Chapter 739: The Pillars Of The Immortal World

    Chapter 739: The Pillars Of The Immortal World

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    Seemingly noticing Mo Wuji's shock, Wen Lan hurriedly explained, "I am relatively sensitive to the dao changes in the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. I am even able to faintly detect the dao aura of those stronger than me. That waterfall of Immortal World has been cascading for countless of years, but I'm still able to sense the origins of the waterfall and gain enlightenment of a Grand Dao which belongs solely to me. Today, that waterfall has already become my magic treasure."

    Mo Wuji only knew that Immortal Empress Wen Lan had gained enlightenment from a waterfall. However, he didn't know that the Immortal World really had a waterfall, and that waterfall had even become Immortal Empress Wen Lan's magic treasure. Regardless, he could tell that Immortal Empress Wen Lan's talent was frighteningly amazing.

    When Immortal Empress Wen Lan finished speaking, she formed an arc with her hand and a silver river began to form and cascade in midair. Even though the silver river was only a mini-version of the actual thing, Mo Wuji could still feel the vast and majestic aura, as well as the boundless natural energy, from within. This river seemed to descend from the Heavens and fall towards nothingness.

    With just a single glance, Mo Wuji felt that he had a whole new idea for his Winding River. His Winding River had a river's appearance, but it lacked a river's origins. At the same time, it was lacking that boundless dao aura and spirit.

    This enlightenment brought Mo Wuji's understanding towards his Winding River up by a level. He even contemplated on using his Winding River now to see how powerful his surging Winding River could be.

    Back then, his Winding River was unable to block Lei Hongji's 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer. But now, he believed that if all else remained the same (ceteris paribus), with his new insights on Winding River, he would be able to match Lei Hongji's 30,000 Catty Lightning Hammer.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan kept her waterfall, smiled and looked at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji stood up and bowed towards Immortal Empress Wen Lan, "Senior, many thanks for your pointers. Junior has learnt much."

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan's waterfall also contains the Dao of Natural Beings. Mo Wuji's insights weren't simply on the Winding River alone. At this point, if Mo Wuji still didn't know that Immortal Empress intended to give him some guidance, then he would truly be an idiot.

    Wen Lan said gently, "I heard that you had a river-type sacred art, so I brought out my waterfall for you to gain insights on. Actually, we share many similar points on the Dao. My Dao is based on the enlightenment from the natural beings under the Heaven and Earth, while your Dao seems more ordinary. Everyone knows that using the more ordinary your Dao is, the less simple it becomes."

    "Junior is blushing in shame. Back in Sharphorn Immortal Garden, Junior actually didn't notice that Senior was observing me," Mo Wuji was really embarrassed when he said this.

    Wen Lan laughed, "That's because our Daos are similar. Moreover, your attention was focused on the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Xiao Lishi and the Unfettered Emperor Palace's Lun Cai. Additionally, I didn't have any malicious intentions, so you wouldn't notice that I was observing you."

    "Senior, please tell me why you've called me here." Mo Wuji doubts had been cleared, and he even gained some benefits from Immortal Empress Wen Lan. Thus, he didn't beat around the bush as he directly asked Immortal Empress Wen Lan why she had called him here.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan suddenly asked, "Does Pill Emperor Mo know that the Very High Heavens has dropped their standards in their recent selection of disciples, and the standards have even dropped to an unimaginable level? Previously, the Very High Heavens didn't care much about the resources of the Immortal World, but why are they suddenly so desperate for the immortal herbs in the Broken World?"

    "Junior is foolish. Senior, please shed light on this issue. Also, Senior can directly call me by Wuji. I don't dare deserve the address of 'Pill Emperor'." Immortal Empress Wen Lan had given him many benefits; so Mo Wuji was rather respectful towards Wen Lan.

    "That's fine. And if Wuji doesn't mind, you can call me Senior Sister. Your future achievements would vastly exceed mine; so there's no need to call me senior." The way Wen Lan spoke left Mo Wuji feeling at ease; she was also very straightforward. Only such sincere and genuine words would give Mo Wuji comfort. Otherwise, this conversation would not last more than three sentences before Mo Wuji would take his leave.

    Thereafter, Wen Lan continued, "There's an unforeseen situation in the Very High Heavens. Even though Jin Yu's words were slightly flashy, they were not entirely untrue. The Very High Heavens' piece of land should be coveted by some alien tribe, and that alien tribe wants to occupy this territory. Currently, it seems like the Very High Heavens still occupies the upper hand."

    "Then why did the Very High Heavens lower their standards and accepted so many genius disciples of the Immortal World?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    He had a reason to be worried. Wen Hou was a man of his Ping Fan, and he knew that Wen Lianxi was likely to be accepted to the Very High Heavens. If the Very High Heavens had malicious intentions towards their disciples, then he would find ways to get Wen Lianxi to Ping Fan.

    Wen Lan didn't directly answer Mo Wuji's question, but asked, "I wonder if Wuji has heard of the Dao Study of Changes?"

    "I've heard of it. I even know of a person called Bai Ye. His abilities in divination are very strong, he should be learnt in Dao Study of Changes," Mo Wuji hurriedly replied.

    "It's true that Bai Ye is strong in the art of divination. However, his abilities are largely due to that eight trigrams treasure of his. He really can't be considered a true expert in the the Dao of Changes. In the Immortal World, the true expert in the prophecy of change is Mahesvara Immortal Domain's Immortal Friend Zizai. Immortal Friend Zizai has already brought Dao Study of Changes to a whole new level."

