Chapter 736: Huang Sha Makes An Allegation

    Chapter 736: Huang Sha Makes An Allegation

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    When the infuriated Qu Cang saw Kui Fengyun, his heart pounded and he hurriedly went forward and clasp his fists, "Many thanks, Heavenly Emperor Fengyun for your words. Also, congratulations for stepping into the Immortal Emperor Stage."

    "I simply don't believe that this world is so unjust. Even though I, Kui Fengyun, might have a weak cultivation, I will not condone such matters."

    With that, Kui Fengyun clasped his fists towards the crowd and said, "Various immortal friends, anyone willing to speak for justice, please step forward. He, Mo Wuji, might be strong in the Pill Dao, but he can't simply do whatever he likes."

    According to Kui Fengyun's intentions, with him stepping forward and another Immortal Emperor Qu Cang by his side, there would definitely be a host of people that would step forward. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be able to get by this day. It's true that this is a meeting ordered by the Very High Heavens and it prohibited killing. However, the law doesn't blame the masses; if everyone came together to deal with Mo Wuji, the Very High Heavens wouldn't do anything.

    Even if no one else came forward, the people from the Lightning Sect, the Great Sword Path, the Vast Ocean Immortal School, and even the Unfettered Emperor Palace would.

    What left Kui Fengyun confused was that after his rallying call, no one actually came forward. He even turned to look at that Quasi-Emperor from Gods Immortal Sect. Previously, he had seen how this Quasi-Emperor came forward to berate Mo Wuji. But now, even this fella acted as though nothing happened.

    If all these sects claimed that they were angered at Wu Mei's actions of murdering a senior brother, he, Kui Fengyun, definitely didn't believe it.

    What left Kui Fengyun even more confused was that even the people from Vast Ocean Immortal School, Lightning Sect and the Great Sword Path didn't even say anything. Could something have happened during these few days that he, Kui Fengyun, didn't know of?

    Well, Kui Fengyun couldn't be blamed. He had arrived at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins relatively early and he had been in seclusion ever since. After he emerged from seclusion, he had gone directly to Sharphorn Immortal Garden. There were truly many things that he didn't know about. If Mo Wuji hadn't exterminated the Great Sword Path, his call might have probably rallied many people together. But now, many sects know about what happened and no one was willing to offend Mo Wuji.

    That's not right. He did not seem to see anyone from Great Sword Path. While there were people from Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School, he didn't see Lei Guyun and Jin Wusheng.

    Fortunately, he finally saw someone that he had relatively good ties with - Revolving Soul Dao's Sect Head Lu Ziting. Previously, Lu Ziting had joined hands with him together in a secret domain. It was just that Lu Ziting's talent was better than his and was already an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor while he had only just confirmed his Immortal Emperor Dao.

    "Ziheng!" Kui Fengyun's eyes lit up as he went forward to greet Lu Ziheng. Immediately, he saw a thin man standing right behind Lu Ziheng. This fella's aura seemed no weaker than Lu Ziheng's.

    Lu Ziheng was dressed in pure white robes, giving off a refined and gentle impression. He clasped his fists and returned the courtesy. Thereafter, he sighed, "Fengyun, how long has it been since the two of us last met?"

    "Sect Head Mo." What cause Kui Fengyun to frown was that before he could answer Lu Ziheng, that thin man went to Mo Wuji and greeted him.

    Kui Fengyun's face turned slightly unsightly, "Ziheng, who's this person?"

    He felt that this thin man looked slightly familiar, but he couldn't remember off the top of his head.

    "This emperor is Bai Ye. The person I admire the most is Sect Head Mo. If you want to find trouble for Sect Head Mo, don't blame this emperor for acting out." Bai Ye snickered and said to Kui Fengyun.

    Clearly, this Bai Ye was not intending to help him, Kui Fengyun, but Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was very clear of Bai Ye's intentions; this fella had a penchant for tricks and gimmicks. He definitely knew that Mo Wuji and Kui Fengyun definitely wouldn't fight it out there, which was why he intentionally said such words.

    Kui Fengyun's face turned uglier; he had heard of Bai Ye's name before. He was an Immortal Emperor that vanished for a period of time. He, Kui Fengyun, could never have thought that this Bai Ye would be so respectfully towards Mo Wuji. He was just about to say something to Lu Ziheng when it seemed as though Lu Ziheng had just heard something. Lu Ziheng's face changed slightly and he awkwardly went to clasp his fists towards Mo Wuji. Thereafter, Lu Ziheng acted as though he saw a familiar friend as he hastily bid his farewells to Kui Fengyun and sped off.

    Observing all this by the side, Grand Emperor Lun Cai's lips started twitching. He naturally knew that Lu Ziheng should have just heard the news of the Great Sword Path's destruction. That was why he would abandon Kui Fengyun and leave.

    Originally, he was intending to join in if Kui Fengyun could really rally many experts to surround Mo Wuji. However, he didn't expect that Kui Fengyun wasn't even able to pull one person in to help him. From the looks of it, the news of Mo Wuji destroying the Great Sword Path was already known by many sects.

    "The Very High Heavens Envoy Jin Yu arrives." This announcement gave Kui Fengyun an excuse to leave. He no longer cared about his previous words to help the Immortal Universe Sword School as he hurriedly turned and left. He was sure that something had happened in these few days, but he didn't know what it was.

    "Everyone, please take your seat." Jin Yu smiled warmly and calmly. It seemed as though he wasn't here to ask about the Red Karmic Fire Lotus but to genuinely host a meeting.

