Chapter 735: The Treasure That Incited Wu Mei To Kill

    Chapter 735: The Treasure That Incited Wu Mei To Kill

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    Wu Mei lifted her head; her eyes were red and her face was covered in tears. She looked at Mo Wuji mournfully and said, "Pill Master Mo, I have no animosity towards you, nor have I done you any wrong. Why must you frame me like so?"

    Mo Wuji replied indifferently, "So you also know that I have no animosity towards you. Since that's the case, why would I want to frame you? Stop quibbling, otherwise, I will take out the crystal ball which I used to record the scene and reveal what happened for everyone to see. Back then, that Tian fella and you joined hands to kill a middle-aged cultivator. Thereafter, you acted as though you were poisoned. When that Tian fella was helping you to search for an antidote, you suddenly stabbed him in the back."

    "Wu Mei, Tian Zhongfu was really killed by you?" Qu Cang finally felt that something was amiss. He turned to Wu Mei and shouted at her angrily.

    "I, I..." Wu Mei's tears fell like rain. She didn't say a single word but the aggrieved expression on her face was more powerful than any word.

    "Pill Master Mo, with your status, you are a senior to Wu Mei. To say such irresponsible words, aren't you acting out of place?" Qu Cang could feel that Wu Mei was being wronged and his tone changed slightly. However, there were still some hints of doubts in his voice.

    This time, Qing Yang didn't speak up for Wu Mei. She was from the Green Immortal House, and she had seen her fair share of plots and schemes. Just now when Mo Wuji proclaimed that Wu Mei had killed Tian Zhongfu, Wu Mei's hand trembled and her heartbeat instantly sped up. In that moment, Qing Yang knew that this matter was likely true.

    She sighed in her heart; one truly couldn't be judged by the cover. Even the innocent and kind-looking Wu Mei could actually be such a devious person. But this also showed that Wu Mei and Tian Zhongfu must have found some supreme treasure. Otherwise, she wouldn't have behaved in such a manner.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a crystal ball and the scenes recorded by the ball were now on full display. The scene where Wu Mei killed Tian Zhongfu was crystal clear; it was exactly as Mo Wuji had said.

    There was no longer any doubt.

    Tian Nini shrieked in agony as she grabbed her longsword and stabbed towards Wu Mei.

    However, the disparity between Tian Nini's and Wu Mei's cultivation was too high; even if Wu Mei didn't do anything, she wouldn't be harmed. Wu Mei didn't even need to move as Qu Cang had already lifted his hand and swept away Tian Nini's longsword.

    Qu Cang frowned and said, "Nini, this matter will be discussed back in the sect. I will give you an explanation."

    After which, Qu Cang turned and said to a middle-aged man behind him, "Detain Wu Mei."

    Towards Mo Wuji, Qu Cang didn't even feel a morsel of gratitude. Mo Wuji had revealed Wu Mei's evil doings, and that was equivalent to publicly displaying his Immortal Universe Sword School's dirty linens. If not because Mo Wuji was overly enigmatic and was even able to escape from multiple Grand Emperors, he would have tried to secretly get rid of Mo Wuji right there and then.

    Mo Wuji sneered; he knew that nothing bad would befall Wu Mei. There were only two people that truly wanted to kill Wu Mei: one was him, the other was Tian Nini.

    As for the Immortal Universe Sword School, they definitely wouldn't do anything to Wu Mei. At the very most, they would detain Wu Mei for a period of time before setting her free. After all, with Wu Mei's amazing talent, they wouldn't want to do anything otherwise.

    Tian Nini's entire body trembled in anger. She wanted to speak, but not a single word came out of her mouth. She knew; the moment Wu Mei was brought back to the sect, then she would never have another chance at revenge in her entire life.

    Wu Mei had far too many backers in the sect, while she was merely an ordinary disciple. No one would help her because of her brother's wrongful death.

    "Sect Head, please seek justice for Nini and my brother." Tian Nini did not hesitate to kneel down as she pleaded with a face full of hot tears.

    Qu Cang's face sunk, "If there's anything, we will discuss back in the sect. Crying and bawling here is truly a disgrace."

    After saying that, Qu Cang turned and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, many thanks for revealing this matter. I wonder if Pill Master Mo is able to give me that crystal ball. My sect will analyse its contents before coming to a verdict."

    How could Mo Wuji not know of Qu Cang's intentions: he wanted to take the crystal ball away, destroy it, then release a claim that the crystal ball was fake. That way, the Immortal Universe Sword School could retain their genius disciple Wu Mei.

    Mo Wuji only managed to guess half of it right: Qu Cang didn't only want to retain the genius, Wu Mei, he also wanted to rope in the backer behind her.

    "Who do you think you are to deserve something from me. F*ck off." Mo Wuji's heart was filled with contempt towards Qu Cang. He did not hesitate to chide him.

    Qu Cang's face turned green as his killing intent instantly seeped out. Fortunately, he was able to calm down quickly and resist his murderous thoughts. If Mo Wuji was so easy to kill, he wouldn't have come here. Neither would he have been able to escape safely from the encirclement of multiple Grand Emperors.

    He, Qu Cang, might also be an early stage Immortal Emperor, but when compared to Grand Emperors like Yi Minghu and Lei Guyun, he wasn't even comparable to an ant.

    "Sect Head, I beg you to seek justice for us siblings." Tian Nini kowtowed strongly against the ground, fresh blood even began to seep out of her forehead.

