Chapter 732: Kun Wu

    Chapter 732: Kun Wu

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    Seeing that Mo Wuji was still emotionless and speechless, Bai Ye understood that his act of coming to retrieve the sword secretly had angered Mo Wuji.

    "Sect Head Mo, it is my fault for going back on my promise previously and I would like to apologise once more," Bai Ye's tone was evidently very sincere.

    Mo Wuji knew that he could never trust or believe the words of this person anymore and he kept silent because he seriously considering if he should teach Bai Ye a lesson.

    "Sect Head Mo, I am now an elder of the Revolving Soul Dao. Naturally, my Revolving Soul Dao would not mean much in front of Sect Head Mo but I have to admit that it was my fault this time round."

    "You've joined the Revolving Soul Dao?" Mo Wuji asked shockingly.

    Mo Wuji naturally knew the meaning of Bai Ye's words which was to tell him that Bai Ye had a backer behind him now. Even though the Revolving Soul Dao was not as strong as the Great Sword Path, they were still considered to be one of the peak grade immortal sects in the Devil Domain.

    Mo Wuji was the sect head of Ping Fan so he definitely wouldn't form a feud with the Revolving Soul Dao over a small matter like this.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji nodded as he said, "Since we're already acquainted, I will forgive you this once. Say what you know and hope that I'm satisfied."

    "Don't worry Sect Head Mo, I will definitely not hide anything from you," Hearing that Mo Wuji decided to stop delving into this matter, Bai Ye heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    He mentioned the Revolving Soul Dao only because he wanted to make Mo Wuji slightly fearful. Even he knew that the Revolving Soul Dao wouldn't be able to threaten Mo Wuji because of the personnels at Ping Fan. Despite having established themselves so recently, the Revolving Soul Dao would never be able to match them. The extermination of the Great Sword Path was one fine example of what would happen if they were to offend Ping Fan.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji got lucky to be able to bring so many Immortal Emperors from the Sword Prison into his Ping Fan. However, luck was also an embodiment of strength. Moreover, how many people could do what Mo Wuji did? Not only did he escaped from the Sword Prison, he managed established such a powerful sect so soon after coming out and was even capable of wiping out the Great Sword Path just like that.

    Bai Ye reminded himself that unless it was for a legitimate valid reason, he shouldn't offend this fella called Mo Wuji standing right in front of him.

    Bai Ye took in a deep breath before saying, "The sword which Sect Head Mo had just obtained was called the Kun Wu Sword..."

    "Kun Wu?" Mo Wuji asked curiously, "Why does this name sounds so familiar?"

    Bai Ye chuckled, "It is no wonder Sect Head Mo would find it familiar because among the ten greatest ancient God sword, the Kun Wu Sword was one of them."

    "Which ten ancient God swords?" Mo Wuji asked under his breath but at this moment, he already had some examples forming in his head.

    "They are the Kun Wu Sword, Sky Sword, Qingping Sword, Yuantu Sword, Zhu Immortal Sword, Lost Legend Sword, Abi Sword, Depressive Immortal Sword, Absolute Immortal Sword and Demon Slashing Sword," Bai Ye answered in details but he was the only one who knew the hidden secret within the Kun Wu Sword.

    He definitely wouldn't let Mo Wuji know about such secrets because every single one of these ten great God swords would be able to match against a Xiantian treasure. The reason why he chose not to mention it was because he still had a tiny strand of hope that he would be able to retrieve back he Kun Wu Sword someday. Despite the extremely low chances of that happening, Bai Ye was still unwilling to give up on the last strand of hope.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "So these are the ten God swords, I seemed to remember some of them now."

    Mo Wuji's heart still wasn't at peace because the Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared and then familiar names like Depressive Immortal Sword, Yuantu Sword and even Abi Sword. Because he originated from Earth, Mo Wuji was starting to suspect if the legends of the Earth were not unfounded.

    "Since this was the case, Immortal Friend Bai, you can leave now," Mo Wuji had already used his spiritual will to sense the entire place and was confident that there were no longer anything else except for this Kun Wu Sword.

    Bai Ye's eyes revealed a slight trace of unwillingness but still clasped his fist towards Mo Wuji to bid his goodbye before retreating swiftly out of Mo Wuji's sight.

    He really wanted to question how Mo Wuji was able to find him but still kept the question to himself in the end. He was certain that Mo Wuji would not tell him anything.

    When Mo Wuji came out again, even the great immortal mountains were kept by Wei Zidao and his Ping Fan's sweep of this Great Sword Path was coming to the end.

    "Sect Head, this is a small world we obtained from the Great Sword Path's Elder Gui Jiancang, the various great immortal mountains of the Great Sword Path, some immortal herbs, all sorts of scriptures within the scripture library and even the Great Sword Path's main immortal vein and the storage rings everywhere," Wei Zidao handed a pearl to Mo Wuji the moment he saw Mo Wuji coming out.

    Jian Mingcheng and co. were also starting to gather as the wiping out of the Great Sword Path was almost completed.

    "Were there any unexpected incidents which occurred at the scripture library?" Mo Wuji casually asked.

    "There was a Class 9 demonic beast which was killed by the three of us," Nie Chongan replied promptly.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he handed the small world in his hand to Su Zi'An and said, "Zi'An, you can head back now together with Revered Protector Mingcheng and Revered Protector Chongan to set up the immortal mountains in Ping Fan where we had planned previously. Plant the immortal herbs into our immortal herbs garden and the scriptures into our Ping Fan's scripture library. I will be heading to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins with Right Defender Wei."

