Chapter 733: Lots Of Talk And Little Action

    Chapter 733: Lots Of Talk And Little Action

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    Shen Muqing noticed that a group of people was walking over. She sighed again as she knew that it was too late to say anything.

    "What happened?"The Immortal King at the front shouted as he arrived. This shophouse belonged to the Unfettered Emperor Palace so regardless of what happened, he had to give a reasonable answer to the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    "Main Affairs Lord, they smashed my signboard and bullied me with their superior cultivation level by attacking me," That Grand Zhi Immortal saw the law enforcers of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins arriving so he hurried over and explained the situation.

    This Immortal King's eyes fell back on Mo Wuji and was instantly shocked because he recognised Mo Wuji.

    Back then, Immortal Emperor Lun Cai of the Unfettered Emperor Palace placed a wanted poster for Mo Wuji's head so how could he not recognise Mo Wuji's face?

    This Mo Wuji, a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, was not simple at all; under the encirclement of three Grand Emperors and one Quasi-Emperor, he still managed to escape. Now that he had returned to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, this enforcer wouldn't believe if they said that this Pill Master Mo came to look for his death.

    If Mo Wuji had such low IQ, he would have been killed multiple times already.

    At the same time, this Immortal King was well aware of why Mo Wuji would smash this shophouse's signboard into pieces. He knew that this shophouse belonged to Mo Wuji previously.

    However, this Immortal King also knew that the fella who reported this attack was a member of the Unfettered Emperor Palace. He really didn't want to offend either Mo Wuji or the Unfettered Emperor Palace. As for his intention to give the Unfettered Emperor Palace a reasonable explanation regardless of what happened, he had completely thrown that thought away because his own safety was what was important now.

    At the thought of this, the Immortal King frowned and clasped his fist to Mo Wuji, "Immortal Friend, why did you smash his signboard?"

    He could only pretend that he didn't recognise Mo Wuji because even the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins' castellan couldn't afford to offend Mo Wuji, let alone him. Similarly, he couldn't afford to offend Grand Emperor Lun Cai too.

    "Because this shop is mine," Mo Wuji said faintly, "This person didn't get my agreement and set up a business here at my shophouse so I naturally had to smash his signboard."

    "Rubbish! This shophouse was given to me by the Deacon Guo of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance," The Grand Zhi Immortal replied furiously despite not understanding why the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins enforcer would be so polite to Mo Wuji. Logically speaking, since the enforcer knew that he was a member of the Unfettered Emperor Palace, he should have settled this already.

    Because of the politeness the enforcer showed Mo Wuji, the Grand Zhi Immortal intentionally sent out a message after saying that.

    Moments later, Guo Qi rushed over and just as she wanted to ask this Grand Zhi Immortal about what was so important that he had to request for her so urgently, she saw Mo Wuji standing by the side.

    "Pill Master Mo..." Guo Qi exclaimed and instantly understood what was happening.

    Previously, she was the one who gave Mo Wuji this shophouse but the shophouse was smashed and destroyed after the Unfettered Emperor Palace decided to go after Mo Wuji. Later on, rumours spread that Mo Wuji was encircled by a few Grand Emperors only to have fallen in the void. In her eyes, even if Mo Wuji hadn't died, he wouldn't dare to return. This was why she decided to gift this shophouse to a mere Grand Zhi Immortal of the Unfettered Emperor Palace so as to make friends with them.

    She had never thought about the possibility that not only did Mo Wuji survive, he even dared to return so blatantly. Presently, Guo Qi was extremely vexed because if she knew that Mo Wuji was still alive, she would have used her land deed to reject the member of the Unfettered Emperor Palace. Even if the place was taken away forcefully by the Unfettered Emperor Palace, it would still be 10,000 times better than giving it away herself.

    "Deacon Guo, what's happening? No matter what the problem is, my Unfettered Emperor Palace would handle it," Even the Grand Zhi Immortal found Guo Qi's reaction odd.

    Mo Wuji didn't acknowledge Guo Qi's greeting because the shophouse still items which belonged to him from the past. Because Guo Qi gave this shophouse to him, he was immensely grateful and had even concocted many immortal pills for the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to pass it to her. To him, he believed he had repaid her kindness by doing that much.

    He was extremely displeased that Guo Qi actually gave this shophouse away. If it was that simple, Mo Wuji still could forget it because after all, a shophouse wouldn't mean much to Mo Wuji. What displeased Mo Wuji the most was that Guo Qi actually gave it to the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    One must know that he had an extremely deadly feud with the Unfettered Emperor Palace because they went on to kill everyone in his Tian Ji Pill Court, searched the entire world for him, went on to teach Devil Moon Immortal School's Lin Gu and her master a lesson and eventually, razed the entire Moon Seeking Mountain too. He would naturally not forget a feud like this.

    Everyone in the Immortal World talked about the feud between himself and Grand Emperor Lun Cai so he didn't believe that Guo Qi wouldn't know about it. From this incident, Mo Wuji concluded that Guo Qi was a person to work together for business but he would never treat a person like Guo Qi as his friend.

    "Pill Master Mo, this shophouse..." Guo Qi didn't know how to continue because if she knew that Mo Wuji could still return, he definitely wouldn't commit such brainless acts.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's emotionless expression, Guo Qi knew that she would never be able to get Mo Wuji to forgive her so she could only say to the Grand Zhi Immortal of the Unfettered Emperor Palace, "This shophouse was indeed Pill Master Mo's but I handled it poorly so I am willing to compensate..."

    This Grand Zhi Immortal was finally able to understand the reason as he stared shockingly at Mo Wuji, "You, you are that Mo Wuji."

    "Yes you're right, I am indeed Mo Wuji so scram. If you are unhappy, get Lun Cai to find me directly," Mo Wuji walked over, swung his hand and the Grand Zhi Immortal was thrown far away.

