Chapter 740: Rejection

    Chapter 740: Rejection

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    Mo Wuji answered, "Senior Sister Wen Lan, I do know Lei Hongji. This person's talent is something that I respect greatly. At the very least, he is much better than me..."

    "Wuji, how do you know that Lei Hongji's talent is better than yours? To be honest, I might not be able to see through your talent and legacy, but I do know that there are few in the Immortal World that can compare with you in the Immortal World. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to step into the Immortal King Stage at such a young age. As for Lei Hongji, he could only be as good as you at the most. He hasn't even entered the Immortal King Stage." Immortal Empress Wen Lan didn't even wait for Mo Wuji to finish speaking before she interjected curiously.

    Mo Wuji was also rather speechless. To compare Lei Hongji's talent with his was already overestimating him immensely. There was no need to talk about Lei Hongji, any random cultivator would have a stronger talent than him. Because he didn't even have any innate talents; he was a person without spiritual roots.

    By the side, Shen Muqing's heart was increasingly filled with shock. Back then, she knew that Mo Wuji was not simple. Her guess turned out to be right; how could Mo Wuji be simple? Even Nine Star Geniuses were nothing in front of Mo Wuji. And that Nai He, her origins were great, but she was still helpless back in the transfer tower to the Broken World because of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was a Pill Emperor, so it would already be enough to blow her mind if he was also a Grand Luo Immortal. But now, it turns out that Mo Wuji was actually an Immortal King. She, Shen Muqing, was an esteemed Seven Star Genius, but when comparing her cultivation speed against Mo Wuji's, it was simply too hard to watch.

    She suddenly thought of Murong Xiangyu. That woman had eyes but she was blind, she actually dumped such a genius like Mo Wuji and decided to court some trash instead. If it was her, she might even be able to protect her chastity in front of Mo Wuji...

    When Shen Muqing thought of this, she secretly glanced at Mo Wuji. Her heart went blank; she knew that her looks were not bad, but it was difficult for her to get into Mo Wuji's heart.

    As Shen Muqing had this dialogue in her head, she didn't know that Murong Xiangyu's cultivation was even higher than Mo Wuji. That person was an Immortal King a long time ago. By now, she might even already be in the intermediate Immortal King Stage.

    Mo Wuji explained honestly, "I was only able to enter the Immortal King Stage because of my good fortune. Lei Hongji's age is not much higher than me, but his cultivation speed is much faster than mine. I suspect that if not for the fourth level of the Broken World, he would have already stepped into the Immortal King Stage. Since that's the case, he would have definitely advanced to the Immortal King Stage the moment he leaves the Broken World. The reason why I understand so much about him is because we came from the same cultivation world."

    "So that's the case. Continue speaking." Immortal Empress Wen Len nodded.

    Wei Zidao's heart was also filled with shock. All this time, he had been wondering whether Mo Wuji had stepped into the Immortal King Stage. It was just that his Dao wasn't comparable to Immortal Empress Wen Lan; so he wasn't able to discern Mo Wuji's true cultivation. Only now, did he finally got to know that Mo Wuji was already in the Immortal King Stage. Clearly, he could see how powerful this sect head of his was. Back then, his sect head wasn't even in the Immortal King Stage and was already able to lead them out of Sword Prison. Today, this sect head had even established the powerful Ping Fan.

    Mo Wuji continued, "Lei Hongji is an extremely selfish person. I believe that with his capabilities, he is indeed able to go around unhindered across the entire Immortal World. However, he definitely wouldn't take up the mantle of protecting the Immortal World. If the fate of the Immortal World rests on such a person's shoulders, then it would be equivalent to drinking poison to quench a thirst."

    Mo Wuji was very clear when he said these words. If someone offered a treasure that moved Lei Hongji's heart, he would not hesitate to betray, or even lead a team to destroy the Immortal World. As for protecting the Immortal World, that's simply a joke.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan laughed gently, "Wuji is thinking too much. If Lei Hongji has the talent and power to defend the Immortal World, then he wouldn't simply abandon the Immortal World. Because he's not in that situation, you can only see his innate character. In the Immortal World, everyone has there own character as they pursue the path of cultivation, sometimes, some people would even commit unscrupulous actions. However, when facing a disaster which threatens to destroy one's home, I believe that any person would know what to do."

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan didn't speak any further; she believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't understand about such things now. Only when one reaches a certain height and stands at a certain position, would one be able to understand such things. It wasn't simply about reacting to a disaster as she had said; it was a kind of Dao by itself.

    Lei Hongji obtained his Dao from the Immortal World; so he must defend the Immortal World. Otherwise, he would begin to question his own Dao.

    Mo Wuji was speechless, but he had no ways of refuting Immortal Empress Wen Lan's words. Moreover, he had no reason to rebut when he came to such fluffy and hypothetical situations.

    Originally, he wanted to say that Ji Yue was also a selfish person, but he no longer had the mood to talk about that woman.

    "Actually, I believe that you, Wuji, are also a person worth training. Unfortunately, the Very High Heavens are far too single-minded in the results of their divination," Immortal Empress Wen Lan sighed and said.

    Luo Zizai, who had been silent this whole time, suddenly said, "That's why you are tasting sour grapes because that Lei Hongji dogsh*t luck is better than yours."

    Mo Wuji jolted; what's the meaning of this? Why would he taste sour grapes because Lei Hongji had been chosen as the defender of the Immortal World and the Very High Heavens? Moreover, he had no grudges with this Luo Zizai, why must this Luo Zizai be so particular with him?