    After pausing for a moment, Mo Wuji continued adding to his orders, "I must warn everyone that no matter which enemy came to find trouble with us, the first thing to do would be to ignite Ping Fan's protecting array. Before we find out for sure how strong the enemy was as compared to us, we must know fight an all out war so casually."

    The obliteration of the Great Sword Path served as a warning to Mo Wuji. If the Great Sword Path chose to continue protecting their array from the inside and wait for further reinforcements when Ping Fan came over, the Great Sword Path might not have been exterminated so easily. The main reason why the Great Sword Path's obliteration was easy was due to their overconfidence and arrogance in their own abilities.

    "Yes!" Su Zi'An and co. bowed to acknowledge the order as the group of them left the Great Sword Path speedily, leaving behind an ash gray wasteland.


    Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, it had never been as crowded and lively as it was now.

    Even the previous few opening of the Broken World did not attract such crowd.

    At this moment, the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins was packed with people because the Venerable Envoy of the Very High Heavens had gathered all the reputable sects across the seven immortal domains, castellans of the top immortal cities and all seven Heavenly Emperors from the seven immortal domains.

    Therefore, one would be considered fortunate if one could find a place to stay in the Shaprhorn Immortal Ruins now.

    The reason why the Venerable Envoy of the Very High Heavens gave up camping outside the fourth level of the Broken World had already been spread across the entire Shaprhorn Immortal Ruins.

    This was because the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was brought away by someone out of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. The two Grand Zhi Immortals who were suspected to possess the Red Karmic Fire Lotus were eventually trapped by the other cultivators only to find out that they didn't have it. According to that Blade Scar Mountain Grand Zhi cultivator's confession, the Red Karmic Fire Lotus had already disappeared when he arrived at the dried lake.

    Perhaps some other people might still question this confession but the Venerable Envoy of the Very High Heavens didn't question it. This was because Tong Hui was sent into the fourth level by him so he had already placed a spiritual will imprint on Tong Hui. If Tong Hui had truly obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, he would be the first one to find out.


    The instance Wei Zidao and Mo Wuji arrived at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, the first thing they did was to snoop around for the latest news.They had also been asking around for resthouses and hotels to stay in but because of the insane number of people here, they hadn't been able to find a place to stay.

    'Sect Head, we might need to stay at the trade union at this rate," Wei Zidao said helplessly.

    It wasn't that the living conditions at the trade union was bad but because they were currently representing Ping Fan and if they were to stay at the trade union, it would seemingly lower their status.

    This gathering was planned by the Very High Heavens and had its own agenda, all the individual sects would still be comparing with each other. Even if they were to stay in a small residence, they wouldn't lose much face.

    If Mo Wuji was still a rogue cultivator, he wouldn't mind as long as he had a place to stay. However, now that he was the sect head of Ping Fan, everything he did would be directly affecting the reputation of Ping Fan. If he were to lose his face today, other people might make fun of his Ping Fan's disciples that their sect head slept by the street during the previous Sharphorn Immortal Ruins gathering.

    Mo Wuji would naturally not want to sleep at the trade union so he shook his hand, "Don't worry, I still have a pill house here. Let's go and check it out now."


    "Sect Head, there seemed to be a new owner here already," When Mo Wuji brought Wei Zidao in front of his Tian Ji Pill House, Wei Zidao asked doubtfully as he stared at the signboard of the Tian Ji Pill House.

    It was no wonder Wei Zidao would be so doubtful because regardless if they were in the Immortal World or Mortal World, territories would be under protection. No matter how strong you are, you cannot casually take over other people's territory. This was just like how a cultivator's handmade immortal cave would belong to himself only. If he left for a while and someone decided to take over his immortal cave just like that, it would mean that he was intentionally forming a deadly feud with him.

    This deadly feud was similar to the feud between the Great Sword Path and Ping Fan. It wouldn't end until one party got rid of the other party.

    Presently, there was a signboard that read 'Unfettered Hundred Treasures Building' in front of his Tian Ji Pill House. Evidently, it was occupied by someone else.

    "Destroy this signboard now," Mo Wuji said without hesitation.

    Of course, Wei Zidao wouldn't be afraid to follow Mo Wuji's orders. With a raise of his hand, the suspending words of the pill house was instantly turned into scraps.

    Mo Wuji contributed by removing all sorts seal and restrictions around the hundred treasures building.

    "Who dares to touch my hundred treasures building?" An enraged voice could be heard and a Grand Zhi Immortal charged out.

    "Pa!" Wei Zidao sent out a slap and this Grand Zhi Immortal was sent flying by Wei Zidao. The Grand Zhi Immortal's teeth were stained with blood as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

    If not for the fact that no killing intent was allowed in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, Wei Zidao would have already killed this mere Grand Zhi Immortal.

    "Pill Master Mo?" A shocked voice could be heard from far away and in the next moment, a yellow dress woman appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and smiled, "Immortal Friend Muqing, long time no see."

    Shen Muqing bit her lips because she really did find it extremely shocking to see Mo Wuji here. She really wanted to warn Mo Wuji to leave this place as soon as possible but she couldn't find the words to tell him that. She had heard of some incidents about Mo Wuji and she also knew that this pill house belonged to Mo Wuji. Now that Mo Wuji was back, he definitely want this pill house back but did he not know that he could lose his life easily here at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins?

    "Pill Master Mo..." Shen Muqing hesitated for a while as she didn't know how to start.

    Presently, the Grand Zhi Immortal who was sent flying by Wei Zidao's slap had already sent out a message saying that his shop was being attacked. Countless of figures landed swiftly just moments later.
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