Chapter 737: Spider Threads And Horse Tracks

    Chapter 737: Spider Threads And Horse Tracks

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    For an envoy like him, it didn't really matter to him that Ping Fan had taken over the Great Sword Path. At the very least, it doesn't clash with his interests. Naturally, he wouldn't offend an up and coming sect just because of a destroyed one.

    Mo Wuji had originally intended to conveniently destroy the Lightning Sect on his way back after this meeting. But now that the Very High Heavens' envoy had expressed such words, Mo Wuji knew that it was impossible. It would have to wait till his power reaches a certain level.

    By that time, he wouldn't need to care too much about this envoy's words. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said modestly, "Since the Venerable Envoy has said it, my Ping Fan will naturally adhere to your words. As long as the Lightning Sect and the Vast Ocean Immortal School doesn't proactively challenge my Ping Fan, I would not lay hands on them without reason."

    Everyone here could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't genuinely laying his hands off. He was only stating a premise for his actions. What if there was a reason for him?

    Since the others could deduce that, Jin Yu was also naturally able to understand the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. He smiled faintly and thought in his heart: "This Mo Wuji is truly a figure.". Actually, this Mo Wuji was actually on his list. At such a young age, Mo Wuji had reached the level of a Tier 8 Pill Emperor; he was definitely a fella with his own secrets.

    As for the destruction of the Great Sword Path, how could he, Jin Yu, not have heard about it? Even though he had always been guarding the entrance of the Broken World's fourth level, he would still be notified of such incidents. It was exactly because Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, coupled with this fact that Mo Wuji established a sect capable of destroying the Great Sword Path, that he chose to specially invite Mo Wuji here.

    Originally, he wanted to ask around about Mo Wuji, then use an opportunity to get to know Mo Wuji. He never expected that Huang Sha would immediately make an allegation against Mo Wuji; so he had to act professionally without private interests.

    "Alright, since that's the case, this matter shall come to an end. Huang Sha, it's truly a tragedy that your sect was destroyed. How about this, you will follow me back to the Very High Heavens. I hope that when you get a chance to return to the Immortal World, you can rebuild the Great Sword Path." Jin Yu didn't persecute Mo Wuji, nor did he throw Huang Sha down a well. Not only was he going to bring Huang Sha up to the Very High Heavens, he was even allowing Huang Sha to rebuild the Great Sword Path.

    "Yes. Huang Sha will follow according to the envoy's orders." Huang Sha bowed respectfully, then he went to stand behind Jin Yu.

    Mo Wuji's heart suddenly went cold. A thought suddenly came to him. It was possible that this Huang Sha never intended for this envoy to help the Great Sword Path take revenge. Huang Sha probably knew that such a hope wasn't realistic. Thus, the reason why he came forward was so that he could enter the Very High Heavens.

    Mo Wuji turned to look at Huang Sha; Huang Sha stood there with his low brows and sunken eyes, seeming as though he wasn't much of a thinker. However, Mo Wuji suddenly felt that this fella was slightly scary.

    The Very High Heavens did not select cultivators above the Immortal King Stage to enter.

    In theory, Huang Sha shouldn't have the opportunity to enter the Very High Heavens. But now that he raised the matter of the destruction of his Great Sword Path, Jin Yu had to find some way to account and compensate him. And the only thing that he could give Huang Sha was the opportunity to go to the Very High Heavens. After all, Huang Sha was the only person left in the entire Great Sword Path.

    In other words, all this was planned by Huang Sha.

    At this moment, Jin Yu turned back to the crowd and smiled, "The Broken World's fourth level has been open for quite some time. During this time, we have selected a large number of outstanding disciples. These disciples will follow me back to the Very High Heavens."

    A wave of loud applause resounded. Clearly, many sects had disciples that were selected.

    Jin Yu continued, "I will be leaving for the Very High Heavens soon. However, there's one thing that leaves me in regret - the Red Karmic Fire Lotus."

    As he got here, Jin Yu's gaze swept across the crowd and his tone turned slow, "The matter regarding the Red Karmic Fire Lotus is very important. Perhaps many of you do not understand this, but our Immortal World is not a safe and stable cultivation haven. It is true that our Very High Heavens has multiple times the amount of cultivation resources as the Immortal World, but the reason for this is because the Very High Heavens is protecting the Immortal World from all sorts of external instabilities."

    "May I ask the Venerable Envoy, is this the reason for the recent selection of disciples?" Someone asked carefully.

    This person had a relatively close friend that was selected to enter the Very High Heavens. Thus, he wanted to find out whether it was dangerous.

    Jin Yu answered apathetically, "I know what you're implying. I'm telling you now, these genius disciples are still unable to be of help to the Very High Heavens. They are only the reserve force of the Very High Heavens. Our experts will be the ones who deal with these outside invaders, but our experts will also fall. If there's no one to take over, then the Very High Heavens would eventually be devoured."

    As he got here, Jin Yu's tone turned icy cold, "And you think that the Immortal World will continue to survive if the Very High Heavens is gone? In the face of danger, training to be strong is the most realistic option. Of course, everyone doesn't need to be pessimistic; our Very High Heavens has always had the upper hand. Now, it isn't outsiders who are invading us, but us who are invading the outsiders."

