Chapter 738: Empress Wen Lan

    Chapter 738: Empress Wen Lan

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    After digging through his memories, this Grand Luo Immortal was finally able to sketch the backs of Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong. When he saw the sketch, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief.

    This Grand Luo Immortal's memories were clearly not accurate, as the similarity between his sketch and the actual people were very low.

    Jin Yu scanned through this sketch, nodded towards this Grand Luo Immortal and said, "You can follow me to the Very High Heavens."

    Thereafter, he turned back and faced the crowd in Sharphorn Immortal Garden, "There's still a few days till I leave. If anyone has news of these two people, you can come and find me. Of course, there's still a third reason why I gathered everyone here, that is the Very High Heavens has decided to sell six Emperor Dao Pills..."

    The moment Jin Yu uttered these words, the atmosphere in Sharphorn Immortal Garden finally reached a high. Almost every one of them seemed to be engaged on a discussion, and all of them had a hint of desire in their eyes.

    Emperor Dao Pills, a Tier 9 immortal pill.

    It's said that this pill was concocted from the Emperor Dao Fruit and many other top-grade immortal herbs. What was the Emperor Dao Fruit? It was the supreme immortal fruit that could help a Quasi-Emperor to verify his Emperor Dao and advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    In the Immortal World, the highest you could cultivate to was the Immortal Emperor Stage. Even a Grand Emperor was still an Immortal Emperor.

    Moreover, the Emperor Dao Pill was far more valuable than the Emperor Dao Fruit. Even though the success rate through the Emperor Dao Fruit wasn't that high, using the Emperor Dao Pill increases that success rate by an entire fold. And was the Emperor Dao Pill something that any random person could concoct? No, it required Tier 9 Pill Emperors.

    It was unknown how many Tier 9 Pill Emperors there were in the Very High Heavens, but everyone knew that there wasn't any Tier 9 Pill Emperors in the Immortal World. It's said that the person with the highest standards in the Pill Dao in the Immortal World was the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Alliance Head Xiao Lishi. Besides him, there was the Mo Wuji of rumours.

    It was widely known that Xiao Lishi was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, but it was only rumored in the case of Mo Wuji.

    Obtaining an Emperor Dao Pill was something that all cultivators wished for.

    Even Mo Wuji was slightly excited. He didn't have the same desires to use the Emperor Dao Pill to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage. He simply wanted an Emperor Dao Pill so he could obtain the pill formula from it.

    Obtaining the pill formula just from a single pill sounds very exaggerated, but it was not impossible for Mo Wuji.

    He had the elemental storage channel, the spirit storage channel, and even the dao revelation channel. With these three types of meridians, he was able to achieve heights that no one else could. With these three types of meridians, he could do things no one else could ever do.

    Mo Wuji also sighed with emotion. Even though he was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, it did not seem to have caused a stir within the Very High Heavens. So it turns out that the Very High Heavens had Tier 9 Pill Emperors.

    Jin Yu waved his hands, gesturing for the crowd to quieten down. Then he said, "There are three ways to obtain the Emperor Dao Pills. The first way is to provide the whereabouts of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus or of that man and woman that fled in the direction of the weakest immortal spiritual energy back at the fourth level. The second way is an exchange with a Void Nirvana Root. The third way is an exchange with some peak grade materials or treasures. Any immortal friend with one, two or more peak grade immortal spiritual veins can also be considered for an exchange."

    The crowd all went silent. Among the three ways, only the first way where they had to find that man and woman was relatively simple. As for the other two, weren't they equivalent to staring at a flower through a fog? The Void Nirvana Root was something even more precious than an Emperor Dao Fruit; who would exchange it away? As for the peak grade immortal spiritual vein, even a single one of it was an existence of legend, what more two? Lastly, for the peak grade materials or treasures, there was no need to talk too much about it.

    Mo Wuji had many good things on him, such as the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow, the primal fire crystals the primal water crystals, etc. However, he did not want to trade away even a single one of them. If any of these items are exposed, nothing good would happen to him.

    "Senior Brother Mo, I was previously worried for you. I didn't think that you would actually be the sect head of Ping Fan." Just when Mo Wuji was still wondering how he could obtain an Emperor Dao Fruit, Shen Muqing came to his side.

    "Thank you." Mo Wuji smiled; he knew that Shen Muqing was genuinely worried for him.

    "Big Brother Mo, my sect's ancestor wants to meet you. Are you free? It's just that my ancestor is not in the garden, but in Sharphorn Immortal Resthouse," Shen Muqing asked nervously.

    Mo Wuji looked at the six jade vases in front of Jin Yu and a sense of regret arose in his heart. Since he was unwilling to offer anything good, he naturally wouldn't be able to obtain the Emperor Dao Pill.

    Since he wasn't able to obtain it, Mo Wuji directly cast that thought aside, "I'm free. Since that's the case, I would have to request Junior Sister Muqing to lead the way."

    Almost everyone in Sharphorn Immortal Garden was staring at the Emperor Dao Pills. Except for some of Mo Wuji's most hated enemies, no one really noticed that Mo Wuji left.

    Jin Yu also saw Mo Wuji leave, but he didn't really place too much importance on it.


