Chapter 741: Accepting A Disciple

    Chapter 741: Accepting A Disciple

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    Mo Wuji didn't even bother heading back to his pill court and immediately after he left the resthouse, he departed from the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

    Both Jin Yu's current investigation into the matter involving Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong and Immortal Empress Wen Lan's words made Mo Wuji feel a sense of urgency; the urgency to increase his own strength in the shortest possible time. In fact, Mo Wuji also wished he could return to Ping Fan as soon as possible to warn Wen Hou so that Wen Hou could send a timely message to Wen Lianxi to get her to stay behind.

    He was aware that even though the criteria to accept disciples were lowered significantly, the Very High Heavens wouldn't stoop to the extent of forcing someone who was unwilling to join them. As long as Wen Lianxi was unwilling, no matter how talented she was, the Very High Heavens would definitely not force it upon her. After all, there were far too many people interested in entering the Very High Heavens.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo for telling me who killed my brother," Tian Nini only came over to express her gratitude towards Mo Wuji when they reached the flying ship.

    Mo Wuji chuckled before handing Tian Nini the storage ring he got from Wu Mei's hands, "It was simply coincidental that I saw everything. I'm guessing that Wu Mei wanted your brother dead because of the item in the storage ring. I've just took a look earlier on and confirmed that the item inside was certainly not simple so I will hand this item back to you."

    Tian Nini hurried to respond, "I cannot accept all these items because this was retrieved by sect head hence, it would naturally not belong to me. Sect head should keep these items for yourself."

    Mo Wuji revealed a slight smile, "I believe you still have no idea what was in the storage ring. In fact, even I am extremely interested in these items because with these, I am sure you will be able to step into a much higher realm in the future."

    Wei Zidao, who was standing by the side, had extreme admiration for Mo Wuji because even though Wei Zidao had no idea what was inside the storage ring, he was certain it was definitely not anything simple or ordinary. This item was retrieved by Mo Wuji and it might not even belong to Tian Nini's brother but Mo Wuji was actually willing to give it back to Tian Nini. Such extent of magnanimity was not something Wei Zidao could compare himself to.

    At the thought of this, Wei Zidao sighed in his heart. The extreme difference in principles could very well be the reason why he would never be stronger than Mo Wuji. If he was in Mo Wuji's shoes, Tian Nini should be extremely grateful for his life saving grace and these items would naturally be kept by himself.

    Tian Nini replied calmly, "I have ordinary talent and if it wasn't for a stroke of luck, I wouldn't have made it into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage. Given my talent, this would be the furthest I could go no matter how hard I work. Therefore, even if sect head gave me peak grade treasures to use, I wouldn't be able to do much with it."

    Mo Wuji was shocked because Tian Nini's sentence had a certain level of truth in it. He could sense that Tian Nini's spirituality was not very clear and that her talent was indeed very ordinary. If Tian Nini had the items inside Wu Mei's storage ring, it might even bring harm instead of good to her.

    "I know sect head is a straightforward and upright man so if sect head doesn't despise Nini, I, Tian Nini, am willing to take sect head as my master," Tian Nini got on her knees and said with a sincere tone.

    Mo Wuji responded awkwardly, "With my low cultivation level, I am definitely not worthy to be your master. Since Right Defender Wei is already a Grand Emperor, why don't you take Right Defender Wei as your master instead?"

    Tian Nini kneeled on the ground once more, "Nini is willing to take sect head as my master..."

    This made both Mo Wuji and Wei Zidao awkward because after all, Wei Zidao was still an esteemed Grand Emperor. At the sight of this awkward scene, Wei Zidao coughed before saying, "I will take a look at the back of the flying ship."

    Having said that, Wei Zidao hurried down from the deck as he walked towards the stern of the flying ship.

    Mo Wuji was also feeling awkward because he certainly didn't expect this Tian Nini to reject a Grand Emperor as her master... Wait, didn't she learn this from him earlier on? Minutes ago, he had just rejected the offer of having Luo Zizai as his master.

    "Tell me why you are so resolute in having me as your master?" Mo Wuji could only ask this question.

    Tian Nini raised her head and said enthusiastically, "Because I believe Immortal Empress Wen Lan. Back then, Immortal Empress Wen Lan might not be the most talented person in the Immortal World but she was definitely the one with the best judgement of people. Since Immortal Empress Wen Lan held sect head in such high regard, I am certain that sect head's future achievements would definitely be extraordinary. Moreover, I believe sect head's words..."

    "What words?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Tian Nini answered, "Sect head said that your own cultivation talent is not high and would never be comparable to Lei Hongji. I believe you."

    Mo Wuji rubbed his forehead speechlessly, "Can't I pretend to be humble for a while? I can't believe you had this much trust in my words. Furthermore, if I had poor cultivation talent and dimmed future, why would you want to take me as your master?"

    Tian Nini shook her head, "No, I believe that sect head was not being humble and that your cultivation talent is certainly not comparable to Lei Hongji. However, despite being less talented, sect head was still able to be on par with him which shows how sect head's dao legacy had greatly surpassed Lei Hongji's dao legacy. I have low if not no talent at all too which is why I believe that I would only have a chance to advance further if I am under sect head's guidance."

    Mo Wuji was inwardly surprised and knew at this instance that he had underestimated Tian Nini. One simple sentence of his actually got her thinking so deeply.

