted to steal this sword.

    Among everyone who were in the Sword Prison, Bai Ye was considered as one who deserved to be thrown in.

    Bai Ye knew that any item which Mo Wuji had obtained would be impossible to even think about getting it back.

    Ai, something is wrong. Logically speaking, Mo Wuji shouldn't be able to keep this sword so casually. This sword was kept here only because nobody in the Great Sword Path was able to use it so how did Mo Wuji managed to sweep this sword up so easily?

    Could this sword be a fake?

    "Sect Head Mo, could you show me the sword that you just kept?" Bai Ye looked longingly at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "Bai Ye, there is no hurry to see the sword. We should settle some scores first. Previously we agreed to fight against the Great Sword Path together but you ended up throwing all the work to Ping Fan and tried to make a fortune for yourself here. This seemed to be violating the agreement to work together."

    "Sect Head Mo, I admit that I was wrong. I can tell Sect Head Mo the origins of this sword but I only hope to be friends not enemy with Sect Head Mo and of course Ping Fan," Bai Ye instantly understood how dangerously he was living in front of Mo Wuji. The sword had been taken away by Mo Wuji and it's for sure that he wouldn't be able to snatch it back. However, if he were to continue angering Mo Wuji, he might not be able to walk out of here alive.
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