    When they heard this, the crowd seemed to get excited.

    Jin Yu's volume also raised significantly, "At the same time, I have something extremely important to share with everyone."

    The garden went pitch silent, it seemed like even a pin drop could be heard. Everyone was focused on this important matter that the envoy was going to share.

    Jin Yu's tone had eased as he said, "At this current moment, the strongest expert in our entire Immortal World is our Dao Emperor Changluo. His cultivation has already passed the boundaries of the Grand Emperor Stage and he has entered a whole new level."

    Everyone here knows of Dao Emperor Changluo, he was the ruler of the Very High Heavens, as well as the Immortal World - Zi Changluo.

    "But what I'm going to tell everyone is: Even though the resources in the Very High Heavens is staggeringly higher than in the Immortal World, and even though the immortal spiritual energy is boundless, Dao Emperor Changluo is no longer able to take another step forward in his cultivation."

    "Why?" Someone asked subconsciously.

    Jin Yu sighed and said, "It's because we are being restricted by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth and the Cosmos; we are being constrained by the Heavenly Daos. Our only hope is to charge out of this part of the world and enter a world that is of a higher level. However, we aren't able to do that as the outside of our Immortal World is being guarded by many alien tribes. But if we aren't able to leave this place, then we will only be able to reach that level. If those other tribes are able to find a much higher world and become stronger, then our Immortal World will face its end."

    Voices and murmurs could be heard among the crowd. Anyone that could come here was a stellar figure of the Immortal World. None of them felt that Jin Yu was lying; after all, there was no need to lie about such matters.

    Jin Yu sighed, "The Red Karmic Fire Lotus has been taken by someone. However, what I'm going to tell you is that it would be useless even if you take the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, it would be useless. No matter how high your talent is, you would never be able to go beyond the Immortal Emperor Stage. The reason why I'm looking for the Red Karmic Fire Lotus isn't for myself, it is for Dao Emperor Changluo to continue guarding the Very High Heavens. If anyone hands over the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, I promise, right here, that one of the ten great God Stage Cultivation Holylands of the Very High Heavens will be yours. No matter how great your talent is, we will assure that you will advance to the Grand Emperor Stage. I, Jin Yu, swear..."

    Everyone in the crowd inhaled a breath of cold air. The number of Grand Emperors in the Immortal World could be counted in one's fingers, and everyone one of them is a regional tyrant. Even if one obtains the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, he might not necessarily be able to advance to the Grand Emperor Stage. Thus, this promise of Jin Yu's was a promise of countless of amazing treasures.

    Jin Yu's gaze swept across the crowd and his tone became more impassioned, "If you don't have the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, but you share the whereabouts of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, you would also be able to obtain one of the God Stage Cultivation Holylands, and you would also be promised the advancement into the Grand Emperor Stage. Additionally, you would obtain a crystal ball containing the dao insights of Dao Emperor Changluo."

    At this point, most of the crowd's eyes had turned red. However, what left Jin Yu disappointed was that no one came forward to say anything even as time passed.

    Jin Yu was reluctant to accept this. He was sure that the immortal that took the Red Karmic Fire Lotus possessed a peak grade world. That world exceeded the quality of a mere pocket dimension, and it was a world that might even be able to sustain life. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to not detect the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    "Venerable Envoy, I have some information but I'm not sure if it will be of use." A long-faced Grand Luo Immortal stood forward and said respectfully.

    "Hurry," Jin Yu promptly replied, excitement could be seen in his eyes

    This Grand Luo Immortal's tone was especially respectful as he said, "Back when we entered the fourth level of the Broken World, I saw two low levelled cultivators fleeing in the direction of the weakest immortal spiritual energy. Back then, I didn't pay too much attention to it. After all, their cultivations were very low; so they naturally wouldn't want to compete with the others. However, when I heard that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared at where the immortal spiritual energy was weakest, I started to have my suspicions."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, his heart immediately sank. This fella was definitely talking about Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong. If this fella was able to sketch the appearance of the two of them, then they were screwed.

    Even if his Ping Fan was any stronger, it could not resist the Very High Heavens, at least for now.

    This Grand Luo Immortal wasn't sure, but as a Grand Emperor, Jin Yu had a 90% certainty that those two low levelled cultivators were the ones that took the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    Jin Yu forcefully calmed himself down and tried to slow his speech, "Draw a detailed sketch of these two people. Don't make a single mistake. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, you will be rewarded."

    This Grand Luo Immortal said fearfully, "This junior must apologize. Back then, I was aiming to obtain many treasures and I didn't pay those two people much heed. Thus, I didn't really notice their appearance. I only know that one of them was a man, and the other a woman. The man seemed relatively thin, while the woman was slender and tall. Her long hair was tied in a bun..."

    As he got here, this Grand Luo Immortal stopped talking as he tried to recall exactly what the two looked like.

    Many of the others in Sharphorn Immortal Garden thought that this was logical. With the fourth level of the Broken World just opening, who would care about anyone else? Everyone would frantically head towards where the spiritual energy was rich and try to fight for treasures. It was already relatively observant for this Grand Luo Immortal to notice two low levelled ants heading in the direction of the weakest spiritual energy.
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