    Sharphorn Immortal Resthouse was considered one of the most luxurious resthouses in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. When they arrived, Shen Muqing directly brought Mo Wuji and co. to the most luxurious room.

    Even though Mo Wuji was the sect head of Ping Fan, him and Wei Zidao weren't able to find a place to stay ever since they arrived at Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. On the other hand, Shen Muqing's ancestor might not have arrived earlier than him, but she was able to stay in one of the best rooms of one of the most luxurious resthouses.

    This was the difference between sects. However, once the news of Ping Fan destroying the Great Sword Path spreads, Mo Wuji would no longer need to worry about not being able to find a place to stay.

    "Ancestor, Big Brother Mo is here." Shen Muqing said respectfully at the door.

    Mo Wuji saw that there were two people sitting in the room. Right in front of him, there was a young looking woman. Her looks were ordinary, but she gave off an otherworldly impression. Mo Wuji could guess that this young woman was Shen Muqing's ancestor.

    By the side, there was a strong and sturdy man. His hair and beard were white, his eyes were extremely sharp, and his dao aura was intense. Mo Wuji's eyes constricted; this fella could be more powerful than Wei Zidao.

    Shen Muqing also didn't seem to know this white-haired, muscular man. She also wasn't able to discern this man's power; so she simply stood by the side after a simple greeting.

    That young woman's gaze only swept across Mo Wuji and co. briefly before she stood up and smiled, "I've long heard of Pill Emperor Mo's illustrious name. Seeing you today, I realise that you truly deserve your reputation."

    Mo Wuji's aura was indistinct, even Jin Yu couldn't accurately discern Mo Wuji's true cultivation. However, Mo Wuji felt that this young girl was actually able to see through his cultivation; this left him feeling rather shocked.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, this young woman turned and smiled towards Wei Zidao, "This should be the famous Rogue Emperor Wei Zidao. Everyone, please take a seat."

    Wei Zidao hurriedly returned the courtesy, "Zidao greets Fairy Wen Lan."

    Even though Wei Zidao also recognised the white-haired man, but since the other party didn't stand up, he couldn't be bothered to greet that fella. So what if this fella's status was higher than his? He was also an esteemed Grand Emperor.

    On the other hand, Immortal Empress Wen Lan was not simple. If they were to really calculate, she would be Wei Zidao's senior. Before Wei Zidao even realised his Emperor Dao, she had already established the Waterfall Immortal Sect.

    "Mo Wuji greets Senior Wen Lan." Mo Wuji also clasped his fists. Immortal Empress Wen Lan's reputation was like a thunder piercing the ear. As a person who could seek the Dao from a waterfall, how high must her talent and perception be? Moreover, she was a senior but she still stood up to greet him. He didn't dare to show any disrespect.

    As for that white-haired man, Mo Wuji could tell that he was staggeringly powerful, but Mo Wuji wouldn't pay respects to such a rude fella.

    By Mo Wuji's side, Tian Nini also hurriedly bowed in courtesy, "Tian Nini greets Senior Wen Lan."

    Since Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao didn't greet that white-haired man, she naturally followed suit.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan laughed. After waiting for Mo Wuji and co. to sit down, she said, "Let me introduce all of you; this here is Mahesvara Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Zizai."

    Hearing Immortal Empress Wen Lan's introduction, Heavenly Emperor Zizai responded with an 'En' and nodded towards Mo Wuji and co., seemingly not fussing over Mo Wuji's previous lack of greetings.

    Mo Wuji secretly raised his wariness. He had heard of Mahesvara Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Luo Zizai before. Sharphorn Immortal Ruins used to be part of Mahesvara Immortal Domain, but because this Heavenly Emperor Zizai was only interested in his cultivation, and was totally disinterested in such affairs, Sharphorn Immortal Ruins gradually branched off and became an independent immortal city.

    It was enough for him to simply be more careful; Mo Wuji wasn't going to be overly cautious. He had seen more than his fair share of Grand Emperors; there was even one right beside him. He had also seen several Heavenly Emperors before. When it comes to status, he was the sect head of Ping Fan, and he was also a Tier 8 Pill Emperor; so his status was no lower than this Heavenly Emperor Zizai.

    "Pill Emperor Mo, actually Heavenly Emperor Zizai and I were just at Sharphorn Immortal Garden..."

    Mo Wuji's heart chilled. He had also been in Sharphorn Immortal Garden, but he actually didn't notice these two people. Clearly, these peak grade experts all had their own experts; if they didn't want to be discovered, even he wouldn't be able to notice them.

    "Because I saw you in Sharphorn Immortal Garden, I decided to ask Muqing to bring you here," Immortal Empress Wen Lan said in a warm and gentle tone.

    "Senior, please speak." Mo Wuji knew that a well known Immortal Empress like Wen Lan definitely wouldn't merely call him over to shower him with praises.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan seemed very appreciative of Mo Wuji's straightforward attitude. She continued calmly, "I tried to sense your cultivation and your talent. What left me shocked was that I had no means of finding out where your legacy came from. Moreover, I also didn't have any way to sense your talent..."

    Mo Wuji's heart jolted; Wen Lan had been observing his talent and cultivation legacy but he didn't even detect a single thing. If Wen Lan wanted to act against him, wouldn't he have no means of resistance?

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. He was a supreme Immortal King, how could his disparity with Wen Lan be so huge?
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