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan hurriedly said, "Wuji, don't take Immortal Friend Zizai's attitude to heart. One of his good friends is Gui Jiancang."

    Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding; wasn't Gui Jiancang the Supreme Elder of the Great Sword Path? In the end, the Great Sword Path was destroyed by him. No wonder why this Heavenly Emperor Zizai was so polar towards him; so this was the reason.

    "Rest assured. I will not do anything because of the matter with Gui Jiancang. The enmity between sects has nothing to do with me. Since Gui Jiancang is from the Great Sword Path, then he must accept that fate. I was only speaking the truth." Luo Zizai explained himself.

    Whether he's speaking the truth or not, no one else knows.

    Immortal Wen Lan continued to ease the tension, "Wuji, even though Immortal Friend Zizai was joking, what he was saying was the truth. Now that Lei Hongji has been taken away by the Very High Heavens, he would gain access to boundless amounts of cultivation resources. The Very High Heavens have their ten great God Stage Cultivation Holylands, so you can imagine how fast Lei Hongji would overcome all obstacles and stand at the peak. However, I feel that Wuji's Dao is not simple, Wuji's talent is also not simple. Thus, I want to use all means that we can to help you step into the Emperor Stage. This is the second reason why I came to find you..."

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "Senior Sister Wen Lan? Didn't you say that Lei Hongji was the fated defender of the Immortal World? Why do you still want to support me?"

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan sighed, "Lei Hongji and Ji Yue are going to be nurtured by the Very High Heavens. Even though the Very High Heavens say that this is to protect the Immortal World, there might come a situation where the Very High Heavens can't even protect themselves. When that happens, they definitely wouldn't send Lei Hongji and Ji Yue to help the Immortal World. What we're doing is merely preparing for the worst."

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding, "Senior Sister Wen Lan, you said you wanted to meet me a few years ago. Could it be due to this as well?"

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan shook her head, "No. Back then, I only heard that your Pill Dao is startling. Even though the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has many geniuses in the Pill Dao, none of them really satisfied me. This time, I saw that you were able to match Lei Hongji in a battle. That's when I discovered that you aren't only talented in the Pill Dao."

    Mo Wuji laughed in his heart. Match Lei Hongji in a battle? Lei Hongji was clearly the one that escaped.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan seemed to notice Mo Wuji's thoughts and she said with a stern expression, "Wuji, I have personally met Lei Hongji before. In that battle, you were indeed able to gain the upper hand. However, I am sure that once also Hongji advances to the Immortal King Stage, his power would rise explosively. By then, you would no longer be a match for him. Moreover, he didn't go all out when fighting you, nor did he use his killer move. You don't know all that."

    "Many thanks for Senior Sister Wen Lan's reminder." Mo Wuji thanked courteously.

    Even though he still felt that Lei Hongji definitely wasn't a match for him, he had no need to say it here. Lei Hongji didn't use his killer move, but did that mean that he did? Even if he was maimed and surrounded, he still had his Wheel of Life and Death.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's acceptance, albeit an ingenuine one, Wen Lan said contentedly, "Wuji, there's a cultivation holyland here which belongs to Immortal Friend Zizai. Besides all sorts of immortal treasures, I can also provide you with a plethora of sacred arts. Thus, you need to go to Mahesvara Immortal Domain to cultivate, and Immortal Friend Zizai's only condition is for you to take him as your master."

    When Shen Muqing heard this, she sighed inwardly. She believed that her ancestor wasn't really cognizant of Mo Wuji's personality. For one, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't believe that he wouldn't compare to Lei Hongji after the latter reaches the Immortal King Stage. Secondly, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't accept Luo Zizai as a master. She had interacted with Mo Wuji many times before, she was more knowledgeable than her ancestor on Mo Wuji's character.

    Mo Wuji glanced at Luo Zizai, who was currently stroking his beard, and felt speechless. There was no need to talk about how his Ping Fan was also a cultivation holyland. Even if it wasn't, he still wouldn't take Luo Zizai as his master. If he were to do that, then what would happen to his Ping Fan? How would Wei Zidao and co. take over?

    "Many thanks, Senior Sister Wen Lan, I don't have any intentions of finding a master at this moment." Mo Wuji promptly rejected. He did not have a single shred of hesitation.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan startled. In her eyes, any cultivator in the Immortal World did things for the sake of cultivation and cultivation resources. She believed that Mo Wuji established Ping Fan also because of this reason. Even the destruction of Great Sword Path was probably also because of their cultivation resources. Logically, Mo Wuji wouldn't have rejected her.

    "Wuji, perhaps I didn't make things clear. Immortal Friend Zizai's immortal essence pond is a cultivation holyland no worse than the Very High Heavens' God Stage Cultivation Holylands; it might even be better. Moreover, on my side, I will provide immortal herbs and treasures. With your talent, it is not impossible for you to step into the Emperor Stage in less than a thousand years," Wen Lan hurriedly explained.

    Mo Wuji stood up and clasped his fists towards Immortal Empress Wen Lan once more, "Many thanks Senior Sister Wen Lan for your pointers and your kind intentions. At the moment, I don't have any intentions of finding a master. In the future, if you need any help from Mo Wuji, you only need to send me a message. Wuji will take his leave now."

    As Mo Wuji bid his farewells, Wei Zidao and Tian Nini also followed suit.

    "Truly an ignorant kid that doesn't know how high the Heavens are, nor how deep the Earth is." After Mo Wuji and co. left, Luo Zizai snorted coldly.
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