    Qu Cang snorted and waved his hand; a wave of immortal elemental energy threatened to blast Tian Nini far away. He was vexed at Wu Mei for hiding this secret and he was angered at Tian Nini for not knowing how to behave in the right situations. There was no need to talk about how Wu Mei was one of the peak geniuses in the sect, with the person behind her, was she someone that could be killed just because a person said so?

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and a blast of immortal elemental energy also surged out. Qu Cang's immortal elemental energy was instantly dispelled by Mo Wuji. Immediately, Mo Wuji sneered, "I finally see how amazing your sect is. Not only do you condone a wrongdoer, you harm the innocent."

    "This is a matter of my Immortal Universe Sword School. Isn't Pill Master Mo overstepping his boundaries?" Qu Cang said coldly.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I am purposely overstepping my boundaries. There's no need to talk about how my relationship with Brother Tian is not shallow, I will even help Brother Tian's sister."

    When Mo Wuji saw Tian Nini's helpless appearance, a figure suddenly appeared in his mind. That figure was Wen Xiaoqi.

    He knew that Wen Xiaoqi was secretly in love with him; she would even give up everything for him.

    Wen Xiaoqi had always been silently taking care of him. If he needed something, he didn't even need to say a word and Wen Xiaoqi would take the initiative to help him. It was just that his heart had been fully occupied by Xia Ruoyin; so how could there still be space for Wen Xiaoqi.

    After he died, the person that was probably in the most pain should be Wen Xiaoqi. If he had a grave, the one that erected it would definitely be Wen Xiaoqi, and the only person that would visit his grave every year could only be Wen Xiaoqi. At this instant, Mo Wuji finally understood the pricelessness of such a person. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to return back to Earth. If he could, he would try any means to make Wen Xiaoqi happy.

    You don't know what you have till it's gone.

    Mo Wuji decided to help Tian Nini because Tian Zhongfu was far too similar to him. Tian Nini care for her brother was also similar to Wen Xiaoqi's care for him. The only difference was that Tian Nini's relationship with Tian Zhongfu was the relationship between brother and sister.

    Moreover, with Mo Wuji's experience and knowledge, how could he not know that Wu Mei had definitely killed Tian Zhongfu because of a treasure. Today, he might not be able to help Tian Nini kill Wu Mei, but he could help Tian Nini retrieve her brother's items.

    When everyone heard what Mo Wuji said, they all knew what was going on. Previously, Mo Wuji said that he didn't know Tian Zhongfu, but now he said that their relationship was not shallow. Mo Wuji was clearly trying to find an excuse to help.

    "Haha..." Qu Cang chortled and a longsword floated above his head, "I want to see how exactly does Pill Master Mo intend to get involved with my Immortal Universe Sword Sect's matter."

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he suddenly landed beside Wu Mei, and with a quick grab, he snatched Wu Mei's storage ring.

    When Qu Cang knew that Wu Mei killed Tian Zhongfu, he also guessed that it was possible that Wu Mei had a supreme treasure on her. Otherwise, Wu Mei wouldn't have murdered him. In reality, Qu Cang wasn't the only one who had such thoughts, everyone else had them, but they just didn't have an excuse to make a move.

    At the instant Mo Wuji made a move, Qu Cang tried to stop him. But just as Qu Cang moved a single inch, he felt an intense killing intent envelop him. He was sure that he dared to move another inch, this killing intent would kill him without question.

    In that moment, Mo Wuji had already taken away Wu Mei's storage ring.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had easily torn apart the seals and penetrated into the ring. When he saw the things inside the ring, even he could not hold back his elation.

    Within the ring, there was a small cauldron that was only five inches wide. However, that small cauldron emanated a primordial energy that was no weaker than the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. And if that wasn't enough, he actually saw two pages of the Book of Luo in the ring.

    There was no wonder why this woman's cultivation was so fast. She had actually obtained such treasures. There was also no wonder why this woman would resort to killing her companion, such treasures were truly too heaven-defying.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji also found some admiration towards this woman's luck. If she didn't encounter him today, this woman's achievements would be no lower than Murong Xiangyu.

    Qu Cang glanced fearfully towards Wei Zidao. At this moment, he was sure that Wei Zidao was an Immortal Emperor much more powerful than him,

    "Pill Master Mo is truly capable, to actually snatch from a junior," Qu Cang chided.

    "Sect Head, Tian Nini will no longer be a disciple of the Immortal Universe Sword School. Many thanks for taking care of this disciple over the years." When Tian Nini saw how her sect head seemed completely uncaring towards her brother's death and seemed to want to protect Wu Mei, her heart turned cold. Would there still be any meaning if she stayed in such a sect?

    "Hmm!" Qu Cang's killing intent rose once more. He was helpless against Mo Wuji, but why would he hold back against a mere Grand Yi Immortal that no longer had a sect?

    But before he could even say anything, Mo Wuji's voice sounded, "Junior Sister Tian, if you don't mind, you can join my sect. I have recently established my own sect."

    At the same time, Mo Wuji transmitted a message to Tian Nini, "It's possible that Wu Mei's items are your brother's. After we leave, I will hand them over to you."

    "Many thanks, Sect Head Mo, this disciple is willing." Tian Nini immediately bowed towards Mo Wuji and moved to Mo Wuji's side.

    She was very clear that even if Mo Wuji helped her, she wouldn't be able to kill Wu Mei. If she wanted to take her own revenge, she would have to wait till her power gets higher.

    "Keke, a senior snatching from a junior. Today, I, Kui Fengyun, have truly seen what the world is like." Kui Fengyun's voice resounded through the air. Mo Wuji knew that this fella probably didn't dare to challenge him at Ping Fan alone; so this fella was trying to get the Immortal Universe Sword School to help him.
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