    From this thought process, Mo Wuji could tell that Tian Nini was not simple at all. Her thoughts were incredibly exquisite and she had a far vision.

    How could such a clever girl not suspect Wu Mei for the death of her brother? After all, Wu Mei and Tian Zhongfu were paired up together to enter the Broken World.

    As if she knew what Mo Wuji was thinking about, Tian Nini continued to sob as she spoke, "From the very beginning, I had already suspected that my brother's death could be related to Wu Mei. However, I dared not investigate about it, ask about it or even leave the sect. If Wu Mei was aware that I was suspecting her or if I suddenly decide to leave the sect, I would have been dead a long time ago..."

    Mo Wuji's tone turned cold, "Which mean that you already had this thought of leaving the Immortal Universe Sword School since a long time ago and you simply made use of my name and reputation."

    Tian Nini lowered her head and said, "Yes because I know that sect head is not afraid of the Immortal Universe Sword School. If I were to miss this opportunity, no matter how desperate I was to leave the Immortal Universe Sword School, I wouldn't know when I would be able to do so. I am willing to accept any punishment from sect head and even if you want to kill me, I have nothing to complain about."

    "Were you planning to assassinate Wu Mei by staying by her side?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Tian Nini shook her head, "I only wanted to protect myself and I wasn't certain that she was the one who killed my brother. I suspected her because I am aware of their exceptionally close relationship in the dark. Others might not know that she entered the Broken World with my brother but I am fully aware. However, after my brother had fallen in the Broken World, she never came to find me and I am the one who slowly approached her so that I could get on her good books."

    Mo Wuji pondered for a moment before saying. "You can stand up now, I accept you as my disciple."

    After a slight hesitation, Mo Wuji sighed and said, "I really don't know if my decision to accept you as my disciple is right or wrong."

    Mo Wuji was truly hesitant because he still felt that Tian Nini was way too scheming. However, he had no choice but to accept Tian Nini as his disciple because if he rejected her and she leave Ping Fan, she would definitely die. Without mentioning that people who suspected she had treasures on her would go after her, even Wu Mei would not let Tian Nini off easily.

    This meant that the reason why Tian Nini was so resolute in making Mo Wuji her master today was because she wanted to protect herself at all costs. This proved how scheming his new disciple was.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he took out the two pages of the Book of Luo as well as the small cauldron before saying, "These two pages of the Book of Luo and this small cauldron are extremely incredible items. In fact, the small cauldron could be comparable to the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. I suspect that the only reason why Wu Mei was able to advance so quickly into the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage was because of this small cauldron. Since the Book of Luo is not complete, I shall keep it for myself. Your future achievements depend on this small cauldron so you should keep that for yourself."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji kept the two pages of the Book of Luo and handed the small cauldron together with the storage ring to Tian Nini.

    Tian Nini was astonished because despite knowing that the items Wu Mei took was incredible, she certainly didn't expect it to be this exceptional. Book of Luo and the small cauldron which could be compared to the Red Karmic Fire Lotus...

    It was no wonder the Very High Heavens wanted people to enter the fourth level of the Broken World; the treasures inside were certainly terrifyingly strong.

    "Master, I might not be able to protect this item from others,"Tian Nini finally reacted to the situation.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "As long as you cultivate in Ping Fan with the aid of the small cauldron, you would definitely be able to spread your name in the future. Before you, I have a disciple called Fu Jingfeng and three named disciples called Lou Yueshuang, Pan Wu and Pan Xie. You will be considered as my second official disciple. My technique is called the immortal mortal technique which was created by myself. The difference between this technique and other techniques was that even those without spiritual roots are able to cultivate using it..."

    Having heard Mo Wuji's legacy, Tian Nini was completely dazed.

    As compared to the Book of Luo or the small cauldron, Tian Nini found Mo Wuji's legacy to be the most shocking one. Cultivate without spiritual roots, open meridians, immortal mortal technique...

    Every sentence seemed to explode vigorously in her mind and her mind was further blown when she realised that her master was actually the ancestor of a newly created dao. This would mean that she, Tian Nini, would be the first generation of disciples to inherit the new dao.

    Tian Nini breathed in and she made a decision in her heart to never let down the expectations of her master. Concurrently, she was rejoicing at her own decision to have found the right master to follow.


    Back at Ping Fan, after informing Wen Hou the reason why the Very High Heavens was recruiting disciples, Mo Wuji had been focusing his energy into teaching Tian Nini how to open her meridians.

    Mo Wuji was also slightly worried that Jin Yu might find out Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong were the ones who headed towards the location with sparse immortal energy back in the fourth level of the Broken World.

    A month later, Mo Wuji was finally relieved after he received news that Jin Yu had left the Immortal World with a group of genius disciples.

    After Ping Fan had shifted the immortal mountains from the Great Sword Path, they had become much more majestic than before. Following which, Ping Fan Trade Union auctioned out large amount of peak grade immortal pills and news of the great density of immortal energy at Ping Fan was spread across the entire Immortal World. Ping Fan's reputation jolted the Immortal World as an increasing number of immortals came to Ping Fan. At the same time, after the mortals living by the periphery of the Extreme Glade Sea heard about the equality between mortals and immortals at Ping Fan, many of them made their way to Ping Fan too.

    Mo Wuji waited for another three months but still had no news of Cen Shuyin which resulted in his decision to leave Ping Fan in search of Cen Shuyin.
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