    Mo Wuji and co. finally came to an understanding. So it turns out this Luo Zizai was also an expert in the Dao Study of Change.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan sighed, "According to the divination of Immortal Friend Zizai, the Immortal World is, once again, going to face a collapse. It's even worse than when the ten Immortal Domains were reduced to the seven Immortal Domains and the broken Underworld."

    Mo Wuji glanced at Luo Zizai in shock. So this fella was disinterested in running Mahesvara Immortal Domain, and only be immersed in his cultivation, because of the impending collapse of the Immortal World.

    "This time, the Immortal World's calamity will be due to the Very High Heavens, because the Very High Heavens have offended an existence that should never have been offended. After the Very High Heavens fall, the Immortal World will be next. Of course, even if the Very High Heavens do no offend that existence, that existence will still come for us. This time, the Very High Heavens intend to accept many disciples and send all of them to death training in the Gods Remnant Domain..."

    Mo Wuji's heart jolted as he hurriedly asked, 'What do you mean by death training in the Gods Remnant Domain?"

    Immortal Empress replied in a slightly pained voice, "The Gods Remnant Domain is rumoured to be a remnant of a battlefield of the Gods World. It's filled with all sorts of danger, but it's also filled with all sorts of dao insights. Usually, the chances of death for those that enter are 60% and above. One must know that the Very High Heavens usually send their disciples to train in the Gods Remnant Domain for one to three years. But in the coming death training, the Very High Heavens intend to seal the Gods Remnant Domain and only allow the disciples that survive ten years to emerge.

    Of course, the disciples that survive are likely to be able to enjoy the Very High Heavens' ten great God Stage Cultivation Holylands. Haiz, but the Gods Remnant Domain is truly terrifying. After ten years, probably only 1 out of 10 disciples would survive. This time, the Very High Heavens seem to have chosen all the peak geniuses of our Immortal World. If all of them die, then what would be the future of the Immortal World? Many years from now, the Very High Heavens would be destroyed. And when the alien tribes invade our Immortal World, there wouldn't be a single person that can lead a resistance."

    "Isn't there still that 10% of disciples? Being able to survive the Gods Remnant Domain, that 10% should be very impressive, wouldn't they?" Wei Zidao asked doubtfully.

    Immortal Empress shook her head slowly, "Immortal Friend Zidao only knows one side of the issue. This 10% of cultivators that survive would be sent to cultivate in the cultivation holylands to train for a period of time. Then, they would directly be drafted for war with the alien tribes. To the Very High Heavens, only those that shower in blood would become true experts. Among these cultivators that get sent for war, not even 10% of them would survive. The experts that emerge are forged in exchange for blood and energy of the Immortal World."

    Mo Wuji was silent and speechless. After some time, he said, "Even though I know that Senior Sister is right, my abilities are limited. I'm unable to prevent such a thing."

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan explained, "Wuji, I'm not asking you to prevent it. Even though the Very High Heavens still occupies the upper hand in the battle now, they also know that if the key people don't step forward, the Very High Heavens and the Immortal World will ultimately fall. The Very High Heavens also have their experts in Dao Study of Changes. They have prophecised that there are two very important people for the future of the Very High Heavens and the Immortal World."

    At this point, even Wei Zidao had a serious expression on his face. He definitely didn't think that Immortal Empress Wen Lan was speaking without proper reasons, "Fairy Wen Lan is saying that the Very High Heavens have deduced the people that will defend the Immortal World and the Very High Heavens?"

    These definitely weren't words of superstition and lies; the Heavenly Dao was filled destinies. If the Immortal Dao doesn't go extinct, then there would definitely be people to hold up the cauldron of the dynasty.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan was also serious as she said, "Yes, it's one man and one woman. The future of the Immortal World lies on the two of them. The man is called Lei Hongji, while the woman is called Ji Yue. What surprises me is that Ji Yue's talent seems to be very low." When Wen Lan said this, she frowned.

    Mo Wuji suddenly came to an understanding. There was no wonder why he heard that Lei Hongji and Ji Yue had been viewed highly by Jin Yu.

    "Senior Sister Wen Lan, this isn't really possible, right?" Mo Wuji frowned and asked. It wasn't that he didn't believe in Lei Hongji's and Ji Yue's capabilities, but he knew what kind of people the two of them were.

    Whether it was Lei Hongji or Ji Yue, they were both extremely selfish people. He didn't believe that such selfish people would become the pillar of support for the Immortal World. If the Immortal World was going to be destroyed, and Lei Hongji and Ji Yue were given the opportunity to go to a better world, Mo Wuji was sure that the two of them would not hesitate to go.

    Wen Lan answered with a straight face, "Yes. This was also prophecised by Immortal Friend Zizai. The Immortal World indeed rests on their shoulders. Today, I have invited you for two reasons. The first reason is to ask you about Lei Hongji. You seem to know Lei Hongji?"

    "Senior Sister Wen Lan, how do you know that I know Lei Hongji?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    Wen Lan smiled faintly and she answered, "During your huge battle with Lei Hongji in the fourth level of the Broken World, Muqing was there. She recorded the battle down. Even though it was rather hazy, Muqing still recognised you."

    Mo Wuji sighed. No wonder why Immortal Empress Wen Lan knew of his Winding River. So it was because of this.
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