Chapter 742: The Whereabouts Of Shuyin

    Chapter 742: The Whereabouts Of Shuyin

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    The first place Mo Wuji went was the Devil Moon Immortal School where Lin Gu had brought him to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond many years ago. When he was pulled by the force within the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, he had handed Cen Shuyin over for Lin Gu to take care of her.

    The reason he had established Ping Fan openly in the Extreme Sea Glade as well as to destroy the Great Sword Path in such high profile was so that he could announce his return to the Immortal World. He was hoping that Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin would find their way to Ping Fan upon hearing his name.

    However, it had already been quite some time since Ping Fan was established yet neither Lin Gu nor Cen Shuyin returned so he made his decision to search for them instead. Mo Wuji was clear that looking for Cen Shuyin in the vast and boundless Immortal World would be equivalent to looking for a nail in the sea.

    Because they were afraid of Mo Wuji, the Devil Moon Immortal School allowed Mo Wuji to enter their school without restrains.

    Lin Gu was from the Devil Moon Immortal School's Moon Seeking Mountain but after Lun Cai's rage, even the Moon Seeking Mountain's Lord Shi Gulan escaped with severe injuries.

    On his return to the Moon Seeking Mountain, all Mo Wuji saw was a land of ruins. Even without asking anybody here, Mo Wuji knew that neither Shi Gulan nor Lin Gu had returned.

    After searching through the Moon Seeking Mountain once more, Mo Wuji didn't obtain any clue. He could only leave the Devil Moon Immortal School helplessly and the second place he wanted to visit would be the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    Palace Lord Grand Emperor Lun Cai of the Unfettered Emperor Palace had great enmity with Mo Wuji and even the Devil Moon Immortal School's Moon Seeking Mountain was razed by Grand Emperor Lun Cai. Mo Wuji suspected that Grand Emperor Lun Cai might send someone to wait outside the Six Paths Ruins to capture Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin. Even though the possibility of this was not high, he still needed to find Lun Cai. This was because if Cen Shuyin fell into Lun Cai's hands, Lun Cai would definitely use Cen Shuyin to coerce him."

    Mo Wuji had been to the Gods Immortal Domain before when he visited the Heavenly Chasm and the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    Lun Cai's Unfettered Emperor Palace was located in the Gods Immortal Domain's most beautiful district. Even before Mo Wuji was close to the Unfettered Emperor Palace, he could sense the dense immortal energy in the air.

    The Unfettered Emperor Palace was established at the Gods Immortal Domain's Unfettered Mountain and it was considered to be one of the ten cultivation holylands.

    "Old Fella Lun Cai, if you are still not out, don't blame me for smashing your entrance," Even before Mo Wuji reached the Unfettered Emperor Palace, a loud cursing could be heard.

    Mo Wuji was shocked as he tried to think who this fella might be? He actually dared to curse and shout outside the entrance of the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    Despite the fact that Mo Wuji came to find Lun Cai, given Mo Wuji's current strength, he knew that he was still unable to fight his way into the Unfettered Emperor Palace. On the contrary, Lun Cai wouldn't dare to do anything to him outside the Unfettered Emperor Palace. Even if he had to fight, Mo Wuji could still use his Wind Escape Technique to escape easily. However, once he entered the Unfettered Emperor Palace, his life wouldn't lay on his own hands anymore.

    Mo Wuji directly crossed an arch bridge made of stone which was connected straight to the Unfettered Emperor Palace. Soon after, Mo Wuji landed right outside the entrance of the Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    On the white jade plaza stood a barefooted itinerant monk who was holding a seven apertures Buddhist staff in his hand. The itinerant monk's long hair casually fell from his head and he looked very much like a wanderer of the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji guessed that the person cursing at Immortal Emperor Lun Cai should be this itinerant monk. It was no wonder this itinerant monk would dare to shout here as Mo Wuji could sense that he was also in the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    "Monk Da Ning, don't assume that I, Lun Cai, am afraid of you just because I didn't wish to be calculative with you," The instance the Unfettered Emperor Palace's entrance opened up, a skinny man wearing a crown walked out. He was indeed Lun Cai.