    That Immortal King law enforcer saw Mo Wuji walking into the shophouse so he casually shook his hand and said, "Since the few of you have settled your personal grudges, this incident shall end here."

    After saying that, the Immortal King law enforcer didn't say anything else as he turned and left hurriedly together with the rest of the people he brought along.

    The Grand Zhi Immortal, who was thrown away by Mo Wuji one swing of his hand, didn't even dare to come back to collect his belongings. He left speedily and the first thing he did was to send out a message using his communication bead. Mo Wuji's appearance at the Sharphorn Immortal Alliance had to be made known to the Unfettered Emperor Palace

    When the few workers left in the shophouse witnessed how their shopkeeper fled the scene, they started scurrying out of the shop too. As for these small and meaningless creatures, Mo Wuji really couldn't be bothered by them.

    As everyone else around the scene saw that there was nothing left to watch, they started leaving in separate directions and spread the news about how the Pill Master Mo, who was chased out of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, had returned.

    Guo Qi looked at the shophouse with a pale face but she still chose not to enter the shophouse to apologise. She knew that her friendship with Mo Wuji was completely destroyed.


    "Pill Master Mo..." Shen Muqing followed Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao into the shophouse. Because she really did admire Mo Wuji, in addition to the help Mo Wuji provided her once in the past, she still wanted to advise Mo Wuji to leave as soon as possible.

    "Are you worried that Lun Cai would come and find trouble with me?" Mo Wuji looked at Shen Muqing with a warmly heart because no matter her reason, she was genuinely concerned for him.

    Shen Muqing nodded, "Yes, other than him, there are also the few other big sects around. To make things worse, those few Grand Emperors are all here at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins."

    "You don't have to worry about all these. Back then, I wasn't afraid of Lun Cai so I would naturally not be afraid of him now. As for you, it has only been a few years and you're already in the intermediate Grand Yi Immortal Stage. Congratulations!" Mo Wuji chuckled.

    Shen Muqing shook her head, "My minute improvements are definitely not worthy of mention in front of Pill Master Mo..."

    Shen Muqing's tone was slightly hesitant and Mo Wuji knew she still had something to say, "Immortal Friend Muqing, we are already considered old friends so just tell me what's on your mind."

    Shen Muqing heard Mo Wuji's words and she revealed a beautiful smile, "Alright, I'm sorry. The thing is that the ancestor of my sect wants to meet Pill Master Mo. Years ago, I told my ancestors about your incident and my ancestor said that you would definitely turn out to be extraordinary hence, she wanted to meet you. The pity was that a series of unfortunate incidents occured and she never got to meet you at all. In fact, she was even intending to head out to find you. Who would have expected Pill Master Mo to survive thus far so if my ancestor knows about this, she would be extremely delighted."

    Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that Shen Muqing was from the Floating Flower Immortal Valley but he never knew who the ancestor of the Floating Flower Immortal Valley was. All he could do was to reply apologetically, "Immortal Friend Muqing, I am still not aware of who your ancestor is."

    Shen Muqing smiled, "Senior Brother Mo, just call me Muqing because immortal friend sounds slightly odd. The truth is that not many people knew about the ancestor of the Floating Flower Immortal Valley. Do you know Immortal Empress Wen Lan?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I've heard of her. Rumours were saying that back then, Immortal Empress Wen Lan established the Waterfall Immortal Sect. Could it be that..."

    Shen Muqing nodded back, "Senior Brother Mo's guess is right. The Floating Flower Immortal Valley was indeed single handedly maintained by Ancestor Wen Lan. The one who established the Floating Flower Immortal Valley was Fairy Piao Hua[1] and she was Ancestor Wen Lan's daughter. Because of some differences in opinions, Fairy Piao Hua left the Waterfall Immortal Sect to establish the Floating Flower Immortal Valley.

    However, before the Floating Flower Immortal Valley could finish its construction, Fairy Piao Hua got into an accident. Ancestor Wen Lan was extremely remorseful for letting her own daughter leave in a fit of anger. To complete her daughter's wish, she still established the Floating Flower Immortal Valley eventually."

    Mo Wuji didn't ask why Fairy Piao Hua would leave the Waterfall Immortal Sect as he simply said, "Many thanks for Senior Wen Lan's high regard. If I have the chance to meet her during this conference, I will definitely greet her."

    "Many thanks Senior Brother Mo. Ancestor Wen Lan will be coming to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins so I am sure the two of you will meet," Shen Muqing said ecstatically.

    Because she was an old friend, Mo Wuji enjoyed his conversation with her too.

    After Shen Muqing bade her goodbye, Mo Wuji reinstalled a new set of protecting arrays over the shophouse and even though he didn't set up a Grade 7 protecting array, he managed to fix up a Grade 5 one in a short period of time.

    In the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins, it was already considered extremely impressive for a small shophouse to be protected by a Grade 5 protecting array.

    Most of the people here were not concerned about the Grade 5 immortal array but the commotion that was bound to happen. Pill Master Mo had a deadly feud with the Unfettered Emperor Palace and now that Pill Master Mo came back, Grand Emperor Lun Cai would definitely come to find trouble. Even if it wasn't Grand Emperor Lun Cai, other big sects would also come knocking on Mo Wuji's door and everyone was just here to watch the show.

    Eventually, many onlookers were left disappointed because two days had passed and without mentioning Grand Emperor Lun Cai, neither of the Great Sword Path, Lightning Sect or the Vast Ocean Immortal School appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    Today was finally the day of gathering organised by the Very High Heavens and the venue was the Sharphorn Immortal Garden.

    [1]; Piao Hua is the hanyu pinyin of Floating Flower.
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