    Since the envoy from the Very High Heavens was here, no one dared to utter any further nonsense. Qu Cang took the opportunity to grab the infuriated Wu Mei and retreat. Like Kui Fengyun, he no longer wanted to clash with Mo Wuji. Even a long lost expert like Bai Ye was related to Mo Wuji; he definitely didn't want his Immortal Universe Sword School to collapse because of this matter.

    Moreover, he had yet to recognise Wei Zidao. If he did recognise Wei Zidao, he would probably be more afraid.

    "Great Sword Path's disciple Huang Sha greets the venerable envoy. I beg the venerable envoy to seek justice for my Great Sword Path." A man in hemp cloths and hemp shoes suddenly walked out and kneeled on the ground.

    Jin Yu frowned slightly as he said, 'I know of the Great Sword Path. That Fang Shijiang is not bad. If you have anything to say, then stand up and talk."

    "Yes." Huang Sha stood up, then he suddenly pointed at Mo Wuji and said, "Venerable envoy, this person is called Mo Wuji, sect head of Ping Fan. A few days ago, he brought Ping Fan and destroyed my Great Sword Path. He led to the slaughter of countless of disciples and snatched all of my Great Sword Path's immortal mountains and resources. With such a tyrant in the Immortal World, the Immortal World would no longer be peaceful. I plead the venerable envoy to seek justice for my Great Sword Path, as well as the Immortal World."

    Sharphorn Immortal Garden instantly went silent. The news of Mo Wuji destroying the Great Sword Path was only known by a few powerful sects; most sects did not know about this matter. Now that it was being publicly announced, many of them felt a chill in their bones.

    What kind of sect was the Great Sword Path? It was one of the top sects in the entire Immortal World. The sect churned out outstanding talents in the Sword Dao that were almost undefeatable amongst others on the same stage. Such a sect was actually destroyed.

    Kui Fengyun started to shudder; he finally understood what was amiss. Mo Wuji was even able to destroy the Great Sword Path. There was no wonder why Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of a mere Heavenly Emperor like him. Fortunately, he was cautious and he didn't go to Ping Fan. Otherwise, he would have died without even knowing what killed him.

    Even though the Heavenly Emperors of the Immortal Domains were protected by the Very High Heavens, Kui Fengyun no longer dared to tangle with Mo Wuji. He even started to have some regrets for not investigating Mo Wuji before antagonising him just now. However, he promptly calmed down. Even if he didn't step out just now, his feud with Mo Wuji wouldn't have vanished.

    The representatives from Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School also hurriedly stepped out. They bowed simultaneously and said, "We plead the venerable envoy to seek justice for us."

    "What's the matter with the two of you?" Jin Yu started to frown. He didn't want to care about such matters; such matters really had nothing to do with him. He only cared about whether he could procure news regarding the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. However, he also knew that as a venerable envoy, he would have to deal with such issues.

    The representative from the Lightning Sect was an early stage Immortal Emperor. He hastily ran through the conflict between Mo Wuji and the Lightning Sect, then he proceeded to say that either his Lightning Sect or the Vast Ocean Immortal School was Mo Wuji's next target.

    Jin Yu nodded and turned to Mo Wuji, "Sect Head Mo, is that the truth?"

    Mo Wuji didn't have many concerns. He could tell that Jin Yu didn't really have much interest towards their conflict, "Answering the venerable envoy, the cause for this situation was because the Great Sword Path's Yi Minghu, the Lightning Sect's Lei Guyun and the Vast Ocean Immortal School's Jin Yusheng joined forces to attack me. It was due to my good luck that I was able to escape with my life. When they saw me escape, they caught my innocent senior sister and threw her into the deadly Sword Prison. How could I not take my revenge?"

    Since the Great Kun Buddhist Sect didn't make any allegations, Mo Wuji didn't drag them in.

    Seeing the venerable envoy sink into contemplation, Wu Mei also wanted to charge out. However, she was immediately sealed by a powerful force. She heard her sect head transmit to her, "Wu Mei, you might not want to live, but my Immortal Universe Sword School does."

    Even before Wu Mei could answer, Qu Cang continued transmitting, "I know what you want to say. But no matter what your treasure was, if you talk about it now, you would never get it back. And that Mo Wuji only needs to hand the treasure over to the Very High Heavens and nothing would happen to him. Think about it, that Mo Wuji was even able to destroy the Great Sword Path, you think that he can't destroy my Immortal Universe Sword School? Now, look at the venerable envoy. Do you think that he would get rid of Mo Wuji simply because of what happened to the Great Sword Path?"

    These words were like ice water pouring over Wu Mei's head; she instantly woke up. It was exactly as Qu Cang said, she did indeed want to reveal the matter of Mo Wuji stealing her treasure. She even wanted to reveal what her treasure was. Even if she couldn't get it back, Mo Wuji should forget about having them.

    But now that she heard her sect head's words, she understood the consequences and importance behind her words. Firstly, she would still have some hope of recovering the treasures if they were left with Mo Wuji. If the Very High Heavens took her treasures, then all hope would be gone. Secondly, if the Very High Heavens took the treasures, Mo Wuji was likely to destroy her Immortal Universe Sword School to vent his anger.

    If it was before this, she definitely wouldn't have considered such prospects. But now that she heard that the Great Sword Path had been destroyed by Mo Wuji, then it really wasn't a difficult thing for Mo Wuji to destroy her Immortal Universe Sword School as well.

    "Both parties are wrong in this matter. Our Immortal World places much importance on harmony. I hope that nothing similar would happen again. Sect Head Mo, let this matter rest. Don't continue to act against Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School," Jin Yu said calmly.
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