    "Sect Head Mo, my Unfettered Emperor Palace had been minding my own business and staying out of your affairs so what are you doing here?" Lun Cai was glaring intently at Mo Wuji while reprimanding the itinerant monk.

    Even though Mo Wuji was only in the Immortal King Stage, Lun Cai was more fearful of Mo Wuji than the Immortal Emperor monk.

    No matter how strong the Unfettered Emperor Palace was, they would never be as strong as the Great Sword Path in today's world. Frankly speaking, the strongest person in the Unfettered Emperor Palace was Lun Cai himself. Other than Lun Cai, there was no other Grand Emperors in his Unfettered Emperor Palace.

    On the contrary, Mo Wuji's Ping Fan had Wei Zidao and rumoured another two more intermediate Immortal Emperors. With such a strong lineup, even the Lightning Sect wouldn't casually provoke Mo Wuji.

    In the Sharphorn Immortal Garden, Lun Cai personally heard the Very High Heavens' venerable envoy forget about Mo Wuji's destruction of the Great Sword Path with a few warnings to Mo Wuji. This was only because Mo Wuji's Ping Fan was simply too terrifying.

    "Sect Head Mo? Which sect do you lead? How come this Buddhist monk here hadn't heard of it before?" The itinerant monk called Da Ning looked doubtfully at Mo Wuji because he really wondered who Mo Wuji was that even Lun Cai was slightly fearful of him.

    "I had only just established a school so it was perfectly normal even if this Immortal Friend here hadn't heard of it before," Mo Wuj answered promptly as he was also curious where this Da Ning came from to actually have a strength like this. However, this fella was clearly a long haired itinerant monk yet he dared to address himself as a Buddhist monk.

    Even though itinerant monks could still be considered to be Buddhist monks, Mo Wuji just felt that this Da Ning couldn't be considered as one.

    Da Ning didn't continue bothering about Mo Wuji's newly established school as he asked, "Are you here to find trouble with Lun Cai too? Why don't we join hands to bash our way through?"

    Even before Mo Wuji could react, Lun Cai shouted furiously, "Monk Da Ning, how many times have I told you that the disappearance of your disciple, Yi Ning had nothing to do with me? If you really want to fight, my Unfettered Emperor Palace wouldn't fear your Seven Buddha Great Temple."

    While Lun Cai was explaining his innocence to Da Ning, he was still staring at Mo Wuji. To him, Mo Wuji was the one who could pose the most danger to his Unfettered Emperor Palace, not Da Ning.

    It was impossible for the Seven Buddha Great Temple to give his Unfettered Emperor Palace a blood bath but this Sect Head Mo in front of him could. Lun Cai was deeply fearful of Mo Wuji. It could be said that he had watched Mo Wuji grow and at the start, he could still threaten Mo Wuji. Towards the end, he realised that Mo Wuji didn't even put him or his Unfettered Emperor Palace in his eyes.

    Mo Wuji thought that this was a little funny and that this itinerant monk had character. His name is Da Ning while his disciple is called Yi Ning, [1]

    In fact, Mo Wuji had met that Monk Yi Ning before back in the third level of the Broken World when Monk Yi Ning even invited Mo Wuji for a drink.

    "Small son Lun Cai had cultivated far and likes to quibble now. I have received news that members of your Unfettered Emperor Palace had tried to kill my disciple and even forced him all the way into the Great Desolate Sea Domain," Da Ning said angrily.

    After saying that, he swung the seven apertures Buddhist staff in his hand.

    In just one swing, Mo Wuji could feel a violent surge of energy whistling here. The two Tier 6 immortal plants outside the Unfettered Emperor Palace started wavering as if it was about to break.

    Lun Cai's expression changed as he took out a water crystal ball and said, "It was indeed my men who chased your disciple into the Great Desolate Sea Domain but I was unaware of it. This was the video recording of the situation when disciples of my Unfettered Emperor Palace were swept into the whirlpool at the Great Desolate Sea Domain."

    The water crystal ball showed a hurricane like whirlpool and there were multiple people within the whirlpool. Mo Wuji recognised Yi Ning and identified that he was indeed within the few people in the whirlpool. Moments later, these men disappeared without a trace as they were swept away by the whirlpool.

    Mo Wuji's expression changed because he actually saw a woman with a back view similar to Lin Gu's. The other person, who also looked like a woman, was blocked by Lin Gu's body.

    If it was a woman together with Lin Gu, wasn't that Cen Shuyin?

    "Lun Cai, you are truly an old fella. Was it your men from the Unfettered Emperor Palace who chased after my wife and force her into the whirlpool of the Great Desolate Sea Domain?" Mo Wuji raised his hand and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in his hand.

    Lun Cai said coldly, "Mo Wuji, my Unfettered Emperor Palace is certainly not comparable to your Ping Fan but I, Lun Cai, am not here for you to bully. I am always willing to accept your fight but if you are looking for someone, I suggest you move out as soon as you can."

    Lun Cai's tone was very aggressive but the truth was the he was already being very soft because he really hoped that Mo Wuji wouldn't act against his Unfettered Emperor Palace. He had decided that after advising Mo Wuji to leave, he would request to form an alliance with the Vast Ocean Immortal School and the Lightning Sect.

    Mo Wuji understood and stared intensely at Lun Cai, "Lun Cai, could it be that your men were chasing after Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin but was spotted and intervened by Yi Ning. Thereafter, your men tried to kill Yi Ning too but eventually met the whirlpool of the Great Desolate Sea Domain?"

    Lun Cai knew there was no longer any point in hiding this from Mo Wuji so he simply replied, "That's right, this was indeed what happened. However, my point was that I had no clue all this was happening because this was all done by my men in hope that they could please me. I, Lun Cai, am still not afraid of anyone or any method so if you want to attack my Unfettered Emperor Palace, come at me."

    "Old fella, tell me the exact position in the water crystal ball," Da Ning heard the story and was enraged. If it wasn't because he was desperate to find his disciple, he would have attacked.

    Lun Cai opened up his hand and the Blazing Babel Pillar appeared in front of him. He guessed that this matter wouldn't be resolved without a fight so he took out his magic treasure, "I have already said that I wasn't the one who instructed them so i have no idea where the place was."

    "Immortal Friend Mo, why don't we work together to destroy this Unfettered Emperor Palace?" Da Ning's killing intent surged to the maximum but because he knew he wouldn't be able to restrain Lun Cai alone, he casually dragged Mo Wuji into this too.

    Mo Wuji was anxious and he knew that Lun Cai was speaking the truth because that whirlpool was the passage to leave the Immortal World.

    He had heard of this from the WuBen couple and from his guess that Zhuo Pingan should have left through the same passage. This was the third time he had heard of people entering the whirlpool passage and Cen Shuyin was involved too.

    He was extremely desperate to find Cen Shuyin because who knew what was on the other side of the passage?

    "Immortal Friend Da Ning, I know that place. We can destroy the Unfettered Emperor Palace anytime but I am in urgent need to rescue someone now," Mo Wuji transmitted a message to Da Ning.

    Da Ning heard that Mo Wuji knew about the position of the whirlpool in the Great Desolate Sea Domain and was instantly pleased as he said, "Alright, let's go there now."

    Having replied Mo Wuji, he turned his head and spat a mouthful of saliva towards Lun Cai, "Old fella, I am sick of you acting like you're the strongest. One of these days, I will come back to raze your rubbish palace."

    [1]: Da = Big, Yi= One

    So Yi Ning is Da Ning's disciple. I'm guessing his second disciple would be called Er(